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Chapter 451: The Third Force, the Primordial Divine Kingdoms Godly Kings


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‘The Bhramara Mudra activated, and golden light flashed.

The Buddhist sects unyielding and unbreakable vajra power instantly tore apart the distance between the two of them with the power of lightning.

It arrived in the blink of an eye.

The other party felt the powerful force above, and his soul could not help but tremble.

If that move landed on him, he would definitely die.

However, at that critical moment, a sword ray suddenly descended from the sky.

The powerful energy even cut off the power of Ye Xiaos finger technique with a single sword.


The energy entered the ground, and the entire ground began to tremble.

The golden ball of light spread out, and in the blink of an eye, everything within dozens of miles was destroyed.

If not for the fact that the current Nine Provinces had already been strengthened by the arrays of the various aristocratic families, the range of destruction from this attack would not have been dozens of miles.

Ye Xiao looked up into the sky.

At some point in time, a handsome young man in a tiger-skin robe had appeared there, looking straight at him.

At that time, the commotion between the two sides had already attracted the attention of the other Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Some of their auras were clearly sweeping over.

The other party did not say anything.

He grabbed at the void with his large hand and lifted his peak ninth-level Godslayer subordinate, instantly vanishing from the spot.

Ye Xiao also instantly vanished from the spot.

After the three of them walked past, in the next second, a few auras that were not weaker than theirs quickly arrived as well.

Almost all of them were experts of the Xuan Yuan clan.

When they saw the huge deep pit on the ground, their expressions changed slightly.

“What a powerful attack.

The ground has already been strengthened by our nine-star divine array, yet the other party is still able to destroy the ground to such a state.

It seems that the other partys strength has already reached the cultivation level of a Godly King,”

“Its just that we dont know who made the move.”

“This aura seems to be from more than one person.

Lets assume that one of them is the Saber-sword Immortal of Jianghai city, but who is the other one”

“The situation in the starry sky is really becoming more and more unclear.

If this continues, Im afraid that we wont have an easy time in the days to come.”

Ye Xiao, that archaic Godly King, and his subordinates had already arrived in the starry sky.

It could be seen that the other party was quite intelligent.

They knew that they would encounter many martial artists in the surface world, and at that time, they might not be able to escape, so they left in time.

However, that also made it convenient for Ye Xiao to kill them and not be discovered by others.

Ye Xiao looked at the other party indifferently, and the other party also looked at him with an ice-cold expression.

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“From the looks of it, you seem to know about my primordial Divine Kingdoms treasury! Have you already found that Divine Kingdoms treasury”

‘The other partys tone was calm as he spoke.

His tone revealed a feeling of being high and mighty.

It was as if he was not questioning Ye Xiao, but questioning him.

“From the looks of it, your strength is not bad.

Youve already reached the first level of the Godly King realm at such a young age.

If youre willing to obediently tell me the location of the Divine Kingdoms treasury, I can give you a chance to join our primordial Divine Kingdom.

“In the future, obtaining a masterpiece technique or even becoming a Godly Emperor is very likely.”

Ye Xiaos hands were in his pockets, and his gaze was calm as he said,

“If you say that you want me to join, then Ill join.

Forcing me and bribing me, wont that be too disgraceful Youre only a Godly King, and Im also a Godly King.

Why should I listen to you”

If it were any other day, Ye Xiao would have already sent a punch over.

He would not have said so much nonsense to him.

However, at the moment, he wanted to know just how many people the other party had.

The primordial Divine Kingdom had many Godly Kings.

If there were other Godly Kings, after Ye Xiao understood, he could at least be on guard in the future.

‘The other party chuckled.

“Your brain isnt stupid.

However, if you think that Im the only archaic Godly King in our faction, then youre gravely mistaken.

“The primordial Divine Kingdom has as many martial arts masters as there are hairs on an ox.

If all the martial arts masters of our primordial Divine Kingdom were resurrected, their strength would be comparable to the current top-ranked god clan in the starry sky.

“The future belongs to us.

Only by joining us will you have a better way out.

“This is the gift this king bestowed upon you!”

“Your tone is quite arrogant, but you never mentioned how many Godly King companions you have.

Could it be that you only have one or two

“With just a few Godly Kings, you want to trick me with empty hands”

‘The other party slightly narrowed his eyes.

After a moment of silence, he immediately said,

“Seven! Moreover, there are even more Godly Kings who are continuously resurrecting.”

Ye Xiaos eyes slightly moved.

‘There were actually so many.

As expected of the primordial Divine Kingdom.

The number of martial arts masters was truly different.

Ye Xiao spoke again,

“Even if they are all Godly Kings, the first-level Godly King realm and the second-level Godly King realm are not on the same level.

“If [were to go over, how many places would I be able to rank What position would I have”


‘The other party suddenly raised his head and laughed loudly.

“Interesting, really very interesting.

I admire you.

If you can come over, I can guarantee that you will be behind me and be ranked fifth.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiao roughly knew their standards.

‘The other party would not really let him be the fifth.

At most, it would just be a bluff.

After he really went over, the other party had the advantage in numbers.

Even if he wanted to change anything, there was nothing he could do.

Of course, it was also impossible for Ye Xiao to be the fifth in the past for them.

However, since the other party was ranked fourth among the Godly Kings, there was basically nothing to be afraid of.

‘The fourth was only at the first level of the Godly King realm.

One could imagine how tough their team was.

Perhaps the only troublesome thing was that there were still quite a number of Godly Kings after them who were constantly resurrecting.

However, it was impossible for the other party to resurrect all of them at once.

Otherwise, they would have been resurrected long ago, and there would not be only a first-level Godly King there.

There was another point.

Even if they were resurrected one by one, they did not know where the Divine Kingdoms treasury was, nor did they know about the existence of a figure like them.

As long as he was given two months to fully refine the Blood Sea and a small portion of the power of laws, his cultivation base would at least advance to the fourth level Godly King realm.

At that time, with so many means, he would not have to worry about losing his life even if he were to face a late-stage Godly King.

At that moment, the other party revealed a smile that he thought was very charming.

He immediately opened his mouth and said,

“How is it Have you thought it through This might be the most important and also the rarest heavenly ladder in your life!”

Ye Xiao nodded, and the corner of the other partys mouth curled up even higher.

‘Without bloodshed, he had managed to rope in a martial arts master at the Godly King level as an ally.

Even if that Godly Kings strength was not that great and only had the cultivation of a mere first-level Godly King, to them who had just been resurrected, he was already a pretty good ally.

In the future, when all the Godly Kings of the primordial Divine Kingdom were resurrected, Ye Xiao would be dispensable.

At that time, if he was more obedient, he would be given a place to work for the primordial Divine Kingdom.

If he was disobedient, he would instantly be killed.

However, at that moment, a crisis of death instantly descended.

Fortunately, as a Godly King, his reaction speed was heaven-defying.

Almost at the instant he felt the danger, his body had already left the spot.

The speed of a Godly King was not much slower than his reaction speed.


Just as he retreated, a violent explosion suddenly erupted from his position.

D*mn you, you dare to ambush me! You must be tired of living.

Ye Lui Qi, you should retreat first and wait for me to kill him.”

However, the other party did not answer him.

“Ye Lui… Qi”

He looked down at his hand in confusion and his pupils constricted.

He did not know when but Ye Lui Qi had been blown into pieces.

At that moment, he was only holding half of the other partys shoulder.

So fast!

‘When did that happen

He did not even have the time to react.

That was not right!

It was not the time to think about that.

The other partys speed was so fast that if he hesitated for a second, it might bring about his own death.


Just as he was about to cast a god technique of defense, a world-destroying pressure suddenly descended and arrived at his neck.

“D*mn it!”

He knew that it was Ye Xiao who had come.

He did not expect that the other partys speed was already so fast that he could not react in time.

Fear made his soul involuntarily tremble slightly.

It was too late to defend.

At that moment, he only had one choice, and that was to escape.

He immediately activated his other nine-star god technique and prepared to escape.

However, all of a sudden, everything around him seemed to slow down.

He had never felt that way before.

His consciousness was still there, but his movements were slow.

He could not keep up with his previous movements and consciousness.

‘That terrifying scene made him think of a legendary masterpiece technique, the Qilin clans Reincarnation masterpiece technique!

It was said that that masterpiece technique was so heaven-defying that it could control time.

Therefore, it was ranked sixth in the starry sky.

Ranked sixth in the entire starry sky, one could imagine its strength!

It was over!

He was finished!

If he had known earlier, he would not have come to that place, much less be arrogant in front of that fellow.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in that world.

Aray of light flashed, and the World Destruction masterpiece technique was attached to the God-subduing Palm, cutting off the other partys neck in parallel.

The head flew up, and the Godly King was instantly killed by Ye Xiao.

Even before his death, his eyes were still filled with disbelief, confusion, and despair!

‘Was that not the era of an age of chaos

Clearly, the martial arts culture of that era was much more trash than that of the immemorial era.

How could there be such a powerful and monstrous fellow there

Everyone was also at the first level of the Godly King realm, yet he was instantly killed by the other party.

Was there still justice

Was there still law

Was that really the age of chaos

After Ye Xiao killed the other party, the next second, he immediately used the Bloodbath masterpiece technique to forcefully devour the other partys divine blood.

That fellows divine blood was very rich.

Compared to those Godly King who had completely died and exhausted themselves, there was only a small amount of divine blood left in their bodies.

That guy was a big fat sheep!


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