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Chapter 420: The Scheme of the Hundred Clans Alliance


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The starry sky did not only belong to the Xuan Yuan clan.

There were countless god clans and celestial beings in the starry sky.

Moreover, although the Xuan Yuan clan was ranked very high, they were not ranked first.

They could not suppress the other god clans.

Moreover, behind the Hundred Clans Alliance, there were some god clans that were dependent on the other more powerful clans.

Some of the more powerful god clans were not weaker than the Xuan Yuan clan.

‘There were certain restrictions between the major god clans.

As long as it was not the top-tier Dragon clan, Phoenix clan, etc., the other god clans did not have the strength to easily kill the other clans other than themselves.

If the Xuan Yuan clan did not care about martial virtue and instantly sent their more powerful Godly King existences to slaughter the Hundred Clans Alliance, it would give the higher-tier god clans behind the Hundred Clans Alliance a reason, they would come to crusade against the Xuan Yuan clan.

At that time, the Xuan Yuan clan would really be playing with fire and setting themselves on fire.

As for the Hundred Clans Alliance, those below the Godly King realm had too many methods.

That was because the advantage of the higher-level god clans was their number of top-notch martial arts masters.

Although the Hundred Clan Alliance did not have enough martial arts masters to fight against them, the Hundred Clans Alliance had mough God realm and Godslayer realm masters.

They had more martial arts masters under the Godly King realm.

At that moment, the Hundred Clans Alliance was discussing their next move.

“In the past few days, as weve increased our forces, weve suppressed the Xuan Yuan clan in the Azure Billow star field.

“If Im not wrong, theyve contacted the martial arts masters of their clans.

Soon, Godly King realm or late-stage Godslayer realm martial arts masters will arrive.

“And right now, the strongest martial arts master of the Xuan Yuan clan here is only at the seventh level of the Godslayer realm.

“We can take advantage of this period of time to continue being impudent.

“Once their experts truly arrive, we will have to stop for a while and tuck our tails between our legs.”

“Thats right.

However, just by sticking our tails between our legs, Im afraid it wont be enough to protect us.

“Of course, the Xuan Yuan clan will not send out Godly Kings to slaughter us wantonly.

If that happens, the high-ranking god clans behind us will not agree to such a thing.

“However, if we encounter the situation of robbing the Godly Kings tomb, or even the possible appearance of the Godly Emperors tomb in the future, they will definitely have sufficient reasons to take action and monopolize the divine tomb of that level.

“At that time, it will be a real headache for us.

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“Although we can mobilize a lot of Godly Kings and they are much stronger than the high-rank martial artists.”

“Perhaps we should give up some benefits in exchange for the support of the high-rank god clan behind us.

“Otherwise, when we encounter such top-grade resources, we can only stand and watch.”

“Our Winged God clan agrees.

However, before we ask the high-grade god clan behind us to come, we should take this opportunity to do another job.

We should take advantage of our current strength, which is higher than the Xuan Yuan clans investment in this place, to take advantage of this opportunity.

“When we cant take advantage of this place in the future, we will be at a loss.”

“Thats right.

In any case, the experts of the Xuan Yuan clan wont be able to come here so quickly.

“As long as we dont go too far and dont harm the young masters of the Xuan Yuan clan, dont completely exterminate the people of the Xuan Yuan clan here especially the top martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan, and the existence of the Godly King, they wont be able to directly attack us.

“If the Godly Kings doesnt appear, there wont be any problems.

“In the future, when the high-ranking god clan behind us participates in the battle, the Xuan Yuan clan will be completely afraid.

Their Godly Kings will also not dare to casually attack us.”

‘Our Thunder God clan also agrees.”

“The Giant Gorilla clan also agrees.”

Under the leadership of one god clan after another, those plans were quickly finalized.

Although there were some who disagreed, they were still in the minority.

There was no way to change the votes of the other gods.

Hence, in the next few days, the Hundred Clans Alliance attacked the Xuan Yuan clan even more heavily.

They could no longer be considered to have crossed the line.

Many times, they would directly enter the divine tombs that the Xuan Yuan clan occupied, they began to carry out plundering excavations.


only did they kill and injure many Xuan Yuan clan disciples, but they also took away a large amount of resources.

Faced with such a situation, although the martial arts experts of the Xuan Yuan clan had not rushed over in time, they did not show any signs of weakness.

They immediately organized themselves and launched a fierce counterattack.

As time passed, the Hundred Clans Alliance actually suffered a lot.

Many Godslayer realm masters even perished.

Soon, the Hundred Clans Alliance could no longer take it.

That was because to the Hundred Clans Alliance, Godly Kings were their clans most treasured treasures.

They could not be sent out casually.

Then their Godslayer realm masters were extremely rare and precious battle resources.

If they lost too much, they would not be able to take it.

Furthermore, there was another point.

If time continued to pass like that, there would be less than a month left.

If the martial arts experts sent by the Xuan Yuan clan came again, the pressure on them would be even greater.

The Xuan Yuan clan had eighth, ninth-level Godslayers and even lesser Godly King realm masters… They would definitely have many more than them, and the cultivation techniques they cultivated would be even better.

Even if no one produced a Godly King, the Xuan Yuan clan would have a greater advantage.

If they were forced into a comer and wanted to jump over the wall and send out Godly Kings, the Xuan Yuan clan would have an excuse to send out martial arts experts with the same strength.

The Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan were 100 percent stronger than the Godly Kings of the other god clans.

The cultivation techniques that everyone cultivated were different.

It could not be said that they were not on the same level, but at the very least, the other party had a huge advantage.

Therefore, in less than a months time, the Hundred Clans Alliance had to think of a way to slow everything down!

Of course, how could it be so easy to slow things down

Until that day, another person came to the Hundred Clan Alliance.

The Hundred Clans Alliance seemed to finally have a solution.

In the human world, the direct descendants of the Xuan Yuan clans several great aristocratic families gathered in Jianghai city.

Everyones faces were filled with joy.

“Recently, Ive finally vented my anger.

The Hundred Clans Alliance wanted to join forces to deal with us, but in the end, they were beaten until they were pissing their pants.”

“Thats true.

You guys dont know that our Ling family killed a fifth level Godslayer realm master from the Hundred Clans Alliance yesterday.

That guy was so scared that he peed his pants.

It made me feel extremely relieved and exhilarated!

“Its such a pity that you guys didnt have the chance to see it at that time.”

“Weve killed quite a number of martial arts experts from the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Even if we dont look, we can still see it.”

Ning Zhiyuan knocked on the table, signaling for everyone to be quiet.

Although his strength was not the strongest among the current young masters, far inferior to Zheng Fenghua, an martial arts master above sixth level of the God realm, he was the first to arrive, and he was in charge of Jianghai city, so he could be considered the master there, he sat in the upper seat.

“Everyone, now is not the time for us to be happy.

You must know that the Hundred Clans Alliance still has a lot of our territory, and there are a lot of divine tombs there.

There might even be Godly King tombs!

“Before we take back all our territory, we must not be careless.”

Everyone nodded.

“The cultivation techniques that we direct descendants of the Xuan Yuan clan cultivate are generally stronger than those of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

That is why we can suppress one wave and stabilize the situation.

“Next, we must strike while the iron is hot and speed up the pace of our attacks.

We must drive all of the Hundred Clans Alliance out of Our Xuan Yuan clans domain.”

However, at that moment, a Ning family disciple quickly ran into the hall.

“Young Master, the people from the Hundred Clan Alliance are here.”

“What did you say”

At that moment, not only Ning Zhiyuan, even the others present could not help but feel somewhat shocked.

No one had expected that the people from the Hundred Clans Alliance would actually come at that moment.

One had to know that the two sides were still fighting each other to the death.

Ning Zhiyuan looked at the crowd and immediately said,

“How many people have come”

“Reporting to Young Master, only two of them have come.

I heard that they are here to deliver a message.”

Ning Zhiyuan thought for a moment and then said,

“Let them come.”

“Zhiyuan, they must have bad intentions for suddenly coming here at this time.”

“Tknow, but the other party sent us a message.

If we dont read it, we will inevitably be laughed at by others.

Lets see what they are up to first.”

Everyone nodded.

Very quickly, two figures walked in.

‘When they saw the people of the Xuan Yuan clan, there was a hint of timidity in their eyes.

However, in order to protect their own and the god clans face, the two of them still stood tall and straight.

“The envoy of the Hundred Clans Alliance greets the young masters of the Xuan Yuan clan and the seniors of the Xuan Yuan clan.”

Ning Zhiyuan said calmly, “What do you want to do by coming here at this time”

“In response to Young Master Nings words, our Hundred Clans Alliance felt that the recent battles were not worth it.

Therefore, we specially sent the two of us here to send a message.

We might as well just give up and stop the battles between us.

We will focus on excavating the divine tombs.”

Before Ning Zhiyuan could say anything, Ling Shaoyu could not help but mock,

“Your words are really nice.

You two are just saying that you want to reconcile

“Who do you think you are

“Dont forget that you are the ones who started this matter.

Not only did you kill many of our people, you also took away many of our star islands and invaded many of our Xuan Yuan clans star domains!

“If you want to reconcile, you have to first send all the troops that invaded our star domains back obediently.

Then, you have to compensate us with the resources of one million divine tombs.”


The two emissaries smiled and then said,

“Young Master Ling, youre being unreasonable.

Who drew the boundary of the star domains nearby

“The entire Azure Billow star field doesnt belong to your Xuan Yuan clan alone..

Everyone has a share, dont you think so”


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