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Chapter 440: Geniuses, Are They All So Freakish


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That thought made Ye Xiaos heart involuntarily thump.

Do not joke with him.

It was not good to make any kind of enemy, yet he just had to make one of him.

People who were the main character type all had great luck.

They often could not be beaten to death.

After escaping, they would get stronger and stronger until, in the end, they completely surpassed him, and even killed him in turn.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath, and his gaze became solemn.

Today, he absolutely could not let him off.

Not a single strand of hair could be let off!

Su Chen smiled slightly.

“Not bad.

I didnt expect you to remember it so clearly.

“Tve come this far and experienced pain and suffering that no one could imagine.

“However, the pain and suffering were all worth it.

“The current me is stronger than before.

“The future me will be stronger than all the people in the starry sky!

“Xia Xinyi, I need a few subordinates.

Youre a very good candidate.

After I kill Ye Xiao, youll be the first one with honor.”

Xia Xinyis expression changed slightly.

“In your dreams.

I wont be your subordinate.”

Su Chen smiled sinisterly.

“Dont misunderstand.

Im not giving you a choice.

In front of me, you dont have a choice.

You only have the right to submit.”

Xia Xinyis expression was uncertain.

Ye Xiao raised his hand and a few rays of light cut the stone pillar that bound Emperor Jing and the others.

After releasing a few people, Emperor Jing and the others immediately flew over.

Su Chen did not stop them too much.

His target was Ye Xiao, not trash like them.

Killing them would be useless.

“Ye Xiao, you shouldnt have come!”

Emperor Jing and the others looked at Ye Xiao with a complicated expression.

Ye Xiao said faintly,

“You know how I am.

I can not turn a deaf ear to you.

Besides, he is coming for me.

Even if I do not come today, he will not let me go.”

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“Are you sure you can beat him”

“If Icant beat him, do you think we can get out of here today”

“Ye Xiao, do your best! Its all up to you!”

“Ye Xiao, I believe in you.

You can definitely defeat the other party.”

Ye Xiao did not say anything.

Ye Xiao had never met an opponent like that, who could be the legendary son of fate.

Could he defeat the other party or not In fact, he did not have any accurate answers.

Such existences were extremely strange to begin with.

No one knew if there would be any other changes.

Hopefully, the Golden Book was stronger than him.

As he thought of that, he stepped forward and said,

“All of you step back a little.

Dont get too close.

You wont be able to withstand the shockwave of the battle.”


‘As the sound of his voice faded, everyone quickly stepped back.

‘They knew that Ye Xiao was speaking the truth.

If they did not step back, it would hinder Ye Xiao from displaying his full strength.

Ye Xiao walked to a spot not far from Su Chen.

The two of them were facing each other from afar.

A faint smile hung on Su Chens face from the beginning to the end.

“Originally, you were my 110th target.

However, your recent arrogance has really annoyed me.

Thats why I promoted you to the first place.

“Do you feel honored”

Ye Xiao also said indifferently,

“You have more than 110 enemies”

“No, I have more than 120.”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment.

That fellow was quite a troublemaker.

After careful calculation, the enmity between him and him should have been more than two years ago.

In other words, in the past two years, he had offended more than ten enemies.

He was also a talent.

However, after careful thought, a person with his fate would probably offend a group of people wherever he went.

There would always be people who disliked him and wanted to fight with him.

Making enemies was also very normal.

After a simple conversation, Su Chen twirled the jade ring on his finger.

In the next second, two figures were released.

Seeing those two figures, the expression of the distant Xia Xinyi immediately changed.

“This aura, this attire… Could it be that… The two of them are also archaic Godly Kings D*mn it! He actually controlled the remaining two archaic Godly Kings.

How did this guy become so strong”

Azure Dragon and the others were puzzled.

“Miss, what is an archaic Godly King”

Xia Xinyi explained,

“an archaic Godly King is a Godly King that died in a Godly Kings tomb in the immemorial era.

‘A few gods dug out three archaic Godly Kings.

They controlled their corpses and stole the divine blood of the gods to recover their strength.

All of them had already recovered to the lesser Godly King level.

“One of them was killed by Ye Xiao previously.

Now, the remaining two are not much different from that archaic Godly King.

Be it their clothes or their auras, they are not much different.

“Therefore, Ive determined that these two are the other two archaic Godly Kings.”

Hearing that, the hearts of the people present could not help but sink.

Lesser Godly Kings!

How terrifying!

That was an existence they could only look up to then!

‘What was even more terrifying was that Su Chen actually controlled two archaic Godly Kings.

One had to know that control and killing were on completely different levels.

If one wanted to kill an archaic Godly King, the strength required was one.

Then controlling an archaic Godly King required at least five or more strength.

Not to mention the fact that the other party was controlling two archaic Godly Kings at once.

To deal with two at the same time, and to suppress and control them, the amount of force required might have already reached an unimaginable level.

Could Ye Xiao still beat an entity like Su Chen

On the battlefield, Su Chen released two archaic Godly Kings and immediately smiled.

“[heard that your strength is very strong.

Fighting two at the same time shouldnt be a big problem for you, right”

Ye Xiao did not reply.

He only took a step forward and threw out the Star-splitting Fist with the addition of the World Destruction masterpiece technique.

Su Chen was a very special enemy.

He released these two archaic Godly Kings in order to collect his battle data.

The longer he fought, the more data he collected.

Therefore, it was best to end the battle as quickly as possible.

However, those two archaic Godly Kings were clearly different from the archaic Godly king, Godly King deer spirit.

The two of them might have been controlled by Su Chen, so their personalities were more stable.

The deer spirit was careless at that time.

He did not know his strength at all, so he did not dodge.

‘The instant those two archaic Godly Kings attacked, they simultaneously launched attacks to resist.

Moreover, they immediately disappeared from their original positions.


‘The two god techniques, along with a god technique that was augmented with a masterpiece technique, collided, causing a violent explosion on the spot.

A blinding light instantly spread out, illuminating everyone until they could not even open their eyes.

Xia Xinyi immediately released her own spiritual energy, turning it into a barrier that surrounded the few people.

Although they were already very far away and could only feel a few shock waves, she was able to endure it, but the others could not.

After all, other than her, the others strength had not even exceeded the God realm.

After the explosion, the two archaic Godly Kings did not stop in the eye-piercing light.

Their figures had already appeared on Ye Xiaos left and right.

‘The two attacked at the same time, their speed surpassing lightning.

In an instant, the attack had already arrived beside Ye Xiao.

It was just a sliver away from landing on Ye Xiaos body at the same time.

Those two attacks were infinitely close to masterpiece techniques, and they were already at the peak of nine-star god techniques.

Although they were not enough to kill Ye Xiao, it was still possible to injure him a little.

Although the Undying masterpiece technique could also instantly heal ones injuries apart from defense, the success or failure of martial artists often depended on that split second.

‘There was still Su Chen guarding at the back, and Ye Xiao did not want any unnecessary changes.

As he used the Space Warping masterpiece technique, Ye Xiao and the archaic Godly King on the right instantly exchanged positions.

The attacks of the two Godly Kings landed on each other.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Ye Xiao raised his hand and used the Heaven-worshipping Finger.

With the addition of the World Destruction masterpiece technique, the Heaven-worshipping Fingers unrivaled power instantly pierced through the two peoples heads.

In reality, the two of them controlled corpses to survive.

Just injuring their heads was not enough to completely kill them, but it could make the two of them pause for a moment.

In the next second, Ye Xiao released the Star-plucking Hand with his left hand, pulling the two of them into his side in an instant, using his speed to the extreme.

‘The nine-star god technique, Star Crusher condensed on his leg, and the World Destruction masterpiece technique was added.

Golden light blossomed, and Ye Xiaos leg ruthlessly swept over the two of them.


Another violent explosion sounded, but that time, Ye Xiao directly and mercilessly shattered the two archaic Godly Kings corpses, causing them to completely perish, following in the footsteps of Godly King deer spirit.

The light gradually dissipated, and the entire battle process did not even take five seconds.

The battle speed between lesser Godly Kings had long surpassed the standard of an ordinary God realm battle.

‘When the light disappeared, they saw Ye Xiao standing proudly on the spot, not even his clothes tattered, while the bodies of the two archaic Godly Kings had already turned into dregs.

Emperor Jing and the others could not help but be delighted.


They could not help but shout out the wordgood.

Not far away, the smile on Su Chens face slowly disappeared.

“Looks like you have some skills.

You actually settled it so quickly.

Two lesser Godly Kings.

If I guessed correctly, you should be using an archaic masterpiece technique!


No wonder youve always been so strong.

“Looks like Ill have to take care of you personally.”

Su Chen stomped lightly, and his body instantly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of Ye Xiao.

“So fast!”

Xia Xinyi could not help but exclaim.

It was not that she had never seen someone who was fast in her life, but those people… Their cultivations were all higher than hers.

Be it Ye Xiao or Su Chen, their cultivations were almost the same as hers.

However, their speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

It was unknown how many times stronger they were.

Could it be that all geniuses were so abnormal


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