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Chapter 478 Flee with The Wind, Refining the Blood of 20 Godly Kings

When Ouyang Shengdes head was blasted apart by Ye Xiaos last punch, everything finally returned to silence.

Ye Xiao held Ouyang Shengdes neck like he was holding a salted duck whose head had been cut off.

Actually, when he punched out for the first time, he could have directly blasted the other partys dog head apart, but he did not do that.

That was because he really did not like Ouyang Shengde.

That old dog was a little too pretentious.

He threw Ouyang Shengdes corpse to the side like a dead fish.

Ouyang Shengdes corpse immediately shattered and turned into spiritual energy.

Only a drop of divine blood appeared in the air.

What he transmigrated over was actually a drop of divine blood essence, and then condensed into countless spiritual energy.

After being blown up by Ye Xiao, the spiritual energy dispersed, and that drop of divine blood essence also turned into dregs.

The entire starry sky was so dead silent that one could even hear a needle drop on the ground clearly.

Ouyang Shengde had been blown up.

Those punches earlier seemed to have hit their chests.

The pain was heart-wrenching.

In that day and age, was there anyone who could fight above their level

They simply could not believe their eyes.

They even felt that it was like a dream, so unreal.

Ye Xiao clapped his hands.

The expression on his face was so indifferent.

It was a pity that he was hiding in the bamboo hat, so no one could see his expression.

However, from his actions, everyone could already see that his indifference did not take Ouyang Shengde seriously at all.

“What other trump cards do you have Use them all.”

Ye Xiao spoke once more.

His indifferent tone revealed a wild and arrogant killing intent that made all the Godly Kings tremble in fear.

At that moment, everyone collapsed.

The Silver Dragon Kings long eyelashes fluttered, and her eyes were overflowing with light.

Then, her took out a handful of divine blood and divine soul from each of the archaic Godly Kings bodies and turned to run.

She ran!

That was right, she ran!

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After feeling despair, she chose to run, not daring to continue fighting with Ye Xiao.

That was because she was very smart.

She knew that even if she stayed, she would die.


When the other Godly Kings saw that scene, they were so angry that they stomped their feet.

“D*mned Silver Dragon King, F*ck you!” However, cursing was one thing, but the other Godly Kings running speed was not inferior to hers.

Almost at the instant the Silver Dragon King escaped, the other Godly Kings all turned around and fled.

There was no way to continue fighting.

Ye Xiao could even beat a seventh-levelGodly King to death.

If they went up, it would not be enough for the other party to blow them up with a punch.

However, even if they ran, how could Ye Xiao let them escape

The Star-plucking Hand was activated with all its might, instantly spreading out Y Xiaos power while capturing all the escaping Godly Kings at the same time.

Other than the Silver Dragon King who had escaped the fastest, the others had not escaped Ye Xiaos Star-plucking Hand.

That was because Ye Xiao had added the Bloodbath masterpiece technique to the Star-plucking Hand.

It would cause a certain degree of disturbance to the divine blood in their bodies, and this would similarly suppress their power.

When the various Godly Kings saw that scene, they were extremely terrified.

They were like fish that had been caught in a net, struggling desperately.

Among them, three fifth-level Godly Kings were desperately using their cultivation techniques.

Those three people had all learned some peak nine-star god techniques or even low-grade masterpiece techniques.

After combining their strength, they actually broke through Ye Xiaos Star-plucking Hand and escaped.

Ye Xiao slightly raised his brows, but there was no other way.

Capturing nearly a dozen Godly Kings at the same time was not the same as killing over a dozen Godly Kings.

Killing them required his strength.

If it was only a million, capturing and controlling them might require five million strength points.

The consumption and disparity in the middle were too great.

Seeing that the last fifth-level Godly King of the four great god clans also wanted to use the same trick to break Ye Xiaos blockade, Ye Xiao was quick to react.

He raised his hand and shot out more than a dozen Heaven-worshipping Fingers.

The Heaven-worshipping Fingers condensed a point, and together with the power of the World Destruction masterpiece technique, they shot out rapidly like more than ten meteors in the starry sky.

They used an unstoppable force to cut through the spiritual energy in the starry sky and mercilessly pierce through everyones chests.


The more than ten Godly Kings cried out in pain.

They felt the divine blood in their bodies rapidly drain away, and their powers gradually began to weaken.

Ye Xiao sent out a second wave, a third wave, and a fourth wave…

Finally, after the fifth wave, everyone could no longer hold on.

Their bodies were already filled with bloody holes.

“Bloodbath technique, activate!”

Ye Xiao shouted sharply and circulated the power of the Bloodbath technique to the maximum.

He instantly extracted their fresh blood from their bodies.

The divine blood of more than ten Godly Kings turned into blood dragons and instantly fused into Ye Xiaos body.

At that point, the Godly Kings were completely annihilated.

The divine blood in their bodies had all been sucked dry.

Their corpses were like withered tree branches.

“Die!” Ye Xiao lightly shouted.

With a thought, he immediately shattered their bodies into pieces.

Other than the few Godly Kings that had escaped, nearly 20 Godly Kings, including the archaic Godly Kings, were all killed by Ye Xiao.

Not a single one was left.

Ye Xiao slowly exhaled a mouthful of turbid air.

He did not know if it was because he had absorbed too much divine blood, but his Primordial Pupil began to emit blood-red energy.

It was soul-stirring and extremely terrifying.!

Ye Xiao swept his gaze in all directions.

That stretch of starry sky had already been destroyed beyond recognition.

The meteorites were shattered, and the Star Island was badly damaged.

There was no longer any life in the surroundings.

It was not just the Godly Kings that had escaped.

Even those existences below the Godly King realm had long since fled without a trace.

“At least you guys ran fast.”

Ye Xiao said those words indifferently.

Immediately, he did not stay any longer and immediately turned around to leave.

He wanted to quickly refine all of the divine blood that he had absorbed in his body.

If he could refine all of it, he reckoned that his strength would increase by another portion.

After that, although they did not know his true identity, they would definitely be wary of the Xuan Yuan clan.

They might even send even stronger existences to deal with him.

He absolutely could not be careless.

After returning, he should think of a way to get the Xuan Yuan clan to send even stronger existences over.

Ninth-level Godly King realm was the minimum.

Of course, if possible, it would be best to send a Godly Emperor.

With a Godly Emperor, it would probably be able to buy Ye Xiao some more time.

It would allow him to advance to the Godly Emperor realm with peace of mind!

On the other side, in the distant central region of the starry sky, a terrifying aura was suddenly emitted from the ancestral land of the Heaven-opening god clan.

That shock caused everyone in the Heaven-opening clan to jump in fright.

“Its a disturbance from the Ancestral Land.

Whats going on”.

“Could it be an elder Is he about to advance to the Godly Emperor realm”

A moment later, a figure teleported out from the Ancestral Land and appeared in front of everyone.

“Elder Ouyang has come out.”

“Greetings, Elder Ouyang!”

Everybody could not help but kneel down.

Ouyang Shengde glanced at everybody and then said,

“Pass my order.

Anyone under the ninth level of the Godly King realm, as long as they arent about to advance, will go to the Azure Billow star field to seize the Godly Emperors tomb.

“In addition, I want to strive for the position of the Godly Emperor in the next two months.

“After two months, whether I succeed or not, I will go to the Azure Billow star field immediately.

“At that time, I will kill a kid of the Xuan Yuan god clan with a bamboo hat.

“Before I go, dont attack the Xuan Yuan god clan.

You guys arent his match.”

Everybody could not help but be surprised.

Since when did the Xuan Yuan god clan have such a prodigy

They actually had to have elder Ouyang Shengde take action in order to resist

How could they not be able to defeat them if they took action

One had to know that Elder Ouyang Shengde was an existence at the ninth level of the Godly King realm.

Did that mean that the other party could even defeat someone at the ninth level of the Godly King realm

Was that not a little too terrifying

“Elder Ouyang, isnt it a little too rash to have us all take action Weve sent out so many martial arts masters at once.

Isnt it a little dangerous if the other god clans come looking for trouble”

Ouyang Shengde immediately threw his head back and laughed loudly.

Then, he turned around and walked back to the ancestral land.

“Whats there to be afraid of My Heaven-opening clansmen found a treasure chest passed down by an ancient ancestor in the Ancestral Land.

There are many high-level masterpiece techniques hidden inside.

They are all masterpiece techniques ranked in the top 50 on the masterpiece technique ranking list.

It wont be long before the strength of our martial arts masters will rise to a whole new level!

“At that time, whoever dares to come over will die!


Hearing those words, everyone present could not help but be pleasantly surprised.

They did not expect that their Heaven-opening god clan would have such a good thing.

That was simply extremely exciting.

After all, even for top-tier existences, a masterpiece technique was very rare, not to mention a high-grade one.

Furthermore, they had actually obtained many masterpiece techniques left behind by their ancient ancestors.

Their strength had not only increased by a large level.

If they did not do well, it might even affect the Heaven-opening clans ranking in the starry


Of course, the current ranking was already good.

In a short period of time, under the guidance of the various Godly Kings, countless high-grade warriors of the Heaven-opening clan, such as the Godslayer realm and the God realm… All headed toward the Azure Billow star field.

On the other side, the Silver Dragon King escaped as fast as she could.

Only when she returned to the God Emperors tomb and felt that she was out of Ye Xiaos range of perception did she heave a sigh of relief.

“Ive finally escaped.

Fortunately, this kings eyes and hands are fast.

Not only did I come back, but before I came back, I also extracted the divine blood of a few archaic Godly Kings.

“This way, I can reconstruct their bodies and gradually restore their cultivation to the Godly King realm.

“Although the losses this time are great, the losses of the four great god clans are even greater! “I originally wanted to use the destruction of the Xuan Yuan god clan to deal with the four great god clans and completely destroy them.

In the end, I didnt expect that a prodigal martial arts master would suddenly appear out of nowhere and disrupt all my plans.”


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