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Chapter 511 One Move, One Godly Emperor.

So What if they Joined Forces

“I just didnt expect you to be so young! Its a little ridiculous to be so young.”

Yun Changqing was not exaggerating.

They were all Godly Emperors, so it was still easier for them to see through Ye Xiaos bone age.

They could determine that Ye Xiaos age was below 30 years old.

To be honest, that was what they found extremely inconceivable.

In the entire starry sky, Godly Emperors under the age of 30 were not that easy to find.

Existences as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns!

It was said that in the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans, there were a few supreme-grade martial arts prodigies.

In the entire history of the starry sky, they had reached the record of cultivating to become Godly Emperors after over 20 years.

However, those were records that were sufficient to shock the entire starry sky.

Moreover, Ye Xiao was a member of the Xuan Yuan clan.

His bloodline power was much lower than the other partys.

Adding on to the fact that he did not have so many resources to support him, it was understandable that his cultivation was a little slower.

It was understandable that he had advanced to become a Godly Emperor at the age of nearly 30.

That was only a few years inferior to those top-grade prodigies whose names shook the starry sky.

In the end, Ye Xiao was still a supreme-grade martial arts prodigy!

“You… Are the Saber-sword Immortal”

The few people on ye Xiaos side did not have the time to properly say a few words when a voice came from the other side in the next second.

It was none other than Ouyang Shengde.

At that moment, the few of them had already rushed over.

A total of five Godly Emperors!

Yun Cangqiong glanced at him and immediately said,

“Ye Xiao, the other party has too many people.

Although you relied on a sneak attack just now and luckily killed one, there are still eight of them, twice as many as us.

“I think we should work together to hold on for a period of time.

When our clansmen escape, well destroy them.”

Ye Xiao looked at Ouyang Shengde not far away and said indifferently,

“Theres no need.

All of you have suffered a lot of injuries.

Leave these few people to me.”

The corner of Yun Cangqiongs mouth could not help but twitch fiercely.

He could not help but say in a soft voice,

“Ye Xiao, I know that you are very powerful.

You can fight against more than one person.

You even killed an archaic Godly Emperor who had just recovered to the first stage of the Godly Emperor realm.

However, that was only an archaic Godly Emperor.

“This… Is a total of eight Godly Emperors!

“Isnt it a little too risky for you to fight alone”

“No worries.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao had already stepped forward.

A Godly Emperor beside Ouyang Shengde reminded,

“Everyone, be careful.

This persons strength is extremely strong.

There are very few who can match up to him at the same level.

We have to join forces to deal with him.

“Otherwise, there is a high possibility that one or two of us will perish!”

Ouyang Shengde had already stepped forward.

“Dont worry.

No matter how heaven-defying he is, its impossible for him to fight against eight Godly Emperors at the same time.

Even if we split up three of us to fight against Yun Cangqiong and the others behind him, there will still be five Godly Emperors left to join forces to attack him.

“This battle, our four great god clans will definitely win!”

The Godly Emperors speed was as fast as light.

The instant the two of them took a step, they had already arrived together.

Ye Xiao never liked to waste too much time talking to the enemy.

He raised his hand and threw a punch.

True Dragon masterpiece technique, with the addition of the World Destruction masterpiece technique!

The two masterpiece techniques joined forces at the same time.

The moment the terrifying aura was released, Ouyang Shengde suddenly felt that something was not quite right.


A fatal danger!

The degree of its terror almost scared him to the point of peeing.

In a hurry, he hurriedly threw a punch.

That punch was also a masterpiece technique, but compared to Ye Xiaos, it was completely not worth mentioning.

Ouyang Shengde, who had already sensed Ye Xiaos fearsome move, moved in a flash and was immediately scared out of his wits.

He did not expect himself to be able to resist Ye Xiaos move in one move.

He only hoped that that move of his would cause Ye Xiaos move to deviate and not allow him to suffer the damage of it head-on.

When Ouyang Shengdes masterpiece technique was unleashed, the multicolored light was incomparably beautiful.

On Ye Xiaos side, the combination of the True Dragon masterpiece technique and the World Destruction masterpiece technique did not have so many fancy things.

It only had a simple three-colored light.

However, at the instant, the two collided, Ye Xiaos punch was not deflected by Ouyang Shengdes fist at all.

It was as steady as a rock.

Ye Xiaos masterpiece techniques light was like a sharp sword, mercilessly shattering Ouyang Shengdes.

All the starlight in the starry sky could not help but suddenly stop at that moment!

Bang! Ouyang Shengdes fist was immediately mercilessly blasted apart by Ye Xiaos power.

Following that, his arm and even his entire shoulder were completely blasted apart.

Fortunately, Ouyang Shengde dodged a little faster.

Otherwise, Ye Xiaos move would have immediately blasted his dog head apart.

Even so, half of his neck had a large chunk of flesh cut off.

Ye Xiaos two great masterpiece techniques condensed into one, and the condensed fist force finally shook him away!

All the Godly Emperors pupils constricted, and their hair stood on end.

It was only at that moment that everyone realized how terrifying he was.

He did not kill a Godly Emperor earlier under the condition of a sneak attack.

Even if it was a head-on confrontation, he could easily kill a Godly Emperor.

It was an extravagant hope to exchange blows with someone of the same level as him.

Too terrifying!

How many people had such strength since ancient times

as SC

Ouyang Shengde was scared out of his wits by Ye Xiaos punch.

He was terrified to the extreme.

At that moment, how could he still have the slightest bit of pride from before

The current him was simply like a stray dog.

Perhaps, it could be said that it was more appropriate to describe him asa little baby that had been blown up wants to find its mother.

He turned around and fled with all his might before shouting loudly,

“Seniors, save me!”

At the next moment, the seven great Godly Emperors worked together.

Unfortunately, not to mention the seven Godly Emperors! Even if there were 70,700 of them!

It was impossible to save Ouyang Shengde from Ye Xiaos hands within such a short distance.

That fear made Ouyang Shengde completely despair.

Just as he shouted, he felt an extremely powerful force that he could not break free from suddenly grab his head.


He let out a miserable cry.

Like a drowned rat, he desperately tried to struggle and escape.

However, the reality was that he was forcefully pulled back by Ye Xiao.

Following that, he threw another punch.

That punch was neither too much nor too little.

It just happened to hit his chest and exploded his heart on the spot.

Following that, it shattered all of his soul.

Ouyang Shengdes body was like a dead fish that had completely sunk into silence.

It was stiff and soft, not moving at all.

At this moment, the power of the seven Godly Emperors also attacked at the same time.

Ye Xiao stored Ouyang Shengdes corpse in his storage ring.

He summoned the Great Dragon and slashed out with his sword.

With the addition of the World Destruction masterpiece technique, he instantly cut off all of the attacks from the other party!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A violent explosion sounded.

Ye Xiao was forced back by the shockwave by 10,000 miles, while the Godly Emperors were forced back by tens of thousands of miles.

Even so, the other party was the combined forces of seven Godly Emperors.

The difference in the techniques between the two parties was obvious!

“So powerful!”

When the people present saw that scene, their pupils constricted, and their hearts beat faster in fear.

It was not a simple one-on-many.

It was a simultaneous one-on-many where they all attacked at the same time!

The attacks of the seven Godly Emperors were condensed into one point, yet they were actually forced back by Ye Xiao.

That meant that Ye Xiaos combat strength was at least the same as the combined attacks of eight or nine Godly Emperors or even ten Godly Emperors.

To put it bluntly, that level of strength was already equivalent to the second-level Godly Emperor.

However, the problem was that he was only at the first level of the Godly Emperor realm then.

Furthermore, he had just advanced to the first level Godly Emperor realm not too long ago.

The expressions of the other party changed drastically.

One of them could not help but


“This is not easy to deal with.

We have to work together and concentrate our strength to a certain point in order to have a chance of defeating him!

“Although his attack power was very impressive, that was because his masterpiece technique was sufficiently powerful! The spiritual energy in his body is limited, so its not enough to support his high-explosive archaic masterpiece technique.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the seven Godly Emperors attacked again.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

It was the same move as before.

The seven of them joined hands and attacked at the same time, gathering all their strength together.

That way, even if Ye Xiao was strong enough, when faced with the attack of seven people at the same time, it was impossible for him to reach the level where he could instantly kill Ouyang Shengde earlier.

As long as he could not be killed in an instant, then the spiritual energy in his body would be unable to cope with the continuous consumption of his spiritual energy.

At that time, he would reveal a flaw and they would take the opportunity to attack again.

It would be enough to easily take him down.

However, when everyone gathered their energy together, Ye Xiao suddenly disappeared.

That was right, he instantly disappeared from his original spot, causing their energy to instantly attack nothing.

All the Godly Emperors present were completely unable to react in time.

That was because, in that instant, Ye Xiaos speed had already surpassed the speed that their line of sight could chase after.

How terrifying was that

Ye Xiaos speed was so fast that they could not even see him!

That was the power of the Space Warping masterpiece technique, causing Ye Xiao to instantly disappear from his original spot and directly shift to another spatial coordinate.

While everyone was still in shock, Ye Xiao suddenly appeared behind them.

With the Great Dragon in his hand, he had already slashed at them from behind.

“Not good! Retreat quickly!”

Everyone cried out in alarm and instantly turned into an afterimage as they fled in all directions.

However, the figure that was within the Great Dragons blade was still a step too slow.

A cold light flashed and heads flew up.

Ye Xiao had once again reaped another Godly Emperor.

Without waiting for everyone to escape, Ye Xiao used the True Dragon masterpiece technique with one hand and locked onto the Godly Emperor closest to him.

With his other hand, he used the World Destruction masterpiece technique and threw the Great Dragon out.

In the starry sky, a nine-colored ray of light appeared like a dream.

In the blink of an eye, it pierced through the head of a Godly Emperor.

Even the divine body and soul were completely destroyed by that terrifying move.

After killing two Godly Emperors in a row, the other Godly Emperors completely collapsed.

Ye Xiaos strength was not only in terms of strength.

His speed and control techniques were also one in 10,000.

It was difficult for him to fight against someone of the same level.

How was he supposed to fight


If they continued fighting, they would also die.

Ye Xiaos two casual moves had instantly destroyed their confidence.

At that moment, no one felt that they could defeat Ye Xiao.


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