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Chapter 506 The Xuan Yuan Clans Cultivation Overflowed, and Ye Xiao Plundered the Power of Laws


Accompanied by the sound of thunder, the sky above the Nine Provinces was covered by a layer of dense clouds.

However, that layer of clouds was not that kind of pitch-black dark clouds Instead, it was a layer of golden clouds that emitted faint golden energy.

That strange scene caused countless people present to be unable to help but feel a little surprised.

However, soon, everyone discovered their own abnormalities.


Starting from Jianghai city, some martial artists with extremely low cultivation suddenly increased their cultivation by one wave, and then quickly spread to other areas.

Martial artists who were walking on the streets, practicing in the martial arts school, or even going to the toilet suddenly advanced inexplicably and were completely dumbfounded.


Many people immediately posted their status on their intent stones.

“Whats going on I was just pooping when I suddenly advanced!

“And Im still advancing.

I was originally only at Houtian second grade, but I directly advanced to Houtian seventh grade.

“Although the advancing is already starting to slow down, it still feels like its constantly increasing! “Could it be that Im a rare martial arts genius, and this feces blocked my conception and meridians

a raren

“Now that its out, my conception and meridians have just been opened up”

“Forget it, the conception and meridians arent just governed by your feces.

My cultivation has also increased.

I dont know whats going on.”

“Ive also improved.

Not only have I improved, my mother has also improved.

My father has also improved.

My wife has also improved.

My son, who was just born, is now at Houtian first grade.

What the f*ck”

“I was just experimenting with the push-forward cultivation technique with my girlfriend.

My girlfriend farted a few times in a row.

Both of us have advanced, but I feel that our relationship has come to an end.

I wont be able to walk out of this shadow for the rest of my life.”

Qin Yuyan, who was cultivating, suddenly advanced exponentially.

Soon, she advanced from the King realm to the Emperor realm, then advanced 108 dragons and entered the God realm.

She didnt stop until she reached the third level of the God realm, she was so shocked that she was speechless.

“What… Whats going on” Xia Bingning was the same.

Her cultivation had also risen to the third level of the God realm.

However, she was already in the Emperor realm, and she had cultivated dozens of dragons.

Her bloodline power was much stronger than Qin Yuyans, therefore, her current improvement was actually far inferior to Qin Yuyans.

In fact, although she and Qin Yuyan both belonged to the Xuan Yuan clan, the bloodline connection between her and Ye Xiao was still far from the same.

Qin Yuyan and Ye Xiao were both people born in Jianghai city, their blood ties were also much closer.

Therefore, Qin Yuyans improvement was even greater.

However, the cultivation of the martial arts experts that Xia bingning had taken in all soared.

They had all advanced to the late stage of the Emperor realm, and their gains were not small either.

“Advanced Everyone has advanced by a large margin This is… Ye Xiao, entering the Godly Emperor realm”

The cultivation of the Ning family, Emperor Jing, the four venerable ones, and the others also rose exponentially.

They soon advanced to the God realm, and then continued to advance until they reached the Godslayer realm.

Only then did they stop.

Ning Zhiyuan was dumbfounded.

His cultivation level had naturally increased by a lot, and he advanced to the fifth level of the God realm instantly.

The closeness of his and Ye Xiaos bloodlines was naturally not comparable to Emperor Jings and Ye Xiaos, nor to Qin Yuyans.

However, his cultivation level was already much higher than Qin Yuyans, so he was slightly stronger than Qin Yuyan.

However, he was still not comparable to Emperor Jings and Ye Xiaos cultivation levels.

Seeing Emperor Jings and the others differences from his own and instantly surpassing him, Ning Zhiyuan felt that his worldview had collapsed.

“This… This is… someone advanced to the Godly Emperor realm and activated the power of bloodline Moreover, its an existence thats relatively close to them

“Holy sh*t, could it be that freak, the Saber-sword Immortal”

All the martial artists in the small world of the Nine Provinces were advancing.

King Zhou had also obtained a large-scale advancement.

His God realm cultivation had directly risen to the third level of the Godslayer realm.

‘Has Ye Xiao advanced to the Godly Emperor realm I heard that when someone advances to the Godly Emperor realm, the power of the bloodline will be activated within the same bloodline.

Thats why our cultivation has greatly increased, right

‘However, its a pity that we and Ye Xiao arent the closest direct bloodline.

It would be great if I were Ye Xiaos father.

If it really cant be done, I can also be his son.

In that case, perhaps my cultivation would have directly advanced to the Godly King level in an instant!

King Zhou could not help but begin to envy Ye Xiaos direct relatives.

He especially envied Ye Xiaos son.

He conservatively estimated that Ye Xiaos sons talent in the future would definitely be a very strong batch.

He might even possess extremely large cultivation when he was just born.

After working hard for thousands of years, it was still not as good as him reincarnating.

It was truly tiring.

In the starry sky, Yun Changqings cultivation was also changing.

A bolt of lightning appeared above Yun Changqings head.

He was already at the pinnacle of the Godly King, just a hair away from the Godly Emperor.

After Ye Xiao advanced, he, as a Xuan Yuan clan member of the same bloodline, although not from the Nine Provinces with Ye Xiaos blood relationship being relatively far, had also obtained a trace of improvement.

It was this slight boost that allowed him to successfully advance to the level that he wanted to reach.

“Everyone, quickly move aside.

Hes about to begin his tribulation and become a Godly Emperor!”

Yun Cangqiong was extremely excited.

He did not expect that Ye Xiaos advancement would actually cause such a huge commotion.

He could clearly sense that everyone present had more or less increased their cultivation.

Those were only things that could be seen.

There were still some things that could not be seen.

That was that their aptitude had also received an increase.

In the future, on the path of cultivation, they would definitely improve even faster.

As an example, the increase that he had obtained was almost negligible.

He was a Godly Emperor himself.

It was already very difficult for Ye Xiaos advancement to affect him.

However, it could more or less give him a slight increase.

However, to him, being able to have so many people improve was already very satisfying.

If his guess was correct, those descendants of the Nine Provinces who had a bloodline similar to Ye Xiaos should have their cultivation soar even more at the moment, and their aptitudes should have increased even more.

They were completely comparable to the orthodox members of the Xuan Yuan clan.

That was especially so for those in Jianghai city.

Perhaps some of them had even surpassed the ordinary Xuan Yuan bloodline and reached the level of those who were comparable to the young masters of the Xuan Yuan family.

However, he did not know if the Saber-sword Immortal had given birth.

If he could give birth, or if he had a father, mother, brother, or sister, then his advancement would be huge.

For instance, the Saber-sword Immortals immediate family members, even if they did not advance to the Godly King realm, would be guaranteed to send the Godly King off in the future, unless they were killed halfway.

That was also why he was so excited when he found out that the Saber-sword Immortal was about to advance to the Godly Emperor realm.

At that moment, Yun Changqing had already begun transcending the Lightning Tribulation.

His Lightning Tribulation was also very strong.

After all, he had also advanced to the Godly Emperor realm.

However, for some reason, everyone looked like a child playing house.

That was because his Lightning Tribulation, when compared to Ye Xiaos, was really… too small!

The gap between the two is just too big.

Yun Xuanyuan said with some concern,

“I dont know if Grandpa Changqing will advance successfully.”

Everybody was silent when they heard that because Yun Xuanyuan made it sound like Yun Changqing was worthless in comparison to Ye


Yun Cangqiong reassured him,

“Rest assured, his cultivation is still very good, advancing under this ordinary Lightning Tribulation should not be a problem.

“When he advances to the Godly Emperor realm, your bloodline power will continue to rise to another level.

“Although you are not his direct relative, you are still a member of the Yun family.

“However, from today onwards, you have to work even harder.

Since he has advanced, his lineage will definitely produce a genius that is not inferior to you.”

Yun Xuanyuan nodded.

Yun Cangqiong was right.

He was not Yun Changqings direct descendant, so the improvement he obtained was definitely inferior to that of Yun Changqings biological grandson.

However, he would still receive some improvement.

Godly Emperor Wu Ying congratulated,

“Brother Cangqiong, this time, you have obtained two God Emperors in one day.


Yun Cangqiong replied with a smile.

However, he could not help but sigh.

“What a pity.

In front of the Saber-sword Immortal, Changqing would seem inadequate.

After he becomes a Godly Emperor, the Yun family disciples that he brought along with him will definitely be far inferior to the Saber-sword Immortal.”

“Thats right! How many monstrous existences like the Saber-sword Immortal are there in the world”

The improvement brought by becoming a Godly Emperor started from the immediate family members.

Furthermore, it would spread out step by step.

The farther the blood ties were, the fewer blessings one could obtain.

At the same time, the increase brought by becoming a Godly Emperor depended on the level of the Godly Emperor.

There was no need to mention Heavens Chosen One like Ye Xiao.

It was estimated that all of the 14 billion people in the Nine Provinces would receive blessings.

Although Yun Changqing could also bestow blessings, the one he bestowed the most should be the Yun family.

The Yun familys size was far inferior to the 14 billion people in the Nine Provinces.

The blessings received by other families definitely could not compare to the blessings given by Ye Xiao.

They were both Godly Emperors, but the difference between the two was obvious.

At the same time, in the divine tomb, Ye Xiaos tribulation had already come to an end.

It had completely stopped.

Waves after waves of pure energy descended from the purple cloud nourishing Ye Xiaos body.

Ye Xiao enjoyed that energy to his hearts content.

The Godly Emperors power was too strong!

No wonder everyone wanted to become a Godly Emperor!

The current Ye Xiao felt that he was the one who could easily display the true power of those masterpiece techniques.

It was so exhilarating that it exploded!

After absorbing all of that energy, Ye Xiao opened his mouth to speak:

“Ive finally succeeded in advancing.

The people from the four great god clans should be breaking in soon.

I dont know if they will know about the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

When that time comes, they will very likely attack the Nine Provinces.

“I have to make good use of my time and first absorb the law energy into my body.”

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao immediately used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and disappeared from where he was.

He was already a Godly Emperor.

He could directly store the law energy in his body and then slowly refine it.


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