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Chapter 443: Blood Sea Riot.

Ye Xiao Was Conferred the Title of King on the Spot

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Ye Xiao could feel that Su Chens last sentence was filled with ease.

He was truly convinced by him.

He could be said to have completely crushed him.

In fact, if it were not for him, any other lesser Godly King or even a first-level Godly King might not have walked out of this sea of blood.

Su Chen could be considered to be the most difficult opponent he had ever encountered.

Back then, the beastmaster, Forest God Lin Qingbei, could also be considered to be a difficult opponent.

However, Lin Qingbei was far less difficult to deal with than Su Chen.

Back then, when he fought Lin Qingbei, there were still many methods that he had not used.

However, that also caused Ye Xiao to fall into deep thought.

Back then, the beastman Lin Qingbei had also been looked down upon and humiliated from a young age.

In the end, he had become the strongest king among the star beasts in the starry sky!

At that point, Su Chen was the same, and Su Chen had also become an extremely powerful existence!

‘The two of them had some common points.

The law of 30 years to the west, 30 years to the east.

‘They had once suffered a certain amount of humiliation or had experienced lifes tribulations, and finally rose up against the heavens.

If it was not for the fact that they had met each other, the two of them would have obtained some achievements.

Lin Qingbei could flatten the human world and destroy all humans.

As for Su Chen, he would definitely grow into an invincible existence of the same level.

Based on the current situation, it was possible that there would still be such a strange existence in that world.

It seemed that he would really have to keep a lower profile in the future.

‘The reason why he had defeated the enemy these two times was partly due to luck.

‘That was because the other partys cultivation did not surpass his and was about the same as his.

However, if he encountered someone who had already cultivated successfully, such as an existence who had already reached the Godly Emperor realm, what should he do

If that really happened, he would most likely die.

However, defeating Su Chen and getting out of this crisis could be considered a great thing for him.

“Ye Xiao! Are you alright”

Since Su Chen died, no one could control the blood sea anymore.

Emperor Jing and the others could move freely and quickly came to Ye Xiaos side.

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“Tm fine.”

Ye Xiao replied calmly.

Everyone let out a long sigh of relief and smiled.

“Its good that youre fine.”

“I didnt expect you to be able to defeat a terrifying existence like Su Chen.

Youre really too strong!”

Ye Xiao smiled faintly.

“Lwas just lucky.”

“Theres no need to be overly modest.

Although we havent reached your realm, we also know the extent of your combat standards this time!

“Ye Xiao, youve finally opened our eyes today.

“This battle has left us with quite a deep impression! It will have a far-reaching impact on our future martial intent realm!”

It was extremely rare to see a battle between experts, and even if they did, they usually would not have the chance to watch it.

‘That was because the battle between them was too powerful.

Any random shockwave could carry a fatal threat.

They simply could not go forward to participate.

That time, the situation was special.

That was because Xia Xinyi was protecting them, they could watch the battle from a closer distance.

To them, it was simply the greatest fortune.

To put it bluntly, the most precious thing in their lives might be that day, to personally watch that battle.

Ye Xiao did not continue with the formalities and instead opened his mouth to speak,

“Su Chen is already dead.

This sea of blood is still very dangerous.

We should leave this place immediately.

Everyone, hold on to your hands.

Ill bring all of you out.”


Everyone immediately held hands.

Ye Xiao extended his hand and was about to use the Space Warping masterpiece technique to bring everyone out.

In the next second, the sea of blood suddenly shook violently.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

His expression immediately turned cold and grave.

“Ye Xiao, whats going on”

Ye Xiao opened his mouth said,

“Because of Su Chens death, the sea of blood has lost control.

At this moment, the vengeful spirits in the sea of blood have already started to riot.

“All of them were killed by Su Chen.

There are countless of them, and naturally, they have accumulated an endless amount of resentment.

“Previously, it was because Su Chen used the Bloodbath masterpiece technique to suppress them, so they had no way to resist.

“But now, with Su Chens death, there is no one to suppress them.

Naturally, they will start to riot and release all the resentment that they have accumulated for hundreds of years.

As long as they were in this sea of blood, they would be locked on.

Their resentment had become so strong that it could not be controlled.

“Even the current me is unable to take you away.”

Everyones expression suddenly changed.

“Then what should we do Are we going to die here”

“Its fine if we die here, but you cant die here!

“Your talent is so monstrous! Your future is limitless.

Even if all of us die, you cant die!

“Ye Xiao, quickly leave! Dont bother about us anymore.”

At the moment of life and death, everyone immediately thought of letting Ye Xiao leave first.

Their deaths were already unavoidable.

At the very least, they could choose to let Ye Xiao live.

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Right now, its not up to me to care about your matters.

Even if I escape alone after you all die, I can also use your divine blood and divine souls to resurrect you all.

“But the problem now is that even I cant get out.

“These vengeful souls have already locked onto all of us.

In this sea of blood, we can only enter from the outside and can not leave from the inside.”

‘When everyone heard that, their minds were instantly shaken.

“Then what should we do”

“Its over! Its really over this time! For the sake of us old fellows, weve caused you to die.

“If we go to the netherworld like this, how are we going to explain to the ancestors of the Nine Provinces, as well as the seniors”

Venerable Black Tortoise beat his chest and stamped his feet.

He was so anxious that tears were about to fall.

‘There was also Xia Xinyi.

Although she had thought that there would be danger before she came, she did not expect it to turn out like that.

Moreover, even if every martial artist knew that the world of martial artists was dangerous, she might die at any moment.

However, she was not ready yet.

She could not help but feel a little flustered in her heart when she really faced the moment of death.

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment, and his eyes moved slightly.

Since something could be transmitted in from the outside, perhaps there was still one last chance.

He took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“Dont be anxious.

I still have a method that I havent tried yet.

Ill try using that method.”

“What method”

Everyone hurriedly asked.

Ye Xiao said with a solemn expression,

“My cultivation has already reached the peak ninth level of the Godslayer realm and the lesser Godly King realm.

Im only one step away from advancing.

“If I try to advance now, I can use the heavenly lightning to blast open the souls of billions of creatures in the blood sea!

“There are too many of them.

I have to borrow the power of nature and the laws of nature to advance,

“However, advancement in cultivation is not something you can do just like that.

Although you are still one step away from advancing, if this one step is not enough, you wont be able to advance at all.

“Not only does it require you to have sufficient spiritual energy cultivation, but it also requires you to have sufficient martial intent realm.

“If you can advance, you would have done so long ago.”

Everyone did not believe Ye Xiaos words.

That was because if Ye Xiao was about to advance unless he concealed his aura, otherwise, even if he did not want to advance, the heavens would not let him off and would force him to advance.

Moreover, Ye Xiao had just experienced a great battle, so how could he conceal his own aura

He did not conceal his own aura, and there was no heavenly tribulation in the sky.

That meant that he had not reached the point of advancing.

‘When he had not reached the point of advancing, wanting to advance was simply a fools dream.

No matter how monstrous Ye Xiao was, it was impossible for him to achieve that step.

That was because he had already mastered the laws of nature.

Ye Xiao smiled.

“Others may not be able to do it, but I can!”

‘The air suddenly became quiet.

After a while, Xia Xinyi finally spoke,

“Ye Xiao, are you joking with us

“You clearly havent reached an advancement yet, but youre telling us that you can advance just because you want to Now is not the time to joke.”

Ye Xiao was rather speechless.

“Now that were in a life-and-death situation, whats the point of me lying to you guys at this time”

Everyone thought that it was true, but when they thought about it that way, they seemed to feel that Ye Xiao was even more monstrous!

From the beginning until then, he had already used countless monstrous methods.

Every time, the worldview that shocked them was about to shatter.

Every single time, it was even more shocking than the previous time! It was as if there was no limit to it.

At that point, they even felt that if Ye Xiao said that he was a person who had risen from the dead and said that he was a Godly Emperors avatar, they might believe him without any hesitation.

Seeing that everyone believed him, Ye Xiao immediately took out his storage ring.

‘The jade seal was held by Huan Liuli and used to collect divine crystals every day.

It was temporarily not on his body, so he could only use his storage ring.

“although the storage ring can only temporarily store living people, its enough time to pass the Heavenly Tribulation.

All of you can hide inside for the time being.

This way, the Heavenly Tribulation wont hurt you.

Otherwise, even all of you will turn into ashes.”

Everyone nodded and immediately entered the spatial ring.

After everyone entered the spatial ring, Ye Xiao looked at the vengeful souls that were constantly attacking his spiritual energy domain and let out a long sigh.

His eyes immediately became firm.

He formed a seal with both hands and used all his strength to drive the Space Warping masterpiece technique.

He rapidly poured all his spiritual energy into the masterpiece technique and immediately summoned the three spiritual energy avatars that were located in the human world.


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