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Chapter 516 Glittering Gem Star Valley, Blood Venerable Ones Inheritance


Yun Xuanyuan, who was watching everything from the seat of honor, suddenly sensed Ye Xiaos thoughts.

He was stunned at first, then immediately replied,

“Elder Ye, what instructions do you have”

It was inevitable that Ye Xiao would become the Xuan Yuan clans Grand Elder.

Although he was not one yet, it did not prevent Yun Xuanyuan from addressing him as an elder.

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Are you the one who wants that Ouyang Xuan to be your maid”

“Uh… No, its just that the Icy Mist god clan wants to curry favor with me.

In reality, I did not agree.”

Yun Xuanyuan had never thought of asking for any personal maid.

It was just that the Icy Mist god clan wanted to cling onto his thigh.

Moreover, he had let him be targeted by a small fly for no reason.

Although he was not afraid of Ye Fan, that small fly actually dared to provoke him, the dignified young master of the Xuan Yuan clans Yun family.

It really made him somewhat angry.

However, he did not expect that Ye Xiao would actually be interested in Ye Fan.

“Bring that Ye Fan over.”


Yun Xuanyuan would not reject Ye Xiaos requests.

Not only was Ye Xiao the Xuan Yuan clans future Grand Elder, but he was also his idol.

He would naturally obey Ye Xiaos orders.

Thinking of that, he immediately opened his mouth and said,

“Audacious Ye fan, youre too impudent! Youre courting death!”

The Icy Mist god clans Grand Elder immediately stood out to plead for Ye fan.

Although Ye Fan was his disciple, he might not have offended Yun Xuanyuan for Ye fan before.

At that point, after seeing that Ye Fans strength and talent were not bad, he wanted to protect Ye Fan and see if he could nurture a martial arts master in the future!

For a lower-ranked god clan like the Icy Mist god clan, it was very tempting to have a disciple with good talent.

“Young Master Yun, please calm down.

I did not educate a good disciple properly and offended Young Master Yun.

Please be magnanimous, Young Master Yun.

I will definitely teach him a harsh lesson as a form of punishment!”



However, it was a pity that it was not because Yun Xuanyuan wanted Ye Fan, but because Ye Xiao did.

Therefore, no one could change the outcome.

Yun Xuanyuan said with an ice-cold expression,

“Icy Mist Clan Leader, move aside!”

Grand Elder of the Icy Mist clans body trembled.

He wanted to say something, but Yun Xuanyuan had already sent him flying with a move.

As soon as the masterpiece technique was used, the five-colored divine light was like an azure dragon chasing the sun.

It instantly swept up Ye Fan and sealed him inside his spatial ring Ouyang Xuans expression changed drastically.

She immediately knelt down and begged for mercy,

“Young Master Yun, please calm down.

Im willing to be Young Master Yuns maidservant.

Young Master Yun, please let go of that ignorant brother of mine!”

Yun Xuanyuan walked past her without even looking at her.

“Youre thinking too much.

From the start, I never wanted any maidservant.”

Ouyang Xuans face instantly turned as pale as wax.

It turned out that her self-righteous beauty was nothing in Yun Xuanyuans eyes.

How laughable was that

Laughable that she was still self-righteous, thinking that she could use her looks to save her brother.

Yun Xuanyuan disappeared from the great hall and transmitted his divine sense, letting Zheng Tianya and the others be in charge of stabilizing the Icy Mist clan leader.

He personally brought Ye Fan to Ye Xiaos secret chamber.

“Xuanyuan greets the Elder.”

Ye Xiao nodded and activated his divine sense, using the Space Warping masterpiece technique to directly transfer Ye Fan out of Yun Xuanyuans storage ring.

When Yun Xuanyuan saw that scene, he was filled with admiration in his heart.

As expected of Ye Xiao.

With just a thought, he was able to take out Ye Fan from his storage ring!

Ye Fan, who had just come out, had a change in expression.

He immediately opened his mouth and said,

“Yun Xuanyuan, you are, after all, the dignified young master of the Xuan Yuan god Clans Yun family.

Are you really that shameless You dont dare to face me head-on and want to play dirty tricks on me.”

The corner of Yun Xuanyuans mouth could not help but twitch violently.

That fellow had already come all the way there, yet he still wanted to resort to accusing him of moral kidnapping

Previously, when he challenged everyone, he actually wanted to use a method to provoke them.

If he did not accept the challenge, it would be extremely embarrassing if word got out.

If he accepted the challenge, then he would not be able to touch him for at least three years.

Otherwise, those who had intentions would bring the blame onto him and tarnish his reputation.

Therefore, he swung his hand and gave ye fan a tight slap on the face.


With a loud bang, Ye Fan was sent flying and crashed into the wall of Ye Xiaos secret chamber.

Half of his face immediately swelled up and a few of his teeth fell to the ground, swaying, he felt dizzy.

“Elder Ye, I really cant stand this persons shamelessness.”

Ye Xiao did not say anything and only waved his hand, indicating for him to leave.

Yun Xuanyuan tactfully bade farewell and left.

After waiting for Ye Xiao and Ye Fan to be the only ones in the secret room, Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth and said, “Tell me, where did you obtain your Bloodbath technique”

When Ye Fan heard that, his mind paused, and a hint of panic appeared in his eyes.

But very quickly, he recovered to his original state, and his eyes immediately evaded as he said,

“What… What Bloodbath masterpiece technique I dont know anything about that!”

Ye Xiao shook his head slightly.

“If you refuse to answer, youll be forced to spill it anyway.”

In the next moment, he instantly used his spiritual energy to invade Ye Fans consciousness.

Ye Fans mind trembled.

He had already noticed that Ye Xiaos spiritual energy was searching for his memories.


He desperately wanted to resist, but unfortunately, he was unable to do so.

Ye Xiao was much stronger than him.

The two of them were not in the same dimension at all.

In front of Ye Xiao, Ye Fan could only be at his mercy.

Very soon, Ye Xiao searched through his memory.

At that moment, he was slightly silent.

That was because when he saw Ye Fans memory clearly, his entire thought process could not help but become a little stiff.

That Ye Fans experience was the perfect model for the main character, the child of fate!

First, he had some success in the family.

However, he was accidentally injured and fell to the bottom.

His fiancée broke off the engagement, and from then on, he was ridiculed and mocked by his fellow clansmen.

In the end, after a fortuitous encounter, he reorganized his soul.

From then on, he used cheats to counterattack.

From the rise of the Icy Mist god clans small Ye family, he soared all the way to the clouds.

At that point, he was already the disciple of the Icy Mist god clans Grand Elder, the perfect face-smacking to his fiancée.

One could foresee that it would not be long before he would reach an unprecedented height, becoming a brand new legend in the starry sky! Ye Xiao felt that he should not be surnamed Ye, but should be surnamed Xiao, which was more in line with him.

Ye Fans consciousness was swept away by Ye Xiao, and he clenched his teeth tightly.

This feeling of being naked and being seen by others without any secrets was so humiliating that it was as if his self-esteem was trampled under someones feet, he was crushed again and again.

“How do you plan to deal with me”

“How do you want me to deal with you”

Ye Xiao looked at him calmly.

Ye Fans eyes rolled for a moment, and then he said,

“I will arrange myself to be your subordinate.

With the speed of my advancement, my future strength will definitely not be low.

If you subdue us now, you can easily obtain a powerful super subordinate in the future.”

Ye Xiao said faintly,

“It sounds very tempting.”

The corners of Ye Fans mouth curled up slightly.

It was a success.

As long as Ye Xiao was willing to accept him, everything else would not be a problem.

If he was given some more time, as long as he had the augmentation of the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, it would not be long before his cultivation would advance to an unprecedented level.

At that time, he would think of a way to compete with Ye Xiao.

However, just as he thought of that, in the next second, Ye Xiao directly blasted him into a cloud of blood mist.

Ye Xiao only had one thought for his enemy, and that was to directly kill him.

He would kill him mercilessly, not even leaving his soul behind.

Especially when facing an existence like Ye Fan, who had an extremely dangerous attribute, he absolutely could not show mercy.

Otherwise, as long as he was given the slightest chance to catch his breath, it would bring him a disaster.

In the face of the child of fate, the best way was to go all the way in one step and turn him into ashes.

The rest of the matter was to find the memories of the Bloodbath masterpiece technique from him.

It was a treasure trove in that star field, the Glittering Gem Star Valley.

The Glittering Gem Star Valley was an existence similar to the Nine Provinces South Forest Sea.

However, compared to the Nine Provinces; South Forest Sea, the Glittering Gem Star Valley was much more powerful.

Apart from the natural treasures there, it was said that if ones luck was good, there was still a chance to find some ancient inheritances.

It was said that in that place, during ancient times, there was a great battle, and many martial arts masters died in that great battle.

Hence, some people had even found masterpiece techniques in the Glittering Gem Star Valley.

For example, Ye Fans Bloodbath masterpiece technique had been obtained from it.

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly.

Could the great battle in ancient times be a great battle to kill the Blood Venerable One

Ye Xiao had previously obtained memories from Su Chens master, Lin Cheng.

What Lin Cheng had obtained was only a portion of the inheritance left behind by the Blood Venerable One in ancient times.

It was not all of the inheritance.

Therefore, there was definitely a place in the starry sky where the complete inheritance of the blood venerable was hidden.

If there was such an inheritance in the Glittering Gem Star Valley, would it be a great opportunity for him

What he needed the most at the moment was to advance.

If he wanted to advance, his normal cultivation speed would be very slow.

Even if he had the power of laws to refine it and his cultivation speed was very fast, he still could not meet his requirements.

His requirements were to advance to the middle-late stage of the Godly Emperor realm within a year.

Moreover, with the Blood Venerable Ones inheritance, it was possible for him to quickly increase his speed.

With his current Godly Emperor-level strength, there were not many martial arts masters in the starry sky who could suppress him.

Godly Emperors did not run out every day.

In that case, he should go take a look.

That opportunity could not be missed.

Thinking of that, he immediately left a divine thought for Yun Cangqiong and the others to leave first after purchasing supplies.

Meanwhile, he went alone to the Glittering Gem Star Valley to look for the inheritance of the Blood Venerable One.


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