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Chapter 441: Su Chens Shock.

Ye Xiao Was Not Human at All


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Ye Xiao was also quite surprised.

‘The other partys speed was indeed somewhat beyond his expectations.

It was very fast!

Compared to an ordinary lesser Godly King, it was more than twice as fast.

Unfortunately, it was not as fast as him.

Su Chen struck out with a fist that contained boundless killing intent and blood essence, charging straight at Ye Xiaos face.

Ye Xiao did not dodge or block.

He activated the Star-splitting Fist and used the World Destruction masterpiece technique.

One of their fists was mixed with seven-colored light, while the other was filled with red light.

‘When the two fists collided, the light was blinding and spread rapidly.

Following that, a shockwave spread out in all directions in an unstoppable manner.

“Everyone, hide behind me.”

Xia Xinyi cried out in surprise and immediately used all her strength to activate her protective shield.

Her sharp perception as a lesser Godly King told her that the move was very strong.

If she did not use all her strength, she would be injured even if she was so far away.

As expected, in the next second, a powerful shockwave swept across the light.


Xia Xinyi felt a huge force colliding fiercely on her protective shield.

She almost could not withstand it.

She could not help but feel a little shivering.

It was too terrifying!

Her cultivation was actually about the same as the two of them.

However, if they were to really fight, either one of them would be able to instantly kill her.

At that moment, the strength of their cultivation seemed to have no meaning.

After the explosion, Ye Xiao and Su Chen were forced back by the shock wave at the same time.

However, Ye Xiao had retreated by 1,000 feet, while Su Chen had retreated by a full 10,000 feet!

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Su Chens expression became unsightly during the first exchange, and it was not just any unsightly expression.

During the first exchange, he had even used the power of the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, but in the end, he was actually at a disadvantage.

‘That meant that Ye Xiaos techniques were even stronger than his.

The archaic masterpiece technique he used was one of the top eight masterpiece techniques on the archaic masterpiece technique ranking list!

“I didnt expect that the archaic masterpiece technique you cultivated was actually one of the top eight masterpiece techniques on the ranking list! I was careless and didnt dodge.”

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

‘The World Destruction masterpiece technique was one of the top eight on the archaic masterpiece technique ranking list

That was something that he did not expect.

He did not expect the World Destruction masterpiece technique to be so powerful.

He had thought that the other masterpiece techniques might be even more powerful.

At that point, it seemed that the World Destruction masterpiece technique was the number one masterpiece technique that he deserved.

However, that made him feel slightly at ease.

Since his archaic masterpiece technique was already ranked in the top eight, then even if the other partys archaic masterpiece technique was stronger than his, it probably would not be much stronger.

Moreover, looking at his performance earlier, it was even possible that it was weaker than his masterpiece technique.

That way, his chances of defeating him would be even greater.

However, even though he said that Su Chen still could not be underestimated.

After all, he had the destiny childs fate!

Just as he was thinking about that, in the next second, Su Chen suddenly attacked again.

He spun the jade ring on his finger, and a huge amount of blood spread out from the ring.

In the blink of an eye, it devoured the entire star field.

Xia Xinyi and the others looked at the sea of blood that filled the sky and could not help but start to tremble.

“My God! Theres actually so much blood! How many people did he have to kill to gather so much blood”

“This guy is simply a madman, an extremely insane devil!”

Xia Xinyis eyes stared straight at Su Chen as she said in fear,

“Su Chen, what exactly have you experienced To actually become like this”

Su Chen ignored their shock and only looked at Ye Xiao.

At that moment, his eyes were only interested in Ye Xiao.

“Lhave to say that your strength is beyond my imagination.

“This sea of blood is the blood that Ive absorbed from countless trillions of living beings.

Originally, I was prepared to deal with even stronger existences in the future.

“[ didnt expect that I would use it on you today.

“When its combined with my Bloodbath masterpiece technique, it will greatly increase my strength.

In this sea of blood, Im practically an omnipotent God.

“Beel the judgment of death, Ye Xiao!”

Su Chen smiled sinisterly.

He licked his tongue and the blood that dripped onto his face.

In the next moment, his body disappeared from where he was.


‘When he reappeared, his attack directly arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

His speed was even faster than before, and it was more than twice as fast.

His speed had already far surpassed that of an ordinary person, and it was even more terrifying to the point that it left people speechless.

The power of that punch had also increased by a lot.

With the help of the amplification of the blood sea, Su Chen obtained an all-around amplification.

His speed and strength were both increasing exponentially.

That time, Ye Xiao really used his true strength.

His cultivation was only in the Godslayer realm after all.

Within the same level, although the opponents masterpiece technique was slightly weaker than his, the blood sea had gathered the blood of countless trillions of lives, the energy contained within was too terrifying.

That was enough to make up for the gap between Su Chen and himself.

‘When the Space Warping masterpiece technique was used, Ye Xiaos attack speed was not the slightest bit inferior to Su Chens.

‘The more Su Chen fought, the more alarmed he became.

He originally thought that Ye Xiaos only offensive method was an archaic masterpiece technique.

In the end, he did not expect that his movement technique was also an archaic masterpiece technique.

That was because his movement technique, although it was not an archaic masterpiece technique, could already be considered to be infinitely close to the peak of the archaic masterpiece techniques nine stars god technique.

In addition to the sea of blood that he had set up to increase his own speed, his speed was 100 percent able to reach the level of an archaic masterpiece technique.

Even so, Ye Xiao could still keep up with his speed.

If that was not an archaic masterpiece technique-level movement technique, what else could it be

Su Chen did not think that Ye Xiao, whom he looked down on, would actually have two archaic masterpiece techniques at once.

That made Su Chens heart feel extremely unbalanced.

The two of them punched out at the same time.

Within a breaths time, they had attacked more than 10,000 times.

The entire blood sea surged because of the two of them fighting.

After 10,000 times, their strength had already risen to the limit.

The two of them punched out at the same time, and within the blood sea, light flourished.

The blood sea was separated into a natural chasm, and the two of them flew out at the same time, both of them blasted through two star islands with

a diameter of more than 100,000 feet.


It was simply a battle that could destroy the world!

Xia Xinyi and the rest widened their eyes and stared straight ahead.

Although they could no longer see anything and could not keep up with Ye Xiao and Su Chens speed at all.

However, looking at the churning waves and violent changes in the sea of blood in front of them, they could also imagine how thrilling that battle was.

Ye Xiao and Su Chen retreated from each other.

Both of their arms were broken.

However, with a thought from Su Chen, the fresh blood in the sea of blood quickly gathered by his side in the blink of an eye and repaired his broken arm.

Looking at his arm that had already recovered to its original state, the corner of Su Chens mouth curled up into a proud arc.

“I didnt expect your techniques to be so strong.

Other than your offensive techniques, even your movement technique is at the archaic masterpiece technique level.

“However, its a pity that even if you can be on par with my attacks and speed, theres still a world of difference between the two of us.

“Ive said before that in this sea of blood, Im an omnipotent God!

“As long as I want, no matter how severe my injuries are, I can once again repair my body.

“As for you… Your injuries will only become more and more serious, becoming more and more… What”

Just as he was speaking, in the next second, Ye Xiaos arm suddenly recovered to its original state, causing his eyes to instantly widen in disbelief.

“How is this possible Your body is already a lesser Godly King.

Even a nine-star god-healing technique would not be able to instantly heal your arm.

No… You… You actually have a healing-type archaic masterpiece technique”

When Su Chen came to a realization, he was on the verge of collapsing.

Just where did that fellow come from He could always be so monstrous.

A person actually had three archaic precious techniques.

Wasnt this too heaven-defying

One had to know that he only had two archaic masterpiece techniques after finding his masters inheritance and obtaining the blood art, as well as his masters inheritance.

As for his masters archaic masterpiece technique, it was still far from being as powerful as the Bloodbath masterpiece technique.

Therefore, his master allowed him to focus on the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, but he did not practice it much.

Just what did Ye Xiao do To be able to monopolize three masterpiece techniques by himself

‘What was even more terrifying was that his three masterpiece techniques did not seem to be ordinary masterpiece techniques.

Why did it feel like every one of them was not weaker than the Bloodbath masterpiece technique

Could it be that that fellow actually possessed three masterpiece techniques that were ranked in the top eight

At that moment, Su Chens head could not help but break out in a layer of cold sweat.

He did not expect that he would encounter such a difficult rock on his first revenge.

He took a deep breath and tried his best to calm himself down.

Then, he stared at Ye Xiao and said coldly,

“Dont be complacent.

Even if you already have three archaic masterpiece techniques, I will definitely kill you today!”

As he finished speaking, he made a hand seal.

In the next second, the sea of blood began to spin rapidly, and several blood tornadoes appeared.

Due to the rotation being too intense, the blood in the liquid even began to rub against each other and produce lightning.

One could imagine just how fast they were.


Su Chen shouted sternly, and all the blood tornadoes rushed toward Ye Xiao at the speed of light.

That speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

It was a great fatal move that he had specially developed using the Bloodbath masterpiece technique.

By circulating fresh blood at a high speed and using an enormous amount of power in the form of a cut to attack the other party, it could instantly deal an unimaginable amount of damage.

The power of each tornado was equivalent to the peak attack of an archaic masterpiece technique.

There were dozens of fresh blood tornadoes here.

Together, they were at least equivalent to the peak attack of dozens of archaic masterpiece techniques.

Moreover, they were released at the same time.

Even if Ye Xiao was the number one genius in the world, it was absolutely impossible for him to easily

break that move.

Not only was its strength extremely powerful, but even its speed was also extremely fast.

The corners of Su Chens mouth curled up slightly.

It succeeded!

However, at that moment, he suddenly saw that the speed of those blood tornadoes had clearly slowed down for a second.

It should have hit Ye Xiaos body a long time ago, but it actually stopped for a moment.

In the next second, the scenery in front of his eyes suddenly changed.


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