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Chapter 496 The Godly Emperor Awakens, the Godly Emperors Tomb Closes, and Its a Desperate Battle

“Ye Xiao, something bad has happened! The Godly Emperors tomb has closed!”

“The Godly Emperors tomb has closed”

Upon hearing that news, Ye Xiao was extremely surprised.

Clearly, he did not expect such a thing to happen.

How could that be

No, he seemed to have thought of something.

With a sweep of his divine intent, Ye Xiao had already detected that there were still 5,000 martial artists left who had entered the Godly Emperors tomb!

In other words, 4,999 people had already died.

Among them, there were fifth-level Godslayer realm existences as well as existences of a higher level.

The divine blood in the bodies of so many people had already reached an extremely huge level.

In just over two days, so many people died.

These archaic Godly Emperors were really ruthless in order to revive.

However, after thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

Who did not want to live

Moreover, in the eyes of the Godly Emperors, those low-end martial artists were no different from ants.

Ye Xiao rubbed the space between his brows.

He could not be bothered with the people from the four great god clans and those who had been recruited.

Those had nothing to do with him.

However, the people from the Xuan Yuan clan had entered because of him.

Moreover, they were all from the same race under the starry sky.

It was impossible for him to just stand by and watch them die.

Furthermore, if everyone were to die and those Godly Emperors were to awaken completely, he might not be able to survive.

After taking a deep breath, he spoke again, “Have the people of the Xuan Yuan clan hide as much as possible and avoid the sharp edges for the time being.

Especially, do not fight with the people of the four great god clans.

Try to reduce the casualties as much as possible.

“If my guess is correct, the Godly Emperor is about to awaken!”

“What did you say” Xia Xinyi could not help but scream.

Even through the intent stone, Ye Xiao could imagine her terrified appearance at that moment.


After all, that was a Godly Emperor! How powerful was the legendary Godly Emperor

Just a name was enough to make countless people feel fear.

“Dont panic too much.

Although the primordial Godly Emperors are strong, they have either already fallen long ago, or they have suffered heavy injuries and are no longer able to display their cultivation in the Godly Emperor realm.

“They might only be able to display their cultivation at the peak of the Godly King realm.

There are also ninth-level Godly Kings here, and even ones at the peak of the ninth-level Godly King realm.

If we really fight, we might not necessarily lose.”

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That was what Ye Xiao had verified from the three Godly Emperors.

When they were on the verge of death, the power they unleashed was all at the late stage of the ninth-level Godly King Realm.

Some had reached the peak, while some had not reached the peak.

“Then… Alright, Ill inform the Xuan Yuan divine race as soon as possible.

However, my strength is meager and wont have much credibility.

They might not believe me.

What should I do”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment.

There was still a portion of the divine blood in his body that had not been refined.

If he took the divine blood of the other archaic Godly Emperors, he would definitely be able to refine it to the extreme and allow himself to completely advance to the Godly Emperor realm.

At that time, he would have nothing to fear after exposing his identity.

In Ye Xiaos initial plan, after he advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, even if there were Godly Emperors who might be jealous of him, the Xuan Yuan clan would not be able to continue attacking him.

Moreover, with his powerful advancement speed, coupled with the law energy in the Divine Kingdoms treasury, it should not be long before he could advance to the middle-stage Godly Emperor realm.

As long as he did not cause trouble with those top-tier gods, there should not be any fatal trouble.

Thinking of that, he took a deep breath and said seriously,

“If they dont believe me, just say it in the name of the Saber-sword Immortal.

If they dont believe others, Saber-sword Immortal should still have some weight.”

At the very least, Zheng Tianya would definitely believe his words, and Elder Cangming of the Netherworld clan would also believe his words.

On the other side of the intent stone, Xia Xinyi could not help but become excited when she heard those words.

Ye Xiao was finally going to reveal his identity

“Alright! Ill definitely pass it on.”

The two of them ended their communication.

In the next second, Ye Xiaos expression became slightly solemn.

The Godly Emperors are awakening.

Although their cultivation could not reach the full extent of the Godly Emperor realm, they would definitely start a massacre.

As long as they killed and devoured enough divine blood, they would be able to continuously recover their cultivation.

What if one of them had recovered to the Godly Emperor realm Even if they had not recovered to the Godly Emperor realm, the combat experience, masterpiece techniques, Divine Eyes, Treasure Artifacts, and other secret techniques that they had as archaic Godly Emperors were not something that ordinary peak ninth-level Godly Kings could compare to.

A god that had been left behind in the mortal world was still a god after all!

If Ye Xiao wanted to defeat such an opponent, it would be best for his cultivation to rise to the peak ninth-level Godly King realm.

However, with the divine blood he currently used, it was still not enough to advance to the peak ninth-level Godly King realm.

Therefore, killing another one was a must!

With that in mind, Ye Xiao immediately used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and rushed to the next place.

At the same time, the martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan, the Netherworld clan, and the four great god clans had already discovered a tomb and were confronting each other for it.

It was as if they were competing to see who was stronger.

“Yun Changqing, since we parted 30 years ago, the two of us have yet to have the chance to exchange blows again.

“Back then, I defeated you by half a move.

I wonder if you can still beat me by half a move today”

Yun Changqing crossed his hands behind his back and looked at Sun Lei fu indifferently.

“Sun Lei Fu, we are all at the peak of the Godly King realm.

Is it interesting to play such a small trick

“You just saw that there were three other martial arts masters with you, so you wanted to provoke me and then take the opportunity to join hands with the others to kill me.

“Back then, you lost to me by half a move.

Now, you will still lose to me by half a move!

“I, Yun Changqing… Have never considered you as my opponent.”

Sun Lei Fus eyes suddenly turned cold as a few beams of coldness shot out.

Yun Changqing was right.

He indeed had that thought.

That was because he knew that with his cultivation base alone, he was indeed slightly inferior to Yun Changqing.

Although the Golden god clan he was from had a higher ranking than the Xuan Yuan god clan, he was not the most outstanding person of his generation.

While Yun Changqing was the most outstanding person of his generation in the Xuan Yuan clan.

Under normal circumstances, a god clan would put in great effort to nurture a top-notch genius.

The resources he enjoyed were many times more than others, and they were always the best.

The phoenix tail of the Golden god clan naturally could not compare to Yun Changqing, the chicken head of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

However, he could not get angry in front of so many people.

He had lost his demeanor as a ninth-level Godly King.

He sneered and continued,

“Yun Changqing, if you dont dare to make a move, just say it.

Youre spouting nonsense here, but youre cowardly and dont dare to come out.

Isnt this the act of a real man

“We four great god clans are all existences above your Xuan Yuan god clans ranking.

How could we play some group attack scoundrel trick”

Yun Changqings eyes flashed with a cold glint.

Luo Lishui, the peak ninth-level Godly King of the Netherworld clan beside him, sent a voice transmission to comfort him,

“Brother Changqing, dont fall into his trap.

Although he said that he would not play group attack scoundrel tricks, if they were to really fight, no one would hold back.

“What we want now is the resources in the Godly Emperors tomb.

Were not trying to show off our courage just for a moment.”

Yun Changqing took a deep breath and tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart.

Luo Lishui was right.

No matter what, the other party had more ninth-level Godly Kings than them.

If they were to really fight, he really would not have any advantage.

Seeing that he did not dare to move, Sun Lei Fus expression became even more arrogant.

He teased loudly,




“What You dont dare to make a move Are you afraid of losing to me and losing face Or do you not dare to fight me at all” Once those words were said, the members of the four great god clans present could not help but laugh out loud.

Yun Changqings anger, which had just been suppressed, erupted once again in the blink of an eye.

However, at that moment, Zheng Tianya, who was standing behind, was shocked when he heard Xia Xinyis report.

He immediately came to Yun Changqings side and transmitted a secret message,

“Senior Yun, dont be angry.

The Saber-sword Immortal has sent a message.

He wants us to quickly retreat and not participate in the fight for this Godly Emperors tomb.”

Yun Changqing was stunned.

He turned around and looked at him with a puzzled expression.

His eyes were somewhat blank.

Zheng Tianya nodded with a serious expression.

His gaze was firm.

Seeing Zheng Tianyas expression, Yun Changqing pondered for a moment.

Then, he looked at the other side and snorted coldly.

“Sun Lei Fu, you get away this time.

But next time, you wont be so lucky.

Lets go.”

As soon as he gave the order, the others immediately followed him and left.

Luo Lishui of the Netherworld god clan obviously did not expect that he would suddenly change his attitude and give up on the Godly Emperors tomb.

However, since his allies had left, he could not stay here any longer.

“Lets go as well.”

After saying that, he quickly turned around and chased after the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The other martial arts masters of the Netherworld god clan quickly followed.

The martial arts masters of the four great god clans were also confused when they saw that scene.

They did not understand what was going



“Is this kid possessed today He can even give up on the Godly Emperors tomb” “The situation doesnt seem right.

Maybe theres some secret between them.

Even if their overall strength is lower than o they wouldnt give up on the magnificent tomb of the Godly Emperor so easily.” “Follow them and see if theyve found any new resources.”

The Earth Spirit god clans Godly King commanded a low-level Godly King to follow Yun Changqing and the others.

Sun Lei Fu did not have as many thoughts as they did.

He only scoffed and said,

“What good opportunities can they have Theyre just afraid of us and dont dare to attack us directly.

Thats why they chose to escape!

“Lets not waste any more time.

Open this tomb.

There must be many good things hidden inside.”

When those words were said, the corners of the mouths of the four great god clan members could not help but curl up.

As long as they opened that tomb, the treasures inside would probably be so many that it would be enough to fill them to death! The Godly Emperor!

Inside, there was an archaic Godly Emperor and all of his funerary items.

“Array masters, immediately begin to break the array! The four great god clans are about to begin our harvest!”


The array masters immediately stepped forward and began to break the array.

However, at that moment, a strange aura suddenly began to seep out from the tomb.


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