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After becoming a grandmaster, not only could one release spiritual energy, but one could also conceal all the spiritual energy in ones body and not reveal the slightest bit of ones own aura.

As a result, one would not be discovered by others.

Just as Ye Xiao walked past, a few figures flashed over from different directions.

An old woman, a middle-aged man, and an old man in a tang suit carrying a young girl.


When the four of them arrived at the riverside, their eyes narrowed.

“What a powerful saber technique!”

Even though the river water had started flowing again, everyone could still see how terrifying that saber technique was.

That was because it had spread for more than half a mile!

Other than the 600 feet that were covered by the river water, there were more than hundreds of feet of saber marks on the ground beside the river.


Just a moment ago, a white ray of light had risen from the eastern horizon.

That gully had been eroded by the river water and the ground was charred a pitch black.

“Old Qin, who did this”

The old woman was the first to ask.

The old man who was carrying the girl shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“I dont know either.

I brought Yuyan to the academys martial arts field for morning training.

When I saw some action, I immediately rushed over.

Speaking of which, the two of you were even faster than me.”

The old woman looked at the middle-aged man, who also shook his head slightly.

“I dont know either.

However, I can be sure that whoever that was is very strong.

Hes even stronger than the three of us!

“I dont know his cultivation level, but I can tell from the lingering saber intent in the air and the saber mark on the ground.

I can sense that with my strength as a Xiantian second-grade martial artist, I cant defeat him.

“However, Im about to advance to the third grade.

I wonder if Ill be able to fight him when that time comes”


The old woman could not help but sigh.

“I cant believe that there exists someone with such powerful saber techniques in our Jianghai city.

Its just a pity that I dont know who they are.”

“No matter who they are, you and I have to be on guard.

“If such a powerful grandmaster wants to harm Jianghai city, the consequences will be unimaginable.”


Hearing that, the old man and the old womans expressions became serious.

The silent young girls heart was beating rapidly.

She knew how terrifying the owner of that slash was.

The three people who feared him were the strongest grandmasters in Jianghai city!

Nangong Ling, the undisputed genius of Jianghai city for a hundred years.

Ouyang Zhongyun, the director of Jianghai Library, was known as the number one female martial artist in the city.

Lastly, the number one martial artist in Jianghai city, the director of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, and her grandfather, Qin Shenglong.

The three of them were enough to represent the pinnacle of Jianghai citys martial arts.

However, that mysterious person alone was enough to make these remarkable people fear him.

Who… Was he



At that point, Ye Xiao had already returned to the library.

Along the way, he had summarized what had happened quite a bit.

The main reason he was almost caught was that slash earlier.

The first reason was that he had been too rash.

He had attacked recklessly without knowing the power of his saber technique and attracted the attention of others.

Fortunately, he had managed to withdraw in time, thus avoiding the danger of being discovered by others.

Those few auras earlier did not seem weak.

Moreover, that was just the strength of the martial artists of Jianghai city.

How many martial artists did the entire Zhong province have


How many martial artists did the nine provinces have

What about the entire world

One had to know that within the tens of thousands of people who graduated from Jianghai city every year, a few grandmasters might appear only once every few decades!


Therefore, he had to keep a low profile in the future.


It was decided that he would develop safely in the library and never reveal his cultivation.

The second was the power of the saber technique.

In fact, it was not the level of his own cultivation, but the grade of the synthesized technique itself that was too high.

In that world, the grades of cultivation techniques were the basic cultivation technique, the extraordinary cultivation technique, and the grandmaster cultivation technique.

According to the grade of the cultivation technique, the amplification of the attack power produced was also different.

Based on Ye Xiaos understanding, it seemed like a grandmaster cultivation technique had a 100 percent power increase, which was also double the original!

However, that slash earlier did not seem to have doubled.

Therefore, Ye Xiao was not too sure what grade his saber technique was, and his own cultivation, the divine souls Golden Books grade was not displayed either.

His cultivation was really muddled.

In the future, he should find an opportunity to figure out these things.

The third and most important point was the consumption of the cultivation technique.

The consumption of the cultivation technique from the previous move was far from meager.

Two percent of the spiritual energy in his body had been taken away in an instant.

That meant that his spiritual energy would be completely used up after a few dozen strikes.


Although his cultivation technique could absorb and recover spiritual energy, he only had two basic cultivation techniques, so the absorption speed was too slow.


It seemed that his next step should be to mainly practice mental cultivation techniques to solve that persistent problem.


After thinking about all that, Ye Xiao entered the library and prepared to eat some small dumplings and a bowl of bean juice.


The increase in his cultivation allowed him to forgo food and rest for a few days to maintain his spiritual energy.

However, as a foodie, he had to have his own bottom line.

Sleeping must be done!

Food had to be eaten!

Then, just as he stepped into the library, his phone rang.


Ye Xiao took out his phone and glanced at it.

The screen showed the Jianghai city garrison.

They maintained the safety of the city.

However, he had not committed any crimes, so why would they call him so early in the morning

It was probably a scam, right

Ye Xiao decisively hung up the phone.

After all, he still had 12,000 yuan in his bank account.

He had saved up half a years salary.

He had just hung up when the other called him again.

Ye Xiaos eyebrows rose slightly and had no choice but to pick up the call.

Very soon, a deep male voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Your son is in our hands.

If you dont…”


Ye Xiao smiled coldly.

It was indeed a scam.

Without waiting for the other to finish speaking, he curtly replied,

“I dont have money.

Im very poor.”

“No, your son is in our hands…”

“Then bury him.”


After saying that, Ye Xiao immediately hung up the phone.

Despite that, the other seemed to be somewhat persistent.

Even after he hung up the phone, they still called him again.

“Whats wrong with you Your son is in our hands.

Why are you talking to me about money”

“Didnt you call to ask me for money”

“Who said we wanted money Your son committed a crime and was caught.

Hurry up and come collect him.”

“I dont have a son.”

“Isnt Gu Hai your son”



He was silent for two seconds before the others voice sounded again.

“Our garrison team conducted an inspection operation last night and discovered that your son was at Red Romance.

He acted improperly toward a Red Romance employee.

Please come and collect him.”


He was silent for two seconds again before he immediately replied,

“I understand.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

He was completely speechless.

He thought that someone was trying to scam him.

In the end, he had not expected that they were really looking for him.

What was even more unexpected was that it was Gu Hai who was caught being improper at Red Romance.

He even f*cking told them that he was his father.

There were too many unexpected things in life..

If he was not careful, he would end up having a son older than himself.



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