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Chapter 447 He Was Truly a Monster

Su Chens masters remnant soul was sliced apart by the Golden Book divine soul amidst a series of miserable cries.

Furthermore, it was absorbed by the Golden Book as nourishment.

For an existence at his level, Ye Xiao was still unable to scan his divine soul.

What he said was right.

Even if the Godly Emperor only had a remnant soul left, he was still a Goldy Emperor.

However, Ye Xiao was not afraid of him.

An existence like the Golden Book divine soul could even synthesize an archaic masterpiece technique.

Would it not be a piece of cake to annihilate a tiny remnant soul

Moreover, the moment the Golden Book divine soul cut and devoured him, Ye Xiao was still able to search for traces of memories from his fragmented soul.

The fragmented soul that was once again sliced and diced was already extremely weak.

Ye Xiao used The Great Divine Mind and Blooming Flowers With a Thought at the same time to attack from both front and back.

Finally, they successfully entered his fragmented soul.

It turned out that Su Chens master was called Lin Cheng.

He was a Godly Emperor from tens of thousands of years ago.

In the beginning, he did not have any monstrous talent.

He did not even have the chance to become a Godly Emperor.

He cultivated bitterly all his life.

In the end, he had only just reached the first level of the Godly King realm.

That was already the limit of his limits.

However, just as his lifespan was about to reach its end and he was about to die, he suddenly obtained an inheritance.

It was the inheritance of the Blood Venerable One, the Supreme Eternal from ancient times.

It was said that the Blood Venerable One was a great devil from the immemorial era.

He created the extremely evil and terrifying Bloodbath masterpiece technique.

The Bloodbath masterpiece technique could be said to be the most wicked masterpiece technique among all the ancient masterpiece techniques.

Cultivation techniques generally did not have any difference between good and evil because all cultivation techniques were created with people as the foundation.

In most cases, whether a person was evil or not had nothing to do with cultivation techniques, but only with the nature of people.

Even so, there were also very few cases, and very few cases were like the Bloodbath technique.

The Bloodbath technique itself was dark, bloodthirsty, vicious, and merciless… It was not just the way it was cultivated and attacked.

When cultivating it, one would not directly cultivate the Bloodbath technique, otherwise, the person would not be able to withstand the power of the technique, and thus would go mad.

In the beginning, a person practiced the Blood technique, which was the foundation of the Bloodbath technique!

After that, he would need an endless stream of blood to feed until it was raised to the level of a masterpiece technique.

That way, he could avoid the impact of directly practicing the Bloodbath technique on a persons mental strength.

Moreover, even so, Lin Cheng did not dare to directly practice the Blood technique.

He was worried that the Blood technique would be the opportunity for the Blood Venerable One to revive, so he did not practice the technique himself, he only cultivated the Blood Lords other not-so-strong masterpiece techniques.

However, even if it was not a very strong masterpiece technique, it was still an archaic masterpiece technique.

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Thus, he naturally advanced to the Godly Emperor realm.

Nevertheless, his aptitude was ultimately limited.

Thus, after 2,000 years, he passed away.

Even on his deathbed, he still did not successfully advance to the second level of the Godly Emperor realm.

Later on, he had sealed his own soul inside the jade ring.

It was not until Su Chen picked him up 300 years ago that he saw a new hope.

He bewitched Su Chen to cultivate the Blood technique and asked him to take him everywhere to tame star beasts.

There were many star areas in the universe that had star beasts, and also many descendants of the God race.

The two of them started with the low-level star beasts and the descendants of the God race.

They kept absorbing blood to help Su Chen slowly improve his cultivation and evolve the Blood technique.

Lin Cheng was plotting.

If Su Chen was not affected, he would possess Su Chens body later on.

If Su Chen was affected, or if the Blood Venerable One used the Bloodbath masterpiece technique to revive himself, he could also take the opportunity to curry favor with him, he could let Su Chen or the Blood Venerable One revive him.

No matter what, he would not lose in the end!


Unfortunately, Su Chen met him.

The was a story that was very inspirational, winding, and had many highs, but also had a sad ending

Other than that knowledge, there was also a small portion of information.

For example, the archaic masterpiece techniques ranking, including the archaic masterpiece technique that Ye Xiao already knew.

In the immemorial era, people called it the supreme masterpiece technique, it was not the archaic masterpiece technique.

That also caused Ye Xiao to have a new round of doubts.

Why could the Golden Book directly synthesize the strongest archaic masterpiece techniques Especially the other god clans, such as the Phoenix clans Undying masterpiece technique, the Qilin clans Space Warping masterpiece technique, and the Reincarnation masterpiece technique

All of that made Ye Xiao unable to think of anything else.

Could it be that the Golden Book divine soul had some connection with those top god clans in the starry sky

However, the Golden Book divine soul could not speak either.

There was no reaction even if he asked.

It was like a robot, so there was nothing he could do.

He could only wait for him to find out the answer in the future.

Ye Xiao could not find any more knowledge.

After all, it was only the fragmented soul of the remnant soul.

The rest was devoured by the Golden Book divine soul.

If he was a foodie who ate star beasts, then the Golden Book divine soul was a foodie who ate divine souls.

That fellow was really not picky with his food.

He even ate such an old one.

However, other than those short memories, Ye Xiao still obtained some good things.

The relatively trashy archaic masterpiece technique that Lin Cheng cultivated could not be recorded in the Golden Book divine soul.

It was likely that Golden Book did not take a fancy to it, or it was close to the origin of other masterpiece techniques.

However, the Bloodbath masterpiece technique was absorbed by the Golden Book divine soul.

When the Bloodbath masterpiece technique was just absorbed, it began to resist rapidly, as if it wanted to break free from the shackles of the Golden Book divine soul.

Unfortunately, it was clearly not on the same level as the Golden Book divine soul.

The Golden Book divine soul suppressed it like a tall brawny man suppressing a small girl.

It could not be any simpler.

Of course, that did not guarantee that the Bloodbath technique was pretending to be reserved, because Ye Xiao saw that it calmed down very quickly.

Golden Book suppressed it a little, and it obediently complied.

Then, it became one of the Golden Books many subordinates.

From then on, the Bloodbath masterpiece technique was unable to affect Ye Xiaos mind, preventing it from making his personality become violent or vicious.

The Bloodbath masterpiece technique was still a very powerful masterpiece technique.

Previously, it might have been more evil, and it would affect his will, so Ye Xiao had not thought of cultivating it.

Since the Golden Book had suppressed it, he did not have to worry.

He had obtained an extremely powerful technique for nothing.

Moreover, Ye Xiao discovered after a little research that the Bloodbath masterpiece technique could not be viewed as the eighth most powerful masterpiece technique in the starry sky.

It was an archaic masterpiece technique that had an amplification type and had no upper limit.

As the number of deaths in the surroundings increased and the blood essence continued to rise, it would become stronger and stronger.

That was also the reason why after Su Chen released the Blood Sea, his fighting strength was almost on par with his own.

It was precisely because the Bloodbath masterpiece technique had been enhanced that his own strength had greatly increased.

After obtaining that strength, Ye Xiao immediately began to refine the Blood Sea.

There was so much energy in the Blood Sea that it was sufficient for his cultivation to increase once again.

On the other hand, he released a few spiritual energy clones.

After his strength reached the first level of the Godly King realm, he could already release seven spiritual energy clones whose cultivation was comparable to the eighth level of the Godslayer realm.

If the spiritual energy clones were weaker, he could still create more of them.

However, there was a problem.

His clones were not mining but refining the power of laws.

One could not use brute force when mining divine crystal mines.

Otherwise, it might cause a huge explosion of divine crystals.

Therefore, the requirement for the cultivation base was not high.

It was just a high requirement for quantity.

Then, refining the power of laws meant that the stronger one was, the faster the refining speed would be.

Ye Xiao immediately placed those clones into the Divine Kingdoms treasury and began to continue refining the power of laws.

At the same time, he himself was on top, constantly refining the Blood Sea.

With both of them working together, he had nothing to worry about even if the spiritual energy requirement for each level of the Godly King realm increased.


On the other side, in the starry sky, the Xuan Yuan clans defense line in the Nine Provinces also quickly rushed over with three uninvited guests.

“Who is it”

The Xuan Yuan clans clansman could not help but exclaim.

The other party rushed in and immediately said,

“Dont attack.

We are all on the same side.

Dont act recklessly!”

Everyone was shocked.

When they saw the appearance of the other three, they could not help but exclaim,

“Young Master Yun, there are still two seniors.

How did you become like this”

At that moment, the three of them were all heavily injured.

One of Yun Xuanyuans arms was already broken, and the other two Godly Kings were also injured.

One of them had his wrist torn, while the other had a fist-sized bloody hole in his shoulder.

“Its a long story at this moment.

Inform our Xuan Yuan clans clansmen in the starry sky to pay attention to their safety! Try to gather them back and dont go out anytime soon.” “Yes!”

As soon as they finished speaking, the three of them immediately began to swallow pills to recuperate.

“It was really too dangerous this time.

Although the two of us are at the second level of the Godly King realm, we cant use our full strength to protect you.

“The other party has one second-level Godly King, three first-level Godly Kings, and several peak ninth-level Godslayers.

They still have some advantages over us in terms of strength.

“Later, in addition to them having a second-level Godly King and a first-level Godly King, we are at a complete disadvantage.

Theres no way for us to fight them.”

“Seniors, its been hard on you.

This time, if it werent for the two of you risking your lives to protect me, Im afraid I would have to answer to you today.

“But thats not what Im thinking about now.

Its the Saber-sword Immortal.”

The two Godly Kings expressions froze when the Saber-sword Immortals name was mentioned “This kid is truly monstrous! According to the Hundred Clans Alliance, he seemed to be fighting three against one, killing two first-level Godly Kings and forcing back a second-level Godly King.

“How did this guy do it He was simply a God! Could it be that he was already above the second-level Godly King realm “A few months ago, he was only at the early stages of the Godslayer realm.

According to this progress, he had advanced more than one level in a month

“Such a powerful advancement speed has never been seen in the history of our Xuan Yuan clan! Even back then, the Ancestral Dragon that shocked the entire starry sky seemed to pale in comparison to his speed!”

“What a monster!”


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