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Chapter 481 Youre Late.

Ive Already Dug Through the Divine Kingdoms Treasury

“To think that youre wearing so little on such a cold day.

If it were me, I definitely wouldnt be afraid of the cold.

However, with your cultivation, youre shivering from the cold and youre still dressed like this.

Its really hard to understand.

‘However, in order to put on an act, I can only dress like this.

The Silver Dragon Kings body changed, and the clothes on her body immediately transformed into the same as the other partys.

She did not have Ye Xiaos Creation masterpiece technique.

However, the Creation masterpiece technique already involved the power of laws, so any random creation could be a super existence.

Furthermore, what the Silver Dragon King created was only the most ordinary clothes, so she only needed to use spiritual energy to change the clothes on her body.

Relatively speaking, it was still very simple.

After transforming into a set of special clothes, the Silver Dragon King walked onto the street.

Her beautiful face, her proud figure, and her smooth black hair naturally attracted a lot of attention.

“Wow! This girl is so beautiful!”

“Where did she come from She is definitely not the daughter of an ordinary family.”

The Silver Dragon King did not even bother to respond to those voices.

She was naturally very confident in her beauty, but those ants were not qualified to comment on her appearance.

In fact, in her heart, it was an insult for them to take a peek at her beauty.

If it were not for the fact that she wanted to search for the Divine Kingdoms treasury and did not want to attract too much attention, they would not even be qualified to look at her appearance.

At that moment, along with a slightly pungent fragrance, a tall and thin man with fair skin and light makeup quietly appeared in front of her.

He put on a smile that he thought was handsome and gentlemanly, and said with a smile,

“Hello, beautiful lady, can I get to know you Your loneliness makes my heart ache.

I feel that a beauty like you needs the companionship of a high-quality human male.”

The Silver Dragon King glanced at him and said indifferently,


That cold word instantly made the other partys expression turn ugly, causing many people around to burst out laughing.

The Silver Dragon King immediately pushed him away, making him even more embarrassed.

The Silver Dragon King walked among the crowd, thinking to herself.

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‘The location of the Divine Kingdoms treasury is in the Nine Provinces, but the Divine Kingdoms treasury contains extremely strong energy.

That is the power of laws that the 13 Godly Emperors painstakingly cultivated.

‘With so much power of laws, it is enough to bestow the Divine Kingdoms treasury with a certain amount of wisdom.

It should also be given a certain amount of means.

‘If it doesnt want me to find it, Im afraid it will be really difficult for me to find it.

‘But even though thats the case, it doesnt mean that I dont have the chance to find it.

‘I have the Treasured Artifact that His Majesty, Godly Emperor Nalan once bestowed upon me.

If I use this Treasured Artifact to investigate the Divine Kingdoms treasury, I should have the chance to find the location of the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

As she was thinking, she had already walked to a remote corner, as if she had sensed something.

She raised her head and looked ahead.

That glance caused her pupils to constrict instantly.

Her entire soul seemed to be stunned.

She did not know when it appeared before her but another figure had appeared.

If it was an ordinary figure, she would not have felt much.

The problem was that the figure gave her an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Very familiar!

However, if she were to really say it, she would not know who the other person was.

“Have we met before”

The Silver Dragon King said faintly.

The other person spoke slightly.

“Didnt we just meet yesterday I dont recognize you today.”


Hearing those words, the Silver Dragon Kings pupils could not help but shrink.

It was as if her entire body had fallen into an ice cellar.

It was frighteningly cold.

She slightly clenched her fists and stared fixedly at Ye Xiao.

Her eyes revealed a trace of terror.

She finally remembered who the other party


Was he not the guy who had defeated the four great god clans and the archaic Godly Kings

It was just that he was wearing a bamboo hat and a cloak at that time, so she did not recognize him immediately.

Even so, with his words, the Silver Dragon King instantly figured out his identity.

The scene from yesterday was still in her mind and could not be erased.

It was like a nightmare.

She had once served a martial arts master in the Godly Emperor realm and she had also seen existences in the Godly Emperor realm yet a fifth-level Godly King had crushed a large group of Godly Kings, and there was no lack of fifth-level Godly Kings among them.

He had even killed an existence at the seventh level Godly King realm.

That was the first time she had seen such a thing in her life.

If Ye Xiao had been in the primordial Divine Kingdom and had the same strength as those Godly Emperors, would he have been able to kill so many Godly Emperors as well

After the Silver Dragon King broke out in cold sweat, she quickly reacted.

She clenched her silver teeth and said,

“How did you sense me I shouldnt have leaked my aura.”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“There are three types of women who wear stockings in the middle of winter.

“One is a real sl*t who wants to find a man.

“The other is an idiot who has no idea that he should wear long johns when hes cold.

“The last type is strong.

“I cant be sure if youre a boring person or if youre an idiot because I feel that you can freely switch between these two characters.

“But your cultivation is indeed difficult to see through when you conceal your aura.

“So… Your cultivation must be very strong.”

The Silver Dragon Kings face was red from anger.

“You actually humiliated me! You will…”

Before she could say the worddie, a majestic power suddenly fell from the sky and suppressed the Silver Dragon Kings body on the spot, forcing her to kneel in front of Ye Xiao.

The Silver Dragon Kings expression changed drastically.

That was… An aura

How was that possible

If Ye Xiao wanted to suppress her, he had to rely on actual combat strength, which was to use archaic masterpiece techniques or something.

However, Ye Xiao had actually surpassed her just by relying on his aura.

Could it be that Ye Xiao had already advanced to the sixth level of the Godly King realm

D*mn it!

It was only a nights time.

How could he advance to the sixth level of the Godly King realm in a nights time

The Silver Dragon King then understood that Ye Xiao had obtained the divine blood of 20 Godly Kings.

However, the divine blood of the 20 Godly Kings could not possibly be refined in one night, right

However, other than that, she really could not figure out how Ye Xiao had advanced to such a level in one night

The Silver Dragon King, who was half-kneeling on the ground, trembled.

The Ye Xiao in front of her became even more mysterious and powerful in her heart.

“Originally, I thought that since you escaped, you wouldnt be so foolish as to come and find trouble with the Xuan Yuan clan again.

“But looking at it now, Ive clearly overestimated your intelligence.

“Well, since youve already delivered yourself to my doorstep, I might as well use your divine blood to help me raise my cultivation again.”

Seeing Ye Xiao slowly walking towards her, that fatal pressure made the Silver Dragon King grit her teeth.


‘Im done for!

“Am I really going to die this time

She did not expect that she would fall into the tigers den in the blink of an eye after escaping the wolfs mouth with great difficulty.

She still did not want to die!

She still wanted to revive the primordial Divine Kingdom!

She could not die there!

At that moment, seeing that Ye Xiao was about to make a move, she suddenly opened her mouth and said,

“Dont kill me! I have a secret to tell you.

Although I know that you are already very strong now, I can clearly tell you that if you can obtain this secret of mine, you will become even stronger.

You might even advance to the legendary Godly Emperor realm.”

Ye Xiao calmly walked toward her.

Of course, he knew what she wanted to say.

He even knew why she would take such a huge risk to come to the Nine Provinces world.

It was because she wanted to obtain the Divine Kingdoms treasury!

Right then, she only wanted to use the Divine Kingdoms treasury in exchange for a chance to live.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao did not need that information at all.

Seeing that Ye Xiao did not care about what she said, the Silver Dragon King became even more flustered.

“What I said is true.

Believe me! I really did not lie to you.

In this small world, there is a secret that can resurrect all of our Godly Emperors! “That thing is an existence that even the Godly Emperors yearn for and covet.”

“Are you talking about the Divine Kingdoms treasury”

Ye Xiao was somewhat speechless as he retorted.

The Silver Dragon King nodded repeatedly and said with a face full of joy,

“Yes, yes, yes, youre right.

Its the Divine Kingdoms treasury.”

However, just as he finished speaking, she vaguely felt that something was not right.

Ye Xiao… How did he know that there was a Divine Kingdoms treasury

The smile on the Silver Dragon Kings face instantly disappeared, and she suddenly said,

“How… How did you know about the Divine Kingdoms treasury Could it be that the Northern King told you” The Silver Dragon King naturally knew about the other Godly Kings.

Previously, she had sent the Northern King to the Nine Provinces world to search for the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Moreover, she also knew that he had already fallen, which was why she thought of that.

However, Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“He wasnt the one who told me.

To be more precise, all of you are late.

The Divine Kingdoms treasury has long been dug through by me.”

Hearing those words, the Silver Dragon Kings face instantly turned ashen.

The Divine Kingdoms treasury had already fallen into the hands of that man

That… How was that possible

However, she suddenly thought of a problem.

If Ye Xiao did not obtain the Divine Kingdoms treasury, how could he be so powerful as he was

It was over!

It was the real end.

The primordial Divine Kingdom was completely finished!

Without the power of the laws in the Divine Kingdoms treasury, how could Godly Emperor Nalan be revived

Since Godly Emperor Nalan could not be revived, she naturally could not revive Godly Emperors like him.

The primordial Divine Kingdom was completely finished.

“You… You can kill me.”

At that moment, the Silver Dragon King had completely lost all of her fighting spirit.

She did not want to fight anymore.

It was too tiring!

All her life, she had lived for the primordial Divine Kingdom.

She hoped that one day, she could recreate the glory of the primordial Divine Kingdom.

At that point, everything was gone.

What was the meaning of her continued existence

However, to her surprise, Ye Xiao did not kill her.

Instead, he said indifferently,

“I can not kill you.

Lets make a deal.

You should know where the Godly Emperors Tomb


“Tell me the location of the Godly Emperors tomb and I can spare your life!”


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