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Chapter 462: There Must Be a Godly Emperor Here!


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Despair seeped into Zhuge Dongxuans consciousness, but he no longer had the chance to resist.

Using the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, Ye Xiao forcefully drained his divine blood.

Yet another second-level Godly Kings divine blood was in his hands.

Looking at Ye Xiao who was enveloped by the blood essence, the remaining three Godly Kings, Su Bomu, Chen Xingchen, and Beiming Lihuo, were scared out of their wits.

“Not only does he want to kill us, but he also wants to drain the divine blood in our bodies!”


The three of them immediately used all of their movement techniques and divine arts to flee into the distance.

Unfortunately, in front of Ye Xiao, how could he let them escape so easily

With the use of the Space Warping masterpiece technique, the direction of Ye Xiao and the three of them instantly shortened.

Seeing that scene, Chen Xingchen could not help but scream on the spot.

“This fluctuation, this is the Qilin races Space Warping masterpiece technique! He actually knows the Space Warping masterpiece technique.

How is that possible Where did he learn the Space Warping masterpiece technique and the Reincarnation masterpiece technique”

Before he could figure understand anything, Ye Xiaos World Destruction masterpiece technique had already smashed down on the spot.

Chen Xingchen did not dare to be the slightest bit careless and immediately stopped circulating his movement technique.

At the same time, he used all his strength to raise the strength in his body, condensing it on his arms.

However, when Ye Xiaos World Destruction masterpiece technique crashed down, both of his arms exploded on the spot and blood mist burst forth.

The powerful strength mercilessly shattered all of his ribs, shattered all of his internal organs, and forcefully destroyed all of his strength.

Chen Xingchen felt extreme despair and wanted to let his soul leave his body.

At that moment, he had already decided to give up his physical body, escape, and return to revive.

He did not have the Phoenix clans Undying masterpiece technique.

It was impossible for him to recover his body to its peak condition.

However, even if he resurrected even a small portion of his strength, it was still 10,000 times stronger than being directly killed by Ye Xiao!

Unfortunately, his divine soul had just escaped before it was exploded on the spot.

Ye Xiaos Primordial Pupil had been activated from the start.

If his soul had not escaped at that moment, Ye Xiao might have let him live for another second before punching him again or something.

Unfortunately, he had escaped.

Without the protection of his body, death was instantaneous.

Ye Xiao then drained his divine blood.

Plus, he obtained the divine blood of a third-level Godly King!

Seeing that Chen Xingchen was also killed in an instant, the remaining two people were even more terrified.

“Die!” Beiming Lihuo roared angrily.

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“Tl fight it out with you.

Even if I die, I wont let you off so easily.”

Beiming Lihuo already felt that he had no way of escaping, so he decided to give up on escaping and directly fight Ye Xiao to the death.

Even if he could not avoid death, there was at least one thing that he could do.

He could self-destruct and bring Ye Xiao along with him.

‘That was at least a hundred times better than letting him kill him while he could not do anything, right

Beiming Lihuo rushed to Ye Xiaos side and mercilessly detonated his blood essence and soul.

Before he died, a fierce smile appeared on his face.

He was a fourth-level Godly King!

No matter how heaven-defying Ye Xiaos methods were, it was impossible for him to resist his self-destruction, right

Moreover, he had even used the nine-star god technique to strengthen himself.

With that, Ye Xiao would definitely die without a doubt.


In the starry sky, a huge ball of energy light suddenly exploded.

That ball of energy light did not expand too much.

That was the nine-star god technique Beiming Lihuo had cast before he died.

It could condense all the energy produced by the explosion into a single point.

That way, the energy would not lose any more because of the dispersion.

‘When the light faded, the starry sky returned to silence.

Ye Xiao and Beiming Lihuo were both gone.

It was as if the two of them had completely disappeared from this world.

“Brother Beiming! Have a safe journey!”

Su Bomus tone was a little choked up.

If it was not for Beiming Lihuo, he might not have been able to escape death then.

In the end, Beiming Lihuo actually sacrificed himself and died together with Ye Xiao to protect him.

He would never forget this favor for the rest of his life!

However, at that moment, the blood essence in the air quickly gathered.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Xiaos body was formed at the spot where the explosion had occurred.

He was completely unharmed, and even his cloak was as good as new.

His physical body was repaired by the Undying masterpiece technique, while his cloak was repaired by the Creation masterpiece technique.

He had been touched just a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye, he was once again in a daze.

What was going on

‘What happened

Had he not died from the explosion

‘That was the self-detonation of a fourth-level Godly King!

In order to prevent him from not dying, he had even specially added a nine-star god technique!

Just like that… He actually did not die and was still as good as new.

What was going on

Just what kind of background did that fellow have

Such a monstrous fellow, was he even human

However, the shock was not over yet.

Ye Xiao grabbed at the air with his large hand and chanted,

“In the name of Ye Xiao, resurrect the Godly King who just died.”

Ye Xiao could resurrect because he had cultivated many masterpiece techniques.

The divine blood and divine soul had not been completely destroyed.

However, Beiming Lihuos self-detonation had exhausted all of his divine blood, so he could no longer use the Undying masterpiece technique to revive.

Even so, the Minor Destiny technique could!

As the number one archaic masterpiece technique in the starry sky, it already had the power to control the laws of nature.

In the darkness, Beiming Lihuos life source was floating along with the darkness.

“Is this the underworld of death I didnt expect to die so quickly.

However, being able to take that fellow away isnt a loss.

“Hes so powerful and so monstrous.

Its not a waste for me to self-destruct and destroy him.”

However, at that moment, he suddenly saw a ray of light.

It was very small but very bright and very warm.

He immediately could not help but stretch out his hand to grab it.

However, in the next second, he instantly realized that the scene in front of him had suddenly changed.


Looking at Ye Xiao in front of him, Beiming Lihuo slowly said,

“This is the world of death…”

Before he finished speaking, Ye Xiao summoned the Great Dragon.

With a flash of silver light, Beiming Lihuos head flew up on the spot.

Su Bomu was completely dumbfounded.

He felt as if he was dreaming today.

The dream was so unreal, so surreal, so insane!

Beiming Lihuo had clearly relied on self-destruction to destroy Ye Xiao, but in the end, he was able to come back to life like that.

It was fine if he came back to life, but he was actually able to resurrect the Beiming Lihuo who had already self-destructed and exploded until there was not even a residue left!

Such a method could not be called a god anymore, right

That was simply the method of a Creator!

That fellow, he was really not a human!

Ye Xiao had drained Beiming Lihuo of his divine blood.

Perhaps because his cultivation was relatively strong, his divine blood was much deeper than the others.

That was a big surprise.

Following that, he once again cast his gaze on Su Bomu.

At that moment, Su Bomu did not even have the heart to resist or escape.

In front of such a person, he could not escape, and he could not beat him in a fight.

Even if he died, would the other party be able to save him

Doing anything else would be futile.

He was convinced.

He was completely convinced.

He looked at Ye Xiao who was looking at him and said,

“Can I commit suicide”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

Su Bomu gave a miserable smile.

“Then can you leave me a complete corpse”

Ye Xiao raised his hand and slashed out with a blade light.

A red line appeared on Su Bomus neck, and then blood surged.

He gave a gratified smile and fell down.

At least, he could be considered to have left a complete corpse.

Compared to the others, he could be considered pretty good.

Ye Xiao did not think too much about it.

After using the Bloodbath masterpiece technique once again to rob the other party of divine blood, he took out a few tungsten steel rods from his storage ring.

Then, he pierced the crown of his head with the rod from Su Bomus chin, then, he stuck him like a flag at

the foot of a meteorite.

Following that, he followed the same method to make flags out of the bodies of the other four Godly Kings.

Then, he stuck them on the meteorite.

At that moment, Ye Xiao sensed a few powerful and familiar auras approaching from afar.

Then, he placed his hands behind his back and used the Space Warping masterpiece technique, instantly vanishing from the spot.

Then, in the distance, a few streams of light arrived in the blink of an eye.

“Quick! The explosion just now came from here.

Something must have happened here.”

However, when they arrived and saw the shocking scene in front of them, they were so shocked that they could not even speak.

The five Godly Kings had just been showing off in the Nine Provinces, but in the blink of an eye, they were pierced by someone else.

They were not some random cats or dogs.

Those were five Godly Kings!

Godly Kings!

Did they die just like that

After a long while, everyone slowly recovered from their shock.

Cangming said leisurely,

“These five Godly Kings look like they were all tortured to death, right”

With that said, everyone went forward to take a look.

‘When they really saw clearly, their hearts, which were already extremely shocked, turned upside down.

Five Godly Kings!

They had been strung up by someone!

‘That was fine.

After all, there might be more powerful enemies above Godly Kings.

However, if they were tortured to death, how terrifying would their strength be when dealing with the people behind the five Godly Kings

After a while, Cangming spoke again,

“Brother Tianya, did you really send an existence of the Godly Emperor realm in the Nine Provinces”

‘The comer of Zheng Tianyas mouth could not help but twitch violently.

‘What kind of joke was that If they could arrange for a Godly Emperor to be stationed in such a small place, then how many Godly Emperors would the Xuan Yuan clan have

At that time, why would they need to make any allies

‘A Godly Emperor was enough to sweep across the entire desolate lands.

However, at that moment, he seemed to have suddenly thought of something as his pupils constricted.

Could it be… Him

The unparalleled genius who had once left a brilliant mark in the entire starry sky, the heaven-defying monster, Ancestral Dragon

Zheng Tianya felt his heart beat a little faster..


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