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Chapter 419: Ye Xiao, Just How Many More Freakish Tricks Do You Have

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What… Was that situation

He knew his own strength better than anyone else.

It was simply impossible for him to cross ranks to kill enemies, even if he was holding a divine weapon.

‘That was because although a weapon would have a certain amplification, there was a certain limit to the amplification.

It was just like how when a car filled up with gasoline from number 92 and number 98, the performance would be completely different.

‘The difference in the amplification of the divine weapon was even more exaggerated than that.

If the amplification of a single dragon in the Emperor realm was one, then the amplification of ten dragons in the Emperor realm might be more than 26, instead of ten!

After such a long period of cultivation, Emperor Jings cultivation had only just reached the seven dragons of the Emperor realm, while the other partys strength was nine dragons of the Emperor realm.

Although the weapon the other party took was only an imperial weapon, it could be considered a top-grade weapon among imperial weapons.

Therefore, according to normal logic, it was absolutely impossible for him to dominate the battle so easily.

Even if there was no stalemate, it would not be a problem for him to fight for a second or more than a hundred moves.

Even so, suddenly he was able to kill the other party in one move.

That was simply beyond his imagination.

It was as if it was something that was completely impossible to happen.

Just as he was in a daze, Azure Dragon behind him suddenly shouted loudly,

“Senior Jing, dont be in a daze.

Watch your front!”

Emperor Jing came back to his senses.

At that moment, a powerful swordsman had appeared in front of him.

He held a long saber imperial weapon in his hand and pounced toward Emperor Jings face.

The long saber of his opponent was emitting a biting cold light.

What was more frightening was that it was unclear whether it was because the speed of the attack was too fast or because of the uniqueness of the opponents cultivation technique.

The surface of the long saber actually emitted blue electric arcs.

The long saber, which was already extremely cold, now emitted a lethal and fierce energy.

‘The attacks of the Emperor realm experts were as fast as lightning, making it difficult to parry them easily.

Everything happened in a flash, and the opponents attack had already arrived in front of him.

Emperor Jing did not have time to use his moves or think too much.

He could only block with the divine weapon in his hand in front of him as fast as he could.

In the blink of an eye, the opponents long saber had already struck Emperor Jings body.

‘The terrifying aura was so oppressive that Emperor Jings breathing stopped for a moment.

He had even thought that he might be injured that time.

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However, he did not expect that the long sword in his opponents hand would break on its own with a crisp sound the moment his opponents long sword struck it.

The opponent did not seem to have expected that, and his body leaned toward the long sword in Emperor Jings hand.

He might have thought that his strike would cut the long sword in Emperor Jings hand in half.

Asa result, he was not prepared.

His body was cut in half by Emperor Jings long sword under the immense impact.

At that moment, not only Emperor Jing was stunned, but the opponent was also dumbfounded.

What was going on

Was that sword so sharp

‘Was it not too powerful

After Emperor Jing was stunned for a second, he immediately reacted and pierced his opponents head with his sword.

Then, he finally understood why he was able to cross realms to kill his opponent.

It was because Ye Xiao had given him a divine weapon.

It was too powerful!

Asa result, it gave him too much boost, so much so that it surpassed his opponents strength.

Although there was a difference between 92 and 98 when it came to refueling, there was another important factor that affected the speed.

That was the level of the car.

There was also a huge difference between a car that cost tens of thousands of yuan and a car that cost tens of millions of yuan.

With that knowledge, Emperor Jings confidence was doubled.

He did not know what level of opponent he could defeat at that point.

However, it should not be a big problem for him to deal with those opponents.

In other words, they could basically guarantee their survival today.

With great confidence, Emperor Jing let go of his tactics completely.

He started to stride forward and kill wildly.

He seemed to have returned to more than two years ago, before the God clan had descended.

At that time, he was one of the top experts in that star area.

He was a world-shaking expert who had killed countless people.

However, in those two years, he seemed to have become an insignificant pawn.

Not only did he not provide much help to Ye Xiao, but he also became more and more marginalized.

Instead, he became more and more silent.

Finally, he once again felt the world-shaking feeling of being an expert who could control the lives of others.

‘That made his eyes involuntarily turn sour.

All of that was given to him by Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao, just how strong are you Just how monstrous are you

You can eliminate the archaic poisonous parasite that even the Xuan Yuan clan was helpless against.

Moreover, you can even raise a persons combat strength.

Just how many other unknown methods are you hiding

Not only him, even Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Beitang Ce, those people, at that moment, are also deeply shocked by those weapons.

‘They knew that Ye Xiao had given them the divine weapon.

However, they did not think that those divine weapons were actually so frightening.

To be able to achieve that level of wickedness.

‘There are strong and weak weapons.

No matter how strong a weak divine weapon was, it would at most be stronger than a supreme-grade imperial weapon.

If the other party held a supreme-grade imperial weapon and their cultivation was slightly higher than their strength, the difference in weapons between the two parties could possibly

be smoothed out.

Ye Xiaos divine weapon had already used the effects of actual combat to tell them that it was very strong.

Moreover, it was not just any ordinary strong weapon.

It was that kind of monster-like strong weapon.

That disciple of the Hundred Clans Alliance who was originally extremely arrogant had been hacked into a disadvantage by Emperor Jing and the others in the blink of an eye.

“D*mn it! Why are their weapons so strong”

“It must be a top-grade weapon that they dug out from the divine tomb! Thats definitely a divine weapon, and its even a very high-quality divine weapon.

“Stop attacking the others and snatch the divine weapon from their hands.

Thats a supreme treasure.”

In the next second, all the remaining martial arts experts gathered.

The pressure on everyone increased slightly.

While the White Tiger was not paying attention, the two attacked her from the front and back.

The Venerable White Tiger had just started to circulate his armor and had not completely adapted to it, so she did not have time to react before he slashed her chest.

“Not good!”

Her expression suddenly changed, and the rest of the people were also extremely worried.

However, just when everyone thought that she would definitely die, the long sword that had slashed at her body was shattered on the spot.

The fragments of the weapon were rebounded by the huge rebound force, and it injured the other partys body instead.

After the White Tiger was shocked for a moment, she immediately drew her sword and cut off the other partys neck.

‘That scene made the other party even more envious.

‘At the same time, it also gave Emperor Jing and the others a new understanding of the power of the armor that Ye Xiao had given them.

‘What a fellow.

After wearing such a thing on their bodies, they were practically invincible.

Among the enemies in front of them, no one could still chop them to death.

After knowing that, Emperor Jing and the others could be considered to have completely let go.

They did not care about anything else and went up to kill the other party with all their might.

Since the enemy had broken through their defenses, they did not even need to think about dodging the enemys attack.

Instead, they rushed up and crushed the enemy.

“D*mn it! Run!”

At that moment, no matter how much the enemy coveted them, the divine weapons the other party had left them with no choice but to run away.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

They had already missed the best opportunity.

At that point, they could only die.

Emperor Jing and the others quickly finished off everyone there.

The other companions of the Xuan Yuan clan were basically all in the battle.

Some died, some fled, and only their last group was left.

A trace of a smile hung on the faces of Emperor Jing and the others.

“Today was really awesome! I originally thought that we would die here.

In the end, I didnt expect that not only did we not die, but we even killed so many people from the other side.”

“All of this is all thanks to Ye Xiao! If not for him giving us such a powerful divine weapon and so many incomparably tough armor, we might have lost quite a number of people today.”

Speaking up to that point, everyones eyes could not help but reveal a touch of touched expression.

Such a good thing, Ye Xiao was not even willing to use it.

Instead, he gave it all to them.

How touching was that

They must treat Ye Xiao a hundred times better in the future.

Otherwise, they would be letting down Ye Xiaos intentions.

“Taking advantage of the fact that everyone here is dead, well make good use of the time to clean up the battlefield and collect the resources in the divine tomb.”

“Right! Time waits for no one.

We dont have that much time to waste.”

In the Hundred Clans Alliance, as the martial arts experts of the hundred clans gradually moved into the star island that they had temporarily occupied, the atmosphere on the entire island became more solemn.

Every day, the Hundred Clans Alliance would welcome some martial arts experts.

Although there were no Godly King existences stationed there at the moment, there were still many late-stage Godslayer realm masters in the Hundred Clans Alliance.

As there were very few Godly King-level existences in the Hundred Clans Alliance, they were still quite a distance away from the Xuan Yuan clan.

Therefore, Godly King-level existences could not be easily moved.

There was also a very important problem.

Although the Xuan Yuan clan had Godly King-level existences, they needed to be stationed on some star islands or mineral resources that were more important to the Xuan Yuan clan.

However, if the Hundred Clans Alliance really sent out Godly King-level existences to exterminate the Xuan Yuan clans descendants, the other party would not sit idly by.

When the time came, if they really angered the other party, even if they had to give up some resources at the last minute, they would still choose to come over and protect the Xuan Yuan clans dignity.

If that really happened, they would be in big trouble.

That could also be understood as the general strategic opinion in the starry sky.

As long as our side did not send out Godly King masters, the other party would not casually send out Godly King masters.

However, once our side sent out Godly King masters, the other party might send out even more of them..


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