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Chapter 429: Supreme Eternal

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‘There was actually nothing in the huge Divine Kingdoms treasury except for a ball of light.

Ye Xiao could tell with his toes that the ball of light was definitely not ordinary.

Just as he was confused, a stream of light suddenly shot down from the ball of light.

In the light, an old mans spirit that was dressed in pure white satin and had an extremely imposing aura slowly appeared.

His appearance did not have much of an effect on Ye Xiao.

However, Ye Xiao knew clearly in his heart that that was definitely not because the other partys strength was too weak.

Instead, it was because the other partys strength was too strong and had already completely exceeded the range of his perception.

He was currently in his domain, so he was unable to sense him.

“You… Are the successor of the primordial Divine Kingdom”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Thats right, I am.”

At that moment, he could only answer with an affirmation.

If he answered no, who knew what would happen


‘The other party sternly berated him, and in the next second, his tone softened again.

“Forget it, the primordial Divine Kingdom is gone.

It wasnt easy for one to enter.

This emperor cant kill you.

Then the primordial Divine Kingdoms inheritance will really be broken.

“After all, once the Divine Kingdoms treasury is opened, the power inside will start to flow out.”

Pausing for a moment, he spoke again,

“Now, what era is it outside Which primordial Divine Kingdom is controlling the starry sky And its that stunning existence that stands proudly above the starry sky”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment, then immediately spoke,

“Tm not very clear about the specific situation either.

Now, the Azure Billow star field is already a very remote region in the universe.

The spiritual energy is thin, and the martial arts culture has declined.

“My understanding of the starry sky isnt too deep.

I only know that there are already over 10,000 god clans outside.

“Lalso dont know who is standing in the starry sky.

I only know that the strongest clans at present are the Dragon clan, Phoenix clan, Qilin clan, and so on… Im from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Currently, were only ranked 17th in the starry sky.”

“Oh I didnt expect that after such a long time, the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans would still be ranked at the forefront of the starry sky.

This is quite surprising.

Ah, but its also within my expectations.

After all, the three clans have all produced existences like that before.”

Ye Xiaos heart stirred slightly.

‘What he currently knew was that the end of martial arts was the Godly Emperor!

Moreover, from what the spirit said, it seemed that there were even more powerful existences above the Godly Emperor.

‘That was because he himself was a Godly Emperor, it was impossible for him to be moved just because the three clans had Godly Emperors, right

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Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and asked,

“May I ask Senior, are there any existences of a higher level above the Godly Emperor”

‘The Godly Emperor spirits thoughts were pulled back to reality by his words.

He immediately opened his mouth to speak,

“This is natural! In the long river of the universe, even someone as strong as the Godly Emperor is just a drop in the ocean.

One day, he will be reduced to ashes.

“When ones cultivation reaches the Godly Emperor realm, what they pursue is eternal life!

“In our Godly Emperor realm, we call them Supreme Eternals! That is the ultimate dream of every Godly Emperor.

It allows us to break free from the shackles of natural life and death and become an existence in the starry sky that can completely control ones own life.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiaos heart could not help but throb fiercely.

He naturally knew that those who reached the level of a Godly Emperor would also fall and die.

The 13 Godly Emperors of the primordial Divine Kingdom all fell.

‘There were many ancestors of the god race in the starry skies that were all dead as well.

Cultivating to the Godly Emperor realm could only be said to ensure that he would not be easily killed by others, but he was still unable to escape the natural laws.

‘The masterpiece technique could already vaguely touch the threshold of the natural laws, but it could not control the natural laws.

It was just like how he used the Creation masterpiece technique to turn a stalk of grass into a sparrow.

However, the sparrow did not have a soul and was unable to spread its wings and fly high.

However, above the Godly Emperor, it was actually able to create an immortal-level existence.

How inspiring was that

At that instant, Ye Xiao seemed to feel as if his life had been lit up and he had a life goal.

He took a deep breath and immediately said,

“I still have one more question.

How did the primordial Divine Kingdom fall Why was such a powerful kingdom destroyed overnight”

‘The other party glanced at him and indifferently said,

“The destruction of the primordial Divine Kingdom seems like an unimaginable matter to you.

However, in the immemorial era, there were many Divine Kingdoms, so it was very normal for some of them to be destroyed.

“This was because the one who dealt with the primordial Divine Kingdom was also a Divine Kingdom.

“Everyones strength is about the same, so its not very normal for them to be destroyed.”

Pausing for a moment, he sighed and immediately said,

“However, the destruction of our primordial Divine Kingdom was only because of one person with a single sentence.”

Ye Xiaos pupils instantly constricted, and he felt a thick shock.

Asingle person could easily destroy the primordial Divine Kingdom with a single sentence.

How powerful must such an existence be

“He… Could it be that hes a Supreme Eternal”

‘The Godly Emperor spirit nodded.

“Thats right!”

Ye Xiao felt as if his heart had been fiercely stabbed by someone.

After reaching the Supreme Eternal realm, he could actually possess such powerful strength.

Just a single sentence could destroy a primordial Divine Kingdom that had 13 Godly Emperors.

Too powerful!

‘That was simply the fusion of the supreme authority and eternal life, the two powers that living beings in the world yearned for the most.

At that moment, Ye Xiao felt that his mind was going a little crazy.

‘I must become a Supreme Eternal!”

Although he was only an existence at the eighth level of the Godslayer realm currently, he must become a Supreme Eternal!

Allalong, to be able to get rid of all restraints, including the restraints of the natural laws, was Ye Xiaos greatest dream.

In his previous life, he had died because of illness, so he knew more clearly than anyone else how fragile life was.

How hopeless death was.

After coming to that world, he had seen countless life-and-death departures and countless bodies that could not be controlled.

Only by becoming a true Supreme Eternal could he transcend life-and-death, transcend the natural laws, and also transcend the threat of any martial arts expert.

Truly, he could obtain his own freedom.

At that moment, the Godly Emperor spirit spoke,

“Lcan sense the supreme masterpiece technique in your body.

When you were cultivating the supreme masterpiece technique, you should have sensed the power of the laws.

That is the necessary condition to become a Supreme Eternal.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He knew that martial artists in the immemorial age would call the archaic masterpiece technique the supreme precious technique.

After all, their era was not archaic to them.

‘The Godly Emperor spirit spoke again,

“This Divine Kingdoms treasury does not have the resources of the primordial Divine Kingdom.

The resources of the primordial Divine Kingdom are all buried in the tombs of the various Godly Kings.

“However, in the Divine Kingdoms treasury, there are things that the resources of the entire primordial Divine Kingdom can not compare to.

“That is, the power of laws that we 13 Godly Emperors have cultivated together.

“The power of laws added together is enough to help you walk further on the path of becoming a Supreme Eternal!

“As for whether or not you can become a Supreme Eternal, that will depend on your own ability and luck.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

What the other party said was right.

Although the resources of the primordial Divine Kingdoms were rare and valuable, it was not impossible to find them.

Under the entire starry sky, countless primordial Divine Kingdoms had been destroyed, and there was far more than one portion of resources.

However, the power of laws was something that could only be cultivated by Godly Emperors.

The life of a Godly Emperor was limited.

In a limited life, the power of laws cultivated was also limited.

If one could not meet the standards, it was definitely impossible for one to become a Supreme Eternal.

Therefore, the preciousness of the power of laws could not even be compared to the resources of ten primordial Divine Kingdoms, let alone one.

That was because it represented that Ye Xiao could save a lot of time.

That time could even be measured in tens of thousands of years.

Time represented life.

That was also why all martial artists wanted to raise their cultivation faster in the shortest amount of time possible.

‘The various large families would also pay more attention to geniuses.

Only by cultivating faster, the younger ones strength, and the higher ones realm, would one be able to reach a higher standard.

However, he also knew in his heart that there was no free lunch in the world.

Since the other party would give him such a good item, they definitely had other requests.

“want to know what I need to pay in order to obtain this power of laws.”

“I dont need you to pay anything to me.

You have to pay in order to obtain this power of laws.

“Ljust told you that the destruction of the primordial Divine Kingdom was because we offended a Supreme Eternal.

“Since the other party is a Supreme Eternal, its possible that he isnt dead yet.”

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth could not help but twitch fiercely.

He roughly understood what the other party meant.

If that Supreme Eternal had not been beaten to death by other Supreme Eternals, based on the condition that Supreme Eternals had eternal lifespans, it was very likely that he was still alive then.

Furthermore, if he obtained the power of laws, he would definitely go against the other party in the future.

‘The other party was already a Supreme Eternal.

He would definitely be able to sense the aura of the power of laws, no matter how perfect his refinement was.

Therefore, although this power of laws was extremely tempting, it was also a huge problem at the same time.

If Ye Xiao wanted it, it meant that he might have to face a Supreme Eternal in the future.

He pondered for a moment before opening his mouth to speak,

“Before deciding on my choice, I would like to ask a question first.

If I dont have the power of these laws, can I become a Supreme Eternal”

‘The Godly Emperor spirit said with an indifferent expression,

“Everyone has a chance to become a Supreme Eternal.

However… The path to becoming a Supreme Eternal is not only long but is also filled with difficulties and obstacles.

“Even if you are unwilling to accept our power of laws, it does not mean that you will not offend the other Supreme Eternals.

Even if you did not offend them but offend a Godly Emperor before you become a Supreme Eternal instead, you might even die..”


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