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Chapter 500 The One Who Killed the Emperor

Not only did the powerful force destroy the Godslayer realm martial arts masters of the four great god clans, but it also cracked the array formations of the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clan.

That was because that attack was too powerful! The dozens of Godly Kings who escaped from the four great god clans saw that scene and their hearts raced in fear.

Their eyes were wide open.

At that moment, they could no longer care about the grief of those peoples deaths.

The only thing left in their hearts was the fear of surviving a calamity.

If they had not dodged earlier, they would have been seriously injured and would have died of blood loss even if they did not die instantly.

When the four peak Godly Kings led by the four great god clans saw that scene, their eyes turned blood-red and their killing intent bursted out.

The fear in their hearts had already been smoothed out by their anger.

What was left were all flames of anger.

The four of their masterpiece techniques had been circulated to the extreme.

In the sky, a myriad of lights shot out as shocking masterpiece technique powers were continuously unleashed.

In an instant, they had actually slightly suppressed the archaic Godly Emperor, Huyan Nanluo.

The expressions of the Xuan Yuan god clan and Netherworld god clan members were extremely grim.

The array formation had been broken, so they were probably next.

Yun Changqing and Luo Lishui desperately resisted the archaic Godly Emperor in front of them, wanting to go back and rescue him.

However, it was a pity that the two of them were already weaker than the other party.

Even if they forcefully activated their abilities, they would not be able to deal damage of a higher level like the four peak Godly Kings over there.

“D*mn it!”

“Lishui, dont mess up the rhythm.

The two of us are already at a disadvantage.

If the rhythm is messed up, it will be a fatal blow to the two of us.

“Believe me, we will be fine!”

Although he said that, in reality, Yun Changqing did not dare to be sure that they would be fine.

He was only betting that the legendary Saber-sword Immortal would really come.

At that moment, he was already muttering in his heart.

“Saber-sword Immortal, you must come! If you dont come, our Xuan Yuan clan will really suffer a heavy loss this time.”

More than 1,000 Godslayer realm martial arts masters had fallen.

Divine blood began to seep in from the ground and condense.

It began to move in the direction where Godly Emperor Nalan was.

The white-haired Godly Emperor naturally would not pay attention to them.

He glanced at the Godly Kings of the four great god clans who had escaped.

Then, he cast his gaze on the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clan.

Although Godly Kings were good, their speed wasnt slow either.

They were like rats.

It was not easy to catch them.

There were so many people from the Xuan Yuan and Netherworld clans.

If they killed them first, they would also get a lot of divine blood.

The white-haired Godly Emperor raised his hand again and slashed out again.

The 20-mile-long sword light rushed toward the people of the two great god clans.

The heartbeats of Zheng Tianya, Xia Xinyi, and the others were raised to the extreme.

Their hearts were in their throats.

When they looked at the others, they were even more frightened.

Some of those with low cultivations even began to emit heat from their pants.

With that strike, it was likely that many people would die!

The Godly Kings of the two god clans did not escape like the ones of the four great god clans.

They went all out and gathered their own strength to form a defensive barrier.

The Godslayer realm martial arts masters behind them also contributed their own strength.

However, it was a pity that their numbers were much smaller than the four great god clans.

Regardless of whether it was the Godly King realm or the Godslayer realm, they could not even reach half of the other party.

The other partys defensive barrier could at most withstand one move from the archaic Godly Emperor.

Their defensive barrier probably could not even withstand one move.

The sword light instantly arrived, carrying incomparable power as it headed straight for the two great god clans clansmen.

The terrifying aura was so stifling that some people even knelt down.

Zheng Tianyas heartbeat seemed to have frozen at that moment.

Although he was not an existence at the ninth level of the Godly King realm, he could sense that they could not block that move at the moment.

It was over!

They were about to follow in the footsteps of the four great god clans.

However, at that critical moment, a shocking sword light suddenly hacked down from the sky.


That sword light was so powerful that it made ones hair stand on end.

It was even more powerful than the sword light that the white-haired archaic Godly Emperor used.

The sword directly cut through it.

The light from the explosion shone in the sky, and everyone stopped moving because of that explosion.

Only the heavens knew that at that moment, the tensed nerves of Zheng Tianya, Xia Xinyi, and the others were finally relieved.

At that moment, the pressure of life and death made them feel as if they were about to collapse.

Xia Xinyi revealed a smile of survival and said,

“Fortunately, I knew that he would definitely come.”

The light quickly disappeared, leaving only dust and smoke.

In the dust, there was a weapon that looked like a saber, but not a saber, and a sword, but not a sword!

“What a top-grade Treasured Artifact!”

The female Godly Emperor could not help but exclaim.

She dared to say that the power of that treasured Artifact was not any weaker than that of the immemorial eras Treasured Artifacts.

However, during the immemorial era, martial arts culture flourished, so there were many treasures that far surpassed the current era.

Moreover, that Treasured Artifact did not have that ancient aura on it.

It must have been newly forged.

In that era, which to them was already the age of chaos, there was actually someone who had such a standard to forge such a top-grade Treasured Artifact!

That was truly shocking!

Godly Emperor Nalan raised his head slightly towards the sky.

He felt as if he had finally found the source of that sense of unease.

“It seems that an unusual guest has arrived in our tomb.”

The Godly Emperor beside him immediately looked in the direction of Godly Emperor Nalan.

Unfortunately, she did not see anything.

In the next second, Godly Emperor Nalans line of sight slowly descended and landed in front of the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The female Godly Emperor hurriedly looked over, and she could not help but feel a little stunned.

Unknowingly, a figure wearing armor had appeared there.

The armor was equipped with a helmet, so his face could not be seen clearly.

On the surface of the armor, there were carvings of dragons and phoenixes, vivid and lifelike, as if the soul of an archaic vicious beast was being imprisoned.

From the armor, everyone could clearly feel a pressure that was accumulated and ready to be unleashed.

“What a top-grade Treasured Artifact armor!”

The Godly Emperors eyes once again revealed a touch of shock.

Just that weapon and armor, to be able to obtain one of them was already very impressive.

That fellow was actually able to gather both of them.

It was truly extraordinary.

The four great god clans and the other archaic Godly Emperors all looked at Ye Xiao in unison.

They were somewhat shocked and also somewhat confused.

Just who was that fellow

How could he appear here for no reason

Yun Changqing and Luo Lishui were even more astonished.

That was… The Xuan Yuan clans Saber-sword Immortal

As expected, his level was very high.

These two Treasured Artifacts were not ordinary!

Ye Xiao slowly stepped forward and walked past the Great Dragon.

With a slight movement of his right finger, the Great Dragon automatically flew out from the ground and landed in his hand.

As for him, he slowly walked toward the white-haired Godly Emperor.

Those Godly Emperors had absorbed more than 1,000 divine blood above the fifth level of the Godslayer realm.

It was enough.

The sum of those divine blood was enough for him to advance to the Godly Emperor realm.

“Saber… Friend, be careful.

Hes very powerful.

Although he can only display his cultivation at the peak of the Godly King realm, he can fight against many people of the same level.

You cant be careless!”

Yun Changqing was originally prepared to call Saber-sword Immortal, but in the end, he did not do so.

He only called out a friend.

After all, there were many people there.

He could not casually call out so as to avoid any trouble in the future.

He still needed to keep a low profile.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao did not respond to him.

He continued walking toward the white-haired Godly Emperor.

The white-haired Godly Emperor narrowed his eyes slightly.

His pair of bright eyes revealed a hint of excited killing intent.

That was a feeling that only one would have when they met an opponent.

Although he had not really seen Ye Xiao make a move, he could already faintly sense that the Ye Xiao in front of him had an extraordinary level of skill.

The other Godly Emperors did not make a move either.

They were all watching the battle between Ye Xiao and the white-haired Godly Emperor with great interest.

Martial arts prodigies had the cultivation of martial arts prodigies.

When it came to martial arts prodigies, they mostly admired them and did not think about life and death.

They also did not think about how to bully the weak with numbers.

Looking at Ye Xiao who kept walking over, the white-haired Godly Emperor did not make a move either.

Instead, he began to gather his aura and strength, concentrating his cultivation and battle intent to a single point and raising it to the best level possible.

The battles between martial arts prodigies would often erupt in an extremely short period of time, and the outcome would also be determined within an extremely short period of time.

The battle between him and Ye Xiao would determine the outcome and also determine life and death.

Hence, he had to bring out all of his strength.

As the distance between Ye Xiao and the white-haired Godly Emperor grew closer and closer, everyone held their breaths and stared fixedly at the two of them.

No one wanted to miss out on that unpredictable scene.

One of them was an archaic Godly Emperor who was still powerful despite being heavily injured and slumbering for countless years.

The other was an extremely mysterious junior who did not know the exact level of his cultivation.

In a battle between the two of them, who would win or lose

Finally, the white-haired Godly Emperor took the initiative to make a move!

Martial arts prodigies had the pride of martial arts prodigies.

Under normal circumstantces, they would not take the initiative to make a move.

However, at that time, he could not hold back.

He was not sure if it was because of the battle in the immemorial era that caused him to lose his will, or if the erosion of time had made him somewhat timid.

However, he felt that the Ye Xiao in front of him made him uncertain and very dangerous.

Therefore, he could only make a move first and gain the upper hand!

At the instant he made a move, Ye Xiaos figure instantly disappeared from the spot.

Before everyone could react, Ye Xiao had already appeared behind the white-haired Godly Emperor, and that head with a head full of white hair actually directly rose into the air.

In the air, he maintained his battle-like appearance until the moment he was killed, he actually did not feel that he had been killed.

Instantly killing an archaic Godly Emperor with a single move!

At that instant, everyones heartbeat suddenly sped up.


The white-haired Godly Emperors head and body lost control due to his complete death.

He fell heavily to the ground and smashed through it, creating a huge crater.

The entire place was deathly silent.

Everyone looked at everything in disbelief.


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