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Chapter 518 The Godly Emperors Death, a Mysterious Space Where One Could Enter but Not Retreat

However, in reality, the reason why Ye Xiao looked down on that cultivation technique was purely that his current cultivation was already too strong.

Furthermore, the cultivation technique in his body was also too strong!

It was precisely because of it that he looked down on the so-called seven-star god technique.

However, to others, it was still a very good cultivation technique!

That was why so many people were attracted to it.

Ye Xiao raised his hand and destroyed this cultivation technique.

It was a little disastrous.

If it was not destroyed, there might be many people who would want to fight for it.

After doing all that, he began to head towards the interior of the Glittering Gem Star Valley.

The Glittering Gem Star Valley was different from the Silver Fox Valley.

The Silver Fox Valley was a large path that led all the way to the end.

From the entrance of the valley to the bottom, it was a complete path.

As for the Glittering Gem Star Valley, it was the type with nine twists and turns.

After entering, there were many small forked valleys, and the ravines that spread out were like small sprouts.

Perhaps that was the reason why the Glittering Gem Star Valley was so famous.



Dazzling and breathtaking

In the entire Glittering GemStar Valley, there was treasure hunting, fighting, and killing going on everywhere…

People were dying almost every minute, but the cultivation levels of the people who died were different.

However, in reality, those things were happening in the entire starry sky.

That place was merely a miniature version.

Ye Xiao could not help but feel a little emotional in his heart.

If he did not have the cultivation level of a Godly Emperor, it was hard to guarantee that he would not encounter those troubles.

In the world where the law of the jungle determined the power of survival, strength was everything!

Ye Xiao used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and traveled a hundred miles with a single step.

He continuously roamed the entire star valley.

At the same time, his spiritual sense continuously scanned his surroundings.

If there was anything good that caught his eye, he would just take it away.

If it was trash, he would just leave.

He was too lazy to waste time.

Very quickly, Ye Xiao obtained a huge amount of resources.

During that process, the suppression effect of the Glittering Gem Star Valley had always been there.

However, it could not withstand Ye Xiaos strength.

If it was an ordinary Godly Emperor, he might not be able to reach that level.

However, the masterpiece technique that Ye Xiao cultivated was the strongest existence in the entire starry sky.

Therefore, very few people like him were not as suppressed by the Glittering Gem Star Valley.

Just like that, after traveling in the Glittering Gem Star Valley for less than half a day, Ye Xiao had already sensed the most important place in the star valley.

That was the center of the Glittering Gem Star Valley.

That was the place with the densest spiritual energy in the entire star valley.

There were already very few ordinary martial artists there.

There were almost no Godly King-level existences.

What was even stranger was that in other places, there would be quite a number of Venerable Beasts, or even Sacred Beasts.

However, there were none there.

There was not even a single Venerable Beast.

It was extremely strange.

One had to know that the denser the spiritual energy, the more likely it was that there would be a powerful existence.

However, that place was completely illogical.

Ye Xiao slowly descended and scanned it with his divine sense.

However, he could not help but be a little stunned.

That place was indeed the place with the densest spiritual energy in the entire Glittering Gem Star Valley.

However, there was one point.

That was not a place to absorb spiritual energy, but a place to release spiritual energy.

One had to know that under normal circumstances, a treasured land would definitely have the ability to continuously absorb spiritual energy.

Only by relying on that ability would one be able to continuously gather a large amount of dense spiritual energy.

Only then could it be called a treasured land!

However, that was a place that exhaled spiritual energy.

It was a little strange.

That was because if one exhaled spiritual energy, it meant that there was an extremely rich amount of spiritual energy below it.

It was somewhat illogical.

However, Ye Xiao used his divine sense to sense and explore with all his might.

The Glittering Gem Star Valley was already very unusual, and it was also unusual.

There was no need to think too much about it.

There was definitely something good inside.

After a simple exploration, Ye Xiao sensed that there was an array.

It was a sealing array with the power of laws attached to it.

It was simply impossible to use brute force to destroy it.

No matter how much energy was expended, it would eventually be evenly distributed across the entire star valley by the array.

That was rather interesting.

That place seemed to be sealing something, but in reality, it also seemed to be protecting that thing

However, the more that was the case, the more Ye Xiao wanted to see if there really was Blood Venerable Ones inheritance.

With a thought, he activated the Space Warping masterpiece technique at full force and arrived at the space below in an instant.

That was a space filled with divine crystals.

Everything was illuminated by the colorful divine crystals.

The entire world looked somewhat illusory and ethereal, but also somewhat utopian.

However, the spiritual energy there was indeed very dense.

It was something that could not be dimmed.

Ye Xiao felt that the spiritual energy there was comparable to the Divine Kingdoms treasury back then.

However, the Divine Kingdoms treasury was far from being as big as that place.

Therefore, the Divine Kingdoms treasury could not be compared to it.

It seemed that such a place was indeed somewhat mysterious.

Just as Ye Xiao wanted to explore further, in the next second, he was suddenly locked onto by an aura.

Ye Xiao had just narrowed his eyes when the other party had already transformed into a ray of divine light and flew over.

In the blink of an eye, he had already arrived in front of him.

“I didnt expect that after a few hundred years, another friend would come to this place.”

Ye Xiao swept a glance at the other party.

It was a middle-aged man with the cultivation of a Godly Emperor.

From the looks of it, his actual age should not be young.

He said indifferently,

“You are”

The other party slapped his head and immediately chuckled.

“Look at me.

I forgot to introduce myself.”

Following that, he cupped his hands towards Ye Xiao and said, “I am the Godly Emperor of the Netherworld clan, Ouyang Quluo.

I came here 300 years ago.”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He did not expect that the other party was actually the Godly Emperor of the Netherworld clan.

The Netherworld clan and the Xuan Yuan clan had been friendly for generations.

The other party was also worthy of calling him senior.

“So its Senior Ouyang.”

“Oh You know me”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Of course I dont.

However, this junior is a member of the Xuan Yuan clan, so its not too much to call you my senior.”

“Oh! Youre actually a member of the Xuan Yuan clan”

Ouyang Quluo was overjoyed, but very quickly, he sighed deeply.

“What a pity! What a pity! It would be great if you were the other god clans Godly Emperor! I didnt expect you to actually be the Xuan Yuan clans Godly Emperor! This is really too much of a pity.”

Ye Xiao could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“Why does Senior say that”

Ouyang Quluo could not help but let out a deep sigh.

“Actually, theres something you dont know.

As long as you enter this place, its absolutely impossible for you to leave.

You shouldnt have come!”

Ye Xiao was slightly startled.

He wanted to use the Space Warping masterpiece technique, but as expected, he discovered that something was not quite right.

When he wanted to use the Space Warping masterpiece technique then, he was clearly stopped by a type of law energy.

He could move in all other directions, but he just could not break through that layer of seal on top.

Seeing that scene, Ye Xiaos expression suddenly sank.

However, he quickly calmed down.

He still had the Minor Destiny technique that he had not used yet.

The Minor Destiny technique could remove the law energy, so it should not be a problem for him to get out.

However, he had just met Ouyang Quluo, so he did not want to display his Minor Destiny technique immediately.

He could try it again when there was no one around.

“Eh! Thats not right! I feel that your bone age seems to be very young.

How did you advance to this cultivation level You shouldnt be a Godly Emperor so young!

“With your bone age, wait a moment.

Your current age shouldnt be only in your twenties, right Youre not even thirty yet, right”

Ye Xiao said,

“I had some fortuitous encounters along with luck.”

The corner of Ouyang Quluos mouth could not help but twitch violently.

That could also be said to be a result of luck

That was simply amazing, alright

“The people of your Xuan Yuan clan are indeed freaks.

More than 2,000 years ago, there was an Ancestral Dragon who advanced to the Godly Emperor realm at the age of 30-40.

I didnt expect that you were even more freakish than him.

You actually advanced to the Godly Emperor realm at the age of 20.”

Ye Xiao did not reply and changed the topic.

“Whats going on with this place I heard that this place seems to be a battlefield from the immemorial era! How could such a situation happen”

“This matter is a long story.

If it was an ordinary person, I might not have told him.

However, since youre from the Xuan Yuan clan, Ill tell you about it.”

“Since you know that this is an ancient battlefield, then you should know which existence was dealt with here back then,


Ye Xiao shook his head.

He knew that it might be Blood Venerable One, but there was no need for him to show that his knowledge was too rich.

Ouyang Quluo continued to speak,

“That was a peerless legend.

Even in the immemorial era, he was also a powerful figure who ascended to the heavens.

“Of course, he was also an extremely evil existence.

“He was called the Blood Venerable One.

He created the Bloodbath technique, which was ranked eighth on the starry sky treasure technique ranking list.

He used this technique to advance to the legendary Supreme Eternal realm.

“However, he was too evil back then.

The Bloodbath technique was also an extremely evil existence.

“Therefore, for the sake of peace in the starry sky, the top martial arts prodigies of the immemorial era joined hands to suppress him and seal him in this Glittering Gem Star Valley.

“However, the Blood Venerable One was still too powerful.

For so many years, he had used his blood essence to cultivate countless heavenly and earthly treasures in the outside world, luring martial artists to come and fight for them.

“By inducing greed, he made martial artists kill each other, and then the divine blood would be absorbed by him.

“After this cycle, he would one day be able to resurrect again!

“The powerful existences that were suppressing him were not fools.

They had established arelease mechanism that would allow the Blood Venerable Ones power to continuously leak out, preventing him from having sufficient cultivation to condense his true body.

“At the same time, they would use this spatial trap to capture Godly Emperors.

After the Godly Emperor entered, the array would release some of Blood Venerable Ones blood essence every once in a while.

“To us, this place was an excellent cultivation ground, especially the blood essence.

It was a great tonic.

“However, even though they wanted us to help refine the Blood Venerable One, they also restricted us.

“The array here was augmented with extremely powerful law energy.

It was impossible for us to break through.

We could only be trapped here for eternity.

No matter how strong our cultivation is, it is useless!”


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