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Chapter 448: Tomb of the Godly Emperor!


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yun Xuanyuan said seriously,

“No matter who he is, we must find him.

He is the best candidate to succeed the Xuan Yuan Holy Son.”

Upon hearing that, the two Godly Kings could not help but feel their hearts sink as they sighed.

They knew that after that, Yun Xuanyuan would no longer be the Xuan Yuan clans next Holy Son.

What a pity!

He had worked hard for that goal for 61 years!

61 years of time had been spent on cultivation, all for the position of the Holy Son.

Then, he had given it up.

However, they could not help but admire Yun Xuanyuan in their hearts.

After putting in so much effort, he had resolutely given up on his goal in order to allow the Xuan Yuan clan to go further.

It was not only his goal for many years, it was also his future.

If he could become a Holy Son, his future would be boundless.

The Godly Emperor could be said to be a guarantee.

Unfortunately, he had given up the position of Holy Son.

Without the resources of the Holy Son, he was much further away from becoming a Godly Emperor.

If he did not do well, he might never have the chance to advance to become a Godly Emperor.

The sacrifice was truly too great!

However, there was no other way.

Resources were limited.

If the Xuan Yuan clan had so many resources, they would not have established any Holy Children.

Instead, they would have directly nurtured all of their outstanding disciples to become Godly Emperors.

Yun Xuanyuan seemed to have seen through the thoughts of the two of them as he spoke once more,

“Seniors, there is no need to worry about me.

Although I have given up the opportunity to go to the Xuan Yuan Mountain, this does not mean that I will never be able to become a Godly Emperor in my lifetime.

“The discovery of the primordial Divine Kingdom this time is also a great opportunity.

“If we can find a Godly Emperors tomb, with the resources within, I might be able to advance to the Godly Emperor realm!”

The two Godly Kings nodded.

“What you say doesnt count.

Not only do you have such a modest heart, but you also have a martial arts heart that doesnt give up.

Your future is still very promising.

“Dont worry, we will definitely do our best to assist you and strive to obtain the resources of the Godly Emperors tomb.”

Yun Xuanyuan nodded.

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“However, even so, we still have many problems at the moment.

After this matter, the grudge between the Hundred Clans Alliance and us is even deeper.

“They didnt succeed in attacking us just now, so its impossible for them to continue attacking.

Because they also know that we still have a few Godly Kings in the Nine Provinces!

“But its precisely because of this that I suspect that their next step will be to collude with the high-level god clan behind them.

“If the other partys strength is above that of the Xuan Yuan clan, it will also be a big trouble for us!”

“Then what do you think”

“We can take the first step to pull in allies.

We can pull in some suitable allies from the god clans that are on good terms with our Xuan Yuan clan.

We can promise to give out a portion of the resources of the divine tomb in order to obtain stronger support.”

“This is a good idea.

Although we will lose a lot of resources, if we face the other high-level god clans alone, we will be outnumbered.

We wont even be able to drink soup, let alone eat meat.

“The Xuan Yuan clan was very strong, but they were not the strongest in the starry sky.

“The network of relationships behind the Hundred Clans Alliance was complicated.

There were also many high-level god clans backing them.

“If the other party summoned a similar one, the Xuan Yuan clan might still be able to resist.

If there were too many stronger ones, for example, the top ten existences, or if the other party summoned two or even three high-ranking gods, that would be a huge problem.

“It was impossible for the other party to send out a few Godly Emperors for the sake of a Godly Emperors tomb, right

“At that time, it would not be a simple matter of snatching the Godly Emperors tomb, but creating the Godly Emperors tomb!

“In addition, the search for the Saber-sword Immortal must be conducted in secret.

The people of the Hundred Clans Alliance only know that our Xuan Yuan clan has such a person.

“However, they do not know his age, nor do they know that he has such heaven-defying talent!

“If his talent were to be spread out, it would be a huge threat to our Xuan Yuan clan.”

The two of them nodded once again.

There was a good saying,When a tree stands out in the forest, the wind will destroy it.

If aman wasnt guilty, he would be guilty of possessing wealth!

Back then, the Ancestral Dragon had already made many gods feel a trace of fear towards the Xuan Yuan clan.

If they were to know that another existence even more monstrous than the Ancestral Dragon had appeared in the Xuan Yuan clan, they might really have to suppress the Xuan Yuan clan.

On the surface, it seemed like there were certain rules in the starry sky, but in reality, it was a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

If your existence threatened the survival and development of others, they would kill you no matter what.

On the other side, the Godly Kings of the Hundred Clans Alliance were furious.

Although the ones who died were not martial arts masters of their own god clan, they were all allies.

Having two Godly Kings killed by the Xuan Yuan clan would deal a huge blow to the overall strength of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

That might cause them to lose even more in the upcoming battle for the divine tomb.

They might even lose some top-tier divine tombs, such as the Godly Kings tomb, or even the Godly Emperors tomb.

“The Xuan Yuan clan is simply going too far!”

“Unfortunately, they still escaped in the end.

Although the three of them suffered heavy injuries, as long as they are still alive, they can use pills and healing techniques to heal their injuries.”

“Now that they have returned to their own star area, its impossible to kill them anymore.

Moreover, we have almost become sworn enemies.

The competition for the divine tomb will be even more intense.

“In my opinion, its time for us to ask the high-level god clan behind us to take action!”

Everybody looked indignant.

Although they had had such thoughts and plans in the past, they had not carried them out until the last step.

That was because, if the high-ranking gods did not come, it would be them and the Xuan Yuan clan fighting over the resources of the divine tombs.

Even if it was the resources of a Godly Emperors tomb, it would be the Hundred Clans alliance and the Xuan Yuan clan fighting over it.

In this way, the ratio

of everyone fighting over it would be one to one.

However, if the high-ranking gods were summoned, their main seat would have to be taken back and become a secondary seat.

At that time, it would be the high-ranking gods fighting over the meat.

As for the Hundred Clans Alliance, they could only hide to the side and drink soup.

Touching meat completely depended on the other partys expression.

They could only touch it if the other party told them to let them go.

If they were not allowed to touch it, they could only watch helplessly.

However, they had no other choice.

The threat of the martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan was too strong.

The deaths of the two Godly Kings made things even worse for them, who were not rich to begin with.

In the current situation, if they continued to persist, they would not even be able to drink the soup.

They had no other choice!

At the same time, in a certain spot in the starry sky, a team of people from the Hundred Clans Alliance was constantly excavating a divine tomb that had just been discovered in a desolate group of meteorites.

After much effort, they finally found the entrance to that divine tomb and entered it successfully.

“Oh my God, there are so many resources inside! Looking at the scale, its at least a Godly Kings tomb! Hahahaha… Were rich, were really rich this time.

“Quick! Take all the resources inside, and leave none behind.

“Everyone, keep your mouths shut.

No one is allowed to spread this news.

This Godly Kings tomb is ours!”

Everyone began to frantically search for the resources inside.

Not long after, a junior disciple quickly ran over and handed an ancient book to the leader.

“Senior, please take a look at this.”

The leader immediately took the ancient book and quickly read the words on it.

However, as he read the words on it, he could not help but start to tremble.

“This… This… My God! Im rich! Im really rich this time! Im totally rich! Hahahaha… God has blessed me!”

At the end of his speech, he could not help the excitement in his heart.

He knelt on the ground and began to wail loudly.

Everyone had a confused look on their faces.

They did not know what was going on with him

“Senior… Senior, you… Could it be that youve been possessed”

Everyone could not help but start to feel afraid.

One had to know that digging a grave was a rather immoral thing to begin with, so it was very likely that they would encounter some unclean things.

If they encountered that kind of thing, some more terrifying things would happen.

Hence, they were very suspicious if the senior in front of them had encountered such a thing.


The wailing leader wiped his tears and waved the ancient book in his hand.

His expression was extremely excited.

“Do you know what it says It says that this tomb is indeed a tomb of a Godly King! But at the same time, it is also a tomb of a guardian! Do you know what this means”

When everyone heard that, they could not help but tremble.

“Oh my God! This is a tomb of a Godly King that was a guardian of another tomb.

Doesnt that mean that… There might be a Godly Emperors tomb here”

“Thats right! It is the Godly Emperors tomb! We have dug into the legendary Godly Emperors tomb!”

Everyone could no longer hold back their excitement.

The Godly Emperors tomb!

That was the dream of countless people.

It contained a profound mystery that could allow one to advance to the legendary Godly Emperor realm!

‘Who would not want to obtain it

Even those high and mighty Godly Kings could not resist the temptation.

They had actually found a Godly Emperors tomb by accident.

How lucky was that

However, at that moment, an incident suddenly happened.

The Godly Emperors tombs array suddenly closed.

Everyone was shocked.

Before they could react, they were surrounded by a bloody aura.

After a few screams, the Hundred Clans Alliances disciples were completely wiped out.

All of them turned into white bones, not a single one left behind.

The blood-colored baleful aura that spread out from the ground slowly formed a pure white figure that was completely devoid of blood.

“After crossing over time and going through countless reincarnations, the primordial Divine Kingdom is finally about to reappear in the human world!”


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