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Chapter 519 Peak First-Level Godly Emperor, Not Worthy for Me to Make a Move

When Ye Xiao heard that, he could not help but sigh.

Those ancient mighty figures were really ruthless.

Not only did they use the array to suppress the leaking Blood Venerable Ones power, they even used dense spiritual energy to lure so many Godly Emperors over to help digest the Blood Venerable Ones power.

A Godly Emperor used as a worker

However, that was not a solution either.

The leaking spiritual energy would only create more heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

Once they were activated, they would grow.

That was an eternal law!

The more heavenly materials and earthly treasures there were outside, the more people would come, and the more people would die.

The Blood Venerable One would also obtain more blood essence.

With that cycle, it was likely that Blood Venerable One would eventually be resurrected.

“What a pity.

If only you hadnt come in.”

Ouyang Quluo could not help but sigh again.

Ye Xiao smiled.

“It doesnt matter.

Since youve come, you should take things as they come.

Since youve come, theres no use regretting.”

Ouyang Quluo nodded.

“Youre right.

Regretting is also useless.

Your mentality is really good enough.

However, now that youve come in, the two of us can join hands and obtain a lot of benefits.

“For the past 300 years, those old monsters who came earlier than I have been relying on their strength to bully me.

“Now that the two of us are working together, well definitely be able to obtain more resources than before.

“Oh right, whats your name again”

“Junior Ye Xiao.”

“Ye Xiao, a good name.

Simple yet elegant, low-key yet imposing.”


It was unknown if this Ouyang Qu Luo had stayed here for a long time.

No one spoke to him, so he became a bit chatty.

Forget it.

After all, he was also a senior of the Netherworld clan.

He did not have any ill intentions.

It was the best.

“Is there anything in this space that can be used to increase cultivation”

“Of course! This space is filled with spiritual energy.

Just cultivating here is many times stronger than cultivating outside.

“Apart from that, every once in a while, the blood essence condensed by the Blood Venerable One would be released.

Those are the truly good things.

“Let me calculate the time.

I think it should be almost time.

Lets go and talk while walking.”

Ye Xiao nodded and the two of them walked forward together.

Along the way, Ouyang Quluo explained the benefits of blood essence to ye Xiao.

However, Ye Xiao could not help but have some doubts.

According to normal logic, the Bloodbath technique was an extremely evil cultivation technique.

Blood essence was formed by the Blood Venerable One absorbing the fallen martial artists outside first, and every drop of divine blood would be infected by the Bloodbath technique.

If those Godly Emperors were to absorb blood essence again, would they not be infected by the Bloodbath technique

Ye Xiao clearly did not sense the Bloodbath masterpiece technique in Ouyang Quluos body.

The two of them quickly arrived at a nearby gathering place.

Just as they arrived, they were locked onto by a stream of consciousness.

Ouyang Quluo opened his mouth to explain,

“These people are all those Godly Emperors who entered earlier!

“In the left direction, do you feel it That was the 15th ranked Godly Emperor of the Tiancang god clan in the starry sky, Ling Yunzhi.

“On the right was the 14th ranked Godly Emperor of the Heaven-opening god clan, Zhang Hancheng!

“One of them had a cultivation base at the peak first-level Godly Emperor realm, while the other had truly reached the second-level Godly Emperor realm.

“Apart from that, there was also the 13th ranked peak second-level Godly Emperor of the Thunder god clan in the starry sky, Huan Tengyu!

Ouyang Quluo introduced them to Ye Xiao one by one.

There were at least a dozen Godly Emperors inside, and the vast majority of them were allies.

There were also very few who joined forces.

However, those people were basically slightly stronger than Ouyang QulLuo.

It was no wonder that he was often ostracized there.

If he was not big enough, he could only speak less.

The other party sensed Ye Xiaos arrival.

They first scanned a portion of his body and discovered that his cultivation was only at the first-level Godly Emperor realm, so they did not mind too much.

On the other hand, Ling Yunzhi could not help but mock,

“Ouyang Quluo, you cant do it yourself, so you tricked a newbie to join forces.

Do you think that with just him, you can snatch more blood essence”

Ouyang Quluo swept a glance at the other party and said unhappily,

“Ling Yunzhi, if you dont speak, no one will treat you as n outcast.”

“Hehehe… Its a pity that your words are wasted on me.

I can speak if I want to, so what can you do about it”

Ye Xiao was not interested in the battle between the two of them.

Even if he became a Godly Emperor, he could not guarantee that his character would be good enough.

As the second-to-last existence in the entire venue, Ling Yunzhi could not bully others, but he could bully Ouyang Quluo.

The persimmon was always the soft one.

Ye Xiao swept a glance at the positions of all of them and realized that everyones positions were very unique.

It was as if they were on a sesame seed, climbing up step by step.

“Is there anything particular about their positions” “Of course.

The higher the position, the more convenient it is to plunder the blood essence.

“Because the place where the blood essence is ejected is like a volcano.

It squeezes from the ground and ejects from the top.

The higher the person, the more blood essence they obtain.”

Ye Xiao quietly said,

“So… Senior has always been at the bottom and obtained the least blood essence”

Hearing that, Ouyang Quluo could not help but blush slightly.

“Cough, cough…”

He could not help but cough lightly.

“Im the last one to come here.

In addition, my cultivation is the lowest, so its understandable that I cant compete with them.

“However, with you joining us now, the two of us should be able to compete with Ling Yunzhi.”

Ye Xiao did not say anything.

He was deep in thought.

With his strength, there was no problem for him to challenge those of a higher level.

Since the higher the position, the more blood essence he would obtain, then he should try to go to a higher place.

Right then, Ye Xiao was eager to know what was going on with that blood essence.

He was not very interested in blood essence.

His final goal was actually the place where the blood essence was spurting out.

There was definitely the Blood Venerable Ones inheritance hidden inside.

Ye Xiao would not be like those Godly Emperors there, staying there for hundreds or thousands of years.

What he wanted was to snatch Blood Venerable Ones inheritance in one go.

There were still a lot of things to do outside.

Yun Cangqiong and the rest would return to the Xuan Yuan divine territory in at most half a month.

He was still waiting to rush back to arrange matters for his Nine Provinces clansmen.

“In other words, if we can obtain the position at the top, we will obtain the most blood essence, right”

Ye Xiaos sudden words instantly stunned many people in the next second.

Especially Ling Yunzhi and a few other Godly Emperors who were closer to the bottom, they could not help but laugh.

“Hahahaha… Ouyang Quluo, the newbie you found doesnt have much strength.

His whimsical martial arts are quite good!”

The corner of Ouyang Quluos mouth could not help but twitch violently.

He immediately pulled Ye Xiaos sleeve and said,

“Ye Xiao, that place at the top isnt a place we can go.

Theres an existence at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm there.”

Ye Xiaos pupils suddenly constricted.

A high-level Godly Emperor, what a guy.

He was actually such a powerful existence.

He did not expect that even an existence at that level would come to Blood Venerable Ones space.

However, thinking about it carefully, the Blood Venerable One was, after all, a martial arts prodigy in the Supreme Eternal realm.

It was understandable that his fallen land would be targeted by a high-level Godly Emperor.

Forget it, it was not the time to think about that.

“How much longer until the blood essence will spurt out”

“Generally speaking, the blood essence will spurt out once a month.

If we calculate the time from the last time, there should still be around a day left before it spurts out.”

“Looks like well have to find a good place.”

“Thats true.

However, all the good places have already been snatched away by others.

All the seats are taken by the famous ones.

“The rules here are that you can choose to challenge the other party once a month.

If you succeed, you will be able to obtain the other partys seat.

“If you fail the challenge, you will not be allowed to challenge the other party again for the next three months.”

Ouyang Quluo whispered into Ye Xiaos ear,

“This rule was set by the person at the top.

“I was sitting in Ling Yunzhis position before, but I didnt fight him and he took my position.

“The two of us will join hands to challenge him.

Once we defeat him, the two of us will be able to take back that position.

“At that time, the two of us will be able to absorb the blood essence there together.

It will be much stronger than being at the foot of this mountain.”

Ye Xiao was slightly stunned.

He did not expect that the fellow at the top would be so powerful.

Even the rules here were set by him.

However, it was not the time to think about that.

He needed to find a good place to absorb more blood essence and then study what was going on inside.

He did not know how much blood essence he would need to spend to study the mystery.

It seemed that he should try his best to find a higher position.

Only then could he ensure that he had enough blood essence to study.

Thinking of that, he immediately began to walk up.

Seeing that scene, Ling Yunzhis expression suddenly changed.

He knew that Ye Xiao was coming for him, so he immediately took a defensive stance and began to slowly release the spiritual energy in his body.

On the other side, Ouyang Quluo quickly followed up.

He smiled and said by Ye Xiaos ear,

“Ye Xiao, later, you feint and Ill focus on the attack.

My cultivation is not much different from Ling Yunzhis.

As long as you help me a little, Ill be able to defeat him.

“The rule set by that person was that as long as one won the challenge, one would be qualified to obtain a position.

“There was no limit to the number of challengers.

However, after the challenge, the people who shared the blood essence would all be together.

“When that time comes, the two of us can take the opportunity to collect the blood essence from that position.

This time, well raise our cultivation by quite a bit.”

Ling Yunzhi smiled coldly.

“Ouyang Quluo, can you still have any face As a mighty Godly Emperor, you cant beat me yourself, so you found someone to accompany you.

“But let me tell you, even if you find someone to join hands with you, the result will still be the same.

Today, you will lose without a doubt!”

With that said, the spiritual energy in his body became even more violent.

The others were also staring at them as if they were too bored and wanted to have some fun.

However, no one expected that when Ye Xiao came near Ling Yunzhi, he actually directly bypassed him and did not make a move at all!

He… Ignored Ling Yunzhi, who was also at the first-level Godly Emperor realm and was also at the peak of the first-level Godly Emperor realm!


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