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Chapter 486 Great Brahma Masterpiece Technique

Feeling the majestic spiritual energy, Ye Xiao took a deep breath and strode in.

It reminded him of something when he was young


When there were too many fish in a fish pond, his companions would team up to fish together.

Every time, they would reap a bountiful harvest.

In the Godly Emperors tomb, Ye Xiao could clearly feel many violent auras swimming around.

The moment he appeared, a few auras locked onto him at the first instant.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… Another fool has entered.”

“Judging from this aura, hes still at the sixth level of the Godly King realm.

The blood essence and spiritual energy on his body must be very rich.

His divine body must be very delicious.

“This time, were in luck.”

“I want to chew off his arms and legs like noodles.

I want to eat everything thats left!”

“I want to pull out his intestines and make them into iron-plate intestines.”

“I like eating a gods liver the most!” “I want his kidney.

Hehe, that thing is a great tonic!”

“Whats a kidney I want to pull out the tendon between his legs! Hehehe…”

A terrifying sound continued to spread out.

At the same time, a few scarlet rays of light continued to approach.

An imposing aura descended, and a sense of oppression almost crushed all the living beings in that small space to death.

Ye Xiao looked at the many Sacred Beasts that pounced at him.

He slowly opened his arms, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

The air was filled with a fragrance that pounced at him.

Meat fragrance!

Venison, fish, snake meat, chicken, beef, duck meat…

Having not eaten meat for several months, he felt as if he had returned to the past.

“Great Dragon, come out to harvest!”

Ye Xiao suddenly opened his eyes, and the Great Dragon appeared in his right hand.

At that moment, there was already a huge black shadow that could no longer suppress the greed in his heart.

From the front, it pounced straight at Ye Xiaos face.

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“Youre mine! Hahahaha…”

He was a bull-headed Sacred Beast with scarlet eyes.

His huge body was more than a thousand feet in size, and the muscles on his body exploded, filling him with a sense of intimidation.

His bloody mouth seemed to be able to swallow Ye Xiao whole.

However, with a flash of a blade, his huge bulls head shot into the sky.

His huge mountain-like body took a few steps forward before falling to the ground.


The huge explosion made the remaining Sacred Beasts even more excited.

One by one, they charged over even faster.

“Hahaha… This will taste good.

Its precisely because the god race is so fierce that it tastes even more sinewy! Kill it!” An earth-shaking roar sounded out as several Sacred Beast figures pounced over at the same time.

Ye Xiao held the Great Dragon in his hand and stepped forward.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique circulated rapidly, and the Bloodbath masterpiece technique was strengthened once more.

In the starry sky, the two masterpiece techniques ranked third and ninth were fully unleashed.

Coupled with the Creation masterpiece technique ranked second, they continuously provided spiritual energy.

At that moment, the surface of Ye Xiaos body emitted a nine-colored light because the power that erupted was too strong.

One slash!

He split open the head of a Sacred Eagle, and along with its entire body, he hacked down.

Two slashes!

He killed a giant Sacred Whale!

Three slashes, four slashes, five slashes, six slashes…

Each slash carried the life of a Sacred Beast.

If one slash was not enough, then another slash.

In just a few seconds, the Sacred Beasts fell one after another.

There were already more than ten Sacred Beast corpses on the ground.

Due to the Sacred Beasts body being really too big, more than ten corpses were almost covering a large area of the ground.

At that point, the Sacred Beasts finally realized the seriousness of the matter.

That guy was not an ordinary person.

Although his cultivation was only at the sixth level of the Godly King realm, it was normally difficult for the gods to defeat the Sacred Beasts within the same level.

However, that fellow not only defeated them but almost every one of them was instantly killed.

How could they defeat him

Initially, they thought that they were hunters, but now they realized that they were just prey.

They could not continue fighting with that fellow.

If they continued fighting like that, no one would survive.

At that moment, the Sacred Beasts finally began to flee.

The escape of one Sacred Beast seemed to have triggered a chain reaction.

All the other Sacred Beasts fled!

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows and chased after them to kill two more Sacred Beasts.

The rest of the Sacred Beasts disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“At least you guys ran fast.”

There was nothing he could do.

After all, his current strength was limited.

He had only reached the cultivation of the sixth level of the Godly King realm.

If he could crush the Sacred Beasts in a one-on-one battle, he would not be afraid of a group battle.

However, the problem was that it would be unrealistic for him to kill all the Sacred Beasts in one move.

After chasing for a while, Ye Xiao realized that those Sacred Beasts might have hidden in some of the Godly Kings tombs.

If he opened them one by one, he did not know how much time would be wasted.

He did not have that much time to waste.

‘Forget it.

I should go back and finish off all the other Sacred Beasts first.

Ye Xiao rushed back quickly and dug out all the Sacred Beasts star cores.

Perhaps it was because their cultivation was too strong, but the star cores were ridiculously big.

They were more than seven to eight feet in diameter and were like mini cars.

However, their big size also meant that they contained more energy.

He first scanned them to see if there were any good things inside before refining them into pills.


Ye Xiao did not waste any time.

He created two more spiritual clones and immediately started to create delicacies in that small space.

The meat of the Sacred Impala could be used to make barbecued mutton kebabs, venison could be used to make smoked venison, and beef could be used to make stewed beef.

As for the chicken, he took the ingredients on the spot and removed all the things in the chickens stomach.

Then, he stuffed it with various condiments, coated it with a layer of shiny, yellow oil, and wrapped it in a special oil paper.

He dug a huge pit in the ground and roasted it over a big fire.

Ye Xiao kept all the pots and pans in his storage ring.

He had everything he wanted, and there were countless ingredients.

After he finished preparing those dishes, all that was left was to let them continue to boil and roast, waiting for them to be fully cooked.

As for himself, he began to scan and analyze the things in the star cores.

After a short scan, Ye Xiao very quickly extracted several god techniques from them.

Among them, the lowest was a god technique above six or seven stars.

What was even more terrifying was that there were many god techniques above eight or nine stars.

Unfortunately, not all of those god techniques could be absorbed by Ye Xiao.

That was because Ye Xiao had basically already refined all kinds of god techniques into archaic masterpiece techniques or as the ancients called it, supreme masterpiece techniques.

In short, there were quite a number of cultivation techniques.

The only one that could be used was a leg technique, the Thunder Riot!

That move was to gather all the energy of the lightning attribute onto ones leg and unleash it.

Compared to the Star Crusher, it was more like a spell and not a physical technique.

It was just that its strength was equally terrifying However, with that god technique, he was still one claw technique away from being able to synthesize a physical-type masterpiece technique.

Currently, he was only lacking such a masterpiece technique.

However, what he did not expect was that he had actually refined a masterpiece technique from the first Sacred Beast he encountered, Sacred Crocodile, the Great Brahma masterpiece technique.

That supreme masterpiece technique of the Buddhist sect actually appeared in the star core of a crocodile.

That was also something that Ye Xiao did not expect.

However, being able to obtain the tenth-ranked masterpiece technique in the starry sky, Ye Xiao was very happy.

No matter how small a mosquito was, it was still a piece of meat.

Not to mention that it was the tenth-ranked masterpiece technique in the starry sky.

After obtaining that technique, Ye Xiao calculated the masterpiece technique in his hands.

The Minor Destiny technique ranking first.

The Creation masterpiece technique ranking second.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique ranking third.

The Undying masterpiece technique ranking fourth.

The Space Warping precious technique ranking sixth.

The Reincarnation masterpiece technique ranking seventh.

The Bloodbath masterpiece technique ranking ninth.

The Great Brahma masterpiece technique ranking tenth.

At the moment, he was still lacking the True Dragon masterpiece technique that was ranked fifth and a masterpiece technique that was ranked eighth.

After combining the god-level leg technique, he might be able to synthesize another archaic masterpiece technique that was ranked in the top ten.

However, he did not know what the archaic masterpiece technique that was ranked eighth was.

Forget it, he should not think about those troublesome matters.

There will always be a way out.

Ye Xiao still had more important matters to attend to.

He could already smell a strong aroma.

It was time to eat.

He had just fought for so long and had used up a lot of energy.

He needed to replenish his vitality first.

He picked up a skewer of mutton and bit off a piece of the Sacred Impalas mutton.

Needless to say, the stronger the star beast was, the better the taste.

That piece of mutton did not have any smell.

Instead, it revealed a faint fragrance.

With a bite, the fat and lean were just right.

That little bit of fat exploded in Ye Xiaos mouth.

The taste of the midnight snack was like a volcano exploding, shooting straight to the sky!

It was full of satisfaction.

After eating two mouthfuls, Ye Xiao smacked his lips slightly.

‘It seems to be a little salty.

I put too much salt in it.

However, that was not a problem for him.

With a wave of his hand, he aimed at the mutton skewers and said,

“In the name of Ye Xiao, the mutton skewers have become just right.”

After another taste, the taste was really a little bland, just right.

It had to be said that the Minor Destiny technique was really useful.

After eating a few mutton skewers, Ye Xiao grabbed the stewed beef in the pot beside him.

The bright red stewed beef seemed to have been stewed into a paste.

It was all the tendons on the beef body, like a small bump.

Ye Xiao sliced it and took a bite.

The taste was very good.

The beef was full of flavor.

Although it was not as greasy as the mutton skewers, it still had a different flavor.

It was chewy.

Every kind of meat had its own characteristics.

As for the chicken, there was no need to mention it.

When Ye Xiao dug out the chicken from under the ground, the aroma filled the air.

The entire space could smell this fragrance.

Ye Xiao could even feel the fluctuations of some Sacred Beasts.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he took a bite of the chicken.

The aroma spread from his upper jaw to the top of his head.

It was a delicacy in the world.

As he continued to swallow the meat of the Sacred Beast, the blood essence and spiritual energy in his body began to surge.


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