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Chapter 475 I Dont Need a Reason to Kill

Watching that figure leave, Ye Xiao did not stop him.

He merely flicked his finger and shot out a World Destruction masterpiece technique, injecting it into his body.

The reason why he did not kill the other party was that he wanted to borrow the other party to find the headquarters of the four great god clans.

Play the long game and catch the big fish!

The other party was speeding ahead while Ye Xiao was calmly chasing behind him.

Half a day later, in the starry sky, the four great god clans encampments were holding a grand feast.

Not only were the four great god clans there, but there was also the archaic Godly Kings as well.

“This time, thanks to the assistance of the archaic Godly Kings, our four great god clans were able to annihilate the Xuan Yuan god clan in one fell swoop.”

The archaic Godly King smiled slightly and raised his cup to pay his respects,

“All you Godly Kings are too polite.

The four great god clans themselves arent weak.

Even without us, the archaic Godly Kings, we can still defeat the Xuan Yuan clan.

“Its just that with our participation, this result will come out a little faster.”

“Oh right, regarding the matter regarding the primordial Divine Kingdoms Godly Emperors tomb that we agreed on earlier…”

“Thats easy to say.

The Godly Emperors tomb has many resources.

Even if we monopolize all of them, we wont be able to use them all.

“Everyone took out a portion and split it amongst themselves.

It wasnt to the extent of being wasted.

After dealing with the matters of the Xuan Yuan clan, the four great god clans can send people to the Godly Emperors tomb at any time “All the archaic Godly Kings are truly straightforward.

The Xuan Yuan god clan should be completely wiped out within 20 hours.

At that time, we will send people to enter the Godly Emperors tomb.

No one would stop us then.”


“Come, lets drink another toast to the success of our alliance.”


Everyone was at peace.

However, in reality, the eyes of the Godly Kings of the four great god clans hid a teasing and mocking expression.

They naturally would not be satisfied with just a portion of the resources in the Godly Emperors tomb.

Although they had quite a lot of resources, they were all high-ranking god clans in the starry sky.

There were still Godly Kings in their god clans.

Not to mention a portion of the Godly Emperor tombs resources, they could even digest the entire Godly Emperor tombs resources.

Not to mention, they had to split the resources of the Godly Emperors tomb equally among the four clans.

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What they wanted then was the location of the Godly Emperors tomb and all its resources.

As for those archaic Godly Kings, once they found the Godly Emperors tomb, they would die.

The archaic Godly Kings were not fools either.

They had naturally thought of the thoughts and goals of the four great god clans.

However, they did not need to worry.

Firstly, although the four great god clans had the advantage, it was not an overwhelming one.

As long as it was not an overwhelming advantage.

If they could not kill all of them in an instant, they would not be able to control the situation.

Secondly, not to mention that only they knew the location of the Godly Emperors tomb.

Even if they told the four great god clans the location of the Godly Emperors tomb, so what

The mechanisms inside the tomb were not something that they could break just by thinking about it.

However, just as everyone had their own ulterior motives, an accident suddenly happened in the next second.

As a stream of light rushed into the hall, everyone was immediately shocked.

Upon closer inspection, it was actually sent by them to inform the Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan.

What was even more unexpected was that at that moment, both of his arms had been severed.

They could only be sealed with spiritual energy.

Separated by the spiritual energy seal, the five-colored divine blood flowing inside looked so glaring

“Ku Xuan! Whats going on Who cut off your arms”

Ku Xuan gritted his teeth,

“Today, I went to the base of the Xuan Yuan God clan to inform them that they have to leave the Azure Billow star area within ten hours.

I dont know where a madman of the Xuan Yuan god clan came from since he didnt come out.

He sneakily attacked me and cut off my arms.

“If I didnt run fast, my head would have been chopped off by the other party right now.

I wouldnt even have the chance to come back and report to you!”

Everyone slapped the table and stood up.

“How dare the Xuan Yuan god clan be so arrogant! We were originally kind enough to give them a chance, but they actually didnt know how to appreciate favors and went too


“It seems that this time, we dont need to give them any leeway.

“Pass my command.

All the members of the four great god clans, including the archaic Godly Kings, gather.

“Follow me and destroy the Xuan Yuan god clan!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Godly King Ku Xuan suddenly exploded into a bloody mist without any warning.


With a violent explosion, Godly King Ku Xuan instantly disappeared without a trace!

The furious cries of the crowd came to an abrupt halt.

The entire hall fell silent.

No one dared to utter a single word.

Everyone stared fixedly at the blood mist, not daring to utter a single word.

The hall was so quiet that it was as if one could hear a needle drop.

At that moment, not only the Godly Kings of the four great divine races, even the archaic Godly Kings expressions instantly turned solemn.

It was obvious that someone had cast a cultivation technique on Godly King Ku Xuans body.

With this cultivation technique, the other party could kill Godly King Ku Xuan anytime and anywhere.

What was even more terrifying was that based on Godly King Ku Xuans performance earlier, he was completely unaware that his body had been tampered with by someone else.

The other party had chopped off two of his arms in succession, and he had even planted a streak of power in his body without leaving a trace.

That method was something that at least everyone present could not do.

In fact, among everyone present, the strongest one was a fifth-level Godly King.

Moreover, there was not just one fifth-level Godly King!

Including the archaic Godly Kings and the four great god clans, there was a total of five!

“Everyone, in my opinion… Why dont we discuss this matter from a long-term perspective”

The one who spoke was Su Changhe of the Heaven-opening god clan!

He was at the peak of the fifth level of the Godly King realm and was only one step away from reaching the sixth level of the Godly King realm.

He was also the strongest person there, so he had some suggestions for what he said.

Of course, just his words alone were not enough to make everyone listen to him.

What made everyone listen was the person who had killed Ku Xuan.

The other partys strength was very likely to surpass every single one of them present.

At that time, if they wanted to touch the Xuan Yuan god clan again, they would have to think twice.

Everyone nodded slightly.

At the same time, Ye Xiaos figure had already arrived outside the four great god clans encampment.

“Stop, who is it”

The martial artist in charge of guarding the gate immediately stopped Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao did not reply.

A saber light formed above his head and instantly spread over a distance of over a million feet!

The starlight that filled the sky could not help but flicker for a moment when that saber light appeared as if it was frightened by the saber light.

Following closely behind, the saber light mercilessly fell.

Not giving the other party a chance to react, it directly split everything in front of Ye Xiao apart.

The two of them were not under the saber light.

More accurately speaking, it was from both sides of the saber light.

However, because the power of the saber was too strong, the two of them were instantly sucked in by the power of the saber light and died on the spot.

That was not the most terrifying part.

The saber light did not stop moving.

Along the way, wherever it passed, everything was cleaved apart by it.

In the end, that large hall was also swept by the sabers glow.


Following a loud sound, the large hall was split open on the spot.

The Star Island below the large hall was also split open by Ye Xiaos saber, turning into two halves.

It was a large-scale star island that exceeded nearly a thousand miles.

Its magnitude was unimaginable!

Ye Xiaos one saber had mercilessly destroyed everything in it!

At the next moment, a total of more than 20 rays of light flew out from the shattered area.

“How powerful!”

Everyone could not help but exclaim in surprise, and their entire bodies trembled.

The moment they saw Ye Xiao, they already knew that the Ye Xiao in front of them was the instigator of that matter.

That made everyone even more alarmed.

“Youre the person who destroyed Ku Xuan”

“Youre a member of the Xuan Yuan god clan”

Only then did Ye Xiao speak indifferently,

“All of you talk too much nonsense.”

When everyone heard those words, they could not help but feel a little angry.

However, no one dared to rashly step forward.

That was because everyone knew that he was not a simple fellow.

“Who exactly are you Why did you attack us There has to be a reason, right”

“I dont need a reason to kill people.”

After Ye Xiao finished speaking, he immediately stepped toward everyone.

Those people actually had the nerve to ask him for a reason It was simply ridiculous to the extreme!

When they killed the Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan, did they give a reason

The strong preyed on the weak.

The strong did not need a reason to kill the weak.

They only needed to think or not think.

If they wanted to kill you, you could not live.

If they did not want to kill you, that was your luck.

It was not that I could not kill you!

At that moment, they had killed many of the Xuan Yuan clans clansmembers.

That had already ignited the fury in Ye Xiaos heart.

Those people must die!

Seeing Ye Xiao walking towards them, all of the Godly Kings present could not help but feel their hearts tremble.

They clearly knew that they had more than 20 Godly Kings, yet they still charged over without any hesitation.

That fellow was either a madman, or his strength was so strong that it made peoples hair stand on end.

He had enough confidence.

It was very obvious that he belonged to the latter.

Su Changhe clenched his teeth tightly.

He absolutely could not let Ye Xiao continue to be arrogant.

At the very least, he could not let him kill the Godly Kings of the four great god clans.

Otherwise, the alliance would be for nothing!

“Everyone, dont be afraid of him.

So what if hes very strong We have more than 20 Godly Kings here!

“Even if its just one person, lets show him what were made of!

“Everyone, attack together.

As long as we work together, killing him will be a piece of cake.

“Moreover, with his strength being so strong, he definitely has many good things on him.

If anyone can kill him, they will definitely be heavily rewarded!”

Hearing those words, everyone felt as if they were high on adrenaline.

Although there was still some fear in their hearts, at that moment, courage that came from God knows where made them rush towards Ye Xiao like a swarm of bees.


More than 20 streams of light arrived in the blink of an eye.

In the next second, they had already arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

At that critical moment, Ye Xiaos expression did not change.

He was as steady as Mount Tai.

Instead of retreating, he advanced and actually directly welcomed them!


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