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Chapter 455 The Number One Archaic Masterpiece Technique, Minor Destiny Technique!

Ning Zhiyuan rubbed his nose and smiled awkwardly.

“I really cant do anything about this.

But dont worry, Ill give you moral support.

As your good friend, Ive decided that on your wedding day, Ill give you a big gift.” “What big gift” Ning Zhiyuan looked around and said in a low voice, “When my grandfather advanced to the Godly King realm, he once took down a Godly King-level Venerable Beast, Tiger Kings treasure.

You should know the value of that thing.

“He hasnt been willing to eat it all this time.

Ill steal it for you on your wedding day.”

Ling Shaoyus eyes instantly lit up.

“Sure! Youre still a good friend, much better than the others.”

After saying that, he stood up, tugged at his clothes, and strode forward.

“Isnt it just a marriage For the sake of the grand plan of the Xuan Yuan clan, I, Ling Shaoyu, accept it today! Today, this handsome body of mine can pay for the Xuan Yuan clan.

Its not a waste of my good looks!” Ning Zhiyuan quickly followed.

“Youre right.

Everything is for the sake of our Xuan Yuan clan! This is a glorious mission!”

The two soon arrived at the front hall.

The seniors had been chatting for a long time.

Ning Zhiyuan brought Ling Shaoyu there and bowed to everyone.

“Greetings, Seniors.

Shaoyu has arrived.”

The Godly Kings of the Netherworld clan glanced at Ling Shaoyu and nodded.

Their eyes revealed a look of satisfaction.

“Is this the young master of the Ling family, Ling Shaoyu He is indeed a talented person.

At such a young age, he is only half a step away from advancing to the God realm.

His talent is extraordinary.”

Zheng Tianya said with a smile,

“Brother Cangming, you flatter me.

By the way, since Shaoyu is already here, shouldnt we also let your Netherworld clans Miss Heiyu come out” Cangming nodded and then said to a Netherworld clan disciple beside him,

“Brother Tianya is right.

Lin Qi, hurry up and bring Heiyu Die in.”


He trotted out.

Ling Shaoyu looked at his figure trotting out and whispered to Ning Zhiyuan,

“I heard that ever since this Heiyu Die was born, not many people have seen what she looks like.

And her personality is extremely strange.

I dont know if its because shes ugly, thats why shes a little strange.”

“Uh… It shouldnt be that bad, right No matter what, shes still the eldest daughter of the Netherworld clans Heiyu family.

The genes of the Netherworld clan can still be trusted.”

“Although thats true, not many people have seen her.

We still dont know what shes like.”

Before he could finish his words, Ling Shaoyu suddenly heard a cry of surprise.

“My God, shes so beautiful!”

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Ling Shaoyu turned around and glanced at her.

He was immediately stunned.

The woman in front of him was extremely beautiful.

Her face was frozen and her skin was as white as snow.

Her delicate facial features perfectly decorated every part of her face.

The proportion of her upper body was a little out of the ordinary.

Every step she took felt like the earth was shaking, making people afraid that it would fall off.

They wanted to help her hold it up.

Her pair of long legs made her already tall figure look even more stylish.

As she continued to take small steps forward, her white ankles could be seen under her skirt.

That womans appearance was many times stronger than Song Qingxue and Xia Bingning!

She was truly a peerless beauty in the starry


“Zhiyuan, my beloved consort has appeared.”



The other party walked into the hall and cupped her hands towards everyone.

“The Heiyu Die of the Netherworld clan greets the seniors of the Xuan Yuan clan.”

The Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan nodded with a smile.

It was obvious that they were very satisfied with Heiyu Die.

“Miss Heiyu, today, you came to our Xuan Yuan clan for a marriage alliance.

From now on, you will be a member of our Xuan Yuan clan.” Dont worry.

No matter how you are treated in the Netherworld clan, it will only be better if you come here.

I will never let you suffer any grievances.”

Heiyu Die did not have any smile on her face.

She just looked at the Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan indifferently and said,

“Seniors, I will naturally not doubt the sincerity of the Xuan Yuan clan.

However, before the marriage alliance, I have one more thing I want to say.”

“Its fine.

Just say it.

As long as you have any requests, our Xuan Yuan clan will definitely do our best to fulfill them.”

Heiyu Die nodded.

“This little girl has once sworn that she will never marry an incompetent person in this life.

I also know that the young masters of the Xuan Yuan clan are all geniuses.

However… If you want to marry me, you still need to pass my test.”


Everyone looked at each other and could not help but raise their eyebrows.

Zheng Tianya glanced at Heiyu Die and then at Cangming.

Cangming immediately shouted coldly.

“Heiyu Die, how can a marriage be a childs play Dont mess around.”

However, Heiyu Die was not willing to give in at all.

“Elder Cangming, Im not messing around.

I just dont want to marry a mediocre person.”

Cangming wanted to berate her again, but Zheng Tianya stopped him and smiled at her.

“Little girl, since you want to set a test, what kind of test is it”

Heiyu Die took out a seed from her sleeve.

“This seed is the legendary eternal flower, the Resurrection Lily! Legend has it that only someone with enough wisdom can awaken it and bring it to fruition.

“I believe that the young masters of the Xuan Yuan clan should have sufficient strength to awaken it, right”

When those words were said, the expressions of everyone present changed.

Everyone present basically knew what the Resurrection Lily was.

That was because the Resurrection Lily was also a heaven and earth treasure, but it was extremely rare.

Legend had it that when the Resurrection Lily bloomed, it would gather heaven and earths spiritual energy and produce an extremely special flower dew from its stamen.

It could extend ones lifespan, and it could even increase ones lifespan by one to two hundred years.

Most importantly, it could be consumed by anyone below the Godly Emperor realm.

In other words, it could also be consumed by someone at the peak ninth level of the Godly King realm or lesser Godly King realm.

It was extremely precious!

However, it was precisely because of that that wanting it to bloom was also more difficult than ascending to the heavens.

A seed of the Resurrection Lily would only bloom once in its lifetime.

There were countless ways to make the Resurrection Lily bloom, but every flower had its own method.

Even if one used that method to bloom a Resurrection Lily and wanted to use the same method to open another one, it would be impossible.

Zheng Tianyas face was already ugly.

When Heiyu Die mentioned that method, it was basically a declaration that she did not want to get married.

She did not want to complete that marriage.

Elder Cangmings face was also cold and ugly.

Heiyu Die was trying to undermine the Netherworld clans reputation.

Where would they put their dignity

“Heiyu Die, stop messing around.

If this continues, I will punish you according to the clans rules!”

“Elder, I have said before that I will not marry an incompetent person!”

“You brat!”

Cangming immediately released his own pressure.

The powerful pressure suppressed Hieyu Die on the spot, causing her to tremble all over and blood to flow out from the corner of her mouth.

However, Heiyu Die did not even lower its head.

It was still like an arrogant black swan, standing proudly on the spot and not moving at all.

“Heiyu Die, this old man will ask you one more time.

Are you going to marry or not” Heiyu Die did not speak.

This time, Cangming was even more furious.

His pressure was even more intense.

The marble under Heiyu Dies feet even began to crack, creating many ruptures.

If that continued, she would very likely be heavily injured and die.

Seeing that scene, Zheng Tianya immediately stopped it.

“Forget it, Brother Cangming.

Lets put this matter aside for now.

After all, our main goal is to form an alliance.

With our friendship, even if there is no marriage alliance, the alliance between the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan is similarly unbreakable.”

Zheng Tianya gave him a way out, and Cangming immediately nodded in agreement,

“Brother Tianya is right.

In that case, lets begin the formal alliance.” “Alright!”

On the other side, when evening arrived, Ye Xiaos cultivation technique was finally completed and successfully synthesized.

When he saw that masterpiece technique, Ye Xiao could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“Minor Destiny masterpiece technique!”

How could he not have thought of it What appeared was actually that masterpiece technique.

It was the number one masterpiece technique on the masterpiece technique ranking.

Even Ye Xiao, who had many good things, could not help but feel his heartbeat quicken at that moment.

It could be, it was very strong.

Ye Xiao carefully read the description of the Minor Destiny technique.

As long as he burned his spiritual energy and used the Minor Destiny technique, he would be able to complete what he said.

So strong!

At first, Ye Xiao thought that he might be able to cultivate some kind of masterpiece technique that was similar to a venomous tongue.

It was like a long bullet and had a Q-tip.

Regardless of whether it was straight or rotating, it was the kind that was full of tenacity.

In the end, he did not expect it to be even more impressive than that.

That way, not only could it be said that some negative things could be completed, it could also be said that some positive things could also be done.

However, there was one thing that he did not quite understand.

Such a powerful move, why was it called the Minor Destiny technique.

Could it be that there was a Major Destiny technique above this Forget it, forget it.

He should first go out and test the effect.

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao teleported and disappeared on the spot.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived outside Jianghai city, in a deserted valley.

His gaze swept across the valley.

As it was around November, the grass and trees had long since withered and yellowed.

He could not see anything throughout the mountains and plains.

He originally wanted to look for an ant, but unfortunately, the ant was already hidden deep underground.

However, with his Divine Eyes, Ye Xiao could still easily find some creatures hiding in the cave.

He came to the side of a dry mud pond and used spiritual energy to pull it twice.

Soon, a cave appeared.

A snake that had already entered hibernation was pulled out of the cave by him.


It raised its little head and looked at Ye Xiao with a dumbfounded expression.

It was at a loss.

The sudden change made it forget to defend itself and attack the unknown creature in front of it.

Ye Xiao, on the other hand, used the Minor Destiny masterpiece technique and said,

“Your mother is dead!”


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