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Chapter 427: The Arrival of the Xuan Yuan Masters.

The Dignity of the High-Ranking God Clan Was Not to Be Violated

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“That… Ye Xiao, have you considered taking in a disciple”

Li Liushui could not help but speak slowly.

When those words were said, the eyes of the White Tiger Venerable and Lu Qingshan could not help but light up.

They were looking forward to his answer.

However, it was a pity that Ye Xiao only shook his head calmly.

“Tm sorry, I dont have such thoughts.”

Once those words were said, it was as if a bucket of cold water was poured on them.

The hope of the three of them vanished in an instant.

It was really too much of a pity.

It would be great if Ye Xiao was willing to take in a disciple.

They would rather lower their status and become his disciple.

‘That fellow was really too monstrous.

Being his disciple, the increase in cultivation would definitely be just as monstrous.

“Seniors, if all of you are fine, why dont you all go back first I have to go to work.”

The three of them nodded and thanked Ye Xiao before taking their leave.

After sending the three of them off, Ye Xiao transmitted his thoughts and allowed the Dragon Bird to enter.

‘The Dragon Bird walked in while trembling.

It carefully glanced at him before coughing lightly and said,

“That… Master, you wont hack me to death, right”

Ye Xiao stared at him curiously.

“If it wasnt for the fact that youve been working hard recently, I would have chopped you up and made a soup out of you!”

‘The Dragon Bird shivered and immediately felt relieved.

He let out a long sigh and smiled obsequiously.

The dignity of a Godslayer realm star beast was completely gone.

“Thank you for your magnanimity, Master.

Master, a few of my men worked day and night and captured another 5,000 star beasts.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Just like before, all of them will be transported to the Divine Kingdoms treasury to mine.

The martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan will arrive within a month.

Within this month, we must open the Divine Kingdoms treasury no matter what.”


After arranging that matter, Ye Xiao went to the library to read and study.

In the territory of the Hundred Clans Alliance, Su Chen slowly opened his eyes from his meditation.

An extremely sharp pressure erupted from his eyes.

“Thats right.

This time, my cultivation has advanced by quite a bit.

At this rate, it shouldnt be long before I become a Godly King.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

The jade ring flashed with a green light.

“Chener, youve absorbed too much divine blood in this period of time.

Thats why your strength has increased so quickly.

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“But remember, dont be careless.

Soon, the martial arts masters of the Hundred Clans Alliance will descend.

“Is even possible that other high-level geniuses will come.

“You also need to keep a low profile to avoid being targeted by others.”

“Dont worry, Master.

I know what to do.”

“Thats good to hear.”

Su Chen made a seal in the air.

The next second, he could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“This is really strange.

I sent out so many star beast spies, how come there are only one or two left Who is responsible for this”

After saying that, he immediately activated the teleportation array beside him.

In the next second, as the array lit up, the air distorted.

A black swan and a green bamboo snake appeared beside him.

“Greetings, Master.”

$u Chen said indifferently,

“What happened recently Why have so many of my spies been removed Only the two of you are left!”

The two star beasts looked at each other with fear in their eyes.

“Master, these days, we were hunted by a group of Venerable Beasts.

Most of our brothers died and were injured.

“If it wasnt for the two of us hiding well, Im afraid that Master might not even be able to see us now.”

“What did you say”

Su Chens pupils suddenly constricted.

Could it be that he had been discovered by someone else

No, that should not be possible!

His methods originated from blood art.

After absorbing so much divine blood, the blood art had already grown into a true archaic masterpiece technique, the Supreme Blood Art!

The star beasts were all secretly controlled using the blood art, so it was impossible for anyone to discover it.

In the world, there were very few who could truly crack an archaic masterpiece technique.

However, it truly happened.

Su Chen closed his eyes and used his Supreme Blood Art to search for the memories of those star beasts before they were captured.

“Fellow star beasts, open the door.

Were here to give you warmth.”

“Fellow star beasts, if you dont open the door, well break it down!”

“Fellow star beasts, come with us to min

“To be able to serve the Saber-sword Immortal, it is worth three lifetimes of fortune!”

“Saber-sword Immortal!”

Su Chen instantly opened his eyes and could not help but exclaim.

He never expected that the matter would actually involve the Saber-sword Immortal of the human race.

“Good for you, Saber-sword Immortal.

I havent gone to look for you yet, but you have already taken the initiative and started looking for trouble with me.

“Originally, I was prepared to deal with you later on since you were at the 117th place on the revenge list.

“Now, it looks like I have to make you the first!”

On Ye Xiaos side, he naturally did not know about that matter.

He had been diligently reading books.

After nearly a month of hard work, Ye Xiao had once again gathered a nine-star god technique, Star-changing Palm!

It was a palm technique.

Ye Xiao felt that it was quite a pity because he really wanted to find a verbal command.

That way, he could directly combine it with a spiritual cultivation technique and a poison technique to synthesize another archaic masterpiece technique.

If it was as he had expected, he could at most synthesize two more masterpiece techniques.

One was a palm technique, fist technique, and other cultivation techniques that focused on physical attacks, a combined masterpiece technique.

The other is a combination of speech, mental strength, and poison.

There are several types of physical attacks, and it was not realistic to combine them quickly.

Looks like its gonna take a little while to master the long, venomous tongue.

Fortunately, Ye Xiaos cultivation had improved a lot.

He was almost at the eighth level of the Godslayer realm, just a step away.

He would probably advance in a few days.

After he reached the eighth level of the Godslayer realm, would the ninth level of the Godslayer realm still be far away

After the ninth level of the Godslayer realm, he would be a Godly King!

‘When he thought of the wordGodly King, Ye Xiao could not help but feel a little excited.

Although Godly Kings were far inferior to Godly Emperors, Godly Kings usually did not appear easily.

They would only appear at a critical moment.

If Godly Kings did not appear, who would contend with them

Godly Kings could already be said to be existences that walked unhindered.

After careful calculation, the people from the Xuan Yuan clan should be arriving soon.

Ye Xiao immersed his mind and went to communicate with Huan Liuli to take a look at the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

He was still lacking in progress.

The feedback he received was that there was only about 5 percent left.

It seemed that the Divine Kingdoms treasury would be opened in a few days.

Ye Xiao clenched his fists slightly.

Everything was developing in a good direction.

Keep it up!

However, at that time, Li Liushui came to look for Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao, somethings not right.”

“Whats wrong”

Ye Xiao could not help but ask in puzzlement.

“Why havent Emperor Jing and the other seniors returned yet According to their speed, they should have returned a long time ago.

Now that so much time has passed, they still havent made a single move.

Is there something wrong”

Ye Xiao was also a little puzzled.

If they were killed, then he should be able to sense them and instantly revive them.

However, there was no reaction from the divine blood or the divine soul.

That meant that they were still alive.

Since they were alive, how could they not have returned

“Lets wait a few more days and see.

If they havent returned yet, Ill think of another way.”

“Alright, thats all we can do.”

Li Liushui bade farewell and left, while Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

“Thope that there wont be any trouble.”

On the other side, in the vast starry sky, several enormous spiritual airships were advancing rapidly towards the Azure Billow star field.

Those spiritual airships were extremely huge, and some of them were even more than 300 miles long!

It must be known that the spiritual airships that Yun Shui had taken back then had only reached a length of 100 miles.

Those spiritual airships even surpassed them, reaching a length of 300 miles.

One could see just how powerful they were.

Floating clouds and divine dragons were carved on the spiritual airships.

On the flag of the airships, there was a huge wordXuan Yuan embroidered on it.

BesidesXuan Yuan, there were also the wordsYun,Xia,Zheng,Ning, and so on.

Those were the direct descendants of the Xuan Yuan clan.

They were also the martial arts masters of the various aristocratic families of the Xuan Yuan clan!

Among them, there was no lack of Godly Kings!

‘There were seven Godly Kings and more than 50 Godslayers!

‘The extremely luxurious lineup and the immense pressure made all the living beings in the area feel a burst of fear from the bottom of their hearts.

Countless figures did not dare to get close.

They could only hide behind the meteorite and secretly watch that rare scene.

On the spiritual airship, a figure stood proudly at the bow with his hands behind his back.

Behind him were several Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Although his cultivation had not reached the Godly King realm, the Godly Kings present were not displeased at all.

Instead, they stood behind him with calm expressions.

There was no other reason.

It was because it was highly possible that he was the future Holy Child of the Xuan Yuan clan, the number one person in the younger generation of the Xuan Yuan clan, the number one person in the younger generation of the Yun family, and the unrivaled genius, Yun Xuanyuan.

At the age of 61, he was already a genius who had stepped into the ninth level of the Godslayer realm.

In the future, he would definitely become a prodigy, and he might even become a Godly Emperor.

Therefore, he deserved the respect of those people.

“Xuanyuan, were almost at the human land of the Azure Billow star field.”

Yun Xuanyuan said indifferently,

“You guys go ahead and head there first.”

Everyone raised their brows.

“Xuanyuan, what are you planning to do”

Yun Xuanyuan said indifferently,

“[heard that those fleas from the Hundred Clans Alliance have been disrespectful to the Xuan Yuan clan these days.”

“Xuanyuan, you want to go to the Hundred Clans Alliance”

“Some dogs dont listen unless theyre beaten.”

“This is a little dangerous.

Although your aptitude is remarkable and your strength is also extraordinary, your cultivation is only at the ninth level of the Godslayer realm.

As for us Godly Kings, we cant attack casually.

Otherwise, the battle will be too intense… Im afraid many people will die.”

“It doesnt matter.

Godly Kings dont have to attack.

Just follow me to the two of you to hold the fort.”

“Its fine to hold the fort, but what if we meet the opponents peak ninth level of the Godslayer realm, a lesser Godly King”

“Well kill them immediately!”


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