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Chapter 452: What Ye Xiao Was Already a Godly King

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‘The Godly Kings who had died before only had at most a million drops of divine blood in their bodies.

As for that Godly King, the amount of divine blood in his body had already exceeded ten million drops.

No wonder his cultivation could increase so quickly, and he had already recovered to the first level of the Godly King realm.

However, all of it had benefited Ye Xiao.

The size of a martial arts masters body remained unchanged.

However, as the cultivation increased, the toughness of a martial artists bloodline would receive a greater increase.

That meant that a body of the same size could compress more divine blood.

The blood pressure would be higher, but at the same time, the speed of the circulation of fresh blood would also be faster.

That would be beneficial to speeding up the speed of the circulation of spiritual energy.

Unfortunately, if it was in the past, when Ye Xiaos cultivation was relatively low, absorbing and refining divine blood, his cultivation might have increased by several levels.

At that point… it could only increase by a small portion.

Forget it.

No matter how small a mosquito was, it was still a piece of meat.

It was just that he did not know if the other archaic Godly Kings would come one after another and send some to him.

Ye Xiao was still very confident in his character.

In the past, those star beasts would come over one by one to give him some.

He did not know if those archaic Godly Kings would also besmart.

The current situation in the starry sky was becoming more and more complicated.

Even archaic Godly Kings were starting to appear in groups.

He did not know if there would be more factions in the future.

It seemed like he had to speed up the refinement of the power of laws and strive to enter the Godly Emperor realm as soon as possible.

On the other side, a few figures in the Godly Kings tomb suddenly opened their eyes.

Pairs of sharp gazes were as sharp as lightning.

“Northern King is dead!”

“didnt expect him to die so quickly.

It seems like there are still many martial arts masters in this star area.”

“The place where the Divine Kingdoms treasury is buried seems to be called the Nine Provinces.

The Nine provinces belong to the Xuan Yuan clan.

The Xuan Yuan clan is currently ranked 19th among the starry sky god clan.

“More or less, there are still some martial arts masters.”

“If we want to find the Divine Kingdoms treasury and take it out again, we will have to fight with them in the future.

They are our potential enemies.”

“The only fortunate thing is that they dont know about the existence of the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

As long as we increase our strength as soon as possible and take back the Nine Provinces and dig out the Divine Kingdoms treasury, victory will belong to us.”

“We can only do this.

Let them help us take care of the Divine Kingdoms treasury first, and wait for us to go and take it personally.”

“We urgently need to raise our strength.

We are all corpses and we need enough blood to restore our strength to its peak state.

“Furthermore, because we are corpses, we can not go any further after we recover to our peak state.

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“For this, we need to awaken more Godly Kings, especially the more powerful Godly Kings!”

“Lets start with the Hundred Clans Alliance.

The Hundred Clan Alliances strength was much less than the Xuan Yuan clans.

And their numbers were several times stronger than the Hundred Clans Alliances! It just so happens that they can provide us with a large amount of fresh blood, allowing us to

awaken our own cultivation and awaken even more archaic martial arts masters!”

Several days later, the young masters of the various great families of the Xuan Yuan clan and the martial arts masters of the various families gathered in Jianghai city with solemn expressions.

Sitting at the head of the table were naturally the Godly Kings and Yun Xuanyuan.

In the past, Ning Zhiyuan was still sitting there.

However, after the real big shots had arrived, he no longer had the right to continue sitting there.

He could only sit on both sides like the young masters of the other families.

“Weve gathered everyone here today! I reckon that everyone still doesnt know whats going on, right”

Everyone nodded.

‘The Zheng familys Godly King immediately said,

“Something has happened in the starry sky.

A few days ago, the Hundred Clans Alliance was attacked by a group of martial arts masters and suffered heavy losses.

At least more than a million god clansmen have died!”


“How can there be so many”

“The extent of the injuries is really too great.”

Everyone cried out in alarm as the Zheng familys Godly King waved his hand.

“We have already investigated the enemies that attacked.

They were the Godly Kings from the immemorial era.

“although they did not know why they had crawled out of the divine tomb, their strength had recovered to a level comparable to their strength when they were alive as they continued to ingest blood.

“What was even more terrifying was that they seemed to be able to awaken other Godly Kings.

“It was said that there were only six Godly Kings at the beginning, but now, there were eight of them.

“The Hundred Clans Alliance was killed so tragically that it couldnt bear to look at them.

Now, they had started to retreat out of Azure Billow star field.

“Some of them couldnt escape, so they were forced to flee to our star field.

We got the information from them.”

Everyones faces began to turn gloomy.

“Could it be that this group of Godly King corpses is going to use their fresh blood to resurrect and rebuild their primordial Divine Kingdom”

“We cant deny this, but the most important thing right now is what we should do.

With so many Godly Kings appearing, it means that there will definitely be a Godly Emperors tomb here!

“But the current situation is very dangerous for us.

Do we want that Godly Emperors tomb, or do we have to survive”

Ling Shaoyu immediately said,

“Of course we have to survive.

We have gathered almost all of the future elites of the Xuan Yuan clan here.

If anything goes wrong, the Xuan Yuan clan might have to pay a huge price in the next few decades.

“They might even lag behind the other families by a generation! This is an extremely dangerous matter.

If we dont do it well, the other god clans might covet us.”

Yun Xuanyuan nodded and then said,

“Youre right.

Then what are your thoughts”

“We can only leave this place temporarily.

The clan still has other resources to protect, so we cant send too many martial arts masters here.

“If we dont have enough martial arts masters, we wont be able to defend this place.

“As for the Xuan Yuan clans descendants here, well try our best to take as many as we can.

After all, their bloodline power isnt pure enough.

We can only take as many as we can out of the righteousness of our clan.”

Ning Zhiyuan and the others did not say anything.

That was how cruel the starry sky was.

Sometimes, in order to survive, they had no choice but to make some unacceptable decisions.

They did not bring many spiritual airships, so it was unrealistic to take all 14 billion people away in one go.

However, Yun Xuanyuan said faintly,

“Lhave another thing to tell you.”

“Please speak, Young Master Yun.”

“The Saber-sword Immortal has become a Godly King.”

The whole place was dead silent.

Ning Zhiyuan and the others expressions seemed to have a lot of question marks.

‘The Saber-sword Immortal became a Godly King

‘Was that a joke to them

It had only been a few months

‘A few months ago, Ye Xiao had challenged Yun Xuanyuan to a battle in front of them.

At that time, Ye Xiaos strength was clearly only at the early stage of the Godslayer realm.

He had not even reached the middle stage of the Godslayer realm.

Then, he had directly crossed several minor realms and reached the Godly King realm in one step

What did that guy eat

‘Was he enlightened by someone

Among them, the person who was the most shocked was none other than Xia Bingning.

She had thought that Ye Xiaos cultivation was only at the second or third stage of the Godslayer realm.

She did not expect that he had become the legendary Godly King in the blink of an eye!

‘Was that not too unbelievable

How old was he

One had to know that even the Xia family, as a direct descendant family of the Xuan Yuan clan, only had three Godly Kings.

Those three Godly Kings were all ancestors who had lived for a long time.

The youngest one was also Xia Bingnings grandfather!

While Ye Xiao had already advanced to that realm before the age of 30.

For a moment, Xia Bingning felt that she could not accept it.

She clenched her little pink fists slightly and muttered softly,

“Ye Xiao, you big scoundrel, you lied to me so miserably! Youre clearly already a Godly King, but in the end, you lied to me and said that you were at the Godslayer realm!”

After a short moment of silence, Ning Zhiyuan could not help but speak up,

“Young Master Yun, is what you said true or false Do you have any evidence”

Yun Xuanyuan spoke up,

“The two seniors of the Zheng family and the Ling family and I went to look for trouble with the Hundred Clans Alliance previously.

Just as we were about to leave, we heard them speak from their own mouths.

The Saber-sword Immortal went deep behind them and killed two first-level Godly Kings.


also injured a second-level Godly King and escaped successfully.”

Everyone was speechless once again.

After killing two martial arts masters at the first level of the Godly King realm and injuring one at the second level of the Godly King realm, he even managed to escape successfully.

They felt as though they were listening to a story.

To be able to reach such a level of cultivation, the Saber-sword Immortals standard was probably not only at the first level of the Godly King realm, right

“However, just based on what they said, it cant be certain that its true, right”

Ling Shaoyu could not help but raise his doubts.

Yun Xuanyuan explained once again.

“What you said is right.

Just based on this point alone, we cant be 100 percent sure that Saber-sword Immortal has successfully stepped into the Godly King realm.

“However… We investigated the bloodline power of the Nine Provinces human race and found that their bloodline power has obviously improved greatly.

They have completely left the scope of the human race bloodline and have successfully advanced to the aptitude of the god clan bloodline!”

When those words were said, everyone was completely dumbfounded.

‘With Yun Xuanyuans identity, he naturally would not lie to them.

‘The matter of the Saber-sword Immortal becoming a Godly King was real.

He had really achieved an unprecedented miracle.

Following that, Zheng Fenghua said with a serious expression,

“If this matter is true, then we can not give up on all of the Nine Provinces human race.”

Previously, the reason why Ling Shaoyu brought up that matter was purely that the human race of the Nine Provinces was the Xuan Yuan clan.

It was unknown how many generations of descendants the Xuan Yuan clan had, but the bloodline power in their bodies had long been diluted to the extreme.

The vast majority of people were even unable to open their divine souls and become completely crippled.

For such a person, putting so many direct descendants of the Xuan Yuan clan in danger was clearly very irrational.

However, the Saber-sword Immortal had advanced to the Godly King realm, and the Nine Provinces human race had completely become the Nine Provinces god clan.

That was 14 billion gods!

How many martial arts masters would appear in their future

The hidden value of that sum was even higher than the value of ten Godly Kings tombs!


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