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Chapter 512 A New Chapter

However, the five Godly Emperors wanted to escape, but Ye Xiao would not let them escape so easily.

The five Godly Emperors were fast, but his speed was even faster!

The World Destruction masterpiece technique was augmented by the Space Warping masterpiece technique, condensing onto the Great Dragon.

Ye Xiao slashed out with his sword, and the interstellar teleportation array 10,000 miles away was instantly torn apart by Ye Xiaos move.

The interstellar array twisted and exploded, producing a huge shockwave.

It was like a stellar explosion, continuously expanding and engulfing the surrounding star islands and meteorites.

Star Islands and meteorites continuously exploded one after another, causing an even bigger shockwave.

The five Godly Emperors had just arrived when they were shaken back by that shockwave, and their expressions changed drastically.

That was because behind them was Ye Xiao, whom they were terrified of!

No one wanted to be forced to retreat, so they immediately scattered and fled up, down, left, and right.

Seeing that they were about to turn into five streaks of light and flee, Ye Xiao activated the Space Warping masterpiece technique once again.

The five figures instantly disappeared from their path of advancement and were replaced by Ye Xiao.

Seeing that scene, the five Godly Emperors were completely scared out of their wits.

“Space Warping masterpiece technique! This is the Qilin clans Space Warping masterpiece technique!”

After experiencing it for themselves a few times, everyone already understood that the archaic masterpiece technique that Ye Xiao used was the Space Warping masterpiece technique from the Qilin clan.

Behind them, the three Godly Emperors, Yun Cangqiong, Wu Ying, and Yun Changqing, could not help but have their expressions change when they heard that.

However, no matter how shocked everyone was, Ye Xiao had already made his move once again.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique was activated.

Ye Xiao slashed at everyones bodies with a flash of nine-colored light.

In the next second, their protective barriers were all torn apart.

The five Godly Emperors spat out blood and flew backward.

Ye Xiao stepped forward and caught up to one Godly Emperor.

He raised his hand and slashed down with his saber.

In a flash, the other Godly Emperors head flew up.

The Space Warping masterpiece technique was activated once again, and the other Godly Emperor was also instantly teleported in front of him.

“Ill fight it out with you!”

That Godly Emperor roared in anger and gathered all of his strength to instantly self-destruct.

“Not good! Retreat quickly!”

Yun Cangqiong cried out in alarm, and everyone immediately retreated.

The self-destruction of a Godly Emperor was no joke.

The power that erupted from it was even stronger than the explosion of the divine array.

It was to the extent that the power that erupted from it surpassed the attack that the seven Godly Emperors released when they joined hands to resist Ye Xiao previously.

The entire starry sky was first enveloped by pure white light, followed closely by a thunderstorm.

The storm was like a type of natural energy that could destroy the world.

Wherever it passed, it destroyed countless star islands and meteorites.

The three Godly Emperors from the Azure Billow star field retreated to the sky above the Nine Provinces and immediately used their full strength to put up a barrier defense.

If not, that supreme self-destructing power could even affect the entire Nine Provinces.

The three Godly Emperors did not dare to be careless.

If they let any of the air currents rush in, it would be enough to destroy all the Xuan Yuan clans descendants.

The three Godly Emperors of the four great god clans did not dare to be careless either.

They also used their full strength to defend themselves.

Otherwise, the explosions force would devour them.

The entire explosion lasted for dozens of seconds.

Within dozens of seconds, all the star islands and meteorites in the surroundings were destroyed, except for the Nine Provinces world.

The entire starry sky was empty.

The six Godly Emperors of both sides panted continuously.

Apart from lamenting the terror of the Godly Emperors self-destruction, their eyes also revealed the joy of having survived a calamity.

Fortunately, their defenses were relatively fast.

Otherwise, even if they did not die now, they would have suffered heavy injuries.

“Too terrifying! The Godly Emperors self-detonation is actually so terrifying!”

“In the past, we only heard of the Godly Emperors self-detonation from others.

Now that weve seen it with our own eyes, we can personally sense its terror!”

“Only Ye Xiao can force a dignified Godly Emperor to self-destruct.”

“Oh right, hows Ye Xiao”

Everyone hurriedly looked over.

The three Godly Emperors from the four great god clans also hurriedly looked over.

“This time, that brat should be injured, right”

“After the Godly Emperor self-destructed, he would have definitely suffered a lot of damage.

If he is seriously injured, well take the opportunity to send him on his way.

If his injuries are lighter, well take the initiative to run away.

He definitely wont be able to catch up to us again.”

They were already starting to feel a little excited.

When they saw that one of Ye Xiaos arms was already gone, their eyes lit up even more.

As expected! No matter how abnormal Ye Xiao was, under the might of the Godly Emperors self-detonation, he still would not be able to withstand it.

Once his arm was broken, he did not know how much blood and spiritual energy he would lose.

After that strength was unleashed, he would have definitely been greatly affected.

However, the three of them did not choose to charge forward.

Although losing an arm was not considered a light injury, in reality, with Ye Xiaos terrifying performance earlier, even if he only had one arm, it would still be quite dangerous for them.

Therefore, they gave up on the first plan and chose to escape instead.

Although they felt a little regretful that they could not kill Ye Xiao, it was still not bad to be able to escape.

However, the instant they turned around and wanted to escape, Ye Xiaos demonic voice sounded in the ears of the three of them.

“All of you should have escaped from the start!”

The three Godly Emperors were stunned.

Before they could react, Ye Xiao slashed out with his sword.

One of the Godly Emperors was cleaved into two halves by Ye Xiao from the top of his head.

“What! Didnt he already break an arm How can he still be so powerful”

The two Godly Emperors immediately turned around and looked over.

Their pupils immediately constricted as they were completely dumbfounded.

It turned out that Ye Xiaos arm had already been repaired.

It had already been completely repaired!

“How is this possible This is impossible!”

However, no matter how shocked they were, it was already a fact that Ye Xiaos arm had recovered.

The Space Warping masterpiece technique was activated once more, and Ye Xiao instantly caught up to the two of them.

His left hand executed the True Dragon masterpiece technique with the World Destruction masterpiece technique.

His right hand executed the World Destruction masterpiece technique with the Great Dragon!

Both his hands shot out, and his left hand directly grabbed the Godly Emperors neck, pulling out his head along with his spine.

His right hand sliced off the other partys neck.

At that point, not a single one of the nine Godly Emperors from the four great god clans had escaped.

All of them had been killed by Ye Xiao.

The starry sky descended into a deathly stillness.

Even though they had obtained all the victories, Yun Cangqiong and the other three Godly Emperors were somewhat speechless.

The joy in their hearts had long been filled by shock.

Nine Godly Emperors!

A total of nine Godly Emperors!

Those were nine Godly Emperors that could practically dominate an area!

In the end, all of them were gone.

One of them even self-destructed.

Even so, they were unable to suppress Ye Xiao, and Ye Xiao was still unharmed.

The arm that was broken in the middle had already been completely repaired.

The problem was that Ye Xiao was only at the first level of the Godly Emperor realm!

He was not at the late stage of the Godly Emperor realm, or even the middle stage of the Godly Emperor realm.

The three of them could not understand what was happening in front of them.

Everything was like a dream, like a fantasy.

Ye Xiao collected the eight Godly Emperors and their storage rings into his spatial ring.

He had obtained the corpses of eight more Godly Emperors.

Moreover, they were at their peak.

Compared to the Godly Emperors in the Godly Emperors tomb, the divine blood was much stronger.

It could probably increase his cultivation by quite a bit.

Unfortunately, one of them had self-detonated.

Along with his divine body and his storage ring, they were all blasted into ashes.

Otherwise, he would have been able to earn a bit more.

The storage rings of those eight people were not that good.

However, they were not in the category of Treasured Artifacts.

After all, the current Godly Emperors could not compare to the archaic Godly Emperors.

It was estimated that the resources stored inside were also far inferior to those archaic Godly Emperors.

However, one had to learn to be content.

Being too greedy was not a good thing.

At that time, the crisis was resolved and the Nine Provinces had survived another calamity.

Following that, he could also be considered to be able to heave a sigh of relief.

At that moment, Yun Xuanyuan and the others in the distance also flew over.

Ye Xiao swept a glance at everyone, and everyone immediately applauded.

Everyone was cheering for him.

One versus nine, annihilating the other party completely!

That battle record was enough to look down on the starry skies.

If word spread out, Ye Xiao would be the second Ancestral Dragon!

“Too exciting.

This battle, youre a legend!”

Yun Cangqiong could not help but sigh from the bottom of his heart.

Ye Xiao smiled and did not say anything else.

Of course, he knew that he was a legend!

However, he also knew that he was only a legend at the first level of the Godly Emperor realm and not the entire Godly Emperor realm.

Yun Xuanyuan, Zheng Tianya, Xia Xinyi… Everyone came forward one by one and exchanged a few words with him.

Ye Xiao responded with a faint smile and did not put on any airs.

However, for a martial arts prodigy at his current level, he did not need to put on any airs.

No matter how calm he was, when everyone saw him, they could not help but worship him as if he was a god.

After a short exchange, everyone returned to Jianghai city.

Yun Cangqiong, Godly Emperor Wu Ying, Yun Changqing, and Ye Xiao were alone together, secretly discussing what to do next.

The others were no longer qualified to participate in their conversation.

“Ye Xiao, the Godly Emperors tomb has already been excavated.

If its as we expected, the Divine Kingdoms treasury should also be in your hands, right”

Ye Xiao nodded and did not deny it.

With his current cultivation, he no longer needed to worry that someone would plot against him in the Xuan Yuan clan.

Considering all aspects of benefits, the Xuan Yuan clan would not be willing to see him suffer any harm.

“As expected.”

Yun Cangqiong sighed, feeling a myriad of emotions in his heart.

He did not expect the six great god clans to dispatch so many people.

In the end, regardless of whether it was the Godly Emperors tomb or the Divine Kingdoms treasury, all the benefits fell into Ye Xiaos hands alone.

However, Ye Xiao himself was a member of the Xuan Yuan clan, so from that point of view, the Xuan Yuan clan was the biggest winner.

Yun Cangqiong naturally would not want to snatch anything from Ye Xiaos hands.

He could not snatch it away.

Moreover, these were all obtained by Ye Xiao himself and had nothing to do with the Xuan Yuan clan.

It was to the extent that the Xuan Yuan clan had practically never done anything for Ye Xiao ever since he grew up.

He did not have the face to ask Ye Xiao what resources he wanted.

“Ye Xiao, what are your plans now”


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