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Chapter 499 Great Terror, the Technique of a Supreme Godly Emperor

Within the Godly Emperors tomb, five figures stepped through the air.

Every step they took was like the steps of a reaper, suppressing everyone to the point where they could not even breathe.

Furthermore, from the perspective of the five figures, those people were simply insignificant ants.

Even if they were unable to display their peak strength, in their eyes, those people were still a bunch of ants.

“All of them are hiding here.

Are they trying to escape Hehehe… Foolish fellows.”

“Just a bunch of ants.

Do they really think that our plan is something they can break What a joke!”

While the archaic Godly Emperors were teasing, they had already arrived in front of everyone.

The second on the left, the female Godly Emperor, spoke to the handsome young Godly Emperor in the middle,


“Nalan, get ready to begin.

Gather all the divine blood into your body so that your cultivation base can recover first.

“Only then will you be able to display a stronger cultivation base and a stronger healing ability so that we can recover some of our injuries.”

Godly Emperor Nalan nodded.

At that moment, a wave of suppressed thunder suddenly sounded in the sky.

Sensing the sound of the thunder, his gaze swept across the sky with a profound meaning.

“Nalan, whats wrong”

Godly Emperor Nalans gaze was deep as he spoke indifferently,

“I dont know.

Its just that… I have a faint feeling that something isnt normal.” “Dont think too much.

Weve suddenly awakened, and a huge amount of energy has gathered in this small tomb.

Naturally, it will cause the law energy to become chaotic.

It should be fine in a while.”

Nalan nodded.

“I hope so.

Lets make our move.” “Alright!”

Following Nalans order, the two Godly Emperors at the side took the initiative to move out.

The moment the two of them appeared, they were like tigers entering a flock of sheep.

“Theyre here! Everyone be careful!”

Yun Changqing shouted loudly.

Following that, he and Luo Lishui rose into the sky at the same time.

At the same time, four figures also appeared from the four great god clans side.

They were all peak-stage Godly Kings and lesser Godly Emperors.

The six of them rose into the sky and faced the attacks of the two Godly Emperors.

The Godly Emperor on the left used the Tai Ah masterpiece technique, which was ranked 29th in the starry sky.

Every attack would have a huge explosive attribute, which would greatly increase the offensive range of the attack.

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The one on the right was using the Thunder masterpiece technique, which was ranked 34th in the starry sky.

Every attack would have a violent thunder attribute.

With a casual move, there would be a chaotic flow of thunder.

The thunder and lightning would come in one after another.

It was full of lethality.

The six people on the other side were also using six masterpiece techniques at the same time.

However, compared to the other partys masterpiece techniques theirs were much inferior.

The masterpiece techniques they used could only be ranked in the 50th place.

Even if they were at the peak of the Godly King realm, they could not directly come into contact with the core masterpiece technique of the archaic Godly Emperors.

They had to reach the Godly Emperor realm before they could cultivate them.

The power of both parties was unparalleled and extremely terrifying!

The moment they attacked, the spiritual energy trembled.

The spatial energy in the tomb even trembled slightly.

One had to know that it was not the Azure Billow star field.

It was the Godly Emperors tomb.

It was a special space inside.

The quality of the space there was much more powerful than the spatial energy they were used to.

The difference in quality between the two sides was like the difference between mud and iron.

However, even if there was such a huge difference, the combined attack of eight peak Godly Kings was enough to shake the space energy inside the tomb of the Godly Emperor.

The attacks of both sides were not fast in their eyes.

However, in the eyes of the others, they were faster than the speed of light.

The others had not even seen the moment the move was unleashed, an extremely violent explosion had already formed in the air.

The moment the light ball appeared, it was like a dazzling little sun that illuminated the land.

No one below the eighth level of the Godslayer realm could clearly see what was happening in that light.

The shock wave erupted after that.

Under Ye Xiaos reminder, the Xuan Yuan clan had taken the initiative to set up a defensive array formation.

At that moment, it was advantageous for them.

As for the four great god clans and the subordinates they had gathered, they had no choice but to go all out and use their spiritual energy barrier to defend.

Such a close-range attack from a peak Godly King was still a confrontation between eight of them.

The might of their combined attack was not something that they could easily withstand.

Many existences with slightly lower cultivations were still forced back even after using their defensive barrier.

They were ruthlessly smashed into the spatial barrier array formations wall behind them.

The vibrations caused their internal organs to rupture as they spat out fresh blood.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The muffled sounds of collision rang out one after another.

Some martial arts masters at the seventh or eighth level of the Godly King realm immediately used their own strength to open a barrier to protect them.

After a single move, the two archaic Godly Emperors were forced back a few hundred feet.

However, the peak Godly Kings of the six great god clans were forced back a thousand feet! Two against six, and the other side still had the upper hand!

The hearts of the six great god clans all sped up.

Too terrifying!

Godly Emperors were worthy of being Godly Emperors.

Even if they could only use the same peak Godly King strength as them, they could still easily suppress them.

“To actually be able to withstand one attack from the two of us without being injured.


Then let this emperor play around!”

With that said, the Godly Emperor controlling the Tai Ah masterpiece technique stepped forward.

As the pressure descended, everyone felt their blood freeze.

Following that, another Tai Ah masterpiece technique was cast.

The peak-stage Godly Kings of the four great god clans did not dare to be careless.

They charged forward at the same time.

The four peak-stage Godly Kings were fighting against the other party.

At that time, they were not at a disadvantage.

They were barely able to close the gap between them.

As for the other Godly Emperor, his gaze landed on Yun Changqing of the Xuan Yuan god clan and Luo Lishui of the Netherworld god clan.

Yun Changqing and Luo Lishuis expressions suddenly changed.

Originally, if the two sides worked together to resist and balance the situation, each side would have three people.

Although they would be at a slight disadvantage, they would at least be able to hold on for a while.

At that point, with four of them working together and leaving the two of them, they were already at a disadvantage.

It would be even more difficult to deal with them.

As expected, that Godly Emperor once again activated the Thunder masterpiece technique and headed straight for the two of them.


With just one move, the Godly Emperors vast divine might was so powerful that it made ones hair stand on end.

Yun Changqing and Luo Lishui retreated at the same time, their arms feeling numb.

The two of them could not help but feel a wave of fear in their hearts.

The Godly Emperors strength was indeed terrifying.

When they were fighting with the other party earlier, it was six people attacking at the same time.

Their strength was slightly balanced, so they could still withstand it.

At that moment, they only felt the spiritual energy and blood essence in their bodies churning.

The two peoples expressions became even more solemn and their hearts felt extremely stifled.

That was because it was only the beginning!

How could they hold on until the end Among the three Godly Emperors behind the scene, God Emperor Nalan said with an indifferent gaze, “One more person should go forward.

Lets finish this battle as quickly as possible.

I dont want to waste time.”

“Then let me do it!”

An elder with a white beard and white hair stepped out to his right.

With one more Godly Emperor, the pressure on the six great god clans increased dramatically.

The elder raised his hand and slashed out with a sword light.

It shot out from the battle between the eight peak-stage Godly Kings and headed straight for the cultivators behind the four great god clans.

“Not good!”

The martial arts masters of the four great god clans turned pale with fright.

They wanted to return to help, but they were held back by the Godly Emperor in front of them.

“Hey! Ants! Dont be distracted while fighting with Emperor Huyan!”

Godly Emperor Huyans Tai Ah masterpiece technique took advantage of the four of them being unprepared and directly attacked.

It caused the four Godly Kings lifeblood to churn and the rhythm of the battle to be disrupted.

Under that attack, the four of them were unable to return to help in time.

The clansmen at the back were unable to withstand the attack.

The sword light was like a dragon as it exploded on the bodies of the four god clans martial arts masters.

At that moment, all the Godly Kings of the four great god clans released their spiritual energy at the same time.

They gathered all their strength to form a defensive barrier.

The low-level Godly Kings behind them, and even the Godslayer realm martial arts masters, also gathered their strength and injected it into the barrier in front of them.

With the help of 2,000 high-end martial arts masters, who had gathered all of their strength to use that barrier, they were able to withstand that sword attack.


With a violent explosion, the barrier was crooked.

Everyones bodies swayed.

Fortunately, they gritted their teeth and blocked the move.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

However, before they could rejoice, the white-haired Godly Emperors lips curled up slightly

“You blocked the first attack.

Then… I wonder if you can block the second attack!”

Just as he said that a violent explosion suddenly erupted in front of the four great god clans and soared into the sky.

The energy wave mercilessly tore apart the defensive barrier on the spot.

The shock wave swept over and even forced the martial arts masters of the four great god clans back.

Some existences below the Godly King realm could not withstand that shockwave and their internal organs exploded on the spot.

They spat out blood and died.

The powerful energy mercilessly crushed the joy of surviving the disaster, bringing despair to them once again.

No one had expected that the Godly Emperor, apart from using a golden sword light, would actually use a colorless sword light.

Archaic Godly Emperors did not speak of martial virtue.


When the peak Godly Kings of the four great god clans saw that scene, their hearts ached so much that they began to drip blood!

It was really dripping blood!

Those 2,000 plus people were all elite existences among the four great god clans.

Just because of that attack, hundreds of them had been destroyed.

The rest had all suffered injuries of varying degrees.

The losses were really too great!

However, the old man did not stop.

The third sword beam started again.

Everyone was in despair.

The peak Godly Kings of the four great god clans were heartbroken and despairing to the extreme.

With that strike, who knew how many of their clansmen would die.

Faced with the danger of that strike, the Godly Kings of the four great god clans did not dare to take it anymore.

They immediately used all their strength to escape.

At the instant they escaped, the sword beam mercilessly landed among the four great god clans martial arts masters.

That strike was not resisted by the Godly Kings.

The Godslayer realm martial arts masters of the four great god clans could not resist it at all, more than 1,000 Godslayer realm martial arts masters perished under that strike.


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