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Chapter 418: It Was Produced by Ye Xiao So It Must Be of High Quality


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In Ye Xiaos cellar, after a day and a night of refining, he finally obtained another increase in strength.


The strength and divine blood in his body had increased by another large level.

It also signified that Ye Xiao had successfully stepped into the sixth level of the Godslayer realm!

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

He had succeeded, and he had advanced by another small realm.

That month, he should have advanced by another small realm, but instead, he had already advanced by two small realms.


It was all thanks to the gifts of those Godly Kings that he had obtained so much blood essence, which allowed him to advance so quickly.

It was just a pity that there were not many Godly Kings who had just been resurrected and were not strong and easy to catch.

It was really a great pity.

If there were a few more, his cultivation would soar to the heavens!

In the following days, he could only rely on the archaic masterpiece technique in the Golden Book divine soul and combine it with the star beasts flesh and blood to slowly increase his cultivation.

He estimated that he would have to wait for a month before he could advance again.

There were still three small realms left before he could advance to the Godly King realm.

After passing through the last three small realms, it would be the time for him to advance to the Godly King realm.

The Godly King realm was about to arrive.

Would the Godly King realm still be far away

Sensing the increase in Ye Xiaos cultivation, the group of star beasts stepped forward one after another and said,

“Congratulations to master for advancing once again.

Masters talent is hard to find even after all these years.”

Following that, another wave of currying favor came.

In regards to that, Ye Xiao merely nodded.

That time, he was not as happy as before.

As his cultivation increased more and more, the amount of blood essence that they could provide to him also decreased.

Next, how to deal with them became a big problem.

Was it to dig out the divine crystals outside the Divine Kingdoms treasury

After all, even after the tunnel was dug out, the other divine crystals also needed to be collected and taken away.

However, Ye Xiao felt that he did not need them too much.

Digging out the divine crystals did not depend on individual strength but on the overall number.

Although those star beasts were already at the level of a Venerable Beast, their cultivation could not bring them much progress in digging.

If they were refining pills, it would be a pity if they were a few Venerable Beasts after all.

Let them breed some new star beasts and increase the number of the star beast army

It did not seem to work either.

The fertility of high-level star beasts was very low to begin with.

To expect them to give birth to a star beast army was simply a pipe dream.

That was right, speaking of which, there should still be quite a number of star beasts from before wandering outside.

If he could capture them back, would he not be able to speed up the progress of excavating divine crystals

Perhaps… That way, those few Venerable Beasts would be of use.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao put away all the resources that they had provided.

Then, he smiled and said,

“From today onward, you guys dont need to continue providing me with flesh and blood.”

The hearts of the star beasts thumped.

What did that mean

Master no longer needed them

As expected, along with the increase in Ye Xiaos cultivation, their value would also be lower.

Until then, they had no value to speak of.

“Master, you… Arent really going to kill us, right”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Of course not.

You guys are Venerable Beasts.

I wouldnt go so far as to kill you guys like this.

“However, this also depends on your value of use.

“If your value of use isnt enough, it wont be of any use to me.

I also dont want to waste food.”

The star beasts hurriedly nodded.

“Please instruct us, Master.

We will definitely do our best to be of use to you.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Then from now on, you will go out and capture star beasts.

The more star beasts you capture, the better.

I will give you rewards based on the number of star beasts you capture.

“The more star beasts you capture, the more generous the rewards.”

The eyes of the star beasts lit up.

There was actually a reward

That was too good to be true.

“Please rest assured, Master.

We will definitely do our best to capture more star beasts.”

“Then go.”

Ye Xiao planted a spiritual imprint on them.

He was not afraid that they would escape.

After that, he let them go out to capture star beasts and come back to mine divine crystals.

If they were discovered by a martial arts expert and wanted to search for their memories, they would trigger the spiritual imprint that will instantly explode their souls.

That way, they could avoid being discovered.

After the star beasts left, Ye Xiao continued to cultivate peacefully.

He had heard from his colleagues in the library that the Hundred Clans Alliance in the Space Battlefield had summoned their clansmen.

Some God clans had even risen from their territories and they had all come to the Azure Billow star field.

They had no other choice.

To the small God clans, they did not have enough martial arts experts.

They could not take care of two places at the same time.

If one side was fighting for the divine tomb while the other side was being robbed, no one would be able to accept it.

However, that also brought a lot of pressure to the Xuan Yuan clan.

He heard that many battles had broken out in space recently.

Some strong god clans had occupied many bases of the Xuan Yuan clan.

That was truly a big blow to the Xuan Yuan clan.

That matter had long been within Ye Xiaos expectations.

Along with the primordial Divine Kingdom revealing information, the smaller god clans that were ranked lower in the starry skies would be like starving mad dogs that would go all out to attack the Xuan Yuan clan.

Although the Xuan Yuan clan had a large fortune, it was precisely because they had a large fortune that they could not send their own martial arts experts over like them.

The Xuan Yuan clan had a massive amount of resources in the star area they were living in.

It was much more than the divine tombs they had dug in the Azure Billow star field.

The other families were eyeing them like tigers watching their prey.

If they sent a large number of martial arts experts there, which caused the mines to lose their resources, it would be like picking up a sesame seed.

That was also a headache for the Xuan Yuan clan.

The only method the Xuan Yuan clan currently had was to use the method of giving benefits to pull in some allies, such as stronger clans under the starry sky.

Some of those clans might not be interested in the primordial Divine Kingdom, so they might not necessarily come over.

Some might have the same thoughts as the Xuan Yuan clan, and they also wanted to seize the opportunity to plunder some good resources.

Therefore, it was uncertain whether he could pull them over or what price he would have to pay.

However, those were not things that Ye Xiao was considering.

He only had two tasks at the moment.

One was to excavate the Divine Kingdoms treasury of the immemorial era.

The other was to continue learning new god techniques in the library and synthesize them together to create new masterpiece techniques.

Although he did not know how many more masterpiece techniques he could synthesize, each masterpiece technique was so powerful that it made ones hair stand on end.

It was an existence that could increase Ye Xiaos cultivation speed, and it was also a method that Ye Xiao could use to save his life.

A few days later, Ye Xiao found another god technique in the library.

It was the spiritual nine-star god technique, Blooming Flowers With a Thought.

That way, the amount of spiritual nine-star god techniques had already reached two.

The spiritual technique was unique.

Ye Xiao originally thought that it would synthesize into a brand new archaic masterpiece technique, but unfortunately, it did not.

It seemed that if the spiritual cultivation technique wanted to synthesize an archaic masterpiece technique, it still needed to synthesize with other cultivation techniques.

It was just that he did not know what that cultivation technique was.

Ye Xiao had a vague feeling that it might be a verbal command.

That was because that and the spiritual cultivation technique were a little imaginative.

They both involved the power of some laws.

That was because other than the verbal comman4, the others were either battle-type body techniques or a poison technique.

It was impossible for spiritual techniques to be mixed with them.

It seemed that they would have to create two verbal command god techniques next.

In the starry sky, on a certain star island, Emperor Jing and the others were working hard to dig up the divine tombs.

“Hurry up! Hurry up! There are already fighting auras nearby.

There must be other members of the god clan attacking.

“If we dont hurry up, well have a fierce battle to fight when they arrive!”

Emperor Jing ordered the others to work hard.

However, at that moment, a group of figures soon arrived like black clouds.

“Hahahaha… I didnt expect there to be a group of members of the Xuan Yuan clan here.

There are so many people here.

Im afraid there are quite a number of divine tombs on this star island, right

“Kill them all! Seize all the resources here.”

It was unknown who gave the order, but the beams of light produced by the various god techniques struck the ground like lightning.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Following a series of violent explosions, several members of the Xuan Yuan clan were killed on the spot.

Emperor Jing and the others hid in a tomb, avoiding the first round of bombardment.

“I didnt expect the enemy to come so soon.

After the first round of fire, they will probably come to the ground and fight us to the death.

“Everyone, be careful! The enemys strength is too powerful.

We cant fight them head-on.

If we find an opportunity, well escape immediately.”


“Also, pay attention to the weapons in your hands.

Dont fall into the hands of the enemy.

These are all top-grade weapons that Ye Xiao himself had given us to use.

Since he gave us such good weapons, we must take good care of them.

“If it really comes to a point of no return, even if we detonate them directly, we cant let the enemy get away with it, do you understand”

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Emperor Jings voice had just sounded when very quickly, dozens of figures descended from the sky.

They wore the same style, all dressed in pure white clothes with black edges.

“Brothers, kill them all! Dont leave any survivors.”

‘That group of celestial gods charged toward the disciples of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Emperor Jing waited until they had dispersed before he shouted loudly.


As soon as he finished speaking, all the people in the divine tomb rushed out like a swarm of bees.


The other party soon discovered them.

“I didnt expect there to be a group of people hiding here.

Dont let them go.

Kill them all at once.”

The other partys strength was obviously stronger than Emperor Jing and the others.

From their aura, it could be determined that they were basically all above the Emperor realm, and they were close to ten dragons.

Emperor Jing took the lead and fought against an Emperor realm expert who was two dragons stronger than him.

His expression was very serious.

He was not sure if he could lead everyone to charge out.

However, he had no choice.

He reckoned that by borrowing the sharpness of the divine weapon that Ye Xiao had given him, he should be able to make up for the difference in strength between him and the other party.

That would allow him to fight with the other party.

The distance between the two of them increased in an instant.

Emperor Jing used all his strength and brandished the divine weapon in his hand, colliding with the other partys weapon.

Aray of sword light cut through his opponents weapon, his armor, and his body.

One strike, one kill!

Emperor Jing was dumbfounded.

What… Happened

Did he kill an existence whose cultivation base was stronger than his with one strike


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