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Chapter 466 Steal A Divine Array

Very soon, under the control of Ye Xiaos Minor Destiny technique, King Zhou was resurrected.

He looked at his real body of flesh and blood and was stunned for quite a while as if he did not quite dare to believe it.

He really came back to life!

For thousands of years, he had never harbored the thought that he could still be resurrected.

He only wanted to wait for his soul power to completely disappear in that ruin.

Although he had once fantasized that there would be a day when he would be revived, he knew in his heart that it was just a fantasy.

An unrealistic fantasy.

However, Ye Xiao had actually really revived him.

At that moment, he was so excited that he simply could not express his feelings.

Of course, other than excitement, there was more in his heart that was filled with emotion and joy.

Fortunately, back then, he had chosen to contribute his divine blood, allowing Ye Xiao to advance one step faster.

Otherwise, he might not have been able to revive so quickly that day.

“Ye Xiao, thank you! I really didnt expect that I would actually be able to revive one day.”

Ye Xiao smiled indifferently.

“Back then, when I was still very weak, it was also because of Seniors help that I got to where I am today.

Now, Im only giving back to Senior, so theres no need to thank me.”

King Zhou nodded.

“You have to thank me.

What I did for you back then was only a small matter.

Many people can do it.

But what you helped me do today is a big matter.

Its a huge matter! No one can do it.”

“We dont have to be polite here.

Lets hurry back and talk about it.”

King Zhou nodded.


Wait a moment, Ill take some of my funerary objects.”

Ye Xiao replied and waited for him to take his things.

The funerary objects of emperors were basically all good things.

At least, compared to a Martial Emperor in the human world, they were not bad.

At the same time, on the other side, a figure quietly appeared in the valley of the Silver Fox Valley.

He had his hands behind his back, and his eyes flickered with a sharp light.

His body faintly emitted a lightning-like pressure that made peoples hearts palpitate.

“Not far ahead should be the Nine Provinces world of the Xuan Yuan clan.

“Although this king is already an existence at the third level of the Godly King realm, I should still be more cautious.

After all, this king still doesnt know how many Godly Kings there are on the Xuan Yuan clans side.”

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With that, he cupped his chin and pondered for a moment before continuing, “This star island is located in a remote area.

There are no living beings around it, so its perfect for me to create a teleportation array.

“If Im discovered by the Xuan Yuan clan, I can instantly escape even if Im surrounded.”

Thus, he quickly took out the divine crystal and set up an array.

Looking at the array he set up on the ground, he could not help but smile.

“The world only knows that our Earth Spirit clan has unparalleled concealment techniques, but they dont know that our Earth Spirit clans arrays are also top-notch.

“This is especially so for the teleportation array.

Although its not famous, it doesnt lose out to those famous top-notch arrays!”

After doing all that, his face instantly changed to that of a 27-year-old young man.

Then, with a tap of his feet, his body instantly disappeared from where he stood, turning into a stream of light that headed straight for the human world.

Not long after he left, Ye Xiao and King Zhou walked out from King Zhous imperial tomb.

“Ye Xiao, why did I not look too good when I saw you just now Did something happen”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Just now, there was a martial arts master at the Godly King realm here.

They were in the third level of the Godly King realm!” “What! Are you joking with me This place is so remote.

How could there be a martial arts master at the third level of the Godly King realm here” Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Im not that bored.

Im joking with Senior.”

In fact, when the other party had just arrived, he had noticed the other party at the first moment.

His level was naturally self-evident.

Even if the Earth Spirit god clans third-level Godly King had powerful concealment techniques, it was impossible for him to escape his discerning eyes.

Moreover, with the other partys strength, it was impossible for him to notice him.

Very soon, Ye Xiao arrived in front of the large array that the other party had constructed.

King Zhou also followed.

“My God, what an exquisite large array! I cant even understand this large array.

Isnt this too terrifying”

“This is a divine array, and its even a nine-star divine array.

Its extremely exquisite! With your current level, you definitely wont be able to understand it.

“Even among those top-tier gods, such as the Xuan Yuan clan, its also a top-tier array.

Its an existence that even the Xuan Yuan clan will pay attention to.”

Ye Xiao was not exaggerating.

That was because arrays did not have a masterpiece technique level.

At most, it was at the nine-star divine array level.

Among the nine star divine arrays, the teleportation array was extremely important.

That was because it was not too realistic to rely on the array to carry out the battle.

The array could not be moved, and in a high-level battle, the strength of a martial artist was stronger than the one before.

Even if the power of the array was sufficient, it would be difficult to capture the other party.

The teleportation array could transport a martial artist to carry out battle as quickly as possible.

Therefore, the more exquisite the teleportation array was, the harder it was to be noticed by others, and the harder it was to be destroyed, the more important it was.

The nine-star divine array in front of him was just like that.

“Then does the other party have any special purpose for building such a good array here”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Of course.

If my guess is correct, he should be preparing to go to the Nine Provinces to gather intelligence.

If he is discovered, he will use this teleportation array to teleport himself here and then escape.”

“Then we have to destroy this array quickly.

We cant let him escape from this place.”

“Theres no rush.

This array is very exquisite.

I want to take it back and learn it.

Maybe it will be useful in the future.”

“But how are you going to take it away”


Ye Xiao waved his hand and said,

“In the name of Ye Xiao, take away the array in front of me and have it enter my storage ring.”

In the next second, the array on the ground instantly disappeared and appeared in Ye Xiaos storage ring.

Seeing that scene, King Zhous mouth could not help but twitch violently.

Ye Xiaos method was simply abnormal to the extreme.

One had to know that an array was not something that could be simply carved on the ground.

You could dig away the soil on the ground and it would be dug away.

In fact, the array itself was related to a special rule.

It was fixed on the spatial coordinates in the starry sky.

Therefore, it could be carved on the ground.

It could also be carved on chairs, beds, blankets, pillars, and roofs…

If you forcefully tore down the place where it was attached, the array would be instantly destroyed.

It did not mean that you could take it away just because you wanted to.

Otherwise, everyone would not need to set up the array.

They would just build a bunch of arrays at home and carve them on the cloth strips.

Would it not be wonderful to place them wherever they went

As for Ye Xiao, he was actually able to remove that array without any damage.

That method already involved the power of laws.

However, thinking about it carefully, he was now able to resurrect people like him who had died of natural causes.

This itself already involved a certain amount of the power of laws.

At that point, taking that thing away did not seem to be a big problem.

“Then what should we do next”

“Return home!”

Hearing the word return home, King Zhous body trembled at first, but he immediately relaxed and a trace of a smile hung on his face.

Yes, it was time to go home.

He did not know what the Nine Provinces had become.

Was it exactly the same as when he left

There are still brand new changes.

‘The last time Ye Xiao came over, he only told me about the kings and dynasties that followed.

He did not tell me how the people had become.

‘I wonder if this old monster from thousands of years ago can still be integrated into it now

‘Should I prepare for it For example, what should I say first when I see the people of the Nine Provinces

‘What kind of greeting language are they using now

‘What are they eating now

‘Is it still wild boar meat and jujubes

After a few seconds, King Zhou became more and more excited as he thought about it.

“Ye Xiao, what do you think I should do first after we return to Nine Provinces Nowadays, people still dont have big beards.

Should I shave off my big beard first”

“We have already arrived at the Nine Provinces.”

“Are you joking with me It has only been a few breaths, how can we possibly return to the Nine Provinces The distance between the Silver Fox Valley and the Nine Provinces is…”

However, before he could finish his words, he felt that something was not right.

That is not right!

Way too wrong!

That was not the Silver Fox Valley!

Although he did not pay attention to the scenery around him earlier, the spiritual energy here was much denser than in the Silver Fox Valley.

It was really the Nine Provinces!

He had really returned to the Nine Provinces!

What a fast speed!

King Zhou felt that Ye Xiao was even more monstrous.

Every time he saw it with his own eyes, he would be even more shocked.

That fellows methods were simply endless.

However, very quickly, the shock in his heart was washed away by the excitement and joy of returning to the Nine Provinces.

Who cares how abnormal Ye Xiao was He was a monster to begin with.

It would be fine if he returned to the Nine Provinces.

‘My compatriots, I, King Zhou, have returned!

He took a deep breath and immediately flew in the direction of Jianghai city together with Ye Xiao.

As Ye Xiao flew, he explained to him,

“The Nine Provinces has now been divided into five large cities.

Back then, in order to fight against the star beasts, it was the last resort.

“The place I am currently staying in is called Jianghai city, and it is currently the largest city.

“However, not many people know of my identity.

After you arrive, you should also try to keep a low profile.

“Right now, there are people from the Xuan Yuan clan everywhere.

Even some of the weakest God realm martial arts masters are not people that you can easily deal with.

“Although everyone gets along very harmoniously and peacefully, its hard to guarantee that no one will lose their temper.

If you encounter an existence of that level, you might be killed with a slap.

“Remember to pay attention.”


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