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Chapter 450: Seeing the Primordial Divine Kingdoms Undead Again!


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Xia Bingning was somewhat surprised because the medicinal pill Qin Yuyan gave Ye Xiao was not anything good.

It was just an extremely ordinary thing.

That kind of thing would at most be needed below the Emperor realm.

No one above the Emperor realm would need it.

Moreover, Qin Yuyans cultivation seemed to have just advanced to the human martial arts King realm.

She was not even in the Emperor realm.

It seemed that she did not seem to know that Ye Xiaos cultivation was already in the Godslayer realm.

Ye Xiao did not accept it.

“Keep it.

Youve already given me a lot before.

I havent used up all of it.”

Qin Yuyan bit her lips and kept the pill back.

“alright, then Ill go look for the books.

You go ahead and do your work.”

She then bade farewell and left, heading to another floor.

Xia Bingning could not help but speak slowly,

“Rejecting the things that she gave you in front of another girl.

This method is a little damaging to a girls self-esteem.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“The relationship between us is not what you think.

I also dont want to give her any ambiguous feelings and let her think that there will be anything between us.”

Ye Xiaos thoughts were very simple.

If he liked a girl, he would definitely spoil her to death.

If he did not like a girl, then he should not have any ambiguous feelings toward others and draw a clear line between them.

Right then, he only wanted to train and become stronger.

He did not want to find a girlfriend at all.

If he did not want to fall in love, then would he not be too much of a sc*mbag if he still hung around her

The last time he accepted Qin Yuyans things, it could be considered as his reward for helping her look for tomb-robbing books and explaining the knowledge of tomb-robbing.

He wanted to return the favor.

If she wanted it again that time, it would be crossing the line.


Xia Bingning let out a longOh.

She could not tell that Ye Xiao was quite decent.

However, thinking about it carefully, the reason why he was so outstanding was definitely not because of his beauty.

Ye Xiao could not be said to be the only man in the entire universe with such a man.

However, there were not many men who could have such conviction.

‘The comers of Xia Bingnings mouth curled up slightly, and her big eyes were smiling as cutely as the crescent moon.

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“[ realize now that Im starting to admire you a little.”

At that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly raised his head again and said seriously,

“Actually, there are some things that Ive always wanted to tell you, but I couldnt find a suitable opportunity.

I might as well tell you today.”

Xia Bingnings heart skipped a beat.

Could it be… Could it be that Ye Xiao was going to say something special

Could it be that Ye Xiao had some special thoughts about her

Although she was not so brainless that she would fall in love with anyone she met, if Ye Xiao really confessed to her, she really did not know if she would reject him.

That guy was both mysterious and very handsome.

Hmm… Even if she had never considered falling in love with a guy, it did not mean that she hated Ye Xiao.

What would Ye Xiao say

She felt her heart beat strangely.

However, Ye Xiaos next words were like a basin of cold water, instantly pouring over his head.

“Your identity is more liable.

You are the daughter of the Xia family.

If you keep coming over to look for me, it will inevitably attract the attention of some people.

“I dont want to expose my identity now, so I hope that you can stop coming over to look for me in the future

“At least dont come looking for me so frequently, can you”

She suddenly had a feeling that she had nothing to live for.

She was actually despised by someone, and it was even by a boy.

‘That was the first time in her life since she grew up.

Seeing that she did not speak, Ye Xiao opened his mouth again.

“Also, I dont want to be in a relationship either.

The two of us are still different from each other.

If we spend too much time together, its inevitable that others will misunderstand.

“Those rumors arent too good for a girl like you, right”

‘The comer of Xia Bingnings mouth could not help but twitch violently.

She suddenly felt that her thoughts earlier were wrong.

It was not that Ye Xiao was calm and collected.

He was just a simple straight man made of steel.

“You win.

Ill leave now.

If theres nothing special in the future, I wont come and look for you again.”

After saying that, Xia Bingning bade farewell to Ye Xiao and left.

On the other hand, Ye Xiaos mood was much better.

It was really not that he was acting, but if it involved a woman, there would be a lot of trouble.

Not to mention when they were in a relationship, a woman might have a little temper, and it was very likely that she would lose her mind.

If things went wrong, it might cause you to go berserk when you made an advancement.

Even if there was no such thing as going berserk, it was also possible that some other unpleasant things might happen.

‘As an example… Some young masters or young mistresses of the Xia family, or elders of the Xia family, would come over with a pile of divine crystals and throw them on their faces, saying to themselves, “Take this money and leave my daughter.”

Perhaps even, “Why dont you take a good look at yourself in the mirror Are you worthy of the eldest daughter of the Xia fami

Facing such a situation, they definitely could not tolerate it.

Then, should they kill or not

Not killing was not in line with their character.

If they did, putting aside the other partys identity, they were Xia Bingnings family.

Just talking about killing, if they killed one, there would be ten or a hundred more after that… There might even be a late-stage Godly King who would come and kill him,

creating trouble for him.

Therefore, in order to prevent those ridiculous and irritating things from happening to him, Ye Xiao had to cut off the source.

Which was Xia Bingning.

As long as Xia Bingning was a little further away from him, it would be fine.

Single, the calm and easy road!

In the following days, he could finally focus on reading.

After spending another days effort, Ye Xiao combined his previous cultivation technique and gathered another god technique.

Bhramara Mudra!

It was a finger technique.

That finger technique was different from the Heaven-worshipping Finger.

From a certain point of view, its aura seemed to be the same as the Tathagata Palm and other Buddhist sect cultivation techniques from before.

In the starry sky, there was almost no Buddhist sect anymore.

According to the memory fragments of Su Chens master Lin Cheng, the Buddhist sect was still at its peak in ancient times.

When it was at its strongest, it had even established several Divine Kingdoms.

The Buddhist sect also had a Supreme Eternal and the Blood Venerable One, one good, and one evil.

The Buddhist sects archaic masterpiece technique, the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, was ranked ninth in the starry sky.

With the passage of time, Blood Venerable Ones devil sect and Buddhist sect had already disappeared into the starry sky.

It was just that Ye Xiao did not know how the immemorial era had declined.

The remnant soul of the Godly Emperor in the Divine Kingdoms treasury belonged to the immemorial era.

When the primordial Divine Kingdom declined, the immemorial era had not declined.

As for Lin Cheng, it was only tens of thousands of years ago that he did not catch up to the immemorial era.

Ye Xiao still did not know about that period of history.

He also did not know whether those Supreme Eternals were dead or not.

That was a question that Ye Xiao had always been most afraid of.

According to common sense, Supreme Eternals were eternal and indestructible.

Their lifespans had long surpassed the shackles of the natural laws.

Unless there were several existences of the same level besieging one or even stronger existences, only then could they be destroyed.

Moreover, if they did not die, there should be no reason for them to be destroyed during the immemorial era.

That was because many primordial Divine Kingdoms were subordinate to Supreme Eternals.

Supreme Eternals could not possibly watch as their own people were destroyed, right

‘What exactly was the reason that caused the decline of the immemorial era

Just as Ye Xiao racked his brains and could not come up with an answer, in the next second, he suddenly felt something and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“This aura is… ”

Then, his eyes moved slightly and his body instantly disappeared from where he was.

At that moment, in a corner of Jianghai city, a figure wearing a black robe and a cloak quietly appeared at the gathering place of the three rivers outside Jianghai city.

He held an ancient bronze compass in his hand and forced out a drop of divine blood from his finger.

The divine blood entered the compass and immediately began to spin rapidly.

However, after spinning for a short while, the needle of the bronze compass did not react at all.

He could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

“What the hell! Even if the Divine Kingdoms treasury has its own spiritual sense, it should still be in this small world.

“Why cant I find it no matter how hard I try Its as if it disappeared into thin air.”

“Youre looking for the Divine Kingdoms treasury”

Avoice suddenly sounded, causing him to squint his eyes.

He raised his hand and launched an attack.

A six-star god technique!

The beam of light produced by the attack headed straight for the other party.

However, when it arrived in front of the other party, it distorted twice.

It did not erupt with any damage and disappeared without a trace.

When the beam of light disappeared, Ye Xiaos handsome face was revealed.

“What did you say you were looking for just now”

Ye Xiao spoke indifferently, his tone revealing traces of killing intent that was difficult to conceal.

He could clearly feel the aura on the other partys body.

It did not belong to that world, nor did it belong to the god clan of the Hundred Clans Alliance in the starry skies.

It could even be said that it did not belong to a living person!

Furthermore, the other party actually knew about the Divine Kingdoms treasury and was still looking for it.

‘That was interesting.

Did the other party not expect that Ye Xiao had just easily neutralized his attack His face was somewhat solemn, but he did not panic.

“Thats not something you should know!”

‘The other party spoke indifferently, and then he attacked again.

At that time, his move was no longer a six-star god technique, but an eight-star god technique.

A powerful force instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

That punch was mixed with the violent power of fire, and his fist became fiery-red and translucent because of it.

The spiritual energy in the air was burning hot and white because of that extremely hot energy of his.

If that attack hit an existence who was also at the ninth level of the Godslayer realm, it might not be easy for the opponent to receive it.

Unfortunately, he was hitting Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao activated his Star-plucking Hand and easily blocked the opponents fist.


With a slight squeeze, the opponents fist split open on the spot and exploded into a cloud of blood mist!

“So powerful!”

The opponents pupils constricted and he suddenly woke up.

His body wanted to retreat quickly.

How could Ye Xiao let him escape so easily

The nine-star god technique that he had just cultivated, the Bhramara Mudra activated and headed straight for the opponent.


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