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Chapter 484 The Secret of the Xuan Yuan God Clan

After dealing with the brainless Silver Dragon King, Ye Xiao began to make plans.

“There are still many Sacred Beasts in the starry sky.

If I can get rid of all of them, I should be able to advance one or two levels in a short period of time with the power of laws.

It shouldnt be a big problem.

‘The Silver Dragon King previously said that there are restrictions placed by the Godly Emperor in the Godly Emperors tomb.

It requires 9,999 people to enter at the same time.

Moreover, the lowest cultivation is at least at the fifth level of the Godslayer realm

“Therefore, I definitely have no way to enter now.

‘Moreover, I have to prevent Ouyang Shengde and his group of eighth or ninth-level Godly Kings from finding trouble here.

‘Now, it seems that I can only think of a way to capture these Sacred Beasts first.

After confirming the direction, Ye Xiao flew straight into the depths of the starry sky.

He had just scanned the Silver Dragon Kings brain, so he knew that she was not lying.

The Godly Emperors tomb could not be accessed so that way so he could only work on the Sacred Beasts.

Moreover, he was not prepared to give himself too much time.

That was because Ouyang Shengde and the martial arts masters of the four great god clans could rush over at any time.

If he had been searching for star beasts in the starry sky instead of devouring their flesh and blood to assist his cultivation, he would have spent too much time.

When Ouyang Shengde and the others came over, he would have to spit out as much as he ate.

The Sacred Beasts that he caught were all equivalent to giving others a dowry.

Only a fool would do such a thing.

On the other side, at the Xuan Yuan Mountain of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

A green-robed figure stood proudly at the peak of the Xuan Yuan Mountain with his hands behind his back.

He was looking at a stone tablet in front of him.

Not long after, another figure quietly arrived.

He was not far behind him.

After looking at him, he cupped his hands and said,

“Greetings, Clan Leader.”

The green-robed figure in front of him was the clan leader of the entire Xuan Yuan god clan.

He gently stroked the stone tablet and said indifferently,

“What news has come from the Azure Billow star field”

“Clan Leader, the four great god clans have all been annihilated.

However, I reckon that they will send more troops.

“Moreover, this time, they might send out peak ninth-level Godly Kings.

It seems that… They might be Godly Emperors!” “I didnt expect that even the four great god clans would be stirred up this time.

It seems that this time, our Xuan Yuan clan has really reached the moment of realizing our destiny.”

That person sighed slightly and immediately said,

“Clan Leader, everything in the dark has its own destiny.”

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“Destiny Hehehe… F*ck destiny! Destiny is just a lie that the upper-class people lie to the lower-class people.

“If fate really exists, then why arent those higher-ups affected by fate

“If there really is a legendary fate, then no one needs to work hard to cultivate.

Just lie down and wait for cultivation to enter the body, isnt that enough”

“This… What the Clan Leader said is right.”

The Clan Leader spoke again,

“Changqing, do you know what is written on this stone tablet”

Yun Changqing shook his head.

“Changqing doesnt know.”

The clan leader gently stroked the stone tablet and continued:

“Of course you dont know.

In fact, a long, long time ago, even I didnt know.

“Later, it was that kid, Ancestral Dragon, who unraveled the secret on this stone tablet.

Only then did I know the secret on this stone tablet.”

Yun Changqings heart shook.

According to legend, the secret on that stone tablet was the greatest secret of the entire Xuan Yuan god clan!

However, the secret on that stone tablet was written in an extremely special language.

That language itself contained the power of laws.

If ones cultivation level did not reach that level, even if one stood in front of that stone tablet and looked at those words, they would not be able to understand their meaning.

The Clan Leader continued,

“There are two things mentioned on this stone tablet.

“One of them is about the birth of our Xuan Yuan god clan! The Xuan Yuan god clan was originally just a non-combat race in the starry sky.

If we had to be defined, then we might be more inclined to infer the future of a god clan.

“However, in the starry sky where the strong preyed on the weak, there was simply no way for us to survive.

“In order to survive, the ancestors of the Xuan Yuan god clan had no choice but to serve the most powerful dragon clan at that time.

By combining with the dragon race, they gave birth to the half-dragon god who had the bloodline of the Dragon clan!

“It is precisely because our bodies contain the bloodline of the dragon race, the number one god clan in the universe, that we have such powerful combat strength.”

Yun Changqings heart immediately stirred up a huge wave.

Although he had thought about that question before, he had never dared to truly confirm it.

In fact, he was not the only one.

Many people in the Xuan Yuan clan thought the same.

That was because as long as everyone advanced, there would definitely be some dragon shadows appearing.

If they were to say that they had nothing to do with the dragon race…

That would truly be a lie.

It was as if you looked exactly like Uncle Wang next door.

Even if others did not say it, how could you not know

He did not expect that he would actually receive confirmation from the Clan Leader personally that day.

The Clan Leader then continued,

“However, although this matter of origin can be considered a big matter, it is actually not that important.

“The other thing recorded on this stone tablet is the truly terrifying matter.”

Yun Changqings expression sank.

There was actually something more important than the fact that the Xuan Yuan god clan had a half-dragon body.

Then what was that matter

The Clan Leader continued to speak,

“This is related to the realm above the Godly Emperor! You should know that the Godly Emperor is not the final realm that we cultivate


“Its just that the vast majority of people, including high-ranking gods like us, can only cultivate to the Godly Emperor realm at most Thats why everyone has an illusion, that the Godly Emperor was the most powerful existence in this world.

“But in reality, there was an even more powerful existence above the Godly Emperor, called, the Supreme Eternal!”

“Supreme Eternal!”

Upon hearing those words, Yun Changqings heart could not help but beat violently.

A Supreme Eternal.

Upon hearing the wordeternal in the name, he could roughly guess what kind of existence it was.

Although Godly Emperors were very powerful, they still had a certain lifespan.

Did not those Godly Emperors from the immemorial era, or even those peak Godly Kings, already turn into dust

Furthermore, the Supreme Eternal was definitely an existence that was close to eternal life.

“Is there really such an existence in this world”

The Clan Leader shook his head.

“Even if you ask me if there is such an existence, I dont dare to tell you.

“I can only tell you that back then, the Ancestral Dragon chose to leave our Xuan Yuan god clan because he wanted to search for that legendary realm.

“And our Xuan Yuan clans ancestor had cultivated to the level of a Supreme Eternal a long time ago!” “What!”

Yun Changqing could not help but narrow his eyes.

He could not believe that the Xuan Yuan god clan had cultivated to the level of a Supreme Eternal.

Was that not too unbelievable

Their ancestor was actually so powerful!

Furthermore, their ancestor had only merged with the dragon race, so the dragon blood in his body was not very rich.

At the very least, they could not compare to the pure-blooded dragon race.

Even so, they had cultivated a Supreme Eternal.

Did that not mean that the Dragon clan had also given birth to a Supreme Eternal

“But, somethings wrong.

Supreme Eternals, since they are already close to eternal life, why did they die

“With their strength, no one should be able to destroy them, right If no one was able to destroy them, coupled with their eternal lifespan, they shouldnt have died no matter what.

“But now, under the starry sky, Ive really never heard of the Supreme Eternal.”

The Clan Leader smiled.

“This is the reason why the stone tablet was left behind.

Although the Supreme Eternal has eternal life, it doesnt mean that they wont die.

“This record isnt detailed enough.

It only remembers that during the immemorial era, the Supreme Eternal seemed to have experienced an unprecedented great battle.

“It was precisely because of this unprecedented great battle that many Supreme Eternals were destroyed.

“At the same time, it was also because of this battle that the martial civilization gradually declined.

The current martial civilization can no longer compare to the immemorial era.”

Yun Changqings heart pounded violently.

He had never thought that the immemorial era would have such a history.

That was truly too terrifying.

He could not imagine how powerful that battle was.

It had actually caused the deaths of countless Supreme Eternals and the decline of the martial civilization under the starry sky.

“Of course, other than these two matters, there is another very special matter recorded on this stone tablet.

That is, it concerns the future of our Xuan Yuan clan.

“According to legends, when the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans stand together and unify the starry sky, the Xuan Yuan clan will use the Dragon clans fate to give birth to a legendary son!

“He was promised by the Dragon clans ancestor, the ancestor dragon, when the Xuan Yuan clan served the Dragon clan.

Of course, that ancestor dragon wasnt the Ancestral Dragon.

He wasnt the Ancestral Dragon of our Xuan Yuan clan, but the ancestor of all dragons!

“I once thought that that person was the Ancestral Dragon, but unfortunately, the Ancestral Dragon had severed the bloodline connection with our Xuan Yuan clan.

“This also meant that he was no longer a member of our Xuan Yuan clan.

Even if he became a Supreme Eternal, his future wouldnt be the Supreme Eternal of our Xuan Yuan clan.

“Therefore, our Xuan Yuan clan might still have a heaven chosen one who could become a Supreme Eternal! “I now feel that this legendary son has already appeared.”

Yun Changqing was silent for a moment, then he quietly said,

“Clan Leader, dont tell me you mean… That Saber-sword Immortal from the Azure Billow star field”

The Clan Leader nodded.

“Its very possible.”

Yun Changqing immediately said,

“It shouldnt be that far, right Although hes very monstrous, making even Xuanyuan feel inferior, in the entire history of the Xuan Yuan clan, there are countless people who have surpassed Xuanyuan.

It shouldnt be his turn, right”


The Clan Leader laughed again,


“Today, I received a report from the ends of the galaxy.

It detailed the Saber-sword Immortal.

In order to take revenge for the Xuan Yuan clan, in a fit of rage, he exterminated the four great god clans, along with the archaic Godly Kings, and more than 20 Godly Kings! “There was also a fifth-level Godly King among them! “Apart from the four fifth-level Godly Kings who luckily escaped, no one else managed to escape.”


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