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Chapter 473 The Xuan Yuan Clan Was in Danger.

It Seemed Like It Was Time for them to Make Their Appearance

At that moment, it was already the next morning.

Ye Xiao had come out of the cellar.

He did not know why but that day he felt that something was not right.

However, he could not tell what exactly it was.

After advancing to the fifth level of the Godly King realm, he seemed to have a special perception of everything around him.

Could it be the legendary seventh sense

An existence that surpassed the sixth sense

Due to his advancement to the fifth level of the Godly King realm, he was closer to being a martial arts master in the Godly Emperor realm and the law energy in his body was also increasing

Could it be that because he had more and more law energy, it resulted in the strengthening of his perception

Just as he thought of that, the next second, the entire city suddenly recalled the sound of the alarm bell.

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly, somewhat confused.

He did not sense that anyone wanted to invade the world.

Was there something wrong with the bell

The bell did not last for a long time and soon disappeared without a trace.

Just like the heavy rain in summer, it came and went quickly.

However, Ye Xiao could feel that the Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan flew into the starry sky.

That made him a little confused.

He displayed his divine sense and quickly spread it out, but he did not detect anything.

There were no Godly Kings in the star area near the Nine Provinces.

Could it be a drill

Perhaps it could be that they had discovered the Godly Emperors tomb so they wanted to rush over and snatch it

Shaking his head, Ye Xiao went to the library with a dumbfounded expression.

What made him feel even stranger was that even though those nosy library employees were also discussing it, they clearly did not know what had happened.

Forget it.

He did not know what they were up to.

He would just wait and see.

On the other side, Zheng Tianya brought the various Godly Kings and flew rapidly.

Soon, they entered the starry sky.

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However, he did not slow down.

Instead, he continued to charge forward.

The other Godly Kings followed behind him.

Zheng Tianyas expression was very serious.

It was extremely serious.

Not long after, Cangming led another group of Netherworld Godly Kings to join him from the side.

“Brother Tianya, the four great god clans are openly challenging us to a battle! This isnt normal.”

Zheng Tianya nodded.

“I know.

If my guess is correct, they should have joined forces with the archaic Godly Kings.”

Cangmings expression became even more serious when he heard that.

“Why did they suddenly join forces”

“I dont know why this happened either, but I know that if they didnt join forces, they wouldnt have come to challenge us.

“This is because no matter which group of people from either side comes to provoke the flames of war, the other group will definitely take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

“If they dont have enough trump cards, they definitely wont come to find trouble with us.” “Then the problem will be huge.

The overall strength of one of the four great god clans is already above ours.

If we add the archaic Godly Kings, then it will be a destructive blow that will undoubtedly be lost to us.”

“I can only pray that they wont really kill us.

Ill try my best to deal with them.”.

“Behind us, there are more than ten billion members of our Xuan Yuan clan!

“Brother Cangming, promise me that if I cant hold on any longer, you can leave.

However, you must take away those children of my Xuan Yuan clan.

“I dont beg you to take everyone away.

However, at the very least, you can take away our elites to help us preserve some of the kindling.”

Godly King Cangming sighed faintly.

“Dont be silly.

No one knows what will happen until the end.

“Perhaps its not what you think at all

“However, you can rest assured.

You know very well who I am.

“If we really encounter danger and have no choice but to leave, I will definitely help you take away those elite geniuses of the Xuan Yuan clan.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Theres no need to be polite between us.”

After saying that, everyones speed became much faster.

Ye Xiao continued to read in the library.

After an entire day, he found a brand new god-level fist technique.

That god-level fist technique was called the Dragon Elephant Divine Fist!

It could not be considered a nine-star divine technique, but it had a different origin from the Star-splitting Fist, so it could be synthesized once.

That way, Ye Xiaos fist techniques had the Star-splitting Fist and the Dragon Elephant Divine Fist!

Palm techniques had the Yi Xing palm and the God-subduing Palm!

Finger techniques had the Heaven-worshipping Finger and the Bhramara Mudra!

In other words, he already had three physical technique-type cultivation techniques and had reached two.

At that point, he was still lacking a claw technique and a leg technique.

If those two get another cultivation technique each, he would be able to synthesize another masterpiece technique.

Although he did not know what kind of masterpiece technique it will be, it definitely would not be some trash thing.

The next step was to synthesize the masterpiece technique.

If he were to synthesize the masterpiece technique again, the number of those cultivation techniques might shrink again.

However, the brand-new cultivation technique he obtained would be even more powerful.

He wondered if all the cultivation techniques would eventually be fused into one cultivation technique

If that was really the case, that cultivation technique should be heaven-defying enough, right

He was currently at the fifth level of the Godly King realm, and he was still four levels away from the Godly Emperor realm.


Once he advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, he could once again synthesize techniques greater than the masterpiece technique.

It would definitely be enough to save his life.

Of course, the prerequisite was that he did not have to encounter a freak at the level of the Supreme Eternal.

In short, he had gained a lot that day.

After work, Ye Xiao was preparing to go home.

Suddenly, the citys alarm bell rang once again.

That made Ye Xiao somewhat surprised.

In a short days time, it actually came twice in a row.

Something was wrong, very wrong! His divine sense spread out and instantly enveloped the entire Nine Provinces.

However, the result of the scan made him even more astonished.

He did not know when but Zheng Tianya and the other Godly Kings had already returned.

However, Zheng Tianyas injuries were very serious, close to the point of his life being in danger.

Another point was that there were fewer Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan.

There were much lesser than before! When they left that morning, there were a total of seven Godly Kings.

At the moment, including the heavily injured Zheng Tianya, there were a total of four people.

Furthermore, the other three had quite a number of injuries on their bodies.

What kind of situation was that

Did they go out to steal someone

Even if they stole someone, they would not be beaten up like that, right Unless they went to the territories of the four great god clans.

However, they should not be so stupid as to really go to the territories of the four great god clans.

Ye Xiao was just about to look for someone to ask, but in the next second, his intent stone started to tremble.

Ye Xiao immediately took out the intent stone from his pocket.

The person who contacted him was Xia Xinyi.

In fact, if anyone knew the inside story of the matter, other than Xia Xinyi, there was no other person that Ye Xiao knew.

The cultivation and aptitude of others were far inferior to hers.

Ye Xiao picked up the other partys signal and said,

“Whats going on”

“Something big has happened.

This morning, the four great god clans issued a challenge to the Xuan Yuan clan.

They also warned Senior Zheng and the others that if they didnt go, the four great god clans would come over and massacre the entire Nine Provinces human


“A few Godly Kings had no choice but to accept the challenge in order to protect the Nine Provinces human race.

“They headed to the starry sky and later added the six Godly Kings of the Netherworld clan to jointly challenge the four great god clans.

“But I didnt expect the four great god clans to actually join forces with the archaic Godly Kings and kill a total of nine of our Godly Kings, leaving only four.”

Ye Xiaos heart instantly could not help but thump.

That was what was going on! The four great god clans joined forces with the archaic Godly Kings to challenge them in the starry sky.

No wonder he did not sense anyone invading the Nine Provinces before, but Zheng Tianya and the others still headed into the starry sky.

It was an emotional problem.

“Thats not right! How did the four of them escape Although they were relatively stronger.

But the other party is an archaic Godly King and two extremely powerful factions of the four great god clans working together.

Its impossible to let the four of them escape.”

Xia Xinyis bitter voice came from the other end of the intent stone.

“The four of them didnt escape.

They were released by the other party.

“Because Cangming of the Netherworld god clan chose to retreat.

From now on, he withdrew from the Azure Billow star field and told the Netherworld clan to never set foot in this star area again.

Therefore, he and his subordinates could be considered lucky to escape this calamity.

“As for my Senior Zheng Tianya, he chose to die in exchange for the other party.

He spared the younger generation of the Xuan Yuan clan!

“Therefore, the injuries on his body were actually caused by himself.”

Ye Xiao could not help but sigh.

Although Zheng Tianyas brain was not very good, he actually thought of such a stupid idea.

What if the other party violated the agreement Would it not be easy to kill you

However, his intentions toward everyone were still pretty good.

Since that was the case, he could not possibly let him die.

There was another matter.

He did not want to leave his hometown.

If his hometown was messed up, his life would be a mess.

At least, his cultivation had not advanced to the Godly Emperor realm.

He was far from being able to protect himself.

At that time, if the Xuan Yuan clan ran away, who would he ask to cover for him

He should continue cultivating!

“Ye Xiao, what should we do next The four great god clans want us to move out of the Azure Billow star field immediately.

Otherwise, they will kill us all.

“However, all the resources here have to be given up.

“Moreover, there are so many clansmen in the Nine Provinces, more than ten billion of them.

The spiritual airship in our hands has no way to take away so many people at once.

“If we put them there, the four great god clans will absolutely not let them off.

“They will definitely kill them all.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I know that.

Dont worry.

Leave the rest to


After saying that, he instantly cut off the connection with the intent stone.

Then, with a light tap of his feet, his body instantly arrived at the Ning family manor.

He knew very well that if he did not save those people, he would be the one in trouble the next day.


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