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Chapter 44: Diversion, Stolen Home

The sword lit up several large mountains!

It stirred up the stars in the sky!

It made all living beings fall into despair!

After the sword light appeared, it did not stop at all.

The sword split open the thousand-foot-tall mountain.

From the top all the way to the foot, the entire mountain was split open, creating intense tremors that also caused the nearby land and cities to start trembling slightly.

An earth-shattering explosion sounded, traveling over a hundred miles.

Within the mountain, dust flew in the air.

Under Ye Xiaos powerful and unbelievable sword strike, a few powerful figures were instantly sent to the heavens.


Not long after, a half-crippled body fell heavily in front of Ye Xiao.


He fiercely spat out a mouthful of blood, and his entire face was frighteningly dispirited.

Even though they had only half their body remaining, Ye Xiao could tell that the others strength was that of a Xiantian grandmaster.

No wonder he was able to survive that terrifying sword of his.

He was cut in half, but he did not die along with the others.

“I didnt expect there to be such a powerful existence like you in Jianghai city.

We were too careless!”

However, he soon laughed sinisterly again.

“However, its easy for you to kill us, but what about all the infected star beasts and tiger demons all over the mountain Can you kill them all As long as a few of them escape, it will be enough for the surrounding cities to suffer.

Hahahaha… Cough, cough, cough…”

The sounds of running could be heard from within the forest.

It was the star beasts and tiger demons escaping.

They were everywhere, running aimlessly.

Ye Xiaos expression was cold and he did not speak.

However, at that moment, a pale golden saber formed beside him, followed by the second, third, and fourth… All the way until the entire mountain was reflected by Ye Xiaos blades一the area was glowing golden.

Then, a saber flew out, two sabers flew out, and three sabers flew out… Until all 100,000 rays of saber light flew out.



A heart-wrenching scream immediately sounded from the forest.

That was the last sound that all beings could not help but release when they died a sudden and painful death.

A moment later, the entire forest returned to silence.

Even the sound of a fallen leaf falling on the ground could be clearly heard.

The crippled grandmaster was stunned.

He looked at Ye Xiao in disbelief, eyes filled with shock.

They were all destroyed!

Their numbers were enough to cover the sky and earth.

Tens of thousands of tiger demons and star beasts were destroyed just like that

Had even a minute passed

Even if he was a Xiantian grandmaster and could have destroyed that mountain with a few moves, but he would still have left behind a large number of traces.

Furthermore, it was impossible for him to wipe out every single one of them.

That was because they were too scattered.

A Xiantian grandmaster also did not have the strength to completely sense how many entities were escaping in mutiple directions.

However, that person in front of him had truly done it!

How much spiritual energy did he have How powerful was his combat strength

His level of cultivation was rarely seen in the world.

At the very least, he was an existence that the crippled grandmaster had never seen in his entire life.

No, no, there was a problem!

The other looked too young.

His face was so young that he looked like a popular young man on television.

He looked to be at most 20 years old.

Yet, he possessed such powerful strength…

The crippled grandmaster would definitely not believe that Ye Xiao was really 20 years old.

There could only be one explanation…

Legend had it that once ones cultivation reached the divine sect, they would be able to return to their prime state and retain their youth forever.

The person in front of them… Was so young and so strong.

Heavens, he was actually a divine grandmaster!

In the divine sect!

There was actually a divine grandmaster in Jianghai city!

They had actually provoked a divine grandmaster!

Just as his mind was running wild with wild thoughts, a huge tree in the distance suddenly let out a crisp sound.

It fell to the ground with a loud bang, waking him up from it.

Crack… Bang, Bang, Bang… Rumble!

The huge tree fell to the ground with a loud bang.

It was also like the last straw that completely crushed his extremely nervous thoughts.


He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and his eyes widened.

His physical body, heart, brain, and blood vessels were ruptured.

He was actually scared to death by Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

He activated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and locked his soul on the spot.

A dazed look surged out from the others eyes before transforming into shock and despair.

“You… You can even lock my soul”

Before he could react, Ye Xiaos spiritual energy had already invaded his soul, and started to search through his memories.

A moment later, Ye Xiao frowned and his expression became somewhat solemn.

“Its actually him!”

At that moment, bright lights and sounds could already be heard from the mountaintop in the distance.

“Over here, quickly come over!”

Ye Xiao knew that it was the reinforcement team of Jianghai citys garrison team.

He looked at Gu Hai and the others who were lying on the ground in deep sleep, and his gaze softened a little.

With a light tap of his feet, his body silently disappeared from the spot.

Back in the city, Ye Xiaos phone lit up again.

There were a few missed calls, and there was also a text message.

It was from Qin Yuyan and Ning Yuhen.

Ye Xiao first gave Ning Yuhen a call back.

“You called me just now”

Ning Yuhens soft and feeble voice was heard from the phone.

“Manager Ye, the library has just been robbed.

More than half of it has been destroyed, and many of our colleagues have died.”


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