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Chapter 521 Who Was This Mysterious Martial Arts Prodigy

Of course, the reason why the Godly Emperors did not become evil was that they were Godly Emperors.

They had a certain inhuman nature.

That was also the reason why the ones caught in that trap were Godly Emperors!

The Great Brahma masterpiece technique could not guarantee a 100 percent success rate.

It could eliminate the evil energy in the blood essence, but it could also purify most of it.

There was only a small portion left.

That small portion was enough for the strong martial heart of the Godly Emperor to settle.

One had to say that the ancients were quite comprehensive in that aspect.

It was because they had made that group of Godly Emperors suffer.

A dignified Godly Emperor had become a laborer.

They had obtained a large amount of cultivation, which was faster than the outside world.

However, they had been trapped in that place for their entire lives.

It was quite sad to think about it.

If they were unable to advance to become Supreme Eternals, they might not be able to escape for the rest of their lives.

However, it was not so easy to become Supreme Eternals.

There were so many Godly Emperors there.

There might not even be a single one who could cultivate to become a Supreme Eternal in their lifetime.

‘Forget it.

I dont want to think about this stupid matter anymore.

Its better to get down to business first.

Since that seal contained the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, then the problem would be solved easily.

Ye Xiao immediately used the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, overrunning his thoughts into it.

The instant the Great Brahma masterpiece technique was used, the figure sitting at the top suddenly trembled slightly, as if she sensed something.

Her phoenix eyes opened slightly, and she looked down.

When she saw Ye Xiaos face, she was first stunned, then… She sighed slightly and shook her head in the end.

She did not say anything.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos Great Brahma masterpiece technique had already seeped into the seal.

In the next second, an accident suddenly occurred.

Extremely violent energy instantly launched an attack at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He had not expected that other than the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, there was actually another type of masterpiece technique of another attribute.

That really shocked him.

Looks like those martial arts masters from the immemorial era had thought of everything

Just by relying on the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, although they could suppress Blood Venerable One, they could not guard against those fellows who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to snatch the Bloodbath masterpiece technique.

Hence, they had also added other masterpiece techniques.

The power very quickly followed Ye Xiaos invasion path and attacked his body.

However, to his surprise, Ye Xiao was actually not injured.

Not only was he not injured, but he even obtained a portion of his full energy.


That was… The True Lightning masterpiece technique

That was very nice!


The True Lightning masterpiece technique was activated, and Ye Xiao easily invaded the inner part of the array.

In the next second, a fresh and extremely dense blood essence assaulted his face, instantly making Ye Xiao feel refreshed and comfortable.

‘Woah… Theres so much!

What entered his eyes was a huge sea of blood, filled with dense blood essence.

As Ye Xiao lamented, he immediately became delighted

He did not expect that there was actually such dense blood essence in there.

That was probably the blood essence absorbed by the Blood Venerable One from the immemorial era all the way until that day.

All of it had been gathered there.

With the blood essence in hand, coupled with the law energy in his body that he had yet to refine, Ye Xiao estimated that he could completely raise his cultivation to the late-stage Godly Emperor realm, the peak ninth stage!

‘This time, I did not come in vain.

Refining the law energy was too slow, and with so much divine blood, he could make a faster and easier advancement.

However, at that moment, an accident suddenly occurred.

An extremely terrifying consciousness instantly enveloped Ye Xiao.

“What a bold kid.

To actually dare to barge into this venerable ones blood sea.

Youre not afraid of death.”

Ye Xiaos expression turned cold as he had already realized the other partys identity.

“The Blood Venerable One”

“Blood Venerable One Hah… This venerable self hasnt heard someone call this venerable self like this for a very long time!”

Hearing the other party confirm it personally, Ye Xiaos heart stopped beating at that moment.

It was really him!

Although he had already expected that kind of situation before, when he really faced him, that kind of shock was still extraordinary.

It was as if he was a huge peak that towered into the clouds and could not be seen from the top of the mountain, while he was a tiny ant.

Pausing for a moment, the Blood Venerable One opened his mouth once again and said,

“Since youve come to this place, then stay.

It just so happens that this venerable self has been alone for a very long time.”

As his words fell, an extremely strong mental energy instantly suppressed Ye Xiaos body.

So powerful!

The power of the Supreme Eternal was so terrifying that it made ones hair stand on end.

Even if Ye Xiao was already in the Godly Emperor realm, it would still be difficult for him to resist the mental energy of the Supreme Eternal realm.

However, it was not as if Ye Xiao did not have

He had already expected that kind of situation long before he entered.

The Blood Venerable One was the Supreme Eternal.

Those existences from the immemorial era were unable to destroy him.

In the end, they could only choose to use a sealing technique to seal him.

Such a fellows divine soul would definitely be able to survive until then.

Just the mental energy attack emitted by his soul body was an existence that was difficult for him to resist.

However, it was also impossible for Ye Xiao not to take the Blood Venerable Ones treasure.

The reason why he came there was to extract that treasure.

The only reason he was not afraid of the Blood Venerable One was the Golden Book divine soul.

The Golden Book divine soul was very strong.

Back then, he had easily opened the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

No matter what, its power was definitely not inferior to a peak Godly Emperor.

It was very likely that it was at the level of a Supreme Eternal.

That was because of the primordial Divine Kingdoms 13 Godly Emperors.

The vast majority were high-level Godly Emperors, and there was no lack of late-stage Godly Emperors among them.

However, after experiencing the movement of time, the divine blood in their bodies was almost exhausted.

When they came out, their cultivation would not be strong.

The Golden Book divine souls ability to easily open the Divine Kingdoms treasury was definitely not low.

The Blood Venerable Ones strength was still at the same level as before, and he might at most suffer some damage, but 100 percent of it was still at the level of a Supreme Eternal.

However, he was still a Supreme Eternal after all, and one that had already died.

He was only left with his soul body.

There was no need to be afraid.

He could just use the Golden Book divine soul to fight him.

However, just as he was about to use his most powerful method, an incident suddenly happened in the next second.

In the blood sea, a phoenix cry sounded.

Following that, another wave of soul power that was no weaker than the Blood Venerable Ones divine soul power suddenly attacked the Blood Venerable Ones divine soul body.


Following a violent explosion, the entire blood sea began to boil.

The Blood Venerable Ones soul immediately let out a blood-curdling scream.

“Ah! D*mned stinky bird! You used this venerable self to cultivate for so many years, and this venerable self did not even bother you.

You actually dared to sneak attack this venerable self! This venerable self will definitely kill you!”

Ye Xiao was somewhat stunned.

He did not expect that someone would suddenly attack the Blood Venerable One.

What made him even more shocked was that the other party actually had the energy to resist the Blood Venerable One.

One had to know that Blood Venerable Ones soul body was the Supreme Eternal!

Although he was besieged and injured in the immemorial era and subsequently suppressed until then, he was still the Supreme Eternal.

His Golden Book divine soul had extraordinary talent and could naturally resist the Blood Venerable One.

That person could not have the same Golden Book divine soul like him, so there was only one explanation.

The other party was a Supreme Eternal!

Thinking of that, Ye Xiaos pupils instantly constricted, and he immediately looked toward the sky above the seal.

There, an extremely beautiful figure turned around and left.

Ye Xiaos expression was shocked.

‘Its actually her!

Ye Xiao had never thought of that.

The person who attacked was actually the person sitting at the very top outside the seal.

However, her cultivation was around the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm, right

How could that cultivation injure the Supreme Eternal

Why did the Blood Venerable One call her a stinky bird The two of them had known each other a long time ago

Of course, that was not the strangest thing.

The strangest thing was, why did she want to help him

That was what Ye Xiao could not understand the most.

However, at that moment, he should take advantage of the fact that the Blood Venerable One was heavily injured to kill the Blood Venerable One first.

As for the doubts in his heart, he would go out later and ask that woman again.

His mental energy immediately enveloped the Blood Venerable One.

The Blood Venerable One hurriedly opened his mouth to speak,

“Hey! Kid, youre a Godly Emperor after all.

Dont you feel embarrassed taking advantage of others”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Youre a Supreme Eternal.

If I wait for you to heal, even 10,000 of me wouldnt be your match.

Ill take advantage of you now and destroy you first.

Whats there to be embarrassed about”

“Wait a moment! I can give you this blood sea! However, the Bloodbath masterpiece technique is my lifes work.

You want me to pass it down to you

“The Bloodbath masterpiece technique was ranked ninth in the starry skies.

However, it was an evolved masterpiece technique.

When it reached a certain level of power, it could even be compared to the masterpiece techniques ranked in the top few!

“Moreover, if you didnt cultivate the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, you wouldnt be able to digest this blood sea by yourself.

Only the Bloodbath masterpiece technique could help you digest this blood sea!

“Back then, I spent a lot of effort to cultivate the Bloodbath masterpiece technique.

I cant let such a powerful masterpiece technique disappear in the starry sky from now on!”

“It sounds like a very attractive condition.”

The Blood Venerable One laughed.

“Thats right.

Help me.

I only want to pass on my painstaking efforts.

At the same time, you can also obtain an extremely powerful masterpiece technique in the starry sky.”

Ye Xiao smiled faintly and said,

“If I help you, Im afraid Ill die without a burial ground, right”

The Blood Venerable Ones laughter instantly came to an abrupt stop.

“You… What do you mean by this”

Ye Xiao spoke again,

“The Bloodbath masterpiece technique has a huge flaw.

As long as one cultivates it, in the end, they will become the puppet of the Bloodbath technique.

In other words, they will become your puppet.

“No matter who cultivates the Bloodbath technique, even if your greatest soul is destroyed, it can be resurrected on that persons body.”

When Ye Xiao had just obtained the Bloodbath technique, this flaw had been discovered by the Golden Book divine soul.

However, the Golden Book divine soul had directly altered it, erasing this power of law within the Bloodbath technique!

Therefore, Ye Xiao would be fine.

However, if he were to cultivate the Bloodbath technique that the Blood Venerable One had imparted to him, he would be harmed once again.

The Blood Venerable Ones voice suddenly trembled.

“You… How on Earth did you know”

That was a secret that he did not impart, and it was also the most mysterious technique in his life.

He did not tell anyone.

Even those great Venerable Ones who had sealed him in the ancient times did not know!

Even if he was suppressed here until he died, as long as there were still people in the world who cultivated the Bloodbath masterpiece technique and his host soul perished, he would still be resurrected from the bodies of other people who cultivated the Bloodbath masterpiece technique!

Ye Xiao smiled indifferently.

With a raise of his hand, he released a ray of blood-colored light.

“Look… What is this”


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