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Chapter 494 Counterattacking on the Verge of Death.

The Power of the Archaic Godly Emperors

‘These Godly Emperors want to awaken! When Ye Xiao thought of that matter, he could not help but take a deep breath.

What great ambition!

Even after dying for so long, they still wanted to awaken and re-awaken the divine might of the primordial Divine Kingdom.

However, needless to say, it was really possible for them to do so.

That was because although they had fallen, their corpses were still there, and the divine blood in their bodies was still there.

Their combat strength could still be maintained by more than half.

As martial arts masters who had once been at the level of a Godly Emperor, their cultivation might even have surpassed the first or second-level Godly Emperor.

If that was the case, their remaining strength could still reach around the first level Godly Emperor realm.

One had to know that the Godly Emperors sent out by the six great god clans outside were only in the first-level Godly Emperor realm.

The martial culture of this era had already declined.

It could not be compared to the strength of the immemorial era.

They might not even be able to defeat those archaic Godly Emperors.

Once those Godly Emperors escaped, no, even if only one of them escaped, it would bring great trouble.

The Godly Emperors were different from the Silver Dragon King.

The Godly Emperors were powerful enough to resist him.

That was one of the reasons.

There was another point.

The archaic Godly Emperor definitely knew the location of the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

That was the truly troublesome matter.

One knew the location of the Divine Kingdoms treasury, knew how to open the Divine Kingdoms treasury, could easily refine the power of laws, and could even resist his existence.

Ye Xiao really could not think of a greater threat than that.

He immediately used the intent stone to contact Xia Xinyi.

“Can we get the people of the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan to withdraw”

“Whats wrong”

Xia Xinyis question was quickly transmitted over from the intent stone.

Ye Xiao once again replied,

“This is a trap.

The archaic Godly Emperors are using us to kill each other and collect divine blood to awaken them.

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“Once we awaken the archaic Godly Emperors, it will be a devastating blow to us!”


Xia Xinyi cried out in surprise, but soon, her expression turned solemn as she said,

“Even though thats the case, how can we let these people withdraw now Even if I wanted to, they wouldnt be willing.” Ye Xiao immediately felt a headache.

Xia Xinyi was right.

This place was not some random cat or dogs plaything.

If they said they did not want it, they could just give it up.

It was a huge Godly Emperors tomb!

Who knew how many resources were hidden inside!

There were even many resources that were very useful to Godly Emperors.

As the saying goes, wealth comes from danger.

Even if there was a real possibility of death, no one would be willing to give up on the Godly Emperors tomb.

Ye Xiao rubbed the space between his brows.

“No matter what, I dont care about the other god clans.

I have to inform the martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan.

“At the critical moment, I have to make a strong decision and leave in a timely manner.

In addition, theres another point.

If you can avoid fighting with the other party, do your best not to fight with the other party.

“Once a martial arts master dies, it will definitely speed up the Godly Emperors awakening.”

“Alright, Ill inform them immediately.

Tell them to pay as much attention as possible.

If there really is a Godly Emperor resurrecting, let everyone escape at the first possible moment!”

After cutting off the connection with Xia Xinyi, Ye Xiao once again used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and quickly flew forward.

Even if they wanted to use that method to resurrect, there was at least one point.

It was impossible for them to complete the resurrection in an instant.

It required a time span.

That time span was their chance.

Ye Xiao instantly disappeared from where he was.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at an extremely unremarkable-looking hill.

The Primordial Pupil opened, and Ye Xiao instantly finished scanning it.

The tomb looked ordinary, but in reality, it was placed very meticulously.

In the eight trigrams, it could be considered the position ofQian.

The entire Godly Emperors tomb was built according to the eight trigrams.

Those eight Godly Kings tombs at the border were placed by the eight Godly Emperors of the primordial Divine Kingdom.

Back when the primordial Divine Kingdom fell, a total of eleven Godly Emperors were killed.

Three of them had their divine bodies shattered, and their souls were completely scattered.

There was nothing left, so there was no need to bury them.

As such, there were still eight Godly Emperors left.

Those eight Godly Emperors who were killed used secret seals to ensure that their bodies would not decay after the passage of time.

Their divine souls would not be destroyed, and they could be resurrected.

The fallen Godly Emperor was the primordial Divine Kingdoms Godly Emperor Nalan.

Godly Emperor Nalan was the most talented existence in the primordial Divine Kingdom.

According to the Silver Dragon Kings memories, he had heaven-shaking and earth-shattering talents.

He had powerful combat abilities as well as powerful healing techniques.

He was the key to reviving the primordial Divine Kingdom.

If he were to awaken, he would resurrect those Godly Emperors and then take back the power of laws, restoring his cultivation base to its peak state.

That would be a group of late-stage Godly Emperors.

It might have a far-reaching impact on the current situation under the starry sky.

There were eight tombs in the eight trigrams location, and there was a ninth tomb among them.

Ye Xiao was not sure which one was the Godly Emperor Nalans tomb, so he could only kill them one by one.

Even if he could not find Godly Emperor Nalan before he was resurrected, at least he could resurrect one less Godly Emperor after he awakened.

It could also be considered as indirectly giving him less trouble.

After confirming the other partys location, Ye Xiao took a deep breath and raised his right hand.

“In Ye Xiaos name, open the array in front of


In the next second, the array was automatically activated.

Ye Xiao felt that more than half of the spiritual energy in his body had been used up in an instant.

It was as if a normal man urgently needed to drink some goji berries after a satisfying exercise.

The Minor Destiny technique was good in every aspect, but the speed at which the spiritual energy was burned was too fast.

Furthermore, it did not tell him at all how much spiritual energy he needed to use so he did not dare to use it carelessly.

If he was not careful, the enemy might die before he died.

If it was a normal array, Ye Xiao definitely would not need to use the Minor Destiny technique.

He only needed to use a normal method.

However, all the arrays in the Godly Emperors tomb had the power of laws attached to them.

Possessing the power of laws was not an easy matter to resolve.

Even if the Godly Emperor came, he would still have to put in a lot of effort.

The array opened and Ye Xiao directly stepped into it.

The interior of that tomb was very simple.

It did not meet the expectations of the Godly Emperor.

It did not meet the requirements of his luxurious burial plan.

Ye Xiao estimated that they had probably piled all their resources in one of the tombs, and it was the tomb that was the most difficult to break into.

However, those things were not important.

What was important was the divine blood of that Godly Emperor.

Ye Xiao came before the coffin.

The coffin was made of an extremely precious special material.

It was somewhat like glass and was completely transparent.

However, it possessed the ability to make the life inside long-lasting and not decay.

It could even preserve the Godly Emperors divine body.

One could imagine how precious it was.

Inside, there was an extremely beautiful woman lying quietly like a sleeping beauty.

There were some wounds on her body.

After experiencing countless times, they were still maintained and had not been repaired.

One could imagine how serious the injuries she suffered back then were.

“Is this the legendary Godly Emperor”

Ye Xiao slowly stepped forward and pushed open the coffin.

A massive blood essence mixed with a fragrance that would only appear on a womans body rushed into his nostrils.

That made Ye Xiao very surprised.

He had covered it for an unknown number of tens of thousands of years, but there was actually no smell of the sea, yet it was still so fragrant.

The quality of the coffin was really well-received.

It was fresh and breathable.

The bottom of the coffin was connected to the patterns on the bronze ground that Ye Xiao had seen earlier.

It was very obvious that she could use that to absorb the divine blood and wake


At that moment, Ye Xiao noticed that the other party was wearing a spatial storage ring on his hand.

“This is…”

Ye Xiaos eyes narrowed.

This ring was actually a Treasured Artifact!

As expected of the legendary archaic Godly Emperor.

Even her storage ring was a Treasured Artifact.

Ye Xiaos imperial jade seal possessed such a powerful storage ability, yet it was not a Treasured Artifact.

One could imagine how powerful that storage ring was.

How many treasures were there inside

No wonder there was nothing inside that tomb.

Thinking about it, all the treasures should have been placed in the storage ring, right

Ye Xiao, without any hesitation, used his mental energy to search for them.

Unfortunately, there was an extremely strong layer of energy resisting in the storage ring.

That was the power of the storage ring resisting him.

It was because the Godly Emperor in front of him was only heavily injured and had not truly died.

She was still waiting for the Godly Emperor Nalan to resurrect her.


In the next second, Ye Xiao immediately used the Great Dragon to pierce through her forehead.

At that moment, an extremely powerful resentful energy gushed out like a tidal wave and attacked Ye Xiao.

Due to the energy being too powerful, Ye Xiao was almost washed away.

After waiting for countless years, that Godly Emperor had been waiting for Godly Emperor Nalan to resurrect her.

However, the result was that her divine body and her divine soul were destroyed.

At the moment of death, she unleashed her most vicious counterattack.

Unfortunately, after sleeping for a long time and being heavily injured, she could not fully display her strength when she was alive.

In the next moment, she suddenly opened her eyes.

What kind of eyes were those It was as if they encompassed the stars and the sea!

They were Divine Eyes!

Ye Xiao knew from the Silver Dragon Kings memories that among the 13 powerful archaic Godly Emperors, three of them possessed Divine Eyes.

Moreover, one of them was the Stellar Divine Eyes, ranked 16th on the Divine Eyes ranking.

If he guessed correctly, the Divine Eyes of that Godly Emperor in front of him should be the Stellar Divine Eyes.

Due to her being heavily injured, she could no longer control her own body.

Other than releasing her spiritual energy, she also wanted to use the Divine Eye to completely destroy the tomb raiders soul at the moment of death.

If it were another person, even if it was a ninth-level Godly King, even if he could withstand the spiritual energy impact, he would not be able to withstand her second move, the Stellar Divine Eye, and would definitely perish because of it.

The most venomous womans heart! The archaic Godly Emperor was indeed terrifying!

Unfortunately, that move was useful to others but useless to Ye Xiao.

It was even a great thing!


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