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Chapter 456 In the Name of Ye Xiao, One Word; Spring

After a few seconds of silence, the little snake did not make any movements, nor did it make any sounds.

Ye Xiao scanned the surroundings with his divine sense, and there were no snakes that had died in the cave.

Perhaps he had used the wrong method.

Hence, Ye Xiao spoke again,

“In the name of Ye Xiao, your mother is dead!” At that time, Ye Xiao could clearly feel that there was an old snake around him that had fallen into a state of death.

However, the small snake was silent for two seconds before it ran back to its cave.

That made Ye Xiao confused once again.

Why was there still no effect

Logically speaking, snakes should be the creatures that bore grudges the most.

According to the old man, if you hit a snake or killed a snakes kind, you would be remembered by them and they would take revenge with their lives!

According to the current situation, if he killed its mother, it should fight with its life.

How could there be no reaction like that

However, after a moment, Ye Xiao came to a realization.

It was not because it did not want to fight with him to the death, but because it did not know that its mother was already dead.

Even if it knew that its mother was already dead, it did not know that he had killed her.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao opened his mouth again and said,

“In the name of Ye Xiao, your mother was killed by me!”

Previously, Ye Xiao could use his mental strength to transplant a fake memory into the other party.

At that point, he no longer needed to do so.

The Minor Destiny technique would give reality meaning to his words.

In other words, it would completely turn Ye Xiaos words into something that happened in reality.

It was not a fake memory that was transplanted with mental strength.

Then, an accident happened.

The small snake that was about to enter the cave suddenly became agitated.

It turned around and looked at Ye Xiao with a vicious and cold gaze.

Then, it turned into a black shadow and quickly rushed over, wanting to bite Ye Xiaos crotch.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao had spiritual energy protecting his body, so he could not get close at all.

The corner of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly.

The Minor Destiny technique was indeed powerful.

He had only said one sentence, but he had done nothing else.

He had become an enemy who had killed his mother.

If that were used on the battlefield in the future, a large number of people die instantly with just one sentence.

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The little snake passed very peacefully.

Ye Xiao smashed it into minced meat with one palm without the slightest bit of pain.

Following that, Ye Xiao began to ponder over the other uses of the Minor Destiny technique.

‘Oh right, speaking of which, the Minor Destiny technique should have already involved a certain amount of the power of laws! Previously, I used the Creation masterpiece technique to create a living body, but in the end, I didnt really make it come alive.

‘Now that I already have the Minor Destiny technique, will there be some special effects

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao pulled a withered grass from the side and then used the Creation masterpiece technique to turn the withered grass into a small sparrow.

As expected, a sparrow was still dead.

Although it had flesh and blood, it just did not have a soul.

Without a soul, it was naturally impossible for it to truly come alive.

After Ye Xiao took a deep breath, he tried his best to calm his emotions and immediately said,

“In the name of Ye Xiao, come back to life, bird!”

In the next moment, the little sparrow that was originally silent in Ye Xiaos hand suddenly moved.

Then, it slowly climbed up, flapped its wings, and flew away from Ye Xiaos palm.

Looking at the little bird that had just flown away, Ye Xiaos breathing could not help but become a little hurried.

He had created life, a life that did not belong to that world in the true sense.

Just like a man and a woman who had created a child, he had created one just by relying on his own cultivation technique.

He did not know why but at that moment, Ye Xiao felt that his eyes were slightly sore.

It had been more than seven years since he arrived in that world.

In the first four years, he had gone from a trash who could not even successfully awaken his spirit to a Martial Emperor in the human world!

He had broken through the suppression of the star beasts on humans and prevented the destruction of the Nine Provinces human race!

In those three years, he had gone from a Martial Emperor in the human world to a Godly King.

Until then, he was actually able to create a living life just by relying on his own cultivation technique.

From a tiny ant, he had grown into an unparalleled prodigy!

Although he had yet to become the strongest Supreme Eternal, that kind of growth still made him feel a myriad of emotions.

At least at the moment, Ye Xiao felt that he could faintly control some of his own destiny.

After taking a deep breath, a crazed look flashed across Ye Xiaos eyes.

That time, he wanted to unleash it once.

He was going to display his strength there.

After cultivating for so long, he had never truly displayed his full strength.

He closed his eyes and tried his best to calm his emotions.

He fused all of his senses into nature and felt the power of natures laws.

One second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds, five seconds… Finally, after a minute had passed, Ye Xiaos heart was completely as calm as water.

He suddenly opened his eyes.

Two lightning-like rays of light instantly pierced through the sky and peered into the starry sky.

Following that, Ye Xiao let out a loud voice.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, let there be a rainstorm.”

Rumble… A huge thundercloud instantly gathered in the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the rain poured down in torrents.


The torrential rain that poured down quickly filled up the small potholes at the bottom of the small valley in front of Ye Xiao in the blink of an eye.

The bottomless land continued to increase at a height of one inch per second.

Ye Xiao nodded his head in satisfaction and immediately opened his mouth to speak again,

“In the name of Ye Xiao, have the rain stop along with the wind.

Return the land to spring, and have the flowers bloom again!”

With another command, the heavy rain instantly stopped and was replaced by the bright sunshine.

From under Ye Xiaos feet, a warm and intoxicating spring breeze spread in all directions.

Wherever it passed, the grass sprouted out of the ground, the flowers bloomed, and the big trees grew new buds.

In the early winter of this November, what should have been a withered and yellow scene suddenly became like spring.

It was as if the earth was splashed with a layer of green paint.

The green paint quickly soaked and spread, dyeing everything green.

The green light continued to spread.

The entire human race of the Nine Provinces was instantly shocked, and their hair stood on end.

“Whats going on Isnt it winter now How did the spring flower bloom in the blink of an


“I dont know! How did this happen Could it be some martial arts master”

“Are you stupid How could a martial artist do this”

On the spiritual ship of the Netherworld clan, the elders of the Heiyu family were still trying to persuade Heiyu Die.

“Little Die, this isnt the time for you to be stubborn.

Our Netherworld clan has promised to marry someone.

Your sudden rejection will embarrass the other party.

It will hurt the alliance between the two of us!”

“Then, isnt it a kind of hurt for me to marry someone I dont like”

“This is our destiny.

Weve been taken care of by the Netherworld clan for many years.

Weve grown up to this day.

We have such powerful cultivation bases and enjoy such a high-end life.

“So, we have the obligation to give everything we have to the Netherworld clan.”

“Then let the Netherworld clan take back my life.

Take back everything the clan gave me.”

“Why are you so stubborn You!”

At that moment, one of the women suddenly exclaimed,

“Look! The Resurrection Lily… Has bloomed!”

Everyone immediately looked at the Resurrection Lily.

Among them, Heiyu Die was the fastest.

When she saw that the Resurrection Lily had really opened, her pupils could not help but constrict.

“What… Whats going on” At that moment, the voice of the Netherworld clansmen came from outside.

“Everyone, come out and take a look! Its suddenly spring outside!”

Everyone looked at each other and immediately said,

“Lets go! Lets go out and take a look!”

They soon arrived outside.

When they saw the warm spring flowers everywhere, the birds chirping and the fragrance of the flowers, they were all dumbfounded.

Even a Godly Emperor could not do such a thing!

“A miracle! This is really a miracle!”

“I cant believe theres such a miracle in this small world!”

A martial arts master of the Netherworld clan could not help but ask the person who was receiving the guests of the Xuan Yuan clan,

“Does this kind of thing often happen in this small world”

The other party shook his head and said in surprise,

“No way! This kind of thing has never happened before.

Even in the records of their past stories, this kind of thing has never happened before.

This is the first time.”

“Thats strange.

who could voluntarily change the four seasons of the earth Who could do this Even the Godly Emperor has never heard of such a heaven-defying method, right” “Im not sure.

Perhaps something abnormal has appeared in this piece of land.”

Heiyu Die looked at this piece of land that was brimming with spring, her eyes constantly flickering

Such a spectacle had never happened before.

Yet, after she came, and after she opened her mouth to make things difficult for the Xuan Yuan clan, it suddenly appeared.

Could it be… A genius of the Xuan Yuan clan used some special heaven-defying method to make this spring that violated the laws of nature in order to slap her face

After taking a deep breath, she suddenly said,

“Elders, I am willing to marry into the Xuan Yuan clan.”

The elders were still in shock, but when they heard that, they could not help but feel happy.

“You agree to marry”

Heiyu Die nodded and said,

“But Im not sure to whom I want to be married to.

I still need to think about it.

Wait until Im sure.”

“This… Okay! Thats fine too.”

In the Ning family manor, the agreement between the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan had been reached.

Elder Cangming could not help but apologize to Zheng Tianya again.

“Brother Tianya, the Netherworld clan owes the Xuan Yuan clan!”


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