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Chapter 460: Nine Provinces.

Not Everyone Could Come To This Place and Behave Atrociously


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“What Zhuge Dongxuan is here The members of the Tiancang god clan are here too”

Everyone could not help but exclaim in surprise.

They seemed to have figured out why so many people had suddenly died in the starry sky.

It was the high-level god clan behind the Hundred Clans Alliance that had come!

‘The other partys pressure had already burst out.

As soon as the powerful might of the Godly King was unleashed, the entire sky began to show huge fluctuations.

Flowing clouds rotated, forming a huge vortex in the sky.

Inside the vortex, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as if it was about to devour everything.

In the vortex, multicolored light reflected, revealing a mysterious and strange halo.

Below Jianghai city, the Godly Kings had already begun to slowly rise, heading towards the sky.

Ning Zhiyuan and the other juniors were below, not daring to go forward.

“Zhuge Dongxuan, I seem to have heard of this Godly Kings name.”

“Zhuge Dongxuan is not an ordinary Godly King.

Although he is already at the second level of the Godly King realm, he is one of the top prodigies of the Tiancang god clan.

He became a Godly King very quickly.”

Song Qingxue added,

“Its just that he advanced quickly.

He is not valued enough.

His strongest point is that he has cultivated a masterpiece technique of the Tiancang god clan.

“Its said that that masterpiece technique is ranked 94th in the entire masterpiece technique ranking! It surpasses countless nine-star god techniques.

“It can gather all of Zhuge Dongxuans strength in a short period of time to form a large-scale explosion.

“Because it gathered all of his strength, it exploded instantly, and the pressure doubled.

It allows him to fight with the strength comparable to a third-level Godly King.

So far, Zhuge Dongxuan had defeated six first-level Godly Kings, and one second-level Godly King.

Apart from that, he had also killed two Sacred Beasts!

As far as people knew, he was an outstanding martial arts master at the same level.

His strength was definitely not to be underestimated

D*mn, is this guy that powerful”

Everyone could not help but exclaim.

One had to know that Sacred Beasts evolved to the level of Godly Kings.

Their strength was slightly stronger than Godly Kings at the same level.

‘That was because if star beasts had divinity, they would have officially become gods after becoming Venerable Beasts.

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In that case, although it would have an easier way to advance, it would also lose its bestial nature as a star beast.

‘The star beast did not transform into a god, but continued to cultivate according to the star beasts posture, retaining its original bestial nature.

Its advancement speed and method were far inferior to that of a true god.

As a result, cultivating would be even more difficult.

However, once one cultivated to the same realm, if one really wanted to compete in terms of combat strength, it was still the star beast that was superior.

It was just like forging a weapon.

If you forged it a hundred times, but the other party forged it a thousand times or even tens of thousands of times.

How could the gap between them be bridged

“Its not just that.

Although he is very powerful, we have several Godly Kings here.

Their strength has already reached the fourth or fifth level, so we dont fear him.

“However, there must be other Godly Kings behind him.

“Its not a small matter for us to have many Godly Kings working together.

No one can guarantee that the Godly King behind him will be weaker than a fourth or fifth level Godly King.”

‘When everyone heard that, their expressions tured ugly.

Song Qingxue was right.

The other party might not be one person.

Unfortunately, the gap between them was too big.

They could not go forward to help and could only wait anxiously for the result.

In the sky, the Godly Kings had just arrived when Zhuge Dongxuans figure slowly descended from the clouds.

He was not afraid when he saw the Godly Kings.

‘That was because he knew that there were many other Godly Kings behind him.

Looking at the Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan in front of him, Zhuge Dongxuan said sternly,

“The Xuan Yuan clan sure has guts.

Previously, before this king arrived, you actually dared to kill one of my disciples, the Black Earth clan! You really dont put me, Zhuge Dongxuan, in your eyes at all.”

‘The Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan were not afraid of him as they said coldly,

“Zhuge Dongxuan, stop putting on airs here! The Xuan Yuan clan, will not fall for your tricks.”

“Thats right.

Since you want to find trouble, you can beat me if you want.

Whats there to be long-winded about”

Zhuge Dongxuan laughed at the sky.

“Hahaha… Good! You are straightforward enough! In that case, let me kill you to my hearts content today.

“However, before I kill, this king will return some gifts to your Xuan Yuan clan.”

As he finished speaking, he turned his storage ring.

Hundreds of heads began to rustle… Like dumplings, they fell from the sky.

Those were all the heads of the Xuan Yuan clansmen.

Zhuge Dongxuan had killed hundreds of Xuan Yuan clan members before he arrived.

Seeing that scene, the Godly Kings eyes changed, and their pupils constricted as killing intent erupted.

“Zhuge Dongxuan, you beast! If we dont kill you today, we wont be human!”

The Godly Kings from the Xuan Yuan clan could not take it anymore and charged forward.

Several Godly Kings auras pounced over, but Zhuge Dongxuan was not afraid at all.

“Good timing! Die!”

Zhuge Dongxuan also erupted with his aura.

The aura of a second-level Godly King pressed down and faced the Xuan Yuan clans fastest second-level Godly King.

After the aura, it was a fist exchange.

From the moment the attack was launched to the moment the attack was formed, not even a second had passed before a bright light erupted between the two.

‘The shockwave swept out.

That second-level Godly King was actually forced to retreat after exchanging blows with Zhuge Dongxuan.

Zhuge Dongxuan also retreated, but the range was much smaller than the other party.

However, following closely behind, the other Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan had also pressed forward.

Another two first-level Godly Kings raised their hands to meet Zhuge Dongxuan.


Zhuge Dongxuan struck out two palms consecutively, forcing the two people back.

At the same time, he was also forced back once again.

At that moment, the fourth Godly King of the Xuan Yuan clan came up.

That Godly King was at the third level of the Godly King realm.

Another exchange of blows.

Lightning flashed chaotically.

That time, Zhuge Dongxuan was finally at a disadvantage and was forced back by the other party.

However, just as everyone wanted to take advantage of the situation and pursue the attack, a few more terrifying auras that were not weaker than them descended from the sky.

They were all Godly Kings!

“Does the Xuan Yuan clan really know how to bully the weak with numbers As one of the top 20 god clans in the starry sky, they dont even have the courage to fight one-on-one Such trash, I think its best for us to withdraw from the top 20 as soon as possible so that we dont embarrass ourselves here!”

Everyones expressions changed slightly as they felt the powerful aura in the sky.

The Godly Kings did not dare to be careless.

After exchanging a glance, they quickly stepped forward and charged into the clouds to resist.

When several Godly Kings fought, that small world of the Nine Provinces could not withstand it at all.

The winds stirred and the clouds surged.

It was unpredictable.

Violent winds howled, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

The earth trembled and the rivers flowed backward.

The battle between Godly Kings had already far exceeded the limits of that small world.

Zheng Tianya and the other two Godly Kings went all out and expanded their Godly King-level spiritual energy.

In the sky, they formed a huge defensive barrier to minimize the threat those Godly Kings attacks posed to the ground.

“Elder Zheng, we cant go on like this.

There are only a few Godly Kings in our Xuan Yuan clan.

The number of them coming this time is almost the same as ours.

The few of us still have to protect the Nine Provinces world below.

We have no way to act at all.”

Zheng Tianya narrowed his eyes.

“Theres no rush.

The Netherworld god clan is still stationed in the starry sky.

They have sensed the situation here and will come over to help soon.

Hold on for a little longer.”

‘They had no choice because there were too many juniors who needed to be protected down there.

They were the future hope of the Xuan Yuan clan.

They could not let anything happen to them!

However, although they were holding on and slowing down some of the tremors on the ground, the Nine Provinces world was still too weak.

Under the attacks of nearly ten Godly Kings, the huge Nine Provinces ground world was like duckweed swaying in the wind and rain.

It could not stabilize its body and could be swallowed by the violent spiritual energy turbulence at any time.

The land was panicking and alarms sounded continuously.

The martial arts masters all flew into the air, but that did not mean that everyone could fly into the air.

Although all the humans in the world had improved their bloodline power because of Ye Xiao, and their talent was comparable to that of the God realm, they still could not fly until they reached the level of a Great Grandmaster!

That group of people could not be helped.

Moreover, they occupied the majority of the population.

All the major cities were shaking.

Low-end martial artists, old people, and children were all screaming in fear.

Some buildings began to collapse because they could not withstand the shaking.

“Sob, sob, sob… Mom… Where are you”

“Someone save us! My wife is pinned down downstairs.”

Seeing that tragic scene, Ye Xiao, who was reading in the library, suddenly had a change in expression.

It was frighteningly cold.

They were actually bullying him.

Relying on the fact that he was in the Godly King realm, they came unscrupulously to the sky above the Nine Provinces human race.

After the Nine Provinces had become like that, they had quite a good fight.

He walked out of the library.

Sweeping a glance at the sky, he immediately used the Minor Destiny technique.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, transfer all non-Xuan Yuan Godly Kings into the starry sky!”

‘The Minor Destiny technique was extremely powerful and heaven-defying enough.

However, if he were to directly kill the other party, he might bum too much spirit energy, exceeding the limits of his current cultivation.

After all, there were still fourth-level Godly Kings in the other party.

More importantly, Ye Xiao did not want them to die so quickly.

That would be letting them off too easily..


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