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Chapter 453: Im Not Worthy of Him


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The Nine Provinces human race, oh no, the Nine Provinces god clan.

We absolutely can not give up.

Otherwise, we will suffer a great loss.”

Ling Shaoyu spoke again.

He was the first to change his stance.

Yun Xuanyuan nodded.

“Youre right.

Their bloodline power has increased.

Their future potential is limitless.

“At the same time, the Godly Emperors tomb is also a very attractive resource.

If we can obtain it, we should try our best to obtain it.

“The only headache is that the primordial Divine Kingdoms Godly King corpses are very strong.

There are many of them, and they are still continuously improving.”

Ling Shaoyu stood out once again.

“Then lets go find a few allies.

If one doesnt work, then lets find two.

With our Xuan Yuan clans face, finding two friends should be very easy.

“For example, we can find the top 25 god clans.

They all have Godly Kings among them, and their cultivations are not low.

“With their help, we can definitely defend these 14 billion Xuan Yuan clans people.”

Yun Xuanyuan smiled faintly.

“As for allies, I have actually already found them.

They are the 18th ranked Netherworld god clan.

Its just that the other party has some requests.”

Ling Shaoyu immediately waved his hand, his expression indifferent.

“As long as this request isnt too excessive, then lets agree to them! Whats the big deal

“Anyway, our god clans people will definitely not go with them.

Even if they want to split the Godly Emperors tomb or something, it doesnt matter.

As long as we protect these people, it will be a huge victory!”

The smile on Yun Xuanyuans face deepened.

He glanced at the two Godly Kings beside him and said with a smile,

“Seniors, you should have heard it, right This is the great man of our Xuan Yuan god clan! With him around, how can our Xuan Yuan clan not smoothly extend our incense and prosper”

Ling Shaoyu was not a fool.

He could already vaguely sense that something was amiss.

“Young Master Yun, can you not keep smiling at me Why do I feel that theres a hidden meaning behind your words”

Yun Xuanyuan comforted him,

“You dont have to worry.

Its a good thing, especially for you.

Its an extremely good thing.”

Ling Shaoyus heart skipped a beat.

The bad feeling in his heart became even more serious.

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“Young Master Yun, what exactly is it Dont keep me in suspense.

Just tell me directly.”

“Its like this.

Although the Netherworld gid clan has agreed to join hands with us, they have made a request.

That is, they need a young master of our Xuan Yuan clan to marry a daughter of their family.

“This way, the effect of the alliance can be guaranteed.

“Lwas just thinking about who should be chosen as the candidate.

I didnt expect you to be so loyal and loyal to our Xuan Yuan clan! And youre so dedicated.

Since thats the case, Ive decided that the candidate will be you.”

What kind of joke was that Making him the victim of a political marriage He was not willing to do that!

With such a marriage, there would definitely be all kinds of trouble in the future.

Not to mention that he was still young, he did not want to find a woman so early and ruin his body.

Even if he wanted to find a woman, he wanted to find one that he liked and that was of his taste.

It was just like a shoe.

It was impossible for him to wear all types of shoes together, right

‘What was even more frustrating was that that level of marriage was basically a lifelong connection.

In addition to the other partys special identity, it was impossible to find any excitement outside.

It could be said that he had instantly entered the tomb of marriage!

He immediately waved his hand and said,

“No, no, no, no! How can I do such a thing I dont have the strength at all.

Im only in the Emperor realm, and I havent even advanced to the God realm.

“If Im sent out to form a marriage alliance, wont I be laughed at to death by others.

“Young Master Yun, youd better choose someone else!”

“I dont care, as long as you can help me choose a suitable person.”

Ling Shaoyu immediately looked to the side.

Zheng Fenghua immediately lowered his head and closed his eyes to rest.

If not for the fact that he had his eyes wide open a second ago, Ling Shaoyu could not help but think that he had really fallen asleep.

He was a little speechless and immediately looked at Ning Zhiyuan.

“Zhiyuan, didnt you tell me before You want to find a woman to cultivate with you.”

Ning Zhiyuan immediately reprimanded,

“Nonsense! I, Ning Zhiyuan, am an honorable gentleman.

How could I do such a despicable and shameless thing and say such despicable and shameless words.

If you continue to slander me, the two of us will no longer be friends from now on.”

He immediately tured his head to look at Song Qingxue.

Song Qingxue said faintly,

“Youre not thinking of asking me to help you, right Im a woman.

I dont want to marry a woman.”

Ling Shaoyu wanted to cry.

He suddenly felt that he had been schemed against.

If that matter was successful, his marriage in this life would be fated.

What romantic love story was there to think about Dream on!

‘What was even more terrifying was that he still did not know what the other party looked like.

If the other party looked like an ugly monster, then he would be even more miserable.

Yun Xuanyuan looked around and said again,

“You see, its not that I didnt give you a chance to choose.

Its that you didnt grasp it.

If you cant find someone else to help you, then theres nothing you can do.

“This matter was decided.

In a few days, the other party would come to join the marriage.

At the same time, they would also bring a part of the Netherworld god clans martial arts masters!

“The other problems were related to the teaching of the 14 billion gods in the Nine Provinces world.

“although the bloodline power in their bodies had been reactivated and they had become part of the god race.

However, no matter how good their aptitude is, if they dont have a good person to teach them, it would be useless!”

Everyone nodded.

“We will draw up a detailed plan later.”

“Alright! But we have to hurry.

We dont have enough time.

If we can speed it up, well try to speed it up as much as possible.”


After the meeting ended, everyone bade farewell.

Xia Bingning immediately went back to look for her grandmother, Xia Xinyi.

‘That was because she noticed that when Yun Xuanyuan went to challenge the Hundred Clans Alliance, it was the few days when Ye Xiao and her grandmother disappeared.

She had to ask clearly.

What exactly was going on Did her grandmother know or not

Very soon, she found Xia Xinyi.

She came before Xia Xinyi and bowed first before immediately saying,

“Grandma, I have something to ask you.”

“Ask away.”

Xia Xinyi closed her eyes to rest and did not make any big movements.

“During the few days when you left, you said that you had something to do.

What is it exactly”

“Why did you suddenly think of asking this Didnt I tell you There were some private matters!”

“Were you together with Ye Xiao Did you go to the Hundred Clans Alliance”

‘When Xia Xinyi heard those words, she, who was originally very calm, suddenly opened her eyes.

A pair of beautiful eyes stared fixedly at Xia Bingning, feeling somewhat incredulous!

“You… How much do you know”

Seeing her expression, Xia Bbingning almost guessed the answer.

“In that case, Ye Xiao is a Godly King.

He killed two first-level Godly King realm existences and even defeated a second-level Godly King realm existence.

Is this matter true”

Xia Xinyi nodded.

“What you said is right.

All of this is true.

“His aptitude is so monstrous that even you and I can not imagine it.

To put it bluntly, in terms of aptitude, no one in the entire Xuan Yuan clan can defeat him.

This includes Yun Xuanyuan!

“In front of him, we people are really scum!”


Although Xia Bingning, who already had a conclusion in her heart, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air at that moment.

At that moment, the last fluke in her heart had completely disappeared.

“Ye Xiao, just how heaven-defying are you”

Xia Bingning sighed and Xia Xinyi immediately said,


Actually, Ive always wanted to say something to you, but I havent found the right opportunity.

Now, I feel that its finally time to say it.

“Bingning, you should seize the opportunity.

“Youve known Ye Xiao before, and you have a better foundation than others.

If you can marry him, this is a great opportunity for you and the entire Xia family.

“This is even better than the benefits we obtained from digging a Godly Emperors tomb!

“Do you know Before he went, he was only at the peak ninth level of the God slayer realm, a lesser Godly King.

He relied on himself to advance at the last minute, allowing himself to become a Godly King!”

Xia Bingning was already speechless from the shock.

After she heard those words, she was no longer shocked.

All that was left in her heart was numbness

Towards what Xia Xinyi said, to let her marry Ye Xiao, made her feel even more bitter.

If it could be said that before that, she did not have any feelings of adoration towards Ye Xiao, then at that moment, she had truly branded her feelings towards Ye Xiao from the bottom of her heart.

No woman could resist Ye Xiao!

His aptitude, his handsomeness, his temperament… Everything about him was simply mesmerizing to women.

There was simply no way to extricate herself.

However, Ye Xiao had just told her a few days ago that he was not interested in her at all and did not wish for others to misunderstand.

Therefore, she knew clearly in her heart that it was absolutely impossible for her to take down Ye Xiao.

“Grandma, dont say any more about this matter.

Its impossible between him and me.

Im not worthy of him.”

“How would you know if you dont try”

“Theres no need to try! A few days ago, he had already told me that he did not want to have too much entanglement with girls now.

Moreover, he asked me not to keep going over to look for him to avoid causing misunderstandings or discovering his identity.”

When Xia Xinyi heard those words, she could not help but sigh in her heart.

Sometimes, there was no other way.

If a man like Ye Xiao did not establish a relationship with him when he was weak, he might miss out on it for life if he delayed it for a little longer.

‘That was because his aptitude was really too strong.

The speed at which his cultivation increased was really too fast.

In the blink of an eye, he was going to pull others behind him so that even his back view could not be seen.

At that time, talking about love with him, he already had no interest..


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