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Chapter 464: Understanding of the Laws of Nature


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Qin Yuyan… Said his name

Is there something wrong

Does that girl like him


How could she have such poor taste

Ye Xiao spent all day in a daze, mechanically reading books like clockwork.

To the outside world, other than being a little better looking, there does not seem to be anything else.

Qin Yuyan did not look like a woman who only knew how to look at her face.

However, Ye Xiao shook his head immediately after.

He really did not have the mood to talk about any love affairs.

All he wanted to do was to seize the time to cultivate and raise his cultivation.

The situation outside was so grim that it was not clear at all.

If he were to fall in love at that time, what if someone captured Qin Yuyan or beat her into ashes with a punch His state of mind would be damaged and he might even perish.

The heavens had finally let him live a new life, and they had given him the Golden Book divine soul, a major boost!

If he did not properly cultivate to become a Supreme Eternal, would it not be a waste to think about women

“Ye Xiao, actually, I understand you better.

Your talent is so monstrous.

Your future achievements will definitely not be ordinary.

Although Qin Yuyan is very good, she is not worthy of you.

“I didnt want to say this at first, but I feel that this matter has something to do with you.

If I dont say it, you might miss out on an extremely important matter in your life.

“Dont think too much about it.

Its her good fortune if you like Qin Yuyan.

Its not wrong if you dont like her.

Dont put too much pressure on yourself.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He had never thought of having an affair, nor had he ever flirted with others.

He had a clear conscience.

He could not like others just because others liked him, right

If Xia Bingning also wanted to chase after him, would he not have to agree

However, he did not need to consider that matter.

Based on his current rate of improvement, it was estimated that it would not be long before his strength would rise to the Godly Emperor realm.

At that time, he would definitely not be able to continue staying in the Nine Provinces world.

That was because his next step would definitely be to continue advancing to the strength of a Supreme Eternal.

Even if the Azure Billow star field was traced back to the primordial Divine Kingdom era, there had never been a Supreme Eternal.

No matter how heaven -defying the Golden Book divine soul was, it would still be useless.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was Qin Yuyan or Xia Bingning, those girls would not be able to interact with him again.

There was no need to consider those things.

It was better to focus on his own cultivation.

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Gu Hai was already reading on the opposite side while Ye Xiao was reading while he sorted out the power of laws that he had refined last night.

‘The power of laws contained many things.

It not only contained the truth of the universe but also contained the understanding of martial art that those archaic Godly Emperors had for their entire lives.

Of course, in reality, the understanding of martial arts that those archaic Godly Emperors had for their entire lives was a profound truth that belonged to the universe.

From the power of those laws, Ye Xiao understood some of the insights that he had previously had.

‘Take Ye Xiaos most commonly used resurrection methods for example.

He could use the Undying masterpiece technique and the Minor Destiny technique to resurrect, but resurrecting did not mean that there were no restrictions.

First of all, it would definitely be easy for him to resurrect those whose cultivation states were lower than his.

For example, Emperor Jing, the four venerable ones, and the others could resurrect as they wished.

It was very simple and convenient.

‘That was because their cultivations were very low, and the divine blood was very, very weak.

Although it required a large amount of spiritual energy to resurrect them, that spiritual energy was only a drop in the ocean for Ye Xiao.

Secondly, to repair an existence of the same level, it was divided into whether the other party had the divine blood and divine soul.

If the other party had a lot of divine blood and soul, the injury could be easily repaired.

If the other party had very little divine blood, Ye Xiao would also need a very long time to repair it.

‘The Undying masterpiece technique already involved the power of laws, but it did not completely control it.

Divine blood itself belonged to the power of laws, a type of natural law.

If there was, it could use the original divine blood to reproduce, and from there, it could even be said to be reviving the other party.

However, the restoration required a certain amount of time, because the amount of spiritual energy Ye Xiao used was even greater.

It had already reached a normal range of his spiritual energy output, and it might not have reached a high-pressure state, however, it was enough to exhaust a certain

amount of Ye Xiaos mind.

The difference was roughly the difference between raising a finger and running a few miles.

As for the other party not having a divine soul or divine blood, the Undying masterpiece technique would not be able to resurrect the other party, because the masterpiece technique also had a certain limit.

Its control over the power of laws was limited to the other party having divine blood and divine soul.

Beyond that level, it was beyond its scope of effect.

In the end, the strength of the Undying masterpiece technique was still insufficient.

The reason why the Minor Destiny technique was able to get rid of that problem was that the Minor Destiny technique had already been raised to a higher level.

Ye Xiao felt that it could even be said to be a cultivation technique that did not belong to the world.

Of course, that did not mean that the Minor Destiny technique could do anything.

The reason why he was able to instantly resurrect the Beiming Lihuo that self-destructed without even leaving any residue was purely because his surroundings were filled with the aura of the Beiming Lihuo after he self-destructed.

That was the power of laws that belonged to a deeper level.

‘The Minor Destiny technique was able to penetrate that layer of the power of laws.

The Minor Destiny technique was able to resurrect Beiming Lihuo by integrating the self-detonating power of Beiming Lihuo.

If one said that Beiming Lihuo had already died for many years, it would be impossible for him to resurrect him instantly if he wanted to.

Perhaps that process would take many years, or in other words, a lot of spiritual energy would be spent.

It might drain ones spiritual energy in an instant, causing ones body to be damaged.

It did not create the Beiming Lihuo out of thin air.

It was simply spreading his power to a deeper dimension, reuniting and pulling it back.

Therefore, that should be an indirect indication that it was impossible for him to kill a Godly King, then drain the divine blood, then revive, then kill and drain the blood.

‘Whether it was the star beasts or Venerable Beasts from before, they were far from reaching the strength of a Godly King.

Naturally, they could be resurrected easily.

To be precise, the shallower the cultivation, the less law energy was involved.

Whether it was the archaic masterpiece technique or the god-healing technique, the recovery speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

However, facing a Godly King who already had a lot of divine blood involved a lot of law energy, he would need to spend a lot of time to be able to use the Undying masterpiece technique to repair the other partys body to allow them to recover to their peak.

That made Ye Xiao feel a little disappointed.

Such a good plan of plucking sheeps hair had failed.

It seemed like there was no way to raise a Godly King in the future.

Once he becomes a Godly Emperor, he should be able to raise a Godly King easily and be able to instantly repair their bodies.

However, the problem was that when he reached that time, the Godly King would have already been reduced to dregs.

Even if he continued to extract divine blood, so what

To him, who was at the Godly King level, he was just a drop in the bucket.

He was like a little kid who was pissing in the ocean.

It was useless.

It was a pity.

It seemed like he could only focus on refining the power of laws for the time being, He had to take the chance to refine all the law energy before the other party discovered the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Also, he had to speed up the progress of that masterpiece technique of the physical technique.

Read books, read books!

On the other side, in the starry sky, under the leadership of the Hundred Clans Alliance, the four high-level god clans had taken back the star area before the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Then, they sent their clansmen to excavate the divine tomb.

However, the leaders of the god clans were not relaxed.

Zhuge Dongxuan and the other Godly Kings had gone to the Nine Provinces world where the Xuan Yuan clan stayed, but they had not come back yet.

‘They did not know what had happened.

‘They were so far away.

Even if they died, the family would be the first to discover it.

The ancestral hall was filled with their divine blood and divine soul.

When the two were stacked together, they would sense it immediately.

Moreover, when the family gave it back to them, it would take too long.

At that moment, the large-scale telepathic intent stones that the few god clans brought suddenly lit up.

Their hearts sank as they had a premonition that something bad was about to happen.

‘As expected, the message that the intent stones sent over was the news of their deaths.

Currently, they had already used healing techniques and healing arrays to revive and repair them in their clans.

Everyone sighed slightly.

Even martial arts masters at the Godly King level would not be as strong as before after they died and were repaired.

After all, not all the god clans in the entire starry sky could have an Undying masterpiece technique like the immortal Phoenix clan!

“I didnt expect the Xuan Yuan clan to be so powerful.

They killed so many of our Godly Kings in one go!”

“I wonder if the martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan have suffered heavy losses at this time If thats the case, will there be a better outcome if we take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack”

When those words were said, they could not help but feel a little moved.

After all, other than the archaic Godly King, there was another faction there, the Xuan Yuan clan.

If they could destroy the Xuan Yuan clan first and then destroy the archaic Godly King faction, that star area would be completely under their control.

At that time, would they not be able to dig as they pleased

‘That was the primordial Divine Kingdom!

The resources dug out were definitely not small.

As for the Xuan Yuan clan

Hehehe… The few god clans there were all high-level ones in the starry sky.

The strength of each god clan was above that of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Even if they were to finish off all the Xuan Yuan clan there, the Xuan Yuan clan would not be able to do anything to them.

‘The Xuan Yuan clans Godly Kings did not dare to do anything to them.

Which of the other few families did not have a Godly King

At the very most, they would just have to fight!

“This proposal is not bad, but we can not act rashly.

If the other party has arranged a large number of Godly Kings here in advance, wouldnt we be walking into a trap if we head over now”

“Send someone over to investigate first.

Lets see what the situation is like.”

“In that case, Ill make a run for it..”


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