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Chapter 454: The Final Verbal Command, Synthesizing a New Masterpiece Technique


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After a moment of silence, Xia Xinyi could not help but open her mouth to speak,

“If we want to unite Ye Xiao through marriage now, it should be impossible.

However, I feel that our trip to the Azure Billow star field this time might not necessarily be fruitless.”

Pausing for a moment, she spoke again,

“Think about it.

With Ye Xiaos current potential, it shouldnt be long before he can become a Godly Emperor.

Moreover, based on my understanding of him, he wont be like the Ancestral Dragon.

“Do you know why Ye Xiao went to the Hundred Clans Alliance this time He went to save a few of his friends.

They were only small characters with cultivation at the human Emperor and King realms.

It didnt matter at all.

However, he still risked his life to save them.

“From this point, I dare to guarantee that even if he became a Godly Emperor in the future, he wouldnt be able to leave these people.

“Do you know what this means”

Xia Bingnings eyes lit up.

“This means that the Xuan Yuan descendants of this world will have their bloodline power continuously improve.

“Furthermore, when Ye Xiao becomes a Godly Emperor, as the person with the closest bloodline to Ye Xiao, the density of their divine blood will even be the same as that of the direct descendants of our Xuan Yuan clan.

“Its not just that.

Ye Xiaos aptitude determines his upper limit.

I dare to bet that his future will definitely not be lower than that of an ordinary Godly Emperor.

“Is very likely that he will become a high-level Godly Emperor.

“and once he becomes a high-level Godly Emperor, then the bloodline of the Xuan Yuan descendants of the Nine Provinces might even surpass that of the current Xuan Yuan clan!”

Xia Bingnings breathing instantly froze.

Too ruthless!

That fellow, Ye Xiao, was indeed heaven -defying and unreasonable.

The rule of the increase in bloodline power was that the same bloodline would increase the most recently, and it was also the fastest.

It was equivalent to watering.

The root closest to the source of water would absorb more water, faster, and more timely.

Once Ye Xiao became a Godly Emperor, Jianghai city would be affected the most because he was a native of the city.

Next would be the Zhong province, then the entire Nine Provinces, and finally, the Xuan Yuan clan.

Although the current bloodline of the Nine Provinces human race could only be raised to the level of the ordinary god race of the Xuan Yuan god clan, they were all existences that could grow in the future.

Thinking of that, Xia Bingning clenched her fists and said with a determined look in her eyes,

“We must nurture more powerful martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan.”

“However, even though thats the case, the Ning family is stationed in Jianghai city.

Those who are stronger have already been specially nurtured by the Ning family.

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“For example, Emperor Jing, the four venerable ones of the Nine Provinces, the sword saint and the saber god, and the holder of the Will-o-Wisp Eye, Beitang Ce.

“They are now all affiliated to the Ning family.”

Xia Bingning shook her head.

“No, they dont belong to the Ning family.

They only belong to Ye Xiao.

Because Ye Xiao is their backbone.

They are now affiliated to the Ning family only because the Ning family is a part of the god clan that came here first.

They have nowhere to go other than the Ning family.”

After a pause, Xia Bingning spoke again,

“However, we and the Ning family are both part of the Xuan Yuan clan.

If we go and snatch talents, it will inevitably cause a rift between us.

Its not a good thing either.

“We can give up on these top-notch geniuses, but there should be many lower-level existences below them, such as the divine grandmaster realm.”

“Right, we can also take in some promising young divine and great grandmasters and nurture them in private.”

The two of them seemed to have discovered a new continent and immediately began to make new plans.

On the other side, Ye Xiao had finally refined two-fifths of the Blood Sea after several days of hard work and combined it with a small portion of the power of laws refined from the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

When the moming sun rose on the 20th day, his aura rose once again.


‘A mouthful of spiritual energy gushed out, and the small potted plants in the room became even greener.

He felt his rich and vibrant blood energy.

‘The comers of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly.

Every time he leveled up, he felt the strength in his entire body soar once again.

What he could not do before was now like turning from a child into an adult, and he could do it easily.

Was that amazing feeling not much more comfortable than finding a girlfriend and regretting it

In the world of martial artists, cultivation was the only thing that mattered.

Advancing was the most satisfying thing.

‘Tve finally reached the second level of the Godly King realm.

Im still six or seven realms away from advancing to the legendary Godly Emperor.

I really dont know what realm Ill be in after I reach the Godly Emperor realm!”

After tidying up, he ate some breakfast and continued reading in the library.

A fulfilling day had begun once again.

However, after leaving the house, Ye Xiao saw a cluster of spiritual airships slowly descending from the sky.

Along with the increase in his strength, Ye Xiaos Primordial Pupil could see it even from the starry sky.

Therefore, he could clearly see the flag on each of the spiritual airships in the fleet.

It had the wordNetherworld on it.

Other than that flag, there was also the wordHeiyu.

He raised his brows slightly.

Could it be that an external enemy had invaded

‘Shouldnt the Netherworld clan be the 18th ranked god clan in the starry sky Why would they appear here

However, he did not sense any killing intent from the other party.

It looked like they were not enemies, but could also be coming into the alliance.

Shaking his head, Ye Xiao did not continue to pay attention to them.

It was better to wait and see.

After arriving at the library, Ye Xiao was eating the small dumpling that was made with Shrimp Gods best flesh as he searched for books.

The whispers of his colleagues could still be heard in his ears.

“Have you heard Our Xuan Yuan clan has formed an alliance with the Netherworld clan.

The young master of the Ling family, Ling Shaoyu, is in charge of forming an alliance with a daughter of the Netherworld clan.

This is to solidify the alliance between the two parties.”

“Is that true”

“Of course its true.

Didnt you see that a lot of spiritual airships landed this morning Those are the spiritual airships of the Netherworld clan.”

“If thats true, then thats a great thing.

I heard that the situation in the starry sky isnt clear right now.

At this time, if we can have a powerful ally, then at least we can have more means to protect ourselves.”

“However, I heard that this Heiyu familys eldest daughter has an extraordinary temper.

I just dont know if our Xuan Yuan clans young master Ling can suppress her!”

Ye Xiao suddenly felt that the library was really a good place.

Not only could he see all kinds of knowledge, but he could also even hear all kinds of gossip and rumors.

Since he could improve himself, he would not have to stay behind closed doors and not know about the news outside.

For the Xuan Yuan clan to be able to find the Netherworld clan to form an alliance was also a great thing for him.

That meant that they had greater strength to deal with the archaic Godly Kings.

However, after even the Netherworld clan had appeared, the high-ranking god clans behind the Hundred Clans Alliance should also be about to appear, right

They could not give up on those subordinates of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

In addition, they would definitely want to get a share of the Godly Emperors tomb.

That way, the three-legged situation would soon take shape.

Ye Xiao suddenly realized that such a situation was similarly beneficial to him.

If the three-legged situation could be formed, the primordial archaic Godly Kings group would have even less of a chance to resist the Xuan Yuan clan in a short period of time.

Moreover, the archaic Godly Kings would definitely not casually leak the Divine Kingdoms treasurys matter.

They also did not want others to fight with them for the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

That way, they would have more time to absorb the power of the laws in the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

In short, if they absorbed one more day, they would earn one more day.

In any case, it would be a waste of money.

He was elated.

That moming, Ye Xiaos luck was exceptionally good.

He actually found the last verbal command technique.

Perhaps because the Ning family had recently updated the library, that extremely rare cultivation technique fell into Ye Xiaos hands.

That verbal command technique was not some nine-star god technique, but the Golden Book only needed to be a god technique of different origins for successful synthesis.

What Ye Xiao wanted was a masterpiece technique.

As long as he could synthesize it with a lesser god technique, it would be a good god technique.

He just did not know what kind of masterpiece technique he would synthesize next.

According to the strength of the Golden Book divine soul, he should be able to successfully synthesize it by the time he got off work in the afternoon.

He continued reading and waited for the masterpiece technique to appear.

On the other side, a group of Netherworld clansmen had already arrived and met with the people of the Xuan Yuan clan.

“Brother Cangming, Ive been waiting for you.”

“Brother Tianya, its been a long time since we last met.

Your cultivation base has improved quite a bit.

Im ashamed to admit that Im inferior to you.”

“Thats not true.

I was just lucky.

In terms of cultivation base, Brother Cangming is the strongest in our generation.”

Everyone exchanged pleasantries.

Soon, the Xuan Yuan clans Godly Kings and young masters were welcomed into the Ning family manor.

The Ning family manor had been expanded again and was comparable to the size of a royal palace.

Zheng Fenghua glanced at it but did not see Ling Shaoyu.

He whispered to Ning Zhiyuan,

“Go and take a look.

What is this kid Shaoyu doing He is todays main character.

Why hasnt he appeared yet”


Ning Zhiyuan nodded and quickly went out to look for Ling Shaoyu.

Soon, he saw Ling Shaoyu in a gazebo, holding a metal lump in his hand.

Ning Zhiyuan knew that it was a special electronic device made by the human race in the Nine Provinces in the past.

Like the intent stone, it could record and play videos.

At that moment, an interview was playing on the screen.

“Sir, what is the thing you regret the most in your life”

“The thing I regret the most in my life Do you even need to ask Of course its getting married!”

After saying that, the sir slapped himself hard.

That expression was as if he had committed a mistake that he would never be able to forgive himself for.

The corner of Ning Zhiyuans mouth could not help but twitch violently.

He walked to Ling Shaoyus side and patted Ling Shaoyus shoulder.

“Shaoyu, I know how you feel.

But for the sake of the clan, I can only sacrifice your happiness this time.”

Ling Shaoyu sighed faintly.

“What do you know If you really knew, you would have helped me..”


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