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Chapter 504 Transcending Tribulation, Unraveling the True Lightning Masterpiece Technique in the Midst of Life and Death

The secret technique that Godly Emperor Nalan used was very fast, but Ye Xiao was even faster than him!

The instant he made his move, the Reincarnation masterpiece technique was activated, instantly reducing his speed and increasing Ye Xiaos speed at the same time.

Following that, Ye Xiao pulled out the Treasured Artifact that Godly Emperor Nalan had cut off from his body and used the additional World Destruction masterpiece technique, using the Space Warping masterpiece technique to move it behind Godly Emperor Nalan.


Following a muffled sound, the broken Treasured Artifact ruthlessly stabbed into Godly Emperor Nalans body.

That intense piercing pain and attack caused Godly Emperor Nalans body to instantly stop.

‘Its over!

That thought instantly flashed through his mind.

As expected, in the next moment, Ye Xiao held the Great Dragon in his hand and mercilessly pierced through his chest.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique was infused into it, wildly and mercilessly destroying Godly Emperor Nalans soul.

Godly Emperor Nalans arms slowly drooped down.


He laughed.

“I didnt expect that I would still lose in the end.

Although youre not the most powerful martial arts prodigy that Ive met in my life, youre the one that I admire the most.

“Its hard to imagine that you alone can possess so many supreme-grade masterpiece techniques.

“If my guess is correct, in the future, you will definitely lead an era.

Unfortunately, I wont be able to see that scene.

“However, to be able to fight against a heavens chosen like you, I have no regrets.”

The goals that martial arts prodigies had were often even more simple and unadorned.

For example, Godly Emperor Nalan reviving the primordial Divine Kingdom might not be able to compare to a satisfying battle with Ye Xiao.

There was no hatred, no benefits, and no worries.

It was just a pure battle!

That was the mutual appreciation between geniuses.

Although it was the first time the two of them met and they were engaged in a life-and-death battle, but because of that battle, they had become like bosom friends.

Ye Xiao said indifferently, “Its a matter of life and death.

“Life and death are fated.

The primordial Divine Kingdom has long been buried in the dust of history.

Go to where should go.”

Godly Emperor Nalan nodded slightly.

“The treasures of my primordial Divine Kingdom have all fallen into your hands.

If Im not wrong, you might very well face the existence that destroyed my Primordial Divine Kingdom in the future.

“My primordial Divine Kingdom still has one of the most important treasures.

There is the law energy cultivated by the 13 of us Godly Emperors.

“If you take it away, you will have a better chance of resisting that b*stard in the future.”

“The Divine Kingdoms treasury, right” Godly Emperor Nalan was startled, but he immediately nodded.

“Looks like youve already found the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Not bad, really not bad.

I look forward to you going to the world of the dead in the future.

Tell me, did you destroy him”

Ye Xiao pulled out his Great Dragon and said with an indifferent expression,

“Then Im afraid you wont be able to wait.

However, Ill send that Supreme Eternal over.

You can ask him!”

The corners of Godly Emperor Nalans mouth curled up as his body slowly fell to the ground.

Sometimes, he would think,Why did I have to wait so many years

‘What am I still clinging to

‘What am I still waiting forWhat is the meaning of this After all, even if he resurrected himself, resurrected all the Godly Emperors in the entire primordial Divine Kingdom, it would still be impossible for them to defeat that Supreme Eternal who was a greatly honored warrior!

Only then did he finally understand.

He was waiting for this very battle, and also hoping for an existence that could destroy the Supreme Eternal that he could not shake.

After everything, he had finally encountered it.

Thus, after he entrusted the Divine Kingdoms treasury with the information, he left safely.

He was too tired.

After dying for so many years, he could finally put down everything on his shoulders and rest in peace.

At that moment, the tribulation cloud in the sky was gathering denser and denser.

The pressure in the clouds was also getting denser and denser.

It was so oppressive that it made people unable to breathe.

In the distant horizon, two figures flew over.

They were Luo Lishui and Yun Changqing.

The two of them came to Ye Xiaos side.

Although they could not see his face clearly through the helmet and mask, they still cupped their hands and bowed to him.

“Greetings, Saber-sword Immortal!”

Perhaps Ye Xiaos age was much younger than the two of them.

However, he had even killed the Godly Emperor!

Thta powerful cultivation was worthy of the two of them bowing.

Ye Xiao raised his head and looked at the sky.

The Great Dragon in his hand was still dripping the Godly Emperors multicolored blood.

Drip, drip, drip, drip.

It dripped onto the ground and dyed the ground, turning it multicolored.

“Im about to transcend the tribulation.

You guys must seize the time to escape.

Im not sure how strong this Lightning Tribulation is, but if youre in this space, its very likely that youll be destroyed by the aftershocks of the Lightning Tribulation.

“This kind of Lightning Tribulation is a test that carries the power of laws.

If its not done properly, itll bring you injuries that youll never be able to recover from!”

The two of them were startled.

Was Ye Xiao about to transcend the Godly Emperors tribulation

If he transcended the tribulation and became a Godly Emperor, then the Xuan Yuan clan would really have another Godly Emperor!

However, transcending the tribulation also came with extremely great risk.

Many people had fallen at the level of transcending the tribulation.

If Ye Xiao failed to transcend the tribulation, it would also be bad news for the Xuan Yuan clan.

However, the Lighting Tribulation was not something that could come and go as one wished.

After things had come to that point, Ye Xiao had to transcend the tribulation.

“But now, the Godly Emperors tomb has already been sealed.

We have no way of escaping.” Ye Xiao glanced at the Great Dragon and gently stroked its body.

With the addition of the World Destruction masterpiece technique, it was filled to the extreme.

“Ill get my Treasured Artifact to help you tear open a gap.

“Put the people of the two clans into the spatial storage rings.

They can stay in the spatial storage rings for a moment.

After they escape, well release them.”

The two were delighted and immediately cupped their hands towards Ye Xiao,

“Thank you!”


If youre any later, itll be too late.”


The two immediately retreated.

Looking at the purple divine lightning that filled the sky, their hearts were extremely stifled.

“Changqing, its a purple divine lightning.”

Yun Changqing nodded.

His expression was solemn and he did not say a word.

It was rumored that purple divine lightning was hard to find since ancient times.

When an ordinary person became a Godly Emperor, facing ordinary divine lightning, it could be said to be a narrow escape.

Out of ten people, only one might be able to advance to become a Godly Emperor.

Moreover, the purple divine lightning that appeared was no longer one in a hundred.

It was truly one in ten thousand, and it was hard to find even if one died.

Could Ye Xiao hold on The Great Dragon in Ye Xiaos hand let out a weak dragon roar.

It was a Treasured Artifact and was extremely intelligent.

It was clear that at that moment, Ye Xiao was about to face great danger.

That danger might cause him to fall, so it did not want to leave Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao gently stroked its body and said indifferently, “Dont worry, Im not going to die so easily.

Your mission is to bring the others out so that I can face the tribulation with more peace of mind.

Do you understand”


The Great Dragon let out a heaven-shaking roar.

Although it was unwilling, it still chose to listen to Ye Xiaos orders in the end.

Ye Xiao smiled slightly and threw it out.

The Great Dragon instantly turned into a bolt of lightning and charged toward the seal.

After the Great Dragon left, Ye Xiao immediately absorbed all the divine blood in Godly Emperor Nalans body.

The divine blood in his body was much, much stronger than the Godly Emperors bodies.

The powerful blood essence wrapped around Ye Xiaos body.

Under the refinement of the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, it continuously increased his strength.

The tribulation cloud in the sky also became stronger and stronger.

Finally, the tribulation cloud reached a peak level, and the Lightning Tribulation began to descend.


A bolt of lightning that was three feet thick tore through the sky and fell on Ye Xiaos body.

The powerful force caused the hard ground around Ye Xiao, which had already turned into divine crystals, to crack open.

The Little Dragon artifact and the Three Dragons cloak on Ye Xiaos body helped him resist that divine lightning.

Then came the second, third…

The divine lightning fell one after another.

Even the Little Dragon artifact and the Three Dragons could not withstand it.

The Three Dragons were the first to be torn apart.

Its strength was much weaker than the Little Dragon.

Then came the Little Dragon.

In front of the divine might, no artifact could withstand it.

That was the power of the great laws of nature.

It was unrealistic to think of using any method to avoid the lightning tribulation.

Finally, in the instant the Little Dragon shattered, Ye Xiaos body was completely bathed in the divine lightning.


The heart-wrenching pain instantly corroded his entire body!

That kind of pressure could really take a persons life!

At that instant, Ye Xiao felt an unprecedented sense of danger.

All the hair on his body stood up uncontrollably.

Just a single bolt of divine lightning had injured his body.

However, Ye Xiao would not yield because of it.

Instead, he continued to receive the refinement of the divine lightning.

In the blink of an eye, another bolt of divine lightning struck down.

The pain in Ye Xiaos body continued to increase.

The Undying masterpiece technique circulated rapidly and continued to repair his damaged body.

As the number of divine lightning increased, the power that Ye Xiao endured also increased.

Waves of strange and terrifying roars could be heard from his body.

There were dragon roars, phoenix cries, qilins long howls, demonic sounds, and the supreme Brahmas voice…

There were hymns that praised the supremacy of life, as well as the voice of an emperor that controlled everything…

Some strange lines began to appear on the surface of Ye Xiaos body.

It looked like fish scales, emitting a dark purple light, and some like feathers, flickering with a pure golden light… Ye Xiao felt that he was going to die.

His consciousness had already left his body, floating in the air, and he could not feel a trace of mass.

However, Ye Xiao did not seem to be dead.

He seemed to be a bystander, looking at everything around him.

In that state between life and death, Ye Xiao felt as if he could sense the power of laws.

Within the divine lightning, there seemed to be something that could not be seen through or touched, yet it actually existed.

Finally, he thought it through.

What exactly was that thing

It was a masterpiece technique! True Lightning masterpiece technique!

It was not the lightning masterpiece technique that was ranked a few dozen or so in the starry sky, but the True Lightning masterpiece technique that was ranked eighth.

After Ye Xiao comprehended that masterpiece technique, the True Lightning masterpiece technique naturally fell into the space between Ye Xiaos brows and was subsequently absorbed by the Golden Book divine soul.

At that point, Ye Xiao had already taken all the masterpiece techniques that were ranked in the top ten in the starry skies ranking list into his


After that, his consciousness once again returned to his body, wantonly enjoying the divine lightning tempering his body and increasing his strength!


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