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Chapter 436: Even if Their Cultivation Levels Were the Same, They Were Not in the Same Dimension


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“Not good!”

Xia Xinyis chest tightened.

She was locked onto by an archaic Godly King.

Even if the other party only had the cultivation of a lesser Godly King, it was not something that she and Ye Xiao could be careless about.

The strength that the other party had just displayed, even she, who was also at the peak ninth level of the Godslayer realm, could not help but feel a chill.

“Ye Xiao, its better to strike first rather than suffer later.

If the two of us attack together, we can still suppress him for a short while.


As soon as she finished speaking, Xia Xinyi instantly transformed into a streak of light and charged straight at Godly King deer spirit.

Although it was a last-minute move, the strength of a peak ninth-level Godslayer was not to be underestimated.

When she attacked, all the spiritual energy on the entire star island was instantly absorbed into her body.

It was as if billions of equal forces were gathered in an instant and condensed into her


Behind her, a faint dragons roar could be heard as it soared into the sky.

Her body was surrounded by a golden energy.

In the blink of an eye, she arrived in front of Godly King deer spirit.

However, not only was there not a hint of fear on Godly Kings face, there was even a hint of excitement as if he had found his favorite prey.

“A high-level god clans martial arts master Interesting! I was just about to look for the high-level god clans divine blood, but I didnt expect you to come knocking on my door.”

As he spoke, the Godly King deer spirit laughed loudly and took a step forward.

At the same time, he released his powerful strength.

His fist met Xia Xinyis move.

Xia Xinyis move was a nine-star god technique, but her opponents was already infinitely close to the power of the masterpiece technique.

‘When the two forces attacked, a dazzling light exploded and enveloped the entire star island and spread 10,000 miles away.

At that moment, the entire star island seemed to have become the brightest star in the night sky.

Spiritual energy spread out in all directions, and even blew away the small meteorites in the surroundings.

‘When the light disappeared, the results of the battle were displayed in front of them, shocking everyone.

The star island, which was comparable to a continent, had a huge crater in the middle because of that attack.

It went straight to the bottom of the star island and blasted a hole through it that was hundreds of millions of miles causing the star island to appear like a huge ring.

All the lives on the star island had perished.

Only Ye Xiao, Godly King deer spirit, and Xia Xinyi were left.

However, one of Xia Xinyis arms had been blasted into a bloody mist.

Even half of her shoulder had been shattered, revealing a dark red, blurry piece of flesh.

Her face was as pale as wax, and her breathing was hurried.

Her pupils constricted as she stared straight ahead.

Apart from the armor on that ancient Godly Kings body that had been blasted apart by the attack, his body was not injured at all.

So powerful!

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Even though both sides had similar cultivation bases, the other partys strength was still above hers.

“Hahahaha… Interesting.

After all, youre a high-ranking god.

Your strength is truly different, much more interesting than all the other trash here.

“However, it is a pity that this king does not have a regular body.

Instead, he is a corpse.

In other words, this kings body is a divine weapon.

“Your attacks are completely useless.”

Only then did Xia Xinyi understand that the other party was no longer a god.

Thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

From the immemorial era to that day, who knew how many tens of thousands of years had passed.

No matter how strong the other party was, it was impossible for him to live until then.

Even the Godly Emperor had died.

How could the Godly King survive

He used the corpse-refining technique to allow himself to survive.

Some powerful martial artists could use the corpse-refining technique to seal their divine souls in their bodies forever.

At the same time, they could preserve their bodies forever like refining divine weapons.

By doing so, they would not be able to raise their cultivation like normal people in the future.

They would have to use other more complex methods.

However, there was at least one point that they could survive.

Moreover, by absorbing enough divine blood, they would be able to recover their cultivation when they were alive.

At that moment, the other partys god techniques were higher than hers.

The corpse that he had refined for many years was also far stronger than her own bodys toughness.

She was not his match at all.

That time, they were in big trouble.

The other party was able to beat her so easily.

Even if Ye Xiao was added, it would at most be a little difficult.

With the two of them working together, the chances of defeating the other party were not high.

She also did not know if the two of them would have the chance to escape if they worked together.

However, the only thing that Xia Xinyi could not understand was why Ye Xiao did not attack together with her just earlier.

“Ye Xiao, why didnt you attack just now”

She could not help but ask.

Ye Xiao said calmly,

“Its not that I dont want to take action, its just that I cant.”

As he spoke, he slowly walked towards Xia Xinyi.

Xia Xinyi raised her eyebrows.

“What do you mean by this”

Ye Xiao walked in front of her.

From the corner of his eyes, he shot her a sideways glance.

“What I mean is… If you stand in front of me, the attack that I will unleash will turn you into ashes and you would vanish into thin air!”

‘As he spoke, Ye Xiao threw a punch forward.

The Star-shattering Fist was activated, and the World Destruction masterpiece technique was added.

A divine light burst out, like a pillar of light reaching into the sky, instantly engulfing the primordial Godly King, Godly King deer spirit.

It then shot out ten thousand miles away, shattering several small star islands in the surroundings, causing a line in the starry sky as several explosions erupted.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Xia Xinyis small face was illuminated, and her eyes were filled with the enormous flames and light produced by the explosion.

She was completely stunned.

The primordial Godly Kings corpse had completely disappeared without a trace, not even a speck of dregs remained.

Instant kill in one move!

‘Was she dreaming

She was also a Godslayer realm master, but in the end, he was an existence that she could not defeat even after using all her strength.

She had even broken an arm, but in Ye Xiaos case, he only used one move that day, and it was instant kill!

She knew that there was a huge gap between her and Ye Xiao.

However, she never expected that the gap between the two sides would actually reach such a degree.

Did that not mean that even if their cultivation was the same, if Ye Xiao wanted to kill her, it would be like squashing an ant

At that moment, Xia Xinyis worldview was somewhat broken.

She and Ye Xiao were not people from the same world at all.

Following Ye Xiaos movement techniques, mental strength, and other techniques, that was his fourth impressive technique which was an offensive technique.

She had previously thought that Ye Xiao was an all-rounded martial artist.

Even so, all-rounders were only slightly good at every aspect.

Ye Xiao was exceptionally good at everything!

However, before she could finish being shocked, Ye Xiao had already used the Undying masterpiece technique to immediately heal her injuries.

Looking at her shoulder, which had been badly mutilated just a moment ago, regrowing a completely undamaged arm in the blink of an eye, Xia Xinyi was petrified once again.

Was that f*cker still human

To actually have a healing technique that was powerful to such an extent.

That was already cheating!


Too heaven-defying!

‘That Ye Xiao simply did not give anyone a way out.

Fortunately, he did not grow up in the Xuan Yuan clan.

Otherwise, Yun Xuanyuan would probably have been struck to death by him.

It was only at that moment that Xia Xinyi finally understood why Ye Xiao dared to barge into the Hundred Clans Alliance alone.

It was because he had sufficient confidence and strength.

Just based on that strength alone, to be honest, Xia Xinyi felt that even though Ye Xiao was only a lesser Godly King at the moment, even if there was a complete Godly King standing in front of him, they would probably be destroyed by him.

At that moment, looking at the back view of that young and tall figure in front of her, Xia Xinyi was actually a little infatuated for a moment.

The attraction of a strong person to a woman was always fatal.

For a woman like her who had lived for a long time, Ye Xiaos handsome appearance would not have too much attraction.

She had long passed the age where she only cared about appearance.

However, she would never reach the level where she could not be moved when facing an unimaginable martial arts genius.

It was a womans natural sense of attachment to a man.

Ye Xiao was not really an invincible existence at the moment.

There were many people who could defeat him, such as late-stage godly existences, such as… Godly Emperor!

Xia Xinyi knew that Ye Xiao would definitely not be able to defeat an existence at that level, but his talent was strong enough and he was sufficiently monstrous!

His actual combat strength within the same level was also sufficiently strong and monstrous.

His future could almost be said to be a foregone conclusion.

As long as no special accidents occurred, it could be said that he would definitely become a character that could shake the starry skies.

At that moment, for some unknown reason, Xia Xinyi suddenly thought of an existence in her mind.

A legend that had once been glorious for a time and was as beautiful as fireworks.

It disappeared in the blink of an eye and disappeared without a trace.

The Ancestral Dragon!

If she remembered correctly, that human, Ye Xiao seemed to be from the small world that gave birth to the Ancestral Dragon, right

Could it be that that human world had some special secrets

It was not enough to give birth to an Ancestral Dragon, but to give birth to an existence like Ye Xiao

Xia Xinyis heart began to beat faster and faster.

‘The former Ancestral Dragon had raised the Xuan Yuan clan, which was about to withdraw from the top 30 in the starry sky, to the 19th.

At that point, there was another powerful entity known as Ye Xiao so how many places would the Xuan Yuan clan rise to in the future

She did not dare to think about it.

She only felt that it was too crazy.

It was so crazy that even she, who had witnessed it with her own eyes, could not quite believe it.

“What are you in a daze for We can leave now.”

Only when Ye Xiao opened his mouth did she recover from the shock and sobered up.

“Ah Oh, oh!”

She hurriedly stood up and ran to Ye Xiaos side, somewhat at a loss.

Ye Xiao placed a hand on her shoulder and executed the Space Warping masterpiece technique.

He brought her away from that place in an instant.

Just as the two of them walked past, in the next second, several majestic auras came over one after another.

Seeing the scene in front of them, everyone was dumbstruck.

“What a powerful attack! Who did this The power of this move is definitely not weaker than a Godly King!”

“But, who is the one who attacked

“In the Hundred Clans Alliance, even if there were Godly Kings, there were not many.

There were only 30 to 40 clans that had Godly Kings, and it was impossible for all the Godly Kings to come.

Some Godly Kings even had to be stationed in their territories, the number of people who came this time could

be counted on one hand.

There were less than ten people.

“Just like that, there were four people who led the masters of the Hundred Clans Alliance to the front line to face Yun Xuanyuan in person.

There were only a few people left behind.

“Moreover, if they were a Godly King of the Hundred Clans Alliance, why would theory run away”


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