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Chapter 431: Meeting an Old Friend, an Unrivaled Genius, Unparalleled in History


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Ye Xiaos strength had advanced to the peak of the ninth level of the Godslayer realm.

The amount of spiritual energy stored in his body was many times stronger than before.

Therefore, he could now use more spiritual avatars to help him refine the power of laws faster.

Following that, Ye Xiao returned to the surface world.

There was no longer a need to stay there.

The divine crystals were dug out by the star beasts, so he did not need to ask about them.

The power of laws was refined by spiritual avatars, so he could just sit and wait for the harvest.

At the moment, he only had one mission.

That was to find other cultivation techniques as soon as possible to help him synthesize the remaining archaic masterpiece techniques faster.

Splitting into three, it was simply perfect!

However, what Ye Xiao did not expect was that just as he arrived on the ground, two figures appeared at the door.

He did not recognize one of them, but his cultivation had already reached the ninth level of the Godslayer realm.

His techniques were truly extraordinary.

The other was actually an old acquaintance of his, Xia Bingning.

Back when he was still a divine grandmaster, he met her when he went to the Southwest Seaside Forest to search for the myriad of purple and red leaves in order to advance.

At that time, it was also her who let him know for the first time that there was an existence in the starry sky that was stronger than the human race.

However, after she left, he never saw her again.

Only later did he leam of her identity from the mouths of the other members of the Xuan Yuan clan.

She was the daughter of the Xia family, a direct descendant family of the Xuan Yuan clan.

He did not expect that she would actually appear in front of his door today.

Ye Xiao was not surprised by her arrival because she was the eldest daughter of the Xia family and could be considered a person of high status.

Moreover, she knew his name.

It was a piece of cake for her to want to investigate his residence.

However, she did not appear in the human world previously.

Since she suddenly appeared, Ye Xiao had already guessed something.

After careful calculation, it had already been a month since the news of another batch of martial arts masters from the Xuan Yuan clan was coming.

She should have come along with that batch of martial arts masters.

‘Forget it, lets meet.

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No matter what, they were old friends.

Xia Bingning, who was at the door, knocked on the door several times, but she did not see Ye Xiao come out to open the door.

Her eyes could not help but be somewhat disappointed.

Her grandmother, who was beside her, said,

“Te already scanned the room with my mental energy.

Theres no one in the room.

I think he shouldnt be at home.

Lets go.”

Xia Bingning nodded.

However, just as the two of them were about to turn around and leave, the door was suddenly opened in the next second.

Xia Bingning turned her head and saw Ye Xiaos figure.

She immediately said in surprise,

“Ye Xiao, so you were in your room! Why didnt you open the door even after I knocked for a long time”

Ye Xiao explained,

“Tjust came back too.

I was indeed not at home just now.

As for you, I didnt expect that you would come and visit me after such a long time.”

Xia Bingning giggled, and the small dimples on her face revealed her cuteness.

“Of course.

Youre a big celebrity now.

Although everyone doesnt know your real name, youre like the sun in the sky in the entire Xuan Yuan clan.”

As she finished speaking, she suddenly thought of something and explained to Ye Xiao,

“Ye Xiao, this is my grandmother.

When I was talking to myself earlier, I was accidentally overheard by her and happened to expose your identity.

She insisted on coming with me to see you.

“Tm sorry.

I brought her here without your consent.”

The Xia familys grandmother smiled.

“This matter has nothing to do with Bingning.

I was the one who insisted on following her here.

“Treally want to meet you and see what kind of young talent you are.

Young man, I hope youll forgive me for disturbing you.”

The other partys behavior was rather polite, so Ye Xiao did not say anything more and only nodded his head faintly.

“Its fine, as long as you dont reveal my identity to anyone else.

Come in and have a seat.”

“Then we wont be too polite.”

Xia Bingning smiled mischievously.

Perhaps it was because she had Divine Eyes, but her smile was very good-looking.

Her pair of large eyes were full of electricity, like crescent moons, curved, and coupled with her long eyelashes, she was a complete beauty.

However, Ye Xiao was not that kind of shallow man.

He would not treat her differently just because of her beauty.

Xia Bingning was no different from Ye Xiaos ordinary friends there.

Her ranking on his side was even inferior to that group of star beasts.

Xia Bingning and Grandma Xia walked in together.

Arriving at the living room, Ye Xiao pointed at the chairs and sofas on both sides.

“sit anywhere you like.”

Then, he brewed two cups of spiritual tea for the two of them.

Xia Bingning thanked him, while Grandma Xia had a slightly surprised look in her eyes.

Previously, when she was outside looking at the small house, she could not help but feel a little confused.

At that time, she was thinking, did she and Xia Bingning find the wrong place

That was because that place was really too poor.

At the very least, compared to a genius like Ye Xiao, it was definitely considered poor.

She thought that there might be a different world inside, such as putting some expensive furniture or something.

In the end, when she entered and took a look, the things inside were no different from ordinary people.

After the shock, her evaluation of Ye Xiao rose to another level in the bottom of her heart.

That kid became famous at such a young age, but he did not have a big ego.

He was simple and unadorned, and was a talent that could be molded.

If she could properly nurture him in the future, his future would definitely be bright.

Thinking of that, she sized up Ye Xiao again, wanting to see what level his cultivation had reached.

However, when she placed her spiritual energy on Ye Xiao, she could not help but be stunned once again.

The cultivation that Ye Xiao displayed was around the first level of the Godslayer realm.

However, there seemed to be something wrong.

She remembered that Yun Shui of the Yun family was a beastmaster at the fifth level Godslayer realm.

Although he was not a fighter, his strength could not be underestimated.

If there was such a huge difference in cultivation levels between Ye Xiao and

him, it would be impossible for him to defeat him.

There must be some mistake.

Thinking of that, she immediately increased her spiritual energy and surged it into Ye Xiaos body.

However, very quickly, her expression started to become solemn.

That was because, no matter how much spiritual energy she released to Ye Xiao, it was like a clay ox entering the sea, without the slightest fluctuation.

That made her heartbeat involuntarily accelerate.

Ye Xiao did not react to her spiritual energy scan, and she could not find out just how much strength he had.

Then there was only one answer that could explain it, Ye Xiaos cultivation was very strong!

At least, it would not be much weaker than hers.

Even so, how old was he

Looking at his bone age, he should not be more than 30 years old at the moment.

Not even 30 years old, yet his cultivation had actually advanced to the advanced stage of the Godslayer realm.

Was that a joke

She had never met such a monstrous genius in her entire life!

To put it bluntly, if it were not for the fact that Ye Xiao was a living person standing in front of her, she might even feel that Ye Xiao was not human!

He had actually advanced to that realm in slightly more than 20 years.

Moreover, the bigger problem was that he did not have the support of the God clan, and he still lived in this remote, resource-poor small star field.

God, she did not dare to imagine that if Ye Xiao had lived in the place where the Xuan Yuan clan was at since he was young and had enough resources to support him, what terrifying realm would he advance to

At that point, Grandma Xia could completely determine that Ye Xiaos aptitude was going to surpass Yun Xuanyuans!

In terms of talent, he was undoubtedly the number one person in the younger generation of the Xuan Yuan clan!

She reckoned that it would not be long before he could surpass Yun Xuanyuan and become the number one person among the younger generation of the Xuan Yuan clan in terms of strength!


Too terrifying!

“Senior Xia, drink some tea.”

At that moment, Ye Xiao had already passed her a cup of tea, waking her up from her shock.

“ah Oh oh, thank you.”

She thanked him and immediately reached out to receive the tea.

However, at the instant she reached out to receive the tea, her gaze inadvertently met Ye Xiaos eyes.


In the next second, it was as if someone had thrown a huge bomb into her mind, setting off countless turbulent waves!

Ye Xiaos glance actually frightened her, and her heart began to beat frantically.

‘What made her even more terrified was the strength that Ye Xiao had displayed at that moment.

He was not simply somewhere within the late stages of the Godslayer realm.

He was already at the point where it was enough to threaten her life.

He was at the peak of the Godslayer realm, he was a lesser Godly King!

Heavens, at that moment, Grandma Xia felt that her breathing was about to freeze.

A lesser Godly King in his twenties, that guy… That fellow was simply a monster amongst monsters!

‘The funny thing was that she had thought that his strength could not compare to Yun Xuanyuans and that it would still be a few years before he could catch up and surpass Yun Xuanyuan.

However, she had not expected that he was not the slightest bit inferior to the other party.

He was now the undisputed number one person among the younger generation of the Xuan Yuan clan.

‘Whether it was in terms of talent or true strength, he had completely crushed Yun Xuanyuan in all aspects.

That was too crazy!

‘That was even more terrifying than a rat serving as a bridesmaid for a cat.

‘That was an unparalleled genius that had never existed since the beginning of time!

Just as she was in shock, her hand trembled and the cup in her hand was about to be knocked over.

Seeing that the cup was about to be knocked over, Ye Xiao caught it and smiled indifferently.

“Senior Xia, take the cup well.”

Those words instantly made Grandma Xias body turn cold, but she also calmed down quite a bit.

She could hear the threat in the other partys words.

She reckoned that the other party would not let her off lightly.

Therefore, Grandma Xia immediately took the teacup and thanked him.

“Thank you.”

Then, she lowered her head and began to sip the tea carefully.

She did not even dare to raise her head to look at Ye Xiao.

In fact, that glance from Ye Xiao was indeed a threat to her.

Grandma Xia was not Xia Bingning after all.

Moreover, she was using her mental strength to search for him.

Ye Xiao still had to be on guard and give her some warning to make her behave.

Otherwise, who knew what kind of trouble she would stir up for him

After suppressing her for a while, Grandma Xia was obviously very obedient.

Ye Xiao was still quite satisfied.

Only then did he pass another cup of tea to Xia Bingning..


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