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Chapter 501 One Against Five, Showing the Invincibility of those of the Same Level

That was an archaic Godly Emperor!

That was an archaic Godly Emperor who had beaten them to the point where they had no way of fighting back!

It was an archaic Godly Emperor who could still remain undefeated even if he could only display his cultivation at the peak of the Godly King realm!

In the end, he was actually instantly killed by Ye Xiao in one move!

Everyone did not even see how he made his move.

Ye Xiao waved his hand and used the True Dragon masterpiece technique to extract all of the white-haired Godly Emperors divine blood and store it in his spatial ring.

In name, the Bloodbath masterpiece technique was an extremely evil technique.

If it was used in public, it would be bad for him if anyone recognized it.

Those people had never seen the True Dragon masterpiece technique before, and it was not that evil.

Those people also would not associate it with evil technique

After absorbing the divine blood of the first archaic Godly Emperor, the expressions of the remaining four archaic Godly Emperors had already begun to become a little solemn.

Originally, they were nearly invincible existences in that Godly Emperors tomb.

Forget about a one-on-one fight, even if it was a one-on-many fight, they would not be afraid.

However, at that point, an existence that could instantly kill them had actually appeared.

To them, it was an extremely powerful threat.


Suddenly, Sun Lei Fu from the four great god clans shouted.

He quickly walked to Ye Xiaos side and cupped his hands.

“This senior is indeed amazing! He was actually able to instantly kill an archaic Godly Emperor in one move! This junior truly admires him!

“If Senior doesnt give up, our four great god clans are willing to join hands with Senior to deal with these four archaic Godly Emperors.”

When everyone saw that scene, they could not help but inwardly curse Sun Lei Fu for being shameless.

When they saw how powerful Ye Xiao was, they immediately went over and fawned over him, wanting to pull him into their camp.

However, what everyone did not expect was that in the next second, Ye Xiao suddenly slashed horizontally.

After the slash, Sun Lei Fus head flew up on the spot.

Everyone present was instantly dumbfounded.

No one had expected that Ye Xiao would actually make a move against Sun Lei Fu.

One had to know that although he was currently facing the archaic Godly Emperor, the members of the four great god clans did not make a move against him.

If he took the initiative to make a move like that, would it not be adding more enemies to himself

In reality, Ye Xiao was originally not on good terms with the four great god clans and had already killed more than 20 of their Godly Kings long ago.

At that moment, there was no need to make any false pretenses.

A true martial arts prodigy was fearless to begin with.

Having more enemies like the four great god clans was not much, and having less of them was not little either.

The more he killed, the more divine blood he would obtain!

The more stable it would be for him to advance to the Godly Emperor realm.

Ye Xiao also took out all the blood essence in Sun Lei Fus body.

The expressions of the four great god clan members immediately changed.

“D*mn it! He actually killed the Godly King of our four great god clans.

Could it be that he thinks that were easy to bully The enemies of the enemy are friends of the several archaic Godly Emperors.

I think that we might as well put aside our disputes and focus on fighting this person first!”

Unfortunately, the four archaic Godly Emperors did not pay any attention to them at all.

They might find it difficult to deal with Ye Xiao, but they had their dignity.

Moreover, with the strength that Ye Xiao had displayed so far, the Godly Kings of the four great god clans would not be of any use.

Forming an alliance with them would only lower their standards.

That made the Godly Kings of the four great god clans so angry that they vomited blood.

They had already lowered their status and requested an alliance.

In the end, the other party completely ignored them and did not give them any face.

It was simply too embarrassing.

“Huyan Nanluo, attack together!” At that moment, the Godly Emperor who had previously fought with Yun Changqing and Luo Lishui called out to Godly Emperor Huyan Nanluo to resist Ye Xiao.

The two of them attacked at the same time.

The Thunder masterpiece technique and the Tai Ah masterpiece technique circulated rapidly, and the pressure began to press upon Ye Xiao.

Seeing the two of them attack, the three peak Godly Kings from the four great god clans looked at each other and attacked at the same time.

Although the archaic Godly Emperors looked down on them and had no intention of joining hands with them, they had no choice but to lower their status and join hands with them to cooperate with their attacks to deal with Ye Xiao.

That was because Ye Xiao would attack Sun Lei Fu, he would definitely attack them.

Moreover, anyone with discerning eyes could clearly see that Ye Xiaos threat was greater than that of the archaic Godly Emperor.

As the saying goes, a tree that stands out in the forest will be destroyed by the wind.

When Ye Xiao became the greatest threat to the entire scene, all the other factions would naturally gather together to deal with him.

Luo Lishui could not help but speak,

“Changqing, should we go up and help him together Isnt this fellow a member of your Xuan Yuan clan”

Yun Changqing nodded and was just about to make a move when Xia Xinyi immediately transmitted her voice,

“Senior Yun, dont make a move.”

Yun Changqing was startled.

He was a little puzzled.

Xia Xinyi spoke again,

“The Saber-sword Immortal just helped us block a blow.

He has already caused suspicion about his relationship with us.

If you make your move now, wont it be confirmed that we are on the same side “Even if all the members of the four great god clans die, they will all be resurrected in the ancestral hall.

“At that time, they will definitely attack us two god clans.”

Yun Changqing said,

“I know what you mean, but although he is very strong, Im afraid he wont be able to hold on against so many opponents at once, right”

“Senior Yun, I think you can rest assured on this point.

If its as I expected, he probably doesnt want you to make a move.

“Because if you make a move, it might be a burden to him.

It will seriously affect his performance.”


At that moment, the two of them suddenly felt that they were a little redundant, and also a little sad.

A prodigy at the peak of the Godly King realm! He was actually despised by Ye Xiao, who was also at the peak of the Godly King realm.

Were their cultivation at the peak of the Godly King realm fake and inferior products

The two of them looked at Ye Xiao at the same time.

They did not make a move and only watched first.

At that moment, the two archaic Godly Emperors, along with the three peak Godly Kings, all made a move.

Five rays of light from the archaic masterpiece technique attacked Ye Xiao from five different directions.

The violent energy attack had yet to arrive in front of Ye Xiao, but it had already caused the bright red cloak behind Ye Xiao to flutter wildly.

It was like a smear of bright red blood, or as a beautiful flag.

Under the light of the archaic masterpiece technique, it was so dazzling, so bright, and eye-catching.

Facing the attack of the five archaic masterpiece techniques the Great Dragon in Ye Xiaos hand suddenly changed blades.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique was added, and a sword was displayed.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five archaic masterpiece techniques were instantly split apart!

Everyones breathing instantly froze.

With one move, he broke apart the archaic masterpiece techniques unleashed by five peak Godly Kings.

Among them, there were even two archaic masterpiece techniques that were ranked within the top 40!

Ye Xiaos strike was extremely stunning! “This… How is this possible”

The female Godly Emperor could not help but exclaim.

On the other hand, Godly Emperor Nalans eyes flickered with an excited glow.

“Its the World Destruction masterpiece technique!” “What Its actually the legendary World Destruction masterpiece technique Its ranked third on the supreme masterpiece technique rankings”

The female Godly Emperor exclaimed once again, and her heartbeat could not help but begin to accelerate.

Godly Emperor Nalan nodded.

“I never thought that I would actually be able to see the World Destruction masterpiece technique on his body! One must know that even in our era, the World Destruction masterpiece technique was an extremely rare existence.

In the starry skies, anyone who was able to comprehend this technique was an extremely talented genius!

“This persons talent and aptitude were rare throughout the ages!

“No wonder he was able to unleash such a powerful strength.

Interesting, truly very interesting!” Although there was some fear in the female Godly Emperors eyes, they would occasionally flash with a greedy light.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique! Even the various Godly Emperors of the primordial Divine Kingdom did not have that level of supreme masterpiece technique.

If they could obtain that supreme masterpiece technique, who knew how many benefits it would have for them to reconstruct the primordial Divine Kingdom


Only when Yun Changqing and Xia Xinyi saw that scene did they completely believe Xia Xinyis words.

What she said was right.

If the two of them went up, they would really delay Ye Xiaos battle.

“Where on earth did this fellow obtain such a powerful archaic masterpiece technique I feel that this level of archaic masterpiece technique should already be in the top ten of the starry sky rankings, right”

“I dont know either.

Maybe he received some kind of special inheritance.

“After all, archaic masterpiece techniques are just what we call them.

In the immemorial era, archaic masterpiece techniques were called supreme masterpiece techniques.

At that time, the martial arts culture was many times more prosperous than it is now.

“Therefore, many martial arts prodigies would carry extremely powerful masterpiece techniques when they fall.”

Luo Lishui nodded.

He still agreed with Yun Changqings words.

At the same time, the expressions of the two archaic Godly Emperors and the three peak Godly Kings changed when they saw the five attacks being destroyed by Ye Xiao in one move.

In the next second, they quickly changed their formation.

Although everyone had never cooperated before, and they were still enemies just a second ago, when their strength reached their level, they only needed to exchange one or two moves with each other to become compatible.

At that time, the two archaic Godly Emperors took the initiative to attack and immediately closed in on Ye Xiaos face.

The other three assisted in the attack and surrounded him from the back, left, and right wings.

The five of them attacked at the same time.

Five extremely powerful attacks firmly locked onto Ye Xiao.

No matter how strong Ye Xiao was, he could possibly fight against existences from five directions at the same time!

Therefore, it would definitely cause him to suffer a lot of damage.

However, facing the combined attacks of those five people, Ye Xiaos expression behind his hat was not the slightest bit nervous.

The Reincarnation masterpiece technique was activated.

Within a certain range, the five peoples speed instantly slowed down, while his speed instantly increased.

With that, the gap between the two sides had risen to a whole new level.

Ye Xiao was calm and unperturbed.

He casually slashed out a sword and a half-moon slash, encompassing the left, front, and right sides.

Sword intent spread out, and together with the World Destruction masterpiece technique, it suppressed the four martial arts masters at the same time.

As for the one behind him, Ye Xiao actually did not make a move at all.

He allowed the other partys attack to land on his armor.


Accompanied by a loud explosion, the four martial arts masters from Ye Xiaos left, front, and right sides were forced back at the same time.

The attack from the one behind him also landed on his armor.

Explosions sounded everywhere, and light flashed explosively.

The power of space was once again shaken.


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