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Chapter 465: Plan Ahead to Resurrect the Old


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Seeing the person who stood out, all the Godly Kings were delighted.

“Godly King Tuboshu of the Earth Spirit clan has made his move.

Naturally, it was a success!”

“Thats right.

The Earth Spirit clan is concealing their aura and is extremely strong in the area of intelligence gathering.

And Godly King Tuboshu is one of the best among the Earth Spirit clan.

“With you stepping out, we can rest assured.”

Tuboshu nodded and cupped his hands towards everyone.

“This matter is just a small matter.

This king will go now and investigate this matter to the end.

Everyone here can just wait for this kings good news!”

Everyone nodded and respectfully sent Tuboshu off.

Master Tuboshu passionately said a few righteous words before striding away.

Everyones eyes were filled with confidence.

In terms of intelligence gathering, the Earth Spirit clan had indeed never been afraid of anyone.

Not to mention that it was the Godly King prodigy among them who made a move.

If they were to fight with the Xuan Yuan clan, they might not succeed.

However, gathering intelligence was not a fight, and there was no need to directly expose themselves.

Therefore, that matter was bound to be a piece of cake.

On the other side, in Jianghai city, Ye Xiao had also gotten off work.

He suddenly thought of a problem.

That was, after he becomes a Godly Emperor, he would definitely have to think of a way to let him advance to become a Supreme Eternal.

‘When that time came, he would not be in the Nine Provinces world.

What would the human race do then What would his old friends do

He could not always bring them along.

Although the Xuan Yuan clan could protect them, he still did not know how to arrange them in the end.

Should he teach them something so that they could rely on him in the future

That way, he could leave without any worries.

There was another problem, and that was that it involved old seniors like Emperor Yun and King Zhou.

They had also given him a lot of help before.

After he becomes a stronger existence, he could not just ignore them, right

He would first try to see if he could revive those seniors and then nurture them.

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He could consider arranging them to be placed in the Xuan Yuan clans direct line of descent aristocratic families.

Their aptitude was pretty good to begin with.

If he nurtured them a little and raised their standards, the Xuan Yuan clans aristocratic families would probably choose to snatch them, right

For a short period of time, he would ask them not to expose his identity.

After he became a Godly Emperor and was sufficient to protect himself, even if they exposed his identity, there was nothing to worry about.

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao directly went to a nearby dragon vein and cast the Minor Destiny technique.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, resurrect Emperor Zetian!”

However, it was a pity that the Minor Destiny technique did not have any reaction.

It did not even absorb the slightest bit of spiritual energy from his body.

That was a pain in the *ss.

It seemed that the Minor Destiny technique could not resurrect those seniors who had transformed into dragon veins.

That was because, theoretically speaking, they had not died.

They had only transformed into dragon veins to contribute to the earth according to their own choices.

That itself should be a type of rule.

Other masterpiece techniques might be related to activities under laws, while the Minor Destiny technique was related to laws.

However, it was not able to completely break the laws.

Hence, he still had no way to resurrect those seniors who had transformed into dragon veins.

That experiment failed.

Ye Xiao continued to arrive in midair, the place where Emperor Yun had died back then.

He took a deep breath and once again cast the Minor Destiny technique.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, resurrect Senior Emperor Yun!”

That time, the Minor Destiny technique moved.

That was because Ye Xiao could clearly feel that the spiritual energy in his body was circulating rapidly.

Moreover, the burning speed was very fast, a reduction visible to the naked eye, Ye Xiaos Creation masterpiece technique continuously absorbed

spiritual energy, and it could not even make up for that consumption.

Furthermore, in the air, only faintly formed a weak power that belonged to Emperor Yun.

It was too weak.

According to the situation, even if the spiritual energy within Ye Xiaos body was completely exhausted, it would still be impossible to revive him.

Ye Xiao stopped the Minor Destiny techniques execution.

After the death of Emperor Yun, his body, divine blood, and divine soul no longer existed.

They turned into the purest spiritual energy in the world and returned to nature.

Although that portion of spiritual energy still had the mark of Emperor Yun, it would slowly disappear.

‘That was because when other people were using up spiritual energy, they might absorb that portion of spiritual energy.

By continuously circulating the spiritual energy, they would completely digest the mark that originally belonged to Emperor Yun within the spiritual energy.

The part that did not completely disappear, that belonged to Emperor Yuns mark, could also drift far away with the breeze, or even into the starry sky.

Other than that, there were also some other things that some martial arts experts might have absorbed and brought to other places.

When they used the god technique, they would release them, just like seeds that were brought to other places, it might even be in the bodies of some martial arts experts.

All of these were uncertain.

Therefore, to gather all of them, the energy consumed by the Minor Destiny technique was very shocking.

Ye Xiao felt that for the time being, he should put the matter of Emperor Yun aside.

At that point, the Minor Destiny technique was still able to touch the other partys life origin mark, it meant that there would not be any delay after a period of time.

He would wait for his cultivation to advance to the Godly Emperor realm or the Supreme Eternal realm before considering such matters.

Next, there was still Senior King Zhou.

With a thought, Ye Xiao used the Space Warping masterpiece technique.

In the next second, his body appeared in Silver Fox Valley.

Silver Fox Valley had already become much more desolate.

The Silver Fox clan was outside the Divine Kingdoms treasury, excavating the Godly Emperors tomb for him.

There were no longer any living beings in Silver Fox Valley.

Ye Xiao went straight to King Zhous tomb.

Just as he arrived, he heard a loud singing voice that he could not bear to look straight at.

“Your Majesty, Quickly…”

“Your Majesty, Hurry up.

Why did you stop”

King Zhou waved his hand, and the illusory figure disappeared without a trace.

He coughed lightly and tidied up his clothes.

Then, he said faintly,

“Didnt anyone teach you to knock on someones door when you enter their house”

Ye Xiao was even more speechless.

“Senior, are you only thinking about doing this kind of thing every day in your own tomb Cant you do something meaningful”

“Tm already dead, and now I only have a soul body left.

What else do you want me to do Ive been busy all my life.

Cant I do something that makes me happy”

Ye Xiao realized that he could not refute.

“By the way, why are you here again Do you have any questions for me”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Tm here to resurrect you.”

“Did I hear wrong What did you just say Tell me again.”

Ye Xiao spoke again,

“Tm here to resurrect you.”

“Are you already so awesome after reaching the God realm You can even resurrect a Martial Emperor who died of natural causes like me”

King Zhou was a little surprised.

Ye Xiao explained,

“The God realm cant reach this level yet, but Im no longer at the God realm now.

Im a Godly King.”

“A Godly King, whats that”

“Well… To put it simply, above the God realm are the Godslayer realm, the Godly King realm, and the Godly Emperor realm.

“Each realm has nine minor levels like this.

Im now at the fourth level of the Godly King realm.”

At that moment, King Zhous heart was on the verge of breaking down.

Although it was the first time he had heard about that level division, he could guess it.

How difficult it was to advance between each minor realm.

For ordinary people like them, even if they spent their entire lives, they would not be able to adance to the God realm successfully.

In the end, Ye Xiao had already advanced to the Godly King realm at that point.

What made him even more unable to understand was that Ye Xiao had only left him for a total of a few years

When he left back then, his cultivation had just advanced to the Emperor realm, one dragon.

There were still 108 dragons in the Emperor realm!

How did he cultivate

Even if he took the top-grade medicinal pills every day and ate them like candy, it was impossible for him to reach such a level, right

Was he still human

King Zhou naturally knew about the previous monster.

He had advanced to the human Martial Emperor realm in his early 20s.

That was already monstrous enough!

However, that was at most the human worlds Martial Emperor realm.

There was simply no way to compare it with the realms above the God realm.

With that thought in mind, King Zhou could not help but open his mouth after being shocked for a moment,

“Youre a monstrous talent! No, youre the monstrous god.”

Ye Xiao was rather speechless, but he had long been used to that kind of treatment.

In fact, even he himself felt that he was very monstrous, let alone others.

“Senior, Ill resurrect you first.”

In the next second, Ye Xiao immediately used the Minor Destiny technique.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, resurrect King Zhou.”

‘The Undying masterpiece technique was below the natural laws, while the Minor Destiny technique was above the natural laws.

Using the Minor Destiny technique, one could solve the restriction of the natural laws such as natural death.

On the other hand, King Zhou was only a Martial Emperor.

Compared to Ye Xiaos current cultivation, he was really too weak, so it was easier to resurrect him.

However, even if it was easier, it would still consume a lot of mental energy.

The spiritual energy in Ye Xiaos body was burned by about three-fifths in an instant.

That had nothing to do with King Zhous Martial Emperor strength.

The main reason was that he died of natural causes.

By doing so, he was modifying the natural laws.

Back then, Beiming Lihuo, a fourth-level Godly King, had self-destructed.

Although it was also considered to be violating the modification of the natural laws, at that time, Beiming Lihuo had self-destructed.

His body had turned into spiritual energy, and the spiritual energy that had his life imprint was

all in front of him.

The difference between the two was probably that one was to turn a lump of coal that had been burned into ashes back into a lump of unburned coal.

The other was to pick up a train of coal that had been scattered all over the ground and place it back on the train.

The two had completely different dimensions.

Their conversion was also different.

It seemed that challenging the power of the laws of nature was still too dangerous.

In the future, one should still have more respect for nature and not casually modify the laws of nature.

It was said that those who violated the laws of nature more often would be struck by lightning..

Would he be struck by lightning in the future


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