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Chapter 434: Lesser Godly Kings of the Immemorial Era.

How Terrifying


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Xia Xinyi simply did not know how to describe her current feelings.

She could accept that Ye Xiao was outstanding in a certain aspect.

After all, his talent was right there.

If he did not have a prominent aspect, then he would not be able to be that much of a genius.

Even so, what she could not accept was that Ye Xiao was outstanding in every aspect!

‘That was very uncomfortable.

Movement technique, mental prowess, spiritual cultivation technique… There were simply no flaws.

It was not an exaggeration to call it an all-rounded warrior.

Moreover, it was the type that was extremely long and equilateral.

To be honest, Xia Xinyi felt that her mind was already somewhat out of control.

She felt that she had already started to become crazy, and it could even be said that she was a little floating.

She actually felt that Ye Xiao could contend against the top 20 Holy Sons and Holy Daughters in the starry skies.

One had to know that even Yun Xuanyuan, such a monstrous existence, could not even be ranked in the top dozens.

Among the god clans that were ranked near the top, some of the clans, and even the top few of the younger generation, were more than several times stronger than the holy children of other families.

The standard of the Xuan Yuan clan was at most at that level.

However, then there was Ye Xiao who instantly raised the standard of the Xuan Yuan clan by so much, enough to enter the category of top 20 geniuses.

She could not be blamed for feeling so shocked.

Very soon, after the shock, she began to digest the information that Ye Xiao had just collected, which was the memories of those few people, which had already been divided into the two peoples consciousness.

It turned out that the area was the base of the god clans like the Divine Ox clan, the Divine Earth clan, the Divine Fog clan, and the Hidden Dragon Clan.

‘There were also many martial arts masters among them.

Among them, there were first-level Godly Kings and four existences at the peak ninth level of the Godslayer realm.

It was only because they had joined hands to open a Godly Kings tomb in the primordial Divine Kingdom that they were not in that star area at that moment.

Xia Xinyi could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, their martial arts masters arent here.

If I remember correctly, that Godly King of the Rock Earth clan was known as Gravity King! He possessed an extremely special nine-star god technique, Gravity Suppression.

It was infinitely close to the archaic masterpiece technique and could change

the surrounding gravity.

It was quite troublesome.

“His battle record so far is that he has defeated three Godly Kings in a row and has never lost.

“If we were to meet him, it would be very troublesome for the two of us.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

That was the reason why he brought Xia Xinyi.

Although he could scan the memories of some small fries with his spiritual energy, the biggest problem was that those small fries did not know the true level of the elders in their clan.

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In their memories, they could only have a general impression that the other party was at the first level of the Godly King realm.

As for what kind of attacks the other party was good at What was the overall level They did not know.

‘As a master of the Xia family, Xia Xinyi must have some understanding of that circle.

That way, the information she got would be more accurate to avoid any trouble.

“What should we do now”

“Tve just extracted a small part of their memories.

It seems that they have discovered the low-end martial artists of the Xuan Yuan clan.

They traveled with divine weapons are used them to start a massacre.

“Ifm not wrong, those people should be my friends.”

The cultivation base of Emperor Jing and the others was indeed a little low there.

The god race was generally full of powerful martial artists.

It could not be said that the Godly Kings were everywhere and the gods were everywhere.

However, the most inferior ones were those above the Xiantian realm.

They were all in the King realm and the Emperor realm.

Emperor Jing and the others were in the Emperor realm and the King realm.

It was not an exaggeration to call them low-end martial artists.

In fact, he did not dare to judge them based on that alone.

However, the other partys memory also said that they had a divine weapon in their hands, so they could basically determine that it was Emperor Jing and the others.

Ye Xiao transfigured a face, and Xia Xinyi followed suit.

This made ye Xiao have a favorable impression of Xia Xinyi.

Putting aside the age difference between the two of them, Xia Xinyi was actually quite good-looking.

She could totally be brought out, unlike those who were too ugly and scary to bring out.

Most importantly, she might have experienced a lot and had a lot of knowledge.

There were many words that did not need to be said to her.

When she saw his actions, she had already begun to coordinate and make the corresponding actions.

Such a smart woman was really good material to be a subordinate!

‘The two of them executed their movement techniques and once again disappeared on the spot.

‘At the same time, on the other side.

Several martial arts experts from the Hundred Clans Alliance had gathered together.

The atmosphere was extremely serious.

Many of them had more or less been injured.

One of them even had an arm broken.

Everyones expressions were not good, revealing a biting cold.

‘The martial arts masters sitting in the high hall had tiger-like eyes, arched brows, pointy mouths and monkey-like cheeks.

Some looked old and mature, while others had a unique and coquettish appearance.

No matter what their appearance was the pressure that faintly emanated from their bodies made people shudder.

“This time, we were really too careless.

I didnt expect it to be three Godly Kings in one tomb! If we had discovered it earlier, we wouldnt have lost so many clansmen!”

“Whats the use of saying this now Those three primordial Godly Kings have already been resurrected.

They used the blood of our clansmen to rapidly raise their cultivation.

“Now, they have almost recovered to the lesser Godly King realm!

“If this continues, how long will it take Their cultivation will recover to the true Godly King realm!

“At that time, if we want to capture them again, its practically a fools dream.”

“We must think of a way to suppress these three primordial Godly Kings!”

“Among the masters here, only senior Yan Xiao is a Godly King! Other than him, the others are at most at the peak ninth level of the Godslayer realm.

It wont be so easy to suppress them.”

“It seems that we have to ask the Hundred Clans Alliance for help.

If we let this matter continue to expand, the consequences will be immeasurable.

“At that time, the Hundred Clans Alliance might even find trouble with us.”

“But if we report this matter, the matter of us digging the Godly Kings tomb will be exposed.

At that time, if the alliance wants to hold us accountable, Im afraid well have to pay a lot of blood.”

“If we let these three Godly Kings recover to their peak strength, not only will we lose a large number of our clansmen, we will also not be able to avoid the punishment of the alliance.”

Hearing those words, everyone present sighed deeply and helplessly.

That was the sorrow of being weak.

Many times, the decision was not in their hands.

They were like fish on a chopping board, at the mercy of others.

Inacertain starry sky, three figures stood proudly under the shining stars.

The bodies lying around their feet were all corpses.

All of the corpses had turned into dried corpses.

Their faces, which were stuck to their bones, still had the fear and despair they had before they died.

The three figures looked at each other and said,

“The god clan here is too weak.

The purity of the divine blood in their bodies is too low.

Its not enough for our needs.

“[ really dont know how long it will take for us to fully recover to our peak cultivation.”

“I think the three of us moving together is still too slow.

We might as well split into three groups and search for gods to devour.

That way, we might be able to speed up a little.”

“If we split up, there will be a lot of danger.

We havent recovered to our peak strength yet.

If we encounter a Godly King expert, we might be severely injured.

“Moreover, more importantly, they already know how powerful we are now.

I reckon they have already begun to look for reinforcements.”

“Brother Yufeng, arent you too timid now Youve been sleeping for more than 100,000 years.

Why have you lost your temper

“Even if we havent recovered to our peak strength, were still lesser Godly Kings!

“Moreover, we have combat experience at the Godly King level.

With the current eras spiritual energy, most of them arent our match at all.”

“Brother Lu Ling, I think brother Yufengs words are quite reasonable.

“Although were Godly Kings from the immemorial era, weve only just revived and havent recovered to our peak strength.

“Furthermore, we have no idea.

The current situation in the starry sky.

“If we were to rashly split up, it is very likely that we would be in great trouble, or even at the risk of dying.

“We should still be more cautious.”

Godly King deer spirit gave a contemptuous smile.

“The two of you were too cautious, which is why your cultivation levels werent as strong as mine back then.

“The path of a warrior is to be fearless, killing Gods whenever they encounter them.

“If your temperament isnt strong enough, what more can you talk about greater achievements

“Forget it, since the two of you want to be together, then the two of you can be together.

Ill first go out to find some divine blood and quickly recover to my peak cultivation!

“If the two of you are in danger, look for me again.

“Considering that weve been imprisoned together for more than a hundred thousand years, i, Lu Ling, wont leave you to die.”

‘As soon as he finished speaking, he turned into a streak of light and flew out.

The remaining two primordial Godly Kings couldnt help but shake their heads.

“Hes so arrogant.

If he encounters any trouble, hell be finished.”

“Let him be.

Right now, the spiritual energy in this star area is already very thin.

Perhaps hes right.

“Moreover, with the two of us working together, without him, one less person will be able to absorb the divine blood.

Its not necessarily a bad thin;

“Thats right.”

On the other side, along with Ye Xiao and Xia Xinyi, they went deep into the core regions of the god clan and scanned the mental energy of more people.

They also knew more about the three Godly Kings.

“I didnt expect them to be so strong.

Since they have already advanced to the lesser Godly King realm, the primordial Godly Kings are indeed terrifying.”

Xia Xinyi could not help but sigh after scanning a persons spiritual energy.

Ye Xiao, on the other hand, said indifferently,

“The martial arts culture of the primordial era was already stronger than the present.

They are naturally stronger than the current Godly Kings..”


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