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Chapter 432: Silly Child, You Should Spend More Time With Him in the Future.

It Will Be Beneficial to You


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“Drink some tea.”

“Thank you.”

Xia Bingning took the tea that Ye Xiao passed to her.

She took a sip and said again,

“En! This tea is very good.

It can actually compare to our spiritual tea.”

She paused for a moment.

Perhaps she felt that it was a little inappropriate for her to say that, so she waved her hand and said,

“I did not intend to offend you.

Dont misunderstand.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He naturally knew what the other party meant.

It was nothing more than that the Xuan Yuan clan had more abundant spiritual energy and produced better spiritual tea.

However, she was just being straightforward for a moment, so it was not a big deal.

Ye Xiao was not that kind of petty man, so he would not mind too much because of such a matter.

“Say it.

You just came to the Nine Provinces, yet you came to look for me.

It shouldnt be so simple as reminiscing about old times, right”

Xia Bingning smiled and said,

“As expected, I still cant hide it from you.”

Following that, the smile on her face disappeared and replaced with a serious expression.

“Ye Xiao, this time, Yun Xuanyuan also came with us.”

Ye Xiao nodded and replied indifferently.


“Dont you feel anxious”

Xia Bingnings beautiful brows rose as she said worriedly,

“Ye Xiao, do you know what his current cultivation is Yun Xuanyuan has already reached the peak of the Godslayer realm, the lesser Godly King realm!”

“Cough, cough!”

Grandma Xia could not help but cough violently twice, wanting to remind Xia Bingning not to say anymore.

However, Xia Bingning did not understand what she meant at all.

Instead, she continued to speak.

“Right now, he has gone to the Hundred Clans Alliance to vent his anger for the Xuan Yuan clan.

He wont be here for a while.

However, when he arrives, you will be in big trouble.

“Therefore, I hope that you will not come out and challenge him.

He is too strong!”

“Cough, cough!”

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Grandma Xia could not help but cough a few more times.

Xia Bingning looked at her strangely.

“Grandma, is your throat okay Why do you keep coughing”

“Uh… Im… Im fine.

I just choked on my tea.”

She did not dare to casually mention the reason for her cough then.

Ye Xiao had just warned her, and he was sitting not far from her.

She did not want to be troubled by a terrifying person like Ye Xiao.

“Then be careful.”

After Xia Bingning finished speaking, she began to lecture Ye Xiao again in the blink of an eye.

Grandma Xias face was full of bitterness.

At that moment, she only wanted to give herself two tight slaps.

Why did she have to say anything on the spiritual airship

The two of them did not have to be so embarrassed currently.

At that point, she really wanted to find a hole to hide in.

Moreover, the more Xia Bingning spoke and the more serious she was, the more she felt that her face was burning.

It was too embarrassing!

It was simply a large-scale death scene.

However, Xia Bingning still could not understand what she meant.

She kept repeating it over and over again, giving her a headache to death.

When Xia Bingning was still engrossed in her speech, Grandma Xia suddenly opened her mouth and said,

“Bingning, Im not feeling very well.

Please be quiet for a moment.”

Hearing that, Xia Bingning was interrupted.

” Grandma, are you alright”

“Tm fine.

Its just that I have a migraine and the noise is making it worse.”

“Then… Alright.”

Xia Bingning looked at Ye Xiao helplessly and lowered her head to express her apology.

Ye Xiao did not say a word.

Only he and Grandma Xia knew the truth of the matter.

Xia Bingning did not know.

After a long while, he nodded.

“know what you mean.

You just dont want me to fight with Yun Xuanyuan.

However, you said it a step too late because I never wanted to fight with him in the first place.”

Xia Bingning heaved a sigh of relief.

It was not that she had any special feelings for Ye Xiao.

After all, the two of them had only met once.

‘What she paid attention to was only that Ye Xiao was a genius of the Xuan Yuan clan.

She could not bear to see him get injured and lose his future.

That would be a huge loss.

“Its best if you can understand.

I actually dont have any other intentions.

I just dont want you to get injured.

After all, we are all friends.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Xia Bingning smiled again and said,

“Oh right, speaking of which, what exactly is your cultivation now Your aptitude is so monstrous.

Your cultivation must not be bad, right”

“Its alright, its passable.”

Ye Xiaos words really made Grandma Xia choke.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Passable You call it passable

What kind of joke was that

‘Your cultivation, your aptitude… In the entire starry sky, other than those top-ranked holy children of the god race, how many people could be comparable to you

Tm afraid you can count them on two hands.

‘In the end, you actually said that it was passable.

Your passable is more than passable!”

However, that also made her more clear in her heart.

Ye Xiao probably did not want others to know about his cultivation.

Since that was the case, it was better for her to be a little more honest.

The two sides chatted a little between each other.

After chatting, Xia Bingning bade farewell and left.

Ye Xiao did not say anything because she had come over with good intentions.

However, when Xia Bingning left, Ye Xiaos intent stone suddenly vibrated.

He took out his intent stone from his pocket.

The person who had contacted him was the Saber God, Li Liushui.

Only then did Y Xiao suddenly think of the matters regarding Emperor Jing and the other seniors.

He connected the communication with the intent stone, and Li Liushui immediately said,

“Ye Xiao, Emperor Jing and the others havent returned yet.”

Ye Xiao could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

It seemed that the trouble that time was a little big, and he did not feel their deaths on his side.

‘As for Emperor Jing and the others, they had not returned for such a long time.

It did not seem like they were fine either.

“How about this, dont be anxious.

Ill think of a way to make a trip to the starry sky and see what the situation is like.”

“Tl have to trouble you again this time.”

“Thats not necessary.

All the seniors have taken great care of me previously.

Its just a small matter.

Its not worth mentioning.”

The two of them chatted briefly before ending the contact.

Ye Xiao walked towards the library.

As he walked, he said in a pensive tone,

‘although I can find people in the starry skies now, since the Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan have already arrived, the Godly Kings of the Hundred Clans Alliance should have already arrived as well.

If [were to wander around aimlessly in the starry skies like a headless fly, it would be troublesome if I were to encounter a few Godly Kings.

However, its not that easy to find information from books.

It would be great if I could find a guide.

‘But… Who should I look for”

He knew that the people around him were mostly weak, so it was useless to look for them.

However, no one in the Xuan Yuan clan knew his identity yet.

He did not want to expose his identity to the people of the Xuan Yuan clan.

If it was not for the Grandma Xia who had scanned the signal, he would have intimidated the other party.

At that moment, even the Grandma Xia might think that his cultivation was only at the early-stage of the Godslayer realm.

Xia Bingning did not know his true cultivation, so it was not appropriate to look for her.

Moreover, her level was actually very low, comparable to Ning Zhiyuans, so she probably would not know too many experts.

Who should he look for

Ye Xiao thought for a moment, then suddenly stopped in his tracks.

‘Wasnt she a very suitable candidate”

Thinking of that, the corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly.

With a light tap of his feet, he instantly disappeared from the spot.

On the other side, Xia Bingning and Grandma Xia were walking on the road.

She could not help but ask with concern,

“Grandma, what happened to you just now Why did you keep coughing Are you really sick”

Grandma Xia shook her head.

“Tm fine.

I really choked on my tea just now.”


Xia Bingning was a little puzzled.

She was not a fool.

Grandma Xias behavior just now was obviously a little unusual.

However, Grandma Xia insisted,

“Tm really fine.

You little girl, why do you keep asking me Im so powerful here.

Even if you were sick, I wouldnt be sick.”

“Thats true.”

Xia Bingning nodded.

At that moment, Grandma Xia glanced at Xia Bingning.

Her gaze suddenly became mischevious.

Speaking of which, Xia Bingning was the little princess of the Xia family.

She was so beautiful and young enough.

Although her talent and cultivation were not as good as Ye Xiaos, she could still be considered pretty good in the Xuan Yuan clan, she was a beautiful girl with a name on the roll.

If she could set her up with Ye Xiao, it would also be a very good choice.

There was no doubt about Ye Xiaos talent.

His future would definitely be the pillar of the Xuan Yuan clan.

The number one existence!

Taking advantage of the fact that his strength had yet to completely reach the Godly Emperor level, if Xia Bingning were to use her beauty, she might be able to catch Ye Xiaos eye.

If that was the case, it would definitely be a great good thing for the entire Xia family.

If Xia Bingning was pregnant with Ye Xiaos baby and gave birth to an unparalleled genius, then the future of the Xia family would be boundless.

Thinking of that, she could not help but open her mouth and earnestly instructed,

“Bingning! If you like this place, you have to come here more often in the future and communicate more with Ye Xiao.”

Xia Bingning nodded and said with a smile,

“Grandma, I know what you mean.

You want me to teach Ye Xiao about the Xuan Yuan clan and the other god clans, right

“Dont worry, Ill definitely teach him well.

After all, hes one of the few geniuses in our Xuan Yuan clan.

“As long as we nurture him well, itll be a great thing for our Xuan Yuan clan.”

The corner of Grandma Xias mouth could not help but twitch violently.

For the first time in her life, she felt that Xia Bingning was somewhat stupid.

That girl was usually quite smart.

Why did she start to drop the ball at such a critical moment

‘What kind of upbringing were you given If you coddled her again, she would be a grown bird that could fly out at any time.

What you had to do was to leave the bird in the nest.

Of course, it was best if you could create some small birds.

That was what you should do!

“Bingning… You…”

She was just about to say something when she suddenly sensed something, The words were on the tip of her tongue, but she swallowed them..


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