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Chapter 517 In the Blink of an Eye, Thousands of Heroes Were Turned Into Smoke

One day later, people came and went to the entrance of the Glittering Gem Star Valley.

As a treasure-hunting resort in the surrounding star areas, there were countless martial artists in that place.

In the morning, a young figure walked into the Glittering Gem Star Valley with a blue-gray kitten on his shoulder.

It was Ye Xiao and Huan Liuli.

As Huan Liuli was Ye Xiaos star pet, she was blessed by the divine blood that Ye Xiao had personally given her.

Therefore, when Ye Xiao advanced, she also obtained a part of the advancement, and her cultivation had already advanced to the first level of the Godly King realm.

However, it was precisely because she was Ye Xiaos star pet that she did not evolve to the god race back then.

Instead, she advanced through the star beasts evolution path and eventually became a Sacred Beast.

To the current Ye Xiao, it was also a very good combat strength.

“Wow! Is this the Glittering Gem Star Valley Its so big! Its so big.

It shouldnt be a problem to fill a few hundred million people in one go, right” Just as she finished speaking, in the next second, Huan Liuli could not help but start laughing evilly.

Every time she revealed such a small expression, Ye Xiao knew that there was basically nothing good about it.

e was

“Why are you suddenly laughing so wretchedly”

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

“Master, have you ever thought of a problem”

“What problem”

“If the entire valley were to be reduced to a smaller size, what would it look like”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Im not too sure.”

“Master, you dont even know this Think about it.

If such a large valley were to shrink down all of a sudden, would all the gods also shrink down accordingly In the end, all of them would turn into tadpole-sized existences and walk into this Glittering Gem Star Valley.”

Ye Xiaos face turned dark.

He had already thought about why Huan Liuli had revealed such a wretched smile.

That silly cat had already walked further and further down the wretched path.

“Youre a female cat.

Cant you be more ladylike”

“Im not a lady to begin with.

Im just a female cat.

Why are you pretending to be so dignified”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Dont think about that anymore, just think about advancing your cultivation.”

After cursing in his heart, he walked into the teahouse by the side.

Huan Liuli would not care about that.

Why would she want to make progress in her cultivation She had worked hard to cultivate and cultivated for so long, yet her cultivation did not improve much.

In the end, Ye Xiao had advanced to the Godly Emperor realm and raised her cultivation by several levels in an instant.

What was there to train for She just needed to hug Ye Xiaos thigh tightly and it would be fine.

He could raise her cultivation just by lying down.

She was elated.


Ye Xiao was already too lazy to care about her.

At that moment, he came to the teahouse and ordered a pot of tea.

He quietly observed the dazzling star valley.

He could vaguely sense that there was an extremely special magnetic field in there.

After arriving there, he realized that his cultivation was actually not as strong as before.

Rather, it could be said that his strength was suppressed by that special magnetic field.

That Glittering Gem Star Valley was really amazing

One had to know that his current cultivation had already reached the first-level Godly Emperor realm.

In the entire starry sky, it could be said that there were very few existences that could suppress him.

He was trying to understand that magnetic field and see what was inside.

The waiter quickly served a cup of tea.

Ye Xiao took out a small bag of divine crystals as a tip and threw it on the table.

The waiters eyes immediately lit up, and he hurriedly kept the divine crystals in his pocket.

“Sir, youre really generous.

This humble one thanks you.”

“Youre welcome.

I have something I want to ask you.”

“Sir, if you have anything you want to ask, feel free to ask.

This humble one will definitely tell you everything.”

Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth and said,

“I want to know if this place has any arrays Why do I feel that after coming here, my cultivation has been weakened”

The waiter chuckled.

“Sir, this is your first time here, right”

Ye Xiao nodded, and the other party immediately opened his mouth and said, “Thats normal.

Sir, this is your first time here, and you dont even know that this is a characteristic of the Glittering Gem Star Valley.

No matter what cultivation you have, even if you are a Godly Emperor, you will still be suppressed here.

“However, you dont have to worry too much.

“This is because everyones cultivation will be suppressed, and youre not the only one.

“Therefore, what cultivation level did you have previously When you came here, it was merely a corresponding decrease.”

Ye Xiao nodded and felt slightly more at ease in his heart.

As long as everyones level was about the same, there would not be much of a problem.

However, that also made him feel that there would definitely be good things in the Glittering Gem Star Valley.

The resources there were very likely to be even more powerful than the Divine Kingdoms treasury of the primordial Divine Kingdom!

With that, there should not be much of a problem for him to advance his cultivation.

“Oh right, the Glittering Gem Star Valley has existed for such a long time.

Are there any better treasure-hunting locations”

“This… Im not too sure.

If I was so clear, wouldnt I have gone to dig it out myself long


Ye Xiao nodded.

He had asked in vain.

However, at least he knew that everyones cultivation would decrease simultaneously under the influence of the magnetic field there.

He still had some gains.

At that moment, a few groups of people outside had already begun fighting.

They seemed to be fighting over a treasure that they had just found.

Both sides were ruthlessly attacking each other.

In the sky, all kinds of lights interweaved with each other, causing many customers of the teahouse to run to the window and point at that scene.

“These are the people from the Azure Horse, Thunder Dragon, and Red Snow god clans, right I heard that the three god clans have worked together and obtained many benefits in the starry sky.

Why are they suddenly fighting”

“Who knows They probably dug up some good stuff and all of them want to take it for themselves.

Thats definitely not possible.

It would be strange if they dont fight.”

“Sigh! The human heart isnt enough, the snake swallows the elephant! Sometimes, even if you dig up something good, you cant just casually take it out.

Otherwise, itll definitely attract the envy of others.”

Everyone spoke one after another and discussed animatedly.

However, what they did not notice was that as those people outside fought, the tall mountains at the entrance of star valley began to fall apart.

That was especially so for the tea house.

Finally, a huge meteorite fell from the sky.


With a loud explosion, the meteorite smashed through several floors of the teahouse and created a deep hole in the ground.

Everyone present was shocked.

No one had expected that such a serious matter would happen.

The confrontation between the three god clans would bring them the danger of falling.

At that moment, an urgent shout came from outside.

“Run! The mountain has collapsed!”

“What The mountain has collapsed”

Everyone hurriedly stretched their heads out to take a look.

The people who had been watching the show had turned pale in the blink of an eye.

Sure enough, the mountain outside had collapsed.

It gave off a loud rumble that sounded like thunder.

“Its over, its over, its over, quickly run!”

“D*mn it, such a huge mountain has collapsed.

How are we supposed to escape”

“Were dead meat!”

When everyone fell into despair, a white light suddenly rose from the teahouse in the next second.

It was as if a sword light had risen from the ground.

No one could react in time.

They only felt a strong light flash, and they could not open their eyes.

After a short while, everyones vision slowly recovered.

“What happened Are we going to die Is this the afterlife”

“Idiot, of course this isnt the afterlife.

Were all fine and were still in the teahouse.

Someone made a move and blocked the collapse of this mountain!”


Everyone hurriedly looked outside.

In the end, everyones hair stood on end and they were so shocked that they were speechless.

The mountain that had just been shattered had now been completely repaired.

However, the difference was that there were countless corpses on the surface of that mountain.

Those corpses were like plants that covered the entire mountain.

At that moment, everyone was shocked to the extreme.

What kind of technique was that

In an instant, not only did they repair the collapsed mountain, but they also killed nearly ten thousand members of the three great god clans who had participated in the battle and caused the mountain to disintegrate.

That technique was simply out of everyones reach.

“Oh my God, I really went out to meet a martial arts prodigy today! I actually encountered such a thing.”

“If his strength had not reached the Godly Emperor realm, it would be impossible for him to achieve such a feat.

“That was because, among the three great god clans, there were martial arts masters at the Godly King realm.

Even a Godly King could be instantly killed by him.

“Moreover, in the Glittering Gem Star Valley, even a Godly Emperor would be suppressed.

There is even more suppression for those in the Godly King realm.

Therefore, other than a Godly Emperor, it is absolutely impossible for anyone to achieve such a feat.”

“Oh… I didnt expect that the Glittering Gem Star Valley would have another legendary Godly Emperor.

This is simply terrifying!”

“So what The Glittering Gem Star Valley has countless treasures.

Even a Godly Emperor would have to come and take a look from time to time.”

The surviving customers could not help but sigh.

In the entire teahouse, only the waiter looked at Ye Xiaos empty seat in a daze.

He had worked in the teahouse for several decades and had long developed a deep memory.

Therefore, he could clearly remember anyone who appeared in that teahouse.

In the entire teahouse, apart from Ye Xiao, there was no other person who had disappeared.

Therefore, he could even guess with his toes.

The person who had attacked earlier was definitely Ye Xiao!

He just… Was actually talking to a legendary Godly Emperor Was there a mistake He felt as if he was in a dream right then.

On the other side, Ye Xiao had already appeared in the interior of the Glittering Gem Star Valley.

A small booklet had already appeared in his hand.

On it was recorded a cultivation technique.

A seven-star god technique.

Ye Xiao sighed slightly.

That was it

Just that was also worth three god clan members risking their lives to snatch from each other


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