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Chapter 520 Suppression of Good and Evil, Great Brahma Masterpiece Technique

Everyone was stunned.

They had never thought that he would do that.

Ouyang Quluo hurriedly said,

“Ye Xiao, we can just challenge Ling Yunzhi.

His strength is the weakest.

We have the greatest chance of winning against him, but the others cant do it at all!”

However, Ye Xiao did not listen to his suggestion.

“His position is too bad.

It is not enough for the two of us to split.”

Those simple words caused Ouyang Quluos face to twitch violently.

That kid is really crazy!

Could it be that all geniuses are that crazy

However, Ling Yunzhi clenched his fists tightly.

A thick fury burst out from his eyes.

If he was just an ordinary person, a low-level martial artist, he might not be angry because of that.

After all, as long as there was nothing wrong with his brain, he would basically know how to conceal his strength and bide his time.

However, he was different at that point.

The current him was a Godly Emperor!

He was at the highest level of existence in that starry sky.

If he was still as timid as a dog after reaching that level of strength, then his martial heart would not be stable anymore.

It would also be impossible for him to become a Godly Emperor!

A Godly Emperor could not be humiliated!

Therefore, he would not suffer such humiliation.

“Stop! Who do you think you are Looking down on me like this”

Ling Yunzhi suddenly let out an angry roar.

However, what made him even angrier was that Ye Xiao actually did not stop.

He did not even stop for a moment.

That made him completely unable to hold back the anger in his heart.

He exploded!

“Ill kill you!”

Accompanied by an angry roar and roar, a seven-colored multicolored light rose from Ling Yunzhis body, illuminating the entire space.

The divine crystal space that blotted out the sky and covered the earth reflected the seven-colored multicolored light that was emitted from his body.

It was bright and dazzling, but it was also filled with strangeness.

A majestic aura erupted from his body.

A terrifying power was like a wave in the ocean.

With unstoppable momentum, it charged toward Ye Xiao.

“Not good!”

Ouyang Quluos expression changed and he immediately attacked.

Ye Xiao was a member of the Xuan Yuan clan.

The two clans had been on good terms for generations.

He could not just watch as Ye Xiao was injured.

Moreover, he wanted to find an alliance.

If Ye Xiao was injured or even killed, it would be a great loss to him.

However, his position was at the bottom.

Moreover, his speed was not faster than Ling Yunzhis.

In almost an instant, Ling Yunzhi had already arrived in front of Ye Xiao with destructive energy.


“Its over!”

Ouyang Quluo clenched his fists tightly, and a helpless expression appeared in his eyes.

The few Godly Emperors above seemed to be watching that scene with interest.

However, at the next moment, everyone was stunned.

Just as Ling Yunzhi was about to attack Ye Xiao, Ye Xiao turned his hand and grabbed at the air.

He actually forcefully grabbed onto Ling Yunzhis neck.

Ling Yunzhi was stunned.

Before he could react, Ye Xiao lightly pinched.

A crispKacha sound rang out.

It was like a thunderbolt that ruthlessly struck everyones hearts.

Ling Yunzhis fist fell down powerlessly.

His entire body even completely collapsed.

His pupils dilated, and his eyes dimmed.

Up until the moment of his death, he still could not figure out why.

Why did he die at Ye Xiaos hands even though his cultivation was clearly stronger than Ye Xiaos

The entire space instantly became completely silent.

The few Godly Emperors, including Ouyang Quluo, all stayed where they were.

Other than those, there were even some Godly Emperors who had not paid any attention to it before.

At that moment, they also lowered their heads.

When they saw that scene, their eyes could not help but reveal some astonishment.

Ye Xiao stored the other partys corpse in his storage ring.

All of the storage rings from before had been fused together by him.

After that, the storage space was extremely large.

The reason why he did not choose to use the Bloodbath masterpiece technique in front of everyone was that that technique was too evil.

It would not be good if it attracted hostility from everyone.

He reckoned that he would not be able to die if he were at the same level or crossed one or two levels.

However, there was not a single Godly Emperor among them, but several Godly Emperors.

Other than that, there were also several existences at the third, fourth, or even fifth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

Those people were not insignificant characters.

He should still hold back a little.

Following that, Ye Xiao arrived at the second-to-last position.

The person seated at the second-to-last position was Zhang Hancheng of the god clan.

When Ye Xiao arrived, Zhang Hancheng unexpectedly took the initiative to retreat.

“You want this position Just take it.”

After saying that, he directly descended to the lowest position.

He was very smart.

Although Ye Xiaos cultivation was not high, his combat strength was off the charts.

That meant that he had very likely cultivated an archaic masterpiece technique that was ranked extremely high.

If he went against someone like him, he would not have a good ending, so he might as well be more obedient.

Ye Xiao waved at Ouyang Quluo, who was still in a daze below.

“Senior Ouyang, quickly come up.”

Only then did Ouyang Quluo react.

He nodded in a daze.

“Oh oh, good!”

After he arrived, Ye Xiao raised his hand and a sword ray slashed out in the middle of that position, splitting it into two.

“The two of us, each half.

The amount of blood essence in this position should be a little more.

It should be enough for the two of us to split.”

Ouyang Quluo rubbed his hands and smiled awkwardly.

“This isnt very good, right After all, this was taken down by you alone.”

“It doesnt matter.

If you hadnt told me about this place before, I wouldnt have understood what was going on either.

Moreover, the two clans are on good terms.

Theres no need to be too distant.”

In reality, Ye Xiaos goal was not that little bit of blood essence at all.

He was just waiting there to see what the situation would be like when the time came.

Therefore, he did not care about the loss of that little bit of blood essence at all.

“Then I will be disrespectful.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Ouyang Qiluo thickened his skin and went to the other side.

He took a look at that position.

That position was originally a towering little rock slope, a little like a steamed bun.

However, after being slashed by Ye Xiaos sword from the middle, he could not help but feel a little strange.

That thing always felt like something that belonged to him, or like the toes of a camel.

However, as long as he could absorb the blood essence, that would be the best.

There was no need to be too calculative.

Ye Xiao also sat on it and quietly absorbed Ling Yunzhis blood essence to raise a portion of his strength.

After that, he began to wait for the next day for the blood essence to surge out.

During that period of time, he had also taken advantage of Ouyang Quluos closed eyes while meditating to secretly open his Primordial Pupil, wanting to peek in the direction of the sky.

He wanted to see who the Godly Emperor at the highest point was.

However, the other party seemed to be wrapped in a layer of energy, so he could not see the other partys face clearly.

However, what made him feel strange was that the figure felt very familiar.

Very familiar!

That back… He seemed to have seen it somewhere before.

However, theoretically speaking, it was not very practical.

That was because he did not even have a girlfriend.

He had never seen a girls back before.

Even if it was possible, it was an unintentional mistake.

He had no impression of it now.

Helpless, he could only close his eyes and meditate.

The cultivation in his body had already advanced quite a lot.

At that time, he had absorbed the blood essence of another Godly Emperor.

He estimated that he was at most half a step away from advancing to the second level of the Godly Emperor realm.


The next day soon arrived.

Ye Xiao, who was cultivating with his eyes closed, suddenly felt something

At that moment, Ouyang Qu Luos voice sounded in his ears.


“Ye Xiao, pay attention.

The blood essence is coming.”

Ye Xiao nodded and opened his eyes to look at the sky.

As expected, in the next second, an extremely dense blood essence erupted from the top.

That dense blood essence gushed out and shot straight into the sky.

Finally, under the effect of gravity, it rapidly descended.

The figure at the top immediately began to circulate his cultivation technique and absorb a large amount of blood essence.

Next was the second Godly Emperor, and then the third Godly Emperor…

By the time it arrived at Ye Xiaos place, the blood essence was already very weak.

However, even if it was very weak, to be honest, it could still be comparable to a Godly Emperors divine blood.

From that perspective, that place could indeed be considered a Godly Emperors holy land for cultivation.

The spiritual energy that was usually dense was not much to be said.

Even the second to the last position could obtain nearly a Godly Emperors blood essence in a month.

If that resource was placed outside, it was 100 percent impossible to obtain.

How could there be so many Godly Emperors outside for you to kill

Even if there really was a Godly Emperor, and everyones cultivation was about the same, how could you be sure that it was you who killed others And not someone else who killed you

Ouyang Quluo, who was beside him, had already begun to circulate his cultivation technique and began to absorb the blood essence.

Ye Xiao similarly used his cultivation technique and began to absorb the blood essence and analyze it.

Very quickly, he understood what was going


It turned out that the blood essence contained a weak but clearly visible Buddhist sect power.

The Great Brahma masterpiece technique!

That was because Ye Xiao had cultivated this cultivation technique, he knew it very clearly.

Looks like when they sealed Blood Venerable One back then, there was a Supreme Eternal from the Buddhist sect who participated.

After thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

Buddha carved a demon.

To deal with a demon, one must have the power of Buddha.

The Glittering Gem Star Valley was the battlefield of the immemorial era, and it was also Blood Venerable Ones sealing ground.

However, they could not completely seal the Blood Venerable One.

The Blood Venerable One would gradually release a portion of his energy and turn it into a heavenly treasure.

He would use it to lure ordinary warriors and make them kill each other here.

Once they killed each other, the divine blood would be absorbed into the seal and become the Blood Venerable Ones power.

In order to prevent the Blood Venerable One from resurrecting, the righteous path people made a seal and that dense space would split out a wave of blood essence from time to


Then, they would capture the Godly Emperors and make them work as laborers to refine the blood essence.

The blood essence was purified by the Great Brahma masterpiece technique to prevent the Blood Venerable Ones power from seeping in.

That was also why those Godly Emperors did not become evil.


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