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Chapter 509 Eight Years of Sharpening the Sword, Came Into Being and Shocked the World

“They want to run, dont let them run! Take out all the divine crystals we brought, open the interstellar teleportation array, and gather more god clan members.

I want to see if they are dead or not.”

At that time, some Godly Emperors had already noticed the Xuan Yuan god clan in the Nine Provinces world.

They were riding on a spiritual airship, preparing to escape.

After the order was given, the spiritual airship behind them immediately activated the teleportation array.

The vast interstellar teleportation array was activated, and the spiritual energy in the starry sky began to be continuously absorbed.

When they saw the interstellar teleportation array, Yun Cangqiong and the other Godly Emperors could not help but raise their eyebrows.

Their expressions were extremely ugly.

The interstellar teleportation array consumed a huge amount of energy.

An ordinary person could not afford to use it.

Only those top-tier god clans who were extremely strong had the strength to play with it.

However, the four great god clans had some strength when they joined hands.

They were able to pull off this move.

The appearance of that move meant that the four great god clans would greatly increase their troops.

At that time, it would be like adding snow to the snow for those who were already at a disadvantage.

“Break that array.

We must not let them succeed in opening it.

Otherwise, we will be finished.”

Godly Emperor Wu Ying shouted.

Just as he was about to step forward, he was suppressed again in the blink of an eye.

The four great god clans were stronger than the two of them.

Not only did the other party suppress them in terms of numbers, but their masterpiece techniques were also ranked higher than theirs.

Therefore, as for the three Godly Emperors, it was already very good that they could protect themselves.

Destroying the interstellar teleportation array was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

In that star field, the starry sky was resplendent.

Rays of starlight shot out one after another, fusing together to form a mysterious and extraordinary formation pattern.

Furthermore, it continued to expand, and in the end, its diameter exceeded 10,000 miles!

The moment that teleportation array appeared, the meteorites in the starry sky seemed to dim in the next second.

It was as if all the energy in the surroundings had been absorbed by it.

At that moment, powerful auras stepped out from the array.

They were the martial arts masters of the four great god clans.

There were Godslayer realm and Godly Kings among them.

One after another, there were countless of them.

The four great god clans were able to suppress the two great god clans in terms of cultivation and number of warriors.

As soon as those martial arts masters appeared, they bypassed the many Godly Kings and attacked the land of the Nine Provinces.

Upon seeing that scene, Yun Cangqiong gritted his teeth.

He was both anxious and angry.

Things happened too suddenly.

They did not even have the means to inform the martial arts masters of their clans to gather there.

However, in reality, there were not many martial arts masters from the two great god clans to begin with.

They still had to guard each others domains.

Even if they did inform them, the god clans would not be able to gather enough people.

The four great god clans had always suppressed the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan.

Saber-sword Immortal! When will you appear

Yun Cangqiong roared angrily and increased the speed of the spiritual energy in his body, forcefully raising his combat strength.

Yun Xuanyuan, who was in the sky above the Nine Provinces, saw that scene and immediately said,

“All Godly Kings, get ready.

Do not let the enemys high-level combat strength enter the Nine Provinces!”

As soon as he finished speaking, an attack had already blasted over from the starry sky.

Yun Xuanyuan struck out with his fist.

The two great forces collided, immediately triggering a shock wave and an explosion of light.

Following that, attacks came one after another, and the great battle immediately began.

On the ground, Zheng Tianya had already sensed the danger.

He immediately had the Xuan Yuan clan members of the Nine Provinces speed up to catch up to the spiritual airship.

However, the Xuan Yuan clan of the Nine Provinces had too many people.

There were too many to count.

The scale of 14 billion was not a small matter.

At that moment, some martial arts masters of the four great god clans had already charged in.

Although Yun Xuanyuan had already brought people to resist with all their might, the two great god clans did not have many Godly Kings added together.

Faced with the four great god clanscontinuous reinforcement, they were at their wits end.

They could only do their best to resist.

Not to mention the warriors of the four great god clans who came from other directions.

For example, the western provinces and the southern provinces.

There was no one in the sky above those places to stop them.

After they came down, they went straight to the Nine Provinces.

Facing that scene, Zheng Tianya could only lead his people to resist while arranging his clansmen to board the spiritual airship.

“Tell them to speed up.

If the spiritual airship is full, just drive away.

Dont worry about the people behind.”

“But Elder Zheng, all the roads are blocked.

Even if the spiritual ariship is full of people, they wont be able to get out.”

Zheng Tianya clenched his fists tightly.

“Then kill a bloody path for me.

Do your best and send away as many clansmen as you can.”


The entire Nine Provinces was in chaos.

The crisis at that time was 10,000 times more serious than the star beasts of the past!

At the same time, in the Divine Kingdoms treasury, Ye Xiao, who was rapidly absorbing the power of laws, seemed to have sensed something

Originally, when he was absorbing the power of laws there, he had to quietly focus his mind and get rid of all distracting thoughts.

Hence, he could not even communicate with the intent stone here.

However, there was one point.

Ye Xiao was finally a Godly Emperor!

Hence, his perception was not only stronger than before.

At the same time, his connection with the Nine Provinces bloodline was also stronger than before.

Due to that, when the Nine Provincess bloodline was in danger, Ye Xiao could clearly feel it.

That made his mind flustered.

On one hand, he wanted to save the Nine Provinces, but on the other hand, he was unable to cut off the absorption of the power of laws.

There was too much power of laws in the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Moreover, the power of rules was extremely difficult to control and extremely unstable existence.

It was like nuclear power.

Even the slightest mistake could bring about the destruction of the world.

It was not that he had not thought about fighting with the four great god clans before absorbing the power of laws.

However, there were too many people from the four great god clans.

He could kill a group, but he could not kill all of them.

If he killed all of them, who could guarantee that there would not be more people coming later

What if the people who came later were also when he was absorbing the power of laws

Would it even attract even more powerful god clans

Therefore, it was a false proposition that could not be established at all.

Just as his mind was in a mess, trouble came one after another.

The power of laws seemed to have sensed the chaos in Ye Xiaos heart and began to stir.

That was an extremely dangerous signal.

As an extremely unstable and powerful incomparable power of laws, once chaos appeared, it would definitely be fatal!

However, at that moment, another even stronger power suddenly appeared.

Ye Xiaos heart was alarmed, but the other party said softly,

“Dont be anxious.

Take your time.

Everything has its own destiny.”

The moment those words were said, it was as if there was a magical force that caused Ye Xiaos somewhat chaotic mind to instantly calm down.

Following that, with the other partys help, Ye Xiao rapidly absorbed the law energy.

The speed increased by a lot, but the order did not become chaotic in the slightest.

Finally, not long after, Ye Xiao opened his eyes and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

‘Its done!

All the law energy had already been absorbed into his body and could be slowly refined in the future.

At that moment, the Divine Kingdoms treasury had already lost its meaning of existence.

Ye Xiao did not have to worry about others snatching away the law energy.

However, he could not help but look at his surroundings in puzzlement.

“Just now… I seemed to have heard a voice that was very similar to mine.

Why is there no one here now”

Forget it.

Perhaps it was his own psychological problem.

Moreover, even if there was really something, the other party would definitely help him.

If there was goodwill, there was no need to pay too much attention to it.

The most important issue now was the nine prefectures above.

It was the four great god clans.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly, and his body instantly disappeared from the spot.

On the ground of the Nine Provinces, the various cities were already in a mess.

The four great god clans were determined not to let the Xuan Yuan clan have a good time.

The gigantic interstellar teleportation array had brought them too many clansmen!

Among them, the martial arts masters were like carp crossing the river.

There were countless of them.

Although the Nine Provinces Xuan Yuan clan had received the gift of Ye Xiao becoming a Godly Emperor, their cultivation had greatly increased.

However, a gift was still a gift.

Moreover, those people were not Ye Xiaos immediate relatives, such as his parents, brothers, wives, and children.

Therefore, it was naturally impossible for them to be compared to those existences that had painstakingly cultivated for decades, centuries, or even thousands of years.

Everyone was fighting with all their might, and everywhere was in chaos.

If not for the spiritual airships having activated their defensive barrier, perhaps even those airships would have been blown down at that very moment.

Sounds of despair and cries… As they interweaved incessantly, more and more martial arts masters from the four great god clans appeared.

The shockwaves from the battle were everywhere.

Explosions were everywhere, and the energy of destruction was everywhere.

In Jianghai city, Qin Yuyan was waiting for a large group of martial arts academy students to exchange blows with three God realm martial arts masters from the four great god clans.

Among them, two were at the second stage of the God realm, and one was at the third stage of the God ream.

She had already sent several groups of people onto the spiritual airship before.

When she came back that time and was about to take away a group of students, she was targeted by the four great god clans martial arts masters.

Both sides had no choice but to fight.

Qin Yuyan fought against three of them alone.

She only had the cultivation of the third level of the God realm, and she was brought here by Ye Xiaos grace.

She had not finished synnthesizing at all.

At that moment, it was inevitable that she would feel powerless when fighting.

Even so, she did not give up on those students to escape.

After several rounds of fighting, there were already many wounds on her body, and fresh blood dyed her long dress red.

“Senior Qin, you should leave quickly.

Dont bother about us.

You will definitely be able to escape.”

The students were all anxious and crying.

Qin Yuyan clenched her silver teeth tightly.

“Dont talk nonsense.

As long as I still have a breath left, I will not give up on you guys.”

The three people on the opposite side smiled coldly.

“Your tone is pretty tough.

Unfortunately, your bones arent as tough as our fists! Send her on her way!”

The three of them attacked at the same time.

Qin Yuyan could feel that she could not withstand that attack.

Perhaps, that was it.

The past of her life flashed through her mind at that moment.

In her life, she mostly cultivated.

She met few people and few things, and she had even fewer people in her heart.

Her grandfather, her uncle, Lu Wanwans family… Her relatives and friends had all been escorted onto the airship by her.

She no longer had anything to worry about.

If there was one thing she still had to worry about, it should be that big boy that she had liked before.

Qin Yuyan felt her heart melt when she remembered how gentle he always looked when he was reading.

However, she did not need to worry about him.

That was because he already had someone else to worry about.

Xia Bingning of the Xia family had a noble status, so she must have already taken him away to protect him.

That was fine as well.

She would be able to leave with some peace of mind.

The light from the other partys attack had already lit up her eyes.

The spiritual energy that she had left was no longer sufficient to lift her sword.

In fact, it was not even sufficient to support her frail body.

Farewell… Everyone…


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